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Kylie Cadebrinn

"Uhhh....nice to meet you..?.."

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a character in “As you wish, Master.”, originally authored by BraceBlaze, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kylie Cadebrinn
"Once you meet someone you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memory to come back to you."


Birth Name: Kylie Amber Cadebrinn
Nickname: "Don't have one."
Age: 15
Gender: Female
" I'll just ignore that and not take it offensively."
Height: "5'5..I think. It's not like I just go around measuring myself and keep it in my "need to know memory".
Weight:"Isen't it rude to ask a ladies weight? No I'm just kidding I don't care if you know, I'm about 110...I think."
Role: Master 4
Social Status: "Upperclass of course."
Servant: TBA
How long have you known your 'Servant': TBA
Job: "I help my mother with her fashion bussiness now and then. But I don't get payed."
Sexuality: Straight
Physical Description: Kylie has a small thin, petite figure with little curves. Her appearance still reminds you that of a child, with her small fragile looking body and the way she always dresses with knee high socks and her school uniform. Yet when getting dressed up for formal occasions you can clearly tell she is no longer a child and blooming into a beautiful adult. Her long straw colored blonde hair is usually tamed and out of the way, either in braids or a ponytail, the only thing in her face are her bangs. Her bangs fraim her face and stop right above her aqua colored eyes that are always either locked with someone elses eyes or focused intensly on what she's doing.


  • Her name "Hey don't take that as self centered I just like the way it sounds!"
  • Being outdoors. "I love the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair, the way the flowers illuminate the air and how the sun shines down on everything."
  • Sweets
  • Being lazy "Come on thats basically my life in one word. I never had or have to do anything."
  • Perfection "I'm a bit of a perfectionist..."
  • Listening to a good singer "I love music and listening to a beautiful voice...its..its juts amazing. Plus I can't sing."
  • Music
  • Sunsets "I know its common for girls to like this, but hey I am a girl."
  • Bitter things " I hate bad tasting things especially bitter things, it just leaves a horrible taste in my mouth all day."
  • Being cooped up "You see as a child I was often kept inside by my parents, they were afriad I would et hurt or kidnapped...I know talk about over protective. Being always locked inside I was never aloud to do sports, which explains why i'm weak today."
  • People who don't listen to her
  • Her over protect parents "Its not that I don't like my parents its just that i don't like how their so over protective its really annoying."
  • People who don't know their place "it really bothers me when people don't know their place. Like when our butler and maids try to escape or back talk us. Its one of the things that make me the most angry."

  • Never falling in love
  • Being locked up for the rest of her life
  • Failing school
  • Drowning
  • Flute
  • Sewing
  • Oboe
  • Viola
  • She always has to look the person in the eye when she talks
  • Has to make everything she does perfect
  • Licking her lips
Secrets: "None. If I had any why would I tell you?"
  • Become independent
  • When she dies become a part of nature
  • No longer having her parents alwasy looking over her shoulder


Personality: Kylie has a very lazy layed back attitude. Not really caring what people think and talking as though she could careless whether she's talking to you or a squirrel. Though seeming this way its just how she expresses herself, she actually really enjoys talking to people and holding conversations.

Being a Cadebrinn Kylie is expected to be brilliant and at the top of her class, but being brilliant is not all that Kylie is she is also very creative. Tending to think outside the box and come up with weird ideas to passs the time. Some think she is slightly crazy not understanding her unique ideas and choosing to have nothing to do with her.

Whether trying to be rude or not most of her servants don't like serving her. Its not because she's especially rude to them, but just because she dosen't really view them as human, not like an animal she just sees them as she sees a cup holding her tea. Only as furniture their to make her life comfy. Still having this horrible trait she can be pretty sweet and caring when she wants to be.

Kylie has a very dry sense of humor, you can never really tell if she's joking or serious. She can be very sarcastic and will easily laugh at jokes even if their not funny.
Bio: Kylie was born an only child and gre up as one. Like every rich child Kylie was spoiled to no end. She had everything she every wanted and all she did was have to ask for it.

Being birthed by a mother who was "incapable" of having kids, Kylie was always over protected. She could never go outside by herself, without at least two body guards or cook in the kitchen her parents afraid she would cut herself and bleed to death. So Kylie never really got to interact with many people other than her servants. Finally at the age of nine Kylie was given her own personal butler and she was able to attend school and go outside.
Reason to owning servant: So she would be safer.
Relationship with Owner/Servant: TBA
Love interest:

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Theme song:Tangled- tower song[/font][/center]

So begins...

Kylie Cadebrinn's Story


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A slow grunt escaped the blonde headed girl as she pulled the covers tighter around her, deciding a few more minutes of sleep wouldn't hurt. Closing her eyes the young Cadebrinn sighed, unable to return to her deep slumber.

Sitting up in her queen size bed the satin pink sheets fell of of her making it look like she was sitting in a puddle of bubble gum. Rubbing her eyes Kylie threw her legs over the side of the bed. Her groggy eyes scanning over her childish looking room, a sharp or potential dangerous looking item no where in sight.

Stretching her fragile looking arms, she stood up looking for a sign of her butlers presence. "Where is he when you need him." Kylie grumbled slightly upset. Stomping quiet loudly towards her white dresser she threw it open irritated at having to pick out her own clothes.

"Hmmm...uhh this is matching, right?" Throwing random clothing out of her closet and onto her bed Kylie smiled proud of herself.

"Maybe I don't even need a butler." She laughed pulling up the yellow jeans she had first touched and then thrown out of her closet. Looking in the mirror at herself she frowned at her image, her yellow jeans not matching the bright pink and neon green poke dot shirt she was wearing.

"Jamie!" Kylie yelled loudly, with a huff of laziness she walked across her room throwing open her bedroom door. A startled maid stared at her. "Have you seen Jamie?" The maid opened her mouth to answer. "Could you go get him? Thanks." Shutting her door Kylie walked to her bathroom brushing her teeth awaiting Jamie's present.


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Jamie Rochel

Peoples were utterly incapable of doing things for themselves. Well, they were if they also happened to be rich. While that made little sense, they didn't have anything else to do but sit on their arses and shout at people to do things. And then there were the lowly peasants like himself, that had no time at all to do anything, yet still had to make time to cater to everything his master needed. It was somewhat pathetic to him, how loudmouthed and annoying his girl could be. Then again, he feared all females were like this. In that case, he'd rather die then be sent into matrimony. That, of course, wasn't the only reason. Bringing a child into a world like this seemed like the worst thing anyone could do. No offense to his parents, because without them he wouldn't be here. But, perhaps he didn't really want to be here.

After setting clothes out for his master, he had gone back downstairs and into the staff quarters to get himself ready for the day. Basically just putting on black slacks, a white dress shirt, and a dark vest over that. On his way back upstairs he was pulling on white gloves, another part of the required uniform. It was when he heard his name being screamed that he had reached his master's hallway, causing him to grimace as she shouted at the maid a little ways in front of him. The maid only turned around and looked at him before scrambling away, probably frightened of being yelled at again. Once he had gathered his master attention, he pointed a gloved finger towards the chair where her clothes were before he moved to set the tray of food down on her bedside table. As per her fathers orders, all she was permitted was a spoon and a fork. No knives, anything that needed cutting was already pre-cut for her.

Going to the chair, he picked up the outfit that was previously picked out and held it up for her, curious as to if she was going to walk around looking like pink lemonade or change.


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As Jamie entered the room Kylie set down her toothbrush her agua colored eyes intently following the young man as he strolled across the room and pointed to her chair.

"Oh." Kylie muttered embarrassed as she noticed the matching clothes that had been set out for her. He must be thinking I'm some spoiled brat, Kylie contemplated silently as Jamie held up her clothes. Though not best friends with her butler Kylie could at least tell what he was thinking, most of the time at least. Knowing him for as many years as she did it kind of came with having a person looking after you so closely.

Whatever it dosen't matter, Kylie sighed internally shoving her self conscious thoughts to the back of her mind. Taking the clothes from the black haired butler she grumbled a barely audible, thank you, before locking herself in the bathroom and changing.

"Jamie, whats my schedule for today?" Kylie shouted out through the closed bathroom door. Yanking a comb through her straw colored blonde hair.

Opening the door she wandered over to her breakfast as usual her food already precut.