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Iris Livia Claeris

"Your wish is my command... unless I don't feel like it."

0 · 273 views · located in Uptown

a character in “As you wish, Master.”, originally authored by dreammuffin, as played by RolePlayGateway


❝Your wish is my command... unless I don't feel like it.❞


Birth Name: Iris Livia Claeris
Nickname: Livi, Rissy, Livia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 128 lbs
Role: Maid 9
Social Status: Lowerclass
Owner/Servant: TBA
How long have you known your 'Master/Servant': Not very long, we just got aquainted.
Job: Maid
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Physical Description:
Iris has long, dark hair, as black as night, that cascades down her back. Her striking purple eyes are framed in thick, dark lashes. Her small lips are always locked in a frown, or a pensive expression. Iris has a slender build, and is tall, standing at 5'7. Most of her height comes from her long legs, and are paired with long arms. This makes her a little clumsy. She has lightly tanned skin that pales as it reaches her face. She likes to wear a simple outfit.


✓ Flowers
✓ Rain
✓ Friends
✓ Messing with her Master
✓ Dancing
✓ Joking
✓ Laughing
✓ Music

✗ Being a maid
✗ Sadness
✗ Bugs
✗ Heights
✗ Being looked down upon

Getting Hurt
Being Along
Spending the rest of her life as a maid

✦ Dancing

• She twists her hair around her finger when she's nervous or anxious •
• She hums random songs when she works •
• She can be really clumsy, knocking over stuff without meaning too •


• To go on an adventure


Charismatic | Guarded | Protective | Mistrusting | Stubborn | Clever | Awkward

Iris is quite a friendly, charismatic girl. She loves to be around people, always one to introduce herself and strike up a conversation. She puts others before herself all the time, and tries to help out in any way she can.

Despite her outgoing personality, she's always guarded towards others, and never shares anything personal. Her emotions are rarely shown to others. Her emotions are something she hates troubling others with, but she will make sure she's there if anyone needs to talk. She never shows her feelings to anyone, as she thinks its a sign of weakness.

Trust is something that's very hard to earn with her. If you ever give her a reason to, she will treasure you as a friend. She hates feeling of being let down, and she feels it's easier just to never let herself trust anyone. When she does get close to someone, she tends to get overly protective of them. She tries to shield people from any physical or emotional pain, it's a responsibility she takes on herself.

Iris is also very stubborn. She makes up her mind about things and it's near impossible to talk her out of it. That stubbornness has gotten her into trouble and danger on more than a few occasions.

Another quality of Iris is that she is very clever. Usually she can solve any problem that comes her way, when she isn't acting on impulse that is.

Also, Iris can get a little awkward when it comes to things that are alien to her, like love. She's never really given into the thought of love, and any hint of that feeling she felt, she just ignored. She thinks it's kind of pointless, so any efforts done by someone are usually squandered, though she doesn't really mean to.

Bio: WIP
Reason to owning servant or being a servant: She had no other choice, she was going into poverty.
Relationship with Owner/Servant: TBA
Love interest: Haha none yet :)

image drawn by Kaminary-san on DeviantArt

Theme song: Paradise by Coldplay

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So begins...

Iris Livia Claeris's Story