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Princess Serena Leo

"Cross me or my Queen and I shall cross out your existence."

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a character in “As Told by the Heavens”, as played by bittersweetsymphonia


Princess Kira Serena Leo


❝I got you. What do you need?❞

~ Nickname ~"Nicknames are only for those close to me."
Sera | Kira | Etoile

~ Gender ~"Is there any question here?"

~ Sexuality ~"I prefer to think I'm hot-sexual."

~ Age ~"Live while you're young, eh?"

~ Role ~"The star. The center of attention. The one and only. I could go on..."
Princess Leo

~ Distinguishable Features ~"Is flawlessness a distinguishable feature..?"
She has a tattoo of the Leo Zodiac above her right breast.

~ Personality ~"I'm pretty likeable if I do say so myself."
A rollercoaster of emotion. Serena, when she likes you, is perhaps the best person you will ever meet. She's generous, loyal, fun, and passionate. She can be clingy, dramatic, and overbearing, but protective and brave to a fault. She hates authoritative figures trying to boss her around (she'll do her own thing), and hates being wrong, especially when her fault is pointed out. She hates disloyalty and infidelity as you'll never see those traits in her either. Her anger is explosive and it takes very little to set her off. She may come off as vain and self-centered around others, but she's actually extremely self-conscious.

~ History ~"It's one for the books."
Serena was born to the young Prince of Leo and his peasant wife. Their love story had been what fairytales were made of. Passion, romance... Everything you could ask for. They overcame obstacle after obstacle, and the product of their true love was none other than the young princess herself. She seemed to shine brightly with the love of both of her parents, and so they named her after that characteristic. Kira, the light of their life. The name Serena, meaning serene, was given to her by the elders of Leon as an attempt to calm her fiery spirit. It did nothing to quench the passion that always ignited inside her, though.

Her mother, not wanting her daughter to grow up in the hardships she suffered, raised Serena with a silver spoon in her mouth. And since Serena was an only child, she grew to become spoiled rotten. While others might think of it as a bad thing, Serena's father had no problem with it as long as Serena wouldn't grow to abuse her power and forget her people.

Despite hating authority, Serena has always looked up to the Queen, especially after she helped the Leons recover from one of the biggest natural calamities that befell them.

~ Likes ~
â™Ĩ The Sun
â™Ĩ Parties
â™Ĩ People

~ Dislikes ~
✖ Authority
✖ Loss of control
✖ Infidelity

~ Talents ~
✔ Coin spinning
✔ Charming
✔ Artistic (particularly in painting)

~ Hobbies ~
✔ Painting
✔ Socializing
✔ Cloud-watching

~ Fears ~
✘ Being forgotten
✘ Public Humiliation
✘ Experiencing Disloyalty

~ Flaws ~
✘ Short-tempered
✘ Dramatic
✘ Egotistical

~ Side ~"My stand is unshakeable."
The Leons have always and will always side with the Queen

~ Romantic Interest ~"Are you good enough for me?"
None at the moment

~ Thoughts on Others ~"No use beating around the bush."

(fill in as the characters are made)
King Constellation "I don't really have a problem with him, but he disrespected the Queen. He must pay."

Queen Stars "She has always been there for us, so we will always be there for her."

Prince Galaxy "How dare he shame the Queen? The apple must not fall very far from the tree."

Princess Planet "Such a fine young woman with potential for many things."

Aries "She seems feisty and ferocious. It'll be an honor to fight alongside her."

Taurus "Character Thought"

Gemini "Character Thought"

Cancer "As long as he doesn't turn his back on the Queen, I think he's nice enough."

Leo "Obviously she's the best of all."

Virgo "Character Thought"

Libra "He believes in balance, but I think it just makes him fickle. If you don't stand for something, then you'll fall for anything."

Scorpio "He seems like an incredibly dull person. I don't think I'll ever last long in his company, but his musical expertise is something I admire."

Sagittarius "Character Thought"

Capricorn "What is he doing siding with the King? I understand that he thinks the King will be able to provide for his people, but the Queen could do so much more for them."

Aquarius "Character Thought"

Pisces "Character Thought"

The Land of Leon

Government: The Land of Leon has always been and will always be a monarchy. The people of Leon are quite content with the current government as all their needs are attended to. Should a challenge rise up, the current Leo leader must face the challenger in a series of battles that the Elders oversee. So far, the Leo monarchy has stood unchallenged as loyalty is a trait held high by the Leons.

Geography: The land of Leon is located near the heart of the kingdom. Two mountain ranges circle the land, making it seem like a huge bowl. It's quite small, but the land is perfect for farming and agriculture. The cities and towns in Leon are a mix of rustic and modern, with an intricate road system connecting each of them. A great lake sits at the center of Leon where it is said that the current ruler would gain the necessary knowledge to rule Leon.

Mt. Lux: Mt. Lux is located to the east of Leon, and is smaller than Blaze Volcano. At the foot of the mountain is Leon's most prosperous city. This is also where the Leo Manor is located.

Leo Manor: The Leo Manor is the home of the Leo family. It also acts as the residing office where the current leader can accept audience from the citizens. It's located at the top of Lux Mountain and offers a great view of the land of Leon.

Blaze Volcano: Blaze Volcano is a long since extinct volcano that is located to the west of Leon. Since it's become dormant, the Leon Mines have been erected inside it. It is home to some very precious jewels, but travelling inside it is extremely dangerous. Becoming a miner has become a test of courage amongst Leon citizens as the volcano may erupt at any time.

Economy: Leon is fairly successful as the Queen has always funded them. Their main source of income is agriculture, where they produce some of the best vegetables known to man. Although not very popular in Leon, mining has also become a good source of income.

Despite being near the heart of the kingdom, it's hard to enter Leon so trade is difficult. Leon Merchants must travel over trecherous mountain ranges to enter the other lands. While Leon can survive on their own, maintaining connections with other nations is something that they find necessary so trade is considered one of the most important aspects in Leon life.

Military: The Leons are known for their courage and fiery intensity. To become a member of the Leonem Guards is to become a local celebrity. Clad in armor bearing Leon's national colours (red, yellow, and orange) and the Leon insignia. They train all day, every day and are known for their stamina and strength. While Leonem Guards are well-versed in wielding all forms of weapons, they favour the sword the most. The current leader of Leon also acts as the Leonem General and lead them to battle.

Leon Elders: The Leon Elders is a group of wise men who are said to gain their knowledge from the sun. They reside in the Solar Temple. How they are chosen is unknown, but any ruler of Leon must confide in them before making any action for the land.

The Lion: The Lion is a great golden statue that has been erected on a small island in the middle of the lake. The lion stands on its hindlegs and seems to be reaching for the sun. It is said that if the current leader of Leon touches the statue, he or she receives the blessing of the sun.

Sunbeam Festival: The Sunbeam Festival takes place during the solstice where the people of Leon worship the sun and the infinite blessings it gives. It is the most celebrated festival in all of Leon.

Betelgeuse: Betelgeuse is the capital city of Leon. It is located at the foot of Mt. Lux and is the closest city to the Leo Manor. It is the most prosperous city in Leon, and is home to the Leon nobles.
Pulsar: Pulsar is one of the biggest farming towns in Leon.
Rigel: Rigel is a small town home to the Leonem Military Academy.
Sirius: Sirius is the mining city located at the foot of Blaze Volcano.
Vega: The oldest town in Leon and home to the Solar Temple. It has long become a sacred place for all Leons.

So begins...

Princess Serena Leo's Story