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Isabella Scotila

"You think you know me? Even I don't know me."

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a character in “Asaydia”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx


Isabella Ana-Maria Scotila


Full Name
Isabella Ana-Maria Scotila

Isabella will respond to nothing else but that: Isabella, or MAYBE Ella.. She despises the nickname Bella more than anything else, and will not respond to it. At all. Whatsoever. But Ella is fine.

Eighteen years of age.

Isabella is heterosexual.


The best way to describe Isabella is as a free spirited person. The majority of the time when you‘re around her, don‘t be surprised if she is spaced out, in her own world, just dreaming away. She isn‘t the type of person who can easily be brought back, either, for she likes her fantasy world better than the one in which she lives in. When you do manage to bring her back to reality, though, Isabella is a giggly, kind-hearted girl who takes too many things to heart.

Because of this, she does have her feelings stepped on quite a lot. And when she does, she usually just steps away from the crowd to be alone with her feelings. She absorbs negative emotions around her, which in turn ends up effecting her more than the person it should be effecting. She is the type who wants to help in any way she can, though, and likes to consider herself a great friend. But yet again, she is scared of meeting new people, for fear that they will take advantage of her niceness. She is not one to immediately trust someone, as naïve as she may seem on the outside.

Being an observer more than a talker, she knows how to scope out the trustworthy people from the liars. But then again, she isn‘t always right in her suspicions, and does end up hurt in those moments. She is the a Romantic at heart; yet she gets extremely jealous when she sees others in loving relationships. She wants that with someone, and hates herself when someone else has something that she doesn't have. She is her own worst critic, and isn‘t really comfortable in her own skin, but that is something that she won‘t tell anyone. She cannot stand it when people know her weaknesses, but doesn‘t have the backbone to tell them to back off.

Truth be told, Isabella herself knows that something isn't necessarily right about her. Her thought process is off most of the time, and there are moments where she doesn't remember when she did something or why she did it. Her mind simply tells her to follow through with a certain thing, and she has no choice but to follow. Her problems come from needing control, something in her life that only she alone has power over. And there are only so many things she controls: how much she eats, what she wears, and what she does when no one is watching. And sure as hell, she takes advantage of all three of these things. A lot of the times, she sees herself as a prisoner in her own mind. She has thoughts that scare her, but she puts them away when it comes time to. She clings onto sanity only when she is acting. There comes times when she has to act like a royal, and she makes sure that she does.



+The scent of vanilla - "It calms me down, really. I have plenty of vanilla candles in my chamber that I always light."
+Rain - "I always have the urge to just go outside and dance when it's raining. I just have to."
+Dark red ball gowns Red is my favorite color and, well, I feel comfortable in red. I won't wear any other colored ball gown except maybe cream, emerald green, or dark, dark violet."
+Nicholas Sparks's novels - I'm so glad they're finally available in our country, I am a sucker for Dear John, The Notebook, The Last Song. Awh."
+White wine - "It's classy, and well, just plain delicious. We have a large selection here, you know."
+English football - "May I please just call each and every one of the Manchester United members my husbands...? They are so attractive..."


-Eating with other people - "It bothers me. I feel like everyone is starting at me and I can't chew. Besides, I don't eat a lot as it is, so I am stuck there waiting for everyone else to finish."
-Humidity - "It makes me feel all sweaty and nasty. I just can't."
-Nude lipstick - "It doesn't look good on me, I only wear various shades of Red. And it has to be Chanel lipstick."
-The color grey - "It's so boring, I wouldn't even wear it to my own funeral! No!"
-Pears - They have a weird texture to them, I just don't like them..but I like pear drinks. Is that weird?"
-Flat shoes - "All I wear is heels, they make me feel more elegant and sexy."

~She thinks about things that a normal person should NOT think say the least.
~She's a beautiful singer, really, but she doesn't do it when others are around.

Brief History
It's no surprise that even as a child, Isabella was extremely quiet and lost in her own world. If you were to ask her what went on in her castle during her child years, she would only answer you with things that went on inside her own mind. She has always been a girl who hated to be in one place for a long time, having dreams or traveling the world from an early age. Her dreams at night always consisting of seeing new lands and meeting new people. It was also no surprise that her parents did a lot of worrying about her, too. Not one for social events, she always chose to hide away until the castle was cleared. Her brother was the only one who could convince her to come out, at least for a little bit to please their parents. But as the years went by, even he couldn't pull her away from her fantasy world. Truth be told, she hasn't changed.

Her absolute favorite song is Road To Nowhere by Bullet For My Valentine, a band that she's only recently discovered thanks to the internet.

So begins...

Isabella Scotila's Story


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Isabella Scotila ~

Upon waking up that morning, it didn't occur to Isabella that the day was finally here. Her and her brother would be leaving their home, a place which they have known their entire lives, to live with complete strangers. And not just strangers, ones from the neighboring kingdoms which they were taught to hate. To say the least, the thought was unsettling. Dozens and dozens of thoughts were racing through her head the entire night, so naturally, whatever sleep Isabella did get the previous night, it wasn't that deep and peaceful sleep that you wake up from ready to start the day. The brunette was used to that, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

She had made sure to pack all of the essentials, which ended up being more stuff than she expected it to be, even after packing five different ways and not being satisfied with either way. Five of her candles, her most important jewelry, her three favorite perfumes and her antique brush, then a variety of clothes and shoes that she was sure would last her the whole year were finally ready to go, that was, until she found another pair of shoes to pack and the whole fiasco started again.

The journey to Asaydia afterwards was a blur; Isabella was too focused on trying to remember everything that her parents told her about this unoccupied land, but nothing of importance came to her mind. They would be alone, with their so called 'enemies', and that was the only thing that was circling around in her mind. How are you supposed to react to seeing your foes? She wasn't sure that the word 'foes' was the appropriate one in this situation, after all, she was always one to try and stay out of the fight that their parents had started. She did not realize that they had reached their destination until their vehicle came to a stop, and she was faced with her new home for the next year. Asaydia.

"Are you ready for this?" she looked over at her brother, speaking in an almost inaudible whisper, her voice trapped somewhere in her throat.