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Olivia Emilie Colt

"I am not a servant..."

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a character in “As you wish, Master.”, as played by paokikipao


❝I am much more than just a maid...❞


Birth Name: Olivia Emilie Colt
"I don't mind to be called either"

Nickname: Livy, Ollie, Ivy, etc
"Only those close to me can call me that though..."

Age: 18
"I just turned 18, I'm all grown up now"

Gender: Female
"You're not that smart if you have to ask me that..."

Height: 5'4
"I suppose I could be a bit taller"

Weight: 110
"I like to keep myself healthy"

Role: Mair Number 10
"I am not a servant..."

Social Status: Lower-class
"... must you ask? what does it matter anyway?

Owner: Sage LeFebvre
"Sage is not my owner, he's my friend!"

How long have you known your 'Master/Servant': Since they were children
"My mother used to work for the family so it was only a matter of time before I served them too"

Job: Maid
"It could be worse..."

Sexuality: Heterosexual
"I don't judge others though"

Physical Description:
"I thought it was obvious just by looking"
Olivia considers herself as small, standing at 5'4. She has a natural light blonde hair that make her blue eyes look even brighter. She has a thin figure but is not particularly skinny, her body build is almost petite-like though she has a healthy build. She is always wearing a beautiful butterfly hair piece that was gifted by Sage when she was little to overcome her fear of insects. She has a few scars here and there but none that is too noticeable and horrible. She also has a small birthmark that has the shape of a moon on her neck that not a lot of people have ever gotten to see.


Likes: "There's cake where?!"
Sweets & Chocolate
Helping Others
Animals, except insects
Color Blue
(the only insect she likes)
Cute things

Dislikes: "I don't wanna talk about it ne?"
Being Bossed Around
Taking Orders
People Who Believe They Are Inferior
Upper-Class "Sage is different though..."

Fears: "I don't have any fears!... besides why do you want to know?"
Losing her family and loved ones
That she will lose her master
That slavery will always exist


Talents: "Wait... what... you want me to hack someone's computer?""
  • Cooking (She is surprisingly very skilled)
  • Singing, (a secret talent)
  • Photographic Memory
  • Quick Learner
  • Computers & Everything Related With Technology

Quirks: "They're not as bad though!"
  • She constantly plays with her hair.
  • When bored, she plays with her feet, especially if her leg is over the other one, she is often rotating her lags around perpetually.
  • Often strokes her hair to the back of her ears.
  • Often times she blows her bangs off when she breathes.
  • Sometimes she thinks out loud.

Secrets: Any secrets? Share them if you do!

More than anything she wishes to see and end to slavery. She also wishes that there would be no more social classes that can damage people so much as they do. Other than that she wishes for Sage to be happy and she wants that their friendship will last for long and that he does not change. She wants for her family to be happy and that they too will be free one day from slavery.


Personality: Descriptive please

Bio: Descriptive please

Reason to owning servant or being a servant: TBA

Relationship with Owner/Servant: They have been close friends since they were young, Olivia would never admit it but she may see him as something more than just a friend.
"We've known each other since like forever"

Love interest: Sage LeFebvre
"I... I... have no idea what you are talking about!..." she blushes and stares at the ground.



Theme song:


[center] Character's Opinion on others:

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●Arthur Wake

●Mio Misaki

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●Elliot Forsberg

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●Sage LeFebvre






So begins...

Olivia Emilie Colt's Story


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As always, Irene was up the earliest. It wasn't exactly that she had to be woken up early, she often actually woke up much earlier than she was required. Sleep actually wasn't very important to her, not even when she was not a maid. Back then, she'd stay up reading stories of all kinds, and now, well... she just wasn't the type of person to need sleep.

She got dressed back into her usual outfit, one she hardly changed out of, and went to the kitchen. It was a little early to be making breakfast, and she hoped not to have disturbed anyone important in the household. Irene cooked silently, shutting drawers and cabinets very quietly so she wouldn't be a hindrance.

After making the daily meal, she quietly made her way upstairs and stopped at an exact room; her master's. Once, she knocked onto the door, saying in her normal calm and tranquil voice, "Master, it's time for breakfast, please wake up." She asked, though her voice had little emotion in it. She was always like that, for some reason.

She set down the tray of food onto the desk and continued, even if Aurther was still asleep, or not listening. It was her duty after all, "Today's meal consists of a crepe with fruit on the side." Irene said. She went silent for a while, as if thinking about what she was about to say, even though it was her duty to remember, and even though she showed little signs of forgetfulness on her face. Once she remembered, she then said, almost as if rushed, "I also suggest you change nicely for today. master. There is a ball that will take place in the Forsberg's house, and you have been invited." She said, still wondering if her owner was really awake, or listening at least.


Sage wasn't really someone to wake up early, but the night before, he had a job to repair a broken grandfather clock. It wasn't exactly someone of the upperclass should be doing, but he enjoyed the job and loved it insanely. The image of the grandfather clock was stuck in his head the whole night, and he got little sleep because of his anxiety to fit it and see how it worked when it would strike twelve.

That is exactly why he woke up so early just to get onto his job and fix it again. Wasn't it a little odd for someone of such high class to be taking on such a poor, dirty, and little job? He didn't think so since he didn't want to think of himself as an upperclassman. He didn't like how everything was divided up, the rich and the poor. It just reminded him of a sort of feudal system, and those things he didn't like.

Which was why he treated everyone of the family with such respect, including each one of the maids and butlers. He even befriended a few of them, but the one he was closest with was his own, Olivia Colt. They pretty much knew each other since they were mere children, and although he probably seemed a little rash and rude at first, he grew to like her over time and became quite friendly with each other.

"Ah, there is it!" He accidentally shouted as he found what appeared to be the sword of a toy soldier, stuck between two cogs that had the grandfather clock work. Gently, Sage took the little sword out of between the cogs and placed it on the table, "That should be it...." He said quietly, taking off his glasses since he often used him for his job.

He then pushed himself backwards in his rolling chair childishly before facing the door and calling out, "Livy! Come, come Livy! I need you!" That was actually a lie. He didn't really need her, but he was used to seeing her face first in the morning, so he felt a little stranger when she wasn't around to baby him.


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Olivia had gotten up early as she did so often. She got up early as she did most mornings mostly because she helped in the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family. She loved cooking and it was one of the things she was most passionate about along with reading. Of course, she could not read as often as she'd like because she had other duties to attend to being a maid. She let out a sigh heading now to the kitchen where she asked the main maid if something was needed so she would go to the market and buy the needed groceries, however, the main maid said that they already had everything and that it was not needed.

Olivia nodded and exited the kitchen, apparently there were plans to train the new maids into the kitchen so she would not be cooking for the day. The thought made her a bit sad, so she thought of the only thing that could cheer her up, Sage. She knew that her master, Sage, would not wake up early but even so she headed to his room to see if he needed something as she did so often.

She finally made it to his room and when she did, she called his name for a couple of times and knocked softly but there was no response. She remembered that he was not one to wake up early but still he would most times wake up at her knocks. She began to worry and just as she was about to knock again on the door she remembered the second place where he could be at that time of the day and the only reasons she could think of for him to wake up early, he was working.

Just as she moved closer to where she had predicted he would be she heard Sage calling out for her. "Livy! Come, come Livy! I need you!". At his calling she hurried through the door, worried, thinking that he could have gotten hurt. "What... What's wrong?!" she asked a bit concerned looking at Sage. It was then when she saw him rolling back in the chair smiling childishly, she smiled a bit and laughed feeling relieved seeing that he was OK.

"Are you hungry?" she asked without having the need to be formal. It was one of the thing she liked about being his maid, she didn't need to be formal. Of course, even at first she was never truly formal with him, except when his other family was present. She kind of feared that they could punish her so ,just in case, she was highly formal and respectful when others were around, it was a whole different thing when they were alone though.

"They are training some maids, so it might not be as good..." she said thinking of the new girls. She paused and waited for his response, she would also remind him about the invitation Sage had received about attending a ball in case he had forgotten but first she waited for his answer.