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Prince Sebastian Taurus

"I have no desire to follow nor oppose... all I can do is stand in defense of my people." [Minor WIP]

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a character in “As Told by the Heavens”, as played by Another Lie




Proceed... you have my attention.

Image~ Nickname ~"Prince Taurus is fine, you needn't bother with anything else."
Sebastian doesn't have any nicknames currently.

~ Gender ~"Are you blind? If so, my apologies."

~ Sexuality ~"If I had any interest... I suppose women would be my choice."

~ Age ~"I have no right to rule as I am... and yet I must"

~ Role ~"For the people, I will rule."
The Taurean Prince

~ Distinguishable Features ~
"Nothing but a few marks to bind me to fate."

Sebastian has blazing red eyes, an unusual trait passed down through his family for centuries. He is unsure as to wether such a thing is unique or not... however he would be lying if he claimed to have met someone with similar eyes whom wasn't merely a relative. This unique trait is often playfully referred to as "The bulls horns" by the common folk. As well as this, Sebastian has a tattoo of the zodiac sign for Taurus just below his right wrist... he often comments how he feels it empowers his blade (as his sword hand is his right hand).

~ Personality ~
"I am as I am and what I am is efficient and reliable. Others opinions make little difference to me in this regard."

Straight talking and to the point, Sebastians people come first for him and he has no time to waste thinking about his choice of words. His father, the former ruler of the Taureans was a jolly and jovial man and although Sebastian loved him he also saw these traits as a weakness... and when his father was killed three months ago on the field of battle he made a vow not to repeat his mistakes. To describe him however, as the kind of man to rule over his subjects with an iron fist could not be further from the truth. He cares for his followers dearly and every choice he makes is made with them in mind and they know this. If his father was the most loved monarch to ever grace the Taureans, then Sebastian is already the most well respected.

He is painfully blunt and as a result great at dealing with people... if terrible at making friends. He was never really good at that now that he thinks about it... but oh well. He gives off the impression, at first glance, of a cold and callous calculator with perhaps something more buried deep beneath his masks and poker faces. He is slow to trust, even slower to like and he has yet to ever love anyone outside of his now completely deceased family. He is aware that in order to continue the Taurean name as its soul heir, he will have to find a wife... but he considers that a secondary goal at best. If his name dies with him... then so be it, as long as he can end with grace.

Deep in his heart, Sebastian is a nurturing soul and his love for his people and his priority in keeping them safe is something he feels many nobles forget. In their desperation to serve their King and Queen he feels that the majority of the other young princes and princesses have forsaken what it really means to be a leader of the people...

To lead.

~ History ~
"Royalty... I would complain about it... and yet I know that people who yearn for my life stand just outside of my window."


~ Likes ~
â™Ĩ The Taurean families people and supporters.
â™Ĩ Fine dining and just eating in general. He has even tried his hand at cooking before.
â™Ĩ The concepts of honor and truth.

~ Dislikes ~
✖ Most people outside of his own province. Basically, social interaction and people in general.
✖ The king and queens war. Which he refers to often as a "petty squabble" or "childish argument".
✖ Killing. He often fights if it is required, but he tends to avoid killing if at all possible.

~ Talents ~
✔ Swordplay, Sebastian is incredibly skilled with katana's in particular, but he has been said to have some skill in most generally bladed weapons, being trained by the captain of his fathers guard from a very young age.
✔ Cooking. Sebastian, for a monarch, has spent plenty of time in the kitchen, learning to provide for and take care of himself in times of hunger. He's actually become quite a wonderful chef as a result.
✔ Planning. Incredibly intelligent and diligent, Sebastian feels that the best laid plans rarely fall to pieces. He's never without a good idea or two and when he has some time he is able to devise strategies that would make any army crave the firmly neutral party that is he.

~ Hobbies ~
✔ Exploring. With a deep written love of the land he inhabits, Sebastian loves exploring new places and discovering more about his homeland and beyond.
✔ Writing. Something of a warrior-poet prince, Sebastian loves to compose poetry based on his experiences and thoughts. To his folly, however, this habit embarrasses him to no end... as such he keeps it to himself.
✔ Horseback riding. A hobby and primary method of transport. Sebastian loves horseback riding and it's another skill and hobby he has had since he was a young boy. He prefers to ride with a saddle, though he doesn't deem it overly necessary.

~ Fears ~
✘ Failure. Sebastian has the fates of every person under his rule hanging on his actions... if failing means letting all of those people down? Then it terrifies him. He fears death for much the same reason.
✘ Betrayal. He rarely trusts, if ever... he doesn't really know why he doesn't but there you go. Regardless, for this reason he always fears that those he does trust may one day turn on him. It's a constant paranoia.
✘ Women. It's true, he grew up without a mother or any siblings. His servants and father were male and his contact with women was limited. He doesn't really have anything against women... but they tend to make him, well, flustered. Especially the flirty and/or attractive ones.

~ Flaws ~
✘ Sebastian is painfully unable to trust, almost deathly so.
✘ He is a little too self reliant... and thus he can often find himself biting off more than he can chew.
✘ Though it is rare, it is possible to play on the young princes temper. He can control himself for the most part... but when pushed he is quick to remind those who bother him that bulls tend to have horns.

~ Side ~
"This war is a petty and ill-nurtured thing... neither side is in the right and choosing a side would serve only to endanger the people whom depend upon me."

At one point allied to the king while his father still ruled them, the Taureans have since cut off connection to both sides under Sebastians rule. The young man wished to maintain neutrality but has recently been starting to realize that such a wish is not so easily granted when you have a warring kingdom all around you.

~ Romantic Interest ~
"How could I ever find the time to... love, of all things?"

None... yet!

~ Thoughts on Others ~
"So you wish to hear me speak of other men and women of worth in this war? So be it, I will take the chance to speak nothing but truth gladly."

King Constellation "The king was good to my people, more so than the queen... and he knew my father well. However, my people are more important than a foolish monarchs squabbles. He will receive no help from me."

Queen Stars "I've always perceived her as the high and mighty sort, though I can't claim I know her all that personally. While I'm sure she could be perfectly pleasant behind closed doors... she is just another face of war to me now. I want nothing to do with her."

Prince Galaxy "I recall seeing him from behind my fathers leg as a boy when I accompanied father on a visit to meet the King. I have heard the rumors of unbiased coitus of course, but I have no reason to believe any of it either. He is of little relevance to me."

Princess Planet "Daughter to the queen? Ahh yes, I know of her... though once again, not much about her. I suppose she's pretty enough at a glance. but that's about all of the opinion I can give."

Aries "Character Thought"

Taurus "Character Thought"

Gemini "Character Thought"

Cancer "A somewhat air headed man with a somewhat blind devotion to the queen... I doubt he sees much fault in her at all. But I am not the Queens enemy, as my father was. Cancer has my respect from one noble to another and should we meet I will be content to extend a friendly greeting."

Leo "I sense such youthful arrogance in this woman... and yes I know she is my age, I simply see myself as more mature. I do not trust her... but in my delicate position I must not make open claims such as that. Sparking any ill fate with either side in this war would be mad considering my neutral position."

Virgo "Character Thought"

Libra "Character Thought"

Scorpio "Character Thought"

Sagittarius "Character Thought"

Capricorn "Character Thought"

Aquarius "Character Thought"

Pisces "Character Thought"

~ Taurean Government ~
"We're a simple ruling party, but we are bound by our role and our people alike."

The Taurean family has always valued its people more so than perhaps most other provinces in the land. In all of their years ruling there has not been a single Taurean prince or princess who has not chosen to put their people first above all else. It was because of this that the overarching rule that was once a pure monarchy in the Taurean lands gradually changed and shifted until recently, say about 100 or so years gone by, the governmental system was changed permanently to a conjoined monarchy/democracy based system wherein the prince or princess still maintained absolute power, but ruled alongside an elected parliament of six men and women selected from those native to the Taurean province. This council, named "The Iron Ring", serves as givers of guidance and wisdom to the ruling monarchy... and when all six are united in a single decision they may stand up to and stop a decision made by said Monarch in an event referred to as "Tethering". To this date there has been never a single need for a Tethering to be enacted... and Sebastian hopes he can keep it that way.

~ The Iron Ring ~
"My trusted council... they were quite accepting of me after my fathers recent demise and they serve me and the people well in their judgment."

The Iron ring is the council of six elected parliament members whom serve as the princes eyes and ears... as well as givers of guidance and insight into the lives of his people so that he may better serve his role. Approximately 100 years ago this council was formed by Sebastians late grandfather, Prince Kraton Taurus. The current members of the iron circle consist of a portly but jolly merchant by the name Siegmeyer Dorl, a refined and honorable warrior and captain of the Taurean guard, Dunban Wakole, an old and wise man of humble beginnings by the name of Darius Winhelmer, a refined and beautiful young noblewoman, Katrina Tarbrew, a wild and unpredictable minx, Sabiana Kelactri and finally, a mysterious hooded mage, known by no other name apart from "Xatan". These six, through whatever methods, were chosen by the people to serve as "The Iron Ring" and Sebastian respects each and every one of them as nothing less than equals.

~ Princes Kraton and Osiran Taurus ~
"The two greatest men I could have ever asked to precede me. May they find peace in their endings."

Sebastians grandfather and father respectfully. The latter is often regarded as the Taureans greatest ruler, a firm but fair general who cared deeply for his people and in his early years established the democratic "Iron Ring" in order to give his people further say into the running of his, no, their province. He lived as a cool but calm ruler for his entire cycle and led the Taureans into a great time of glory and wealth during times when the current King and Queen had much less power than they do now. The latter, Prince Osiran Taurus, son of Kraton and father of Sebastian, followed his fathers will to the most precise detail and, despite not being as skilled military wise as his father was, he became one of the most liked leaders of the Taurean people in recorded history [WIP]


Taurus is the sign of practicality. People born under the sign of Taurus tend to be very patient, practical and dedicated people. Such people are usually very cautious when dealing with people, life and money. They have a curious power of dominating others, even when not conscious of trying to do so. People who were born in that time are extremely faithful, with a strong need for security and a settled routine. Although they are very earthy, they can also be highly romantic and sensitive when it comes to love. They have great power of endurance, both physical and mental, and can pass through enormous strains of fatigue as long as the excitement or determination lasts. Taurus can also be nurturing, caring for those whom are close to him/her and willing to protect those select few with every resource available... however this treatment extends to these select few alone.

Taurus is a warm, gentle, and passionate person, though he/she never shows it, or in some cases, simply doesn't have a chance to... due to what they consider to be more pressing circumstances.

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So begins...

Prince Sebastian Taurus's Story

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"Repeat that back to me again soldier, what was found within our borders? Sebastian ran a hand through his hair, sitting on horseback and returning from a few days camping in the West of the kingdom... he looked down upon a lone soldier from his army, whom had approached the young ruler with a hurried expression and fast-paced message.

"I-I am sorry my lord, I've been sent to find you hours ago but to no luck, however The Iron Ring was adamant sir, I fear I am out of breath..." The man spoke quickly and tiredly, Sebastian in response simply raised a hand and smiled calmly.

"It is alright, calm yourself and speak clearly... you are in no trouble for being tired."

The soldier righted himself and smiled thankfully before taking a few breaths and repeating his words. "A spy sir, soldier clad in armor designed for espionage and observation... he was dead on our borders." The soldier paused, waiting for his Lords reaction.

"...So? 'Tis not an uncommon thing, for others to watch us... mercenary companies, foolish attempts at assassination... common fare, why is this corpse of relevance."

The soldier frowned before continuing. "His armor sir... the insignia and make... this man wore the armor of the Queens army."

Sebastian frowned suddenly and paused in his train of thought. He had claimed neutrality since the wars early days post the untimely death of his father and as far as it had seemed the Queen was respectful of his decision... and although no words were traded between Sebastian and she, not a single attack or incursion had occurred in the Taurean lands. To hear of a potential spy watching over his kingdom led to the possibility of more spies being present... which led to the assumption that the Queen was preparing to invade his lands.

Sebastian's brow furrowed further and he felt panic rise within him. He had not the army nor the allies to stand against the Queen, aster his claiming of neutrality he highly doubted that the King would come to his aid should he truly be in danger. Looking to the back of his steed, Sebastian checked his remaining supplies from camping, his weapons were loaded... as well as the over-zealous funds that the Iron Ring insisted he carry... food and water were plenty due to his flasks and rations... and if he ran out he could gather more rather easily with what he had.

He decided then, that action would have to be taken... and it would have to be taken quickly, if the Iron Ring themselves were informing Sebastian that the armor found was legitimately of the Queens army, then the time to meet with the Queen personally was at long last becoming a necessity. He understood that, of course, this could all be a misunderstanding... hell there was the possibility that the Queen was being framed and had given no such order for a spy to be present or even passing through the Taurean kingdom... but even still, the quickest way to resolve the issue would be to question the Queen personally and politely... rather than to start a fight over nothing.

While there, he would also be able to re-affirm his neutrality to the Queen... in person.

[color=#8A0808]"Soldier, carry a message to the Iron Circle from me, write it down if you must."

"N... no need sir! I have the memory of most of my platoon combined, I'll deliver whatever message you need delivered." The soldier puffed out his chest and Sebastian smiled at his determination.

"Very well, then tell them this; I ride for the Queens lands, alone, to discuss this issue. They are not to send anyone after me, as this visit is one of peace and any more than myself would raise an eyebrow to insecurities that I do not possess. I hope to be back within the next week or two, if a month passes without my return than I permit the Ring to send whomever they wish to find me... understood? The soldier saluted and shortly after bowed to the Prince.

"Consider it done my liege!"

Smiling and nodding at one of his many wards, Sebastian reigned back his horse and turned on the spot before breaking into a gallop in the direction of the Queen's kingdom. He hoped that upon his arrival he would find a peaceful and simple solution to his newfound issue... however, he was almost certain that it would not be so easy a task as he hoped for.