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As Told by the Heavens

The Land of High


a part of As Told by the Heavens, by Beach-Born-Boy.


Beach-Born-Boy holds sovereignty over The Land of High, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Land of High is a part of As Told by the Heavens.

11 Characters Here

Prince Reed Cancer [1] "I'm sorry, I promise I care. I'm just a bit lost."
Princess Alexis Conall Aries [1] "A war you say? Let's gather up the troops!"
Prince Sebastian Taurus [1] "I have no desire to follow nor oppose... all I can do is stand in defense of my people." [Minor WIP]
Aurelius Scorpio [1] "And so the land will be awash in blood because the two mighty egos could not agree on which one is the mightier."
Seceria Planet [0] "War isn't something to play with..." {Slight WIP}
Guinevere Amorel Pisces [0] "At the rate of this impending war, I cannot say anyone will emerge victorious." {Lil' WIP}
Princess Serena Leo [0] "Cross me or my Queen and I shall cross out your existence."
Prince Rayne Galaxy [0] He knows I dont like wars. Why couldnt my father just talk to the Queen like a normal person for once.
Prince Edgar Love Libra [0] "The universe is balanced for a reason. One cannot live without the other."

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Character Portrait: Prince Reed Cancer
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Reed awoke with sand in his hair, in his eyes and just about everywhere else. The cause could easily be that he was laying face down on a beach. A bottle of something vile lay in the sand next to him, the light creating rainbows across the green glass surface. A quick breath check reassured him that his throbbing head was from the sudden light rather than a long night of heavy drinking.

Sitting up and propping himself against a large, wave buffeted stone, Reed beamed staring out into the blue sea. A few small land masses dotted the ocean just beyond his own little island, and out of the corner of his eye, he could see the opposite tip of the crescent shaped bay that made his home.

The sun was rising and the beach was warm as Reed hiked back up the beach, towards his home. He had a very important day ahead of him, one which he was dreading and yet, anticipating like a child on his birthday yearns for gifts. He, as well as his few counterparts in this ridiculous war were being summoned by Her Grace, Queen Vivienne Stars, to whom he had owed much.

It was almost an hour before Reed was prepared to leave. Showered, donning his most presentable suit and wearing his ruling sash that was clasped with a golden crab claw at its pinnacle, he was the epitome of Cancerian rule. However, his mind was still elsewhere as he stepped into the cab of his carriage, the deep blue of his slacks and jacket making his body blend into the upholstery of the carriage. As he pulled into the vast courtyard of his long time adviser and friend, Reed could not help but smile.

The yard was empty, save for Reed, his carriage, the few gardeners who tended the grounds and the no doubt millions of vibrantly hued flowers that adorned the estate. Reed was the first guest it seemed, and slowly made his way inside, careful to avoid accidentally stepping off of the path. The castle itself was a maze of corridors, hallways and grand entrances, but Reed had come here many times in the past, and knew where to find the Queen of the Heavens.

Keeping a respectable distance, Reed knelt, his leg hovering slightly off the ground so as not to dirty his slacks and seem disreputable. "My liege." He said, bowing his head and crossing his arm over his chest. "What an honor it is to see you again."

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Character Portrait: Princess Alexis Conall Aries
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Princess Alexis Conall Aries


Alexis yawned before shivering slightly once more. Despite her travels, she had not gotten used to the cooler temperature of the other kingdoms in comparison to the sweltering heat of the Aries Kingdom. She pulled her cape closer to her, before turning to the window. The carriage had set off at the break of dawn, according to her memory, and the time was now approaching midday.

She peaked out the window, noting the many mountain kingdoms they passed and the strange features they assumed. Her tongue ran over her lips at random as she pulled back, not used to sitting still for so long. As her fingers fiddled with one another, her mind raced on earlier events. Alexis yearned to be on horseback, racing across the kingdoms to meet with the Queen, but her head servant had exclaimed that the ride would not agree with neither her dress, not to mention her hair which had to arranged just right so as not to allow it to grow wild in the humid weather.

The Queen. Immediately when news of war reached Alexis's ears, she announced to the kingdom her stance on the manner. Choosing the Queen's side was wise, considering the tension between the South and North as of late. Having the war would shift the attention away from internal problems and Alexis was now stalling for time. As much as she would not admit, she intended to join a war since either beginning so as to unify the kingdom against the common enemy: even if that enemy be the King.

She ran her hand through the bottom part of her hair and avoided the top part, seeing the labyrinth of braids and clips and twists would most likely fall to sudden tugging. People always seemed to compliment her hair, saying that it showed the enthusiasm and spirit of the Arian kingdom. Alexis wouldn't necessarily disagree but she would laugh it off. Her hair by far was incredibly difficult to contain and her advisers had often suggested she cut it short. But her hair needed to be long. How else would she cover that mark between the shoulder blades?

Her fingers gently touched the scar, trailing along the lines of the X, before moving away and feeling the dress's soft texture. She played with the thick fabric between her fingertips, amused from the idea that this was definitely not in the Arian. The fiery red seemed to make it so as well as the golden embroidering which created curls along her sleeves, but other than color the dress showed no signs of being Arian.

Her eyes raised once more to the outside, absorbing the flourishing lands. Inside, she felt excitement rise up in her and she patted her chest to calm down. She usually made mistakes when she was too excited, her advisers said. She could not afford any mistakes. Alexis reached down for her large brown bag, the simple demeanor not matching any of there surrounding elements.

"Driver, when will we get there?" Her hand rifled through her belongings, brow furrowed as she searched.

"Soon. An hour or so more, if I may believe correctly."

Alexis groaned and continued her search. Most of the contents were tactical papers that she did not feel like going through at the moment. After rifling through, she finally found what she was looking for. She ripped off a bit before placing it in her mouth and chewing, savoring the taste as well as the feeling of chewing.

"Princess Aries, do I hear chewing?"

Alexis gave a couple more chews.
"It's just gum. To settle my nerves. I'll throw it out before we get to the castle."She heard a sigh from the driver.

"As you wish, Princess Aries."

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Character Portrait: Prince Sebastian Taurus
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"Repeat that back to me again soldier, what was found within our borders? Sebastian ran a hand through his hair, sitting on horseback and returning from a few days camping in the West of the kingdom... he looked down upon a lone soldier from his army, whom had approached the young ruler with a hurried expression and fast-paced message.

"I-I am sorry my lord, I've been sent to find you hours ago but to no luck, however The Iron Ring was adamant sir, I fear I am out of breath..." The man spoke quickly and tiredly, Sebastian in response simply raised a hand and smiled calmly.

"It is alright, calm yourself and speak clearly... you are in no trouble for being tired."

The soldier righted himself and smiled thankfully before taking a few breaths and repeating his words. "A spy sir, soldier clad in armor designed for espionage and observation... he was dead on our borders." The soldier paused, waiting for his Lords reaction.

"...So? 'Tis not an uncommon thing, for others to watch us... mercenary companies, foolish attempts at assassination... common fare, why is this corpse of relevance."

The soldier frowned before continuing. "His armor sir... the insignia and make... this man wore the armor of the Queens army."

Sebastian frowned suddenly and paused in his train of thought. He had claimed neutrality since the wars early days post the untimely death of his father and as far as it had seemed the Queen was respectful of his decision... and although no words were traded between Sebastian and she, not a single attack or incursion had occurred in the Taurean lands. To hear of a potential spy watching over his kingdom led to the possibility of more spies being present... which led to the assumption that the Queen was preparing to invade his lands.

Sebastian's brow furrowed further and he felt panic rise within him. He had not the army nor the allies to stand against the Queen, aster his claiming of neutrality he highly doubted that the King would come to his aid should he truly be in danger. Looking to the back of his steed, Sebastian checked his remaining supplies from camping, his weapons were loaded... as well as the over-zealous funds that the Iron Ring insisted he carry... food and water were plenty due to his flasks and rations... and if he ran out he could gather more rather easily with what he had.

He decided then, that action would have to be taken... and it would have to be taken quickly, if the Iron Ring themselves were informing Sebastian that the armor found was legitimately of the Queens army, then the time to meet with the Queen personally was at long last becoming a necessity. He understood that, of course, this could all be a misunderstanding... hell there was the possibility that the Queen was being framed and had given no such order for a spy to be present or even passing through the Taurean kingdom... but even still, the quickest way to resolve the issue would be to question the Queen personally and politely... rather than to start a fight over nothing.

While there, he would also be able to re-affirm his neutrality to the Queen... in person.

[color=#8A0808]"Soldier, carry a message to the Iron Circle from me, write it down if you must."

"N... no need sir! I have the memory of most of my platoon combined, I'll deliver whatever message you need delivered." The soldier puffed out his chest and Sebastian smiled at his determination.

"Very well, then tell them this; I ride for the Queens lands, alone, to discuss this issue. They are not to send anyone after me, as this visit is one of peace and any more than myself would raise an eyebrow to insecurities that I do not possess. I hope to be back within the next week or two, if a month passes without my return than I permit the Ring to send whomever they wish to find me... understood? The soldier saluted and shortly after bowed to the Prince.

"Consider it done my liege!"

Smiling and nodding at one of his many wards, Sebastian reigned back his horse and turned on the spot before breaking into a gallop in the direction of the Queen's kingdom. He hoped that upon his arrival he would find a peaceful and simple solution to his newfound issue... however, he was almost certain that it would not be so easy a task as he hoped for.

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Character Portrait: Aurelius Scorpio
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#, as written by Taunbon
Prince Aurelius Titus Scorpio XII


Artos leaned back in the hard wood chair that was behind his equally hard wood desk, his dark hair spilling over the edge of the seat. The sunlight spilling in through the small window in his study, the light reflecting off the cool wood surface as the small candles hanging from the roof flickered and danced to a tune only they could hear. If he listened closely he could almost hear the brown Truvin's singing. If there were truly such things as a 'good' day and a 'bad' day, this one would certainly fall on the good side, or at least, it was lovely in terms of the weather.

His silent musings were interrupted by three loud rapped on the door, "Come in," Artos said closing his eyes to enjoy the last few moments of solitude he would have before that door opened and ushered in all the problems of the outside world.

A large man entered, a scar running down his nose, the blade that had long since passed over his face taking out a chunk of the nose with it giving the man a rather unappealing visage. His hands gripped a stack of papers as if to protect them from any unseen attackers even in the small study that had books and papers strewn about the floor, "My Lord Scorpio, I bring reports and a request from the High Council," his gruff voice broke out smashing what little hope of peace and solitude his small office could provide.

"Sounds riveting," Artos replied dryly, opening his sharp blue eyes to examine and trace the stones in the ceiling, "Let us start with the Council first, I am sure what they have to say is incredibly important, and I truly mean that, I do not mean to insinuate that I would rather put them first and not get on their nerves when they are just down the hall and so very well within pestering distance compared to the subject of your reports."

"I could get Lady Apla for you, I am sure she would love to explain it in person," The man replied, his dark eyes glinting with amusement.

Artos head snapped straight, his eyes flashing with mock terror, "Why would you wish to torture your lord by forcing him to bear the company of such an insufferable woman."

The man stepped forward and took a seat on one of the cushioned chairs before his desk, they were only moderately more comfortable then his own damnable chair, "I do not understand your problems with Lady Apla, she is a very beautiful woman."

"Yes, and she knows it," Artos said laying his chin on his hand, "There is nothing more dangerous on this planet then a beautiful woman who is aware of that fact. That, and the last time she managed to corner me she spent an hour and a half talking about how the light hit the flowerbeds just so that it created such a 'pleasant environment in which to enjoy a nice meal with someone they care about' whilst seemingly immune to my normally charming self."

"Charming," the older man scoffed, "If I recall correctly, I believe you told her that you could think of a thousand ways in which to end your life, and they would all be more pleasant then to endure her company."

"Gregory! Your sarcasm wounds me, I am a very charming prince. Why, if I were to jump upon a white stallion, I would have to beat the princesses off with a stick and try not to enjoy doing so! That, and if I am going to be honest, I could only think of fifteen at the time, but it lacks that certain.. impact that a triple digit number brings." Artos said, covering his heart with his hand as he pretended to imagine himself vigorously smacking all the silly nobility of the realms with a very large stick.

Gregory shook his head, a small smile upon the withered face, "As much as this conversation is interesting and worthy of both of our time, I fear we have business. The Council would like to increase the price of all iron exports by 13%," he said reading from one of the papers, but before he could go on, Artos chimed in, "Agreed."

Gregory rose an eyebrow, "Agreed? Just like that. Are you well? Normally you spend a few days mulling over such things."

"There is nothing to mull over. I was preparing to do the same, although I was going to increase it by 17%, but this is a more reasonable starting point from which we can increase over time." Artos gave a soft sigh as the look from Gregory told him the older man wanted an explanation, "As this war grows, their demand for Iron will increase, and so they will be forced to pay what we demand, and so we are going to increase the price of iron. This will help us cover the cost of importing food which is going to rise in price as the war escalates as well... Also, it allows us to earn a tidy profit on the side."

"Alright, the council would also like to increase taxation by taxing the importation of produce," Gregory said, looking up just in time to see Artos raising an eyebrow, "Denied. We are going to earn a tidy profit, I have no desire to get greedy and start putting a strain on our economy and people. Also, our increase in prices is going to ruffle a few feathers, I have no desire to poke angry bears."

"Very well, I shall send the word later. Also, our... friends inform us that they are gathering," Gregory said softly as one can never be sure who had ears on the walls. In the lands of the scorpio even spies had spies.

"So, it is finally starting. Interesting," Artos said leaning back in his chair as he mused over the sitation.

"Will you be heading out?" Gregory asked watching his prince carefully, "No. Not yet. If I were to visit one side, the other side would get in an uproar and demand answers from me. They would then try to leverage that into me joining their side, and as much as I love listening to nobility prattle on and prance about with their over-inflated egos, I would rather not deal with it at this time."

"Understood my lord, I will leave you to go back to... whatever it is that you were doing," Gregory said pushing himself to his feet and heading for the door, before right before he could exit, Artos spoke as if it was a last minute thought, "Keep me informed of who shows up at where. I may visit if one of them peaks my interest."