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Asaydia is a part of Asaydia.

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Isabella Scotila [1] "You think you know me? Even I don't know me."
Amy Luavi [0] "The name's Amy."
Theo Matlin [0] "Uh... Hey."
Naomi Genevieve Amorest [0] "Hate me, love me. I couldn't care less as long as you're thinking about me."
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Isabella Scotila ~

Upon waking up that morning, it didn't occur to Isabella that the day was finally here. Her and her brother would be leaving their home, a place which they have known their entire lives, to live with complete strangers. And not just strangers, ones from the neighboring kingdoms which they were taught to hate. To say the least, the thought was unsettling. Dozens and dozens of thoughts were racing through her head the entire night, so naturally, whatever sleep Isabella did get the previous night, it wasn't that deep and peaceful sleep that you wake up from ready to start the day. The brunette was used to that, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

She had made sure to pack all of the essentials, which ended up being more stuff than she expected it to be, even after packing five different ways and not being satisfied with either way. Five of her candles, her most important jewelry, her three favorite perfumes and her antique brush, then a variety of clothes and shoes that she was sure would last her the whole year were finally ready to go, that was, until she found another pair of shoes to pack and the whole fiasco started again.

The journey to Asaydia afterwards was a blur; Isabella was too focused on trying to remember everything that her parents told her about this unoccupied land, but nothing of importance came to her mind. They would be alone, with their so called 'enemies', and that was the only thing that was circling around in her mind. How are you supposed to react to seeing your foes? She wasn't sure that the word 'foes' was the appropriate one in this situation, after all, she was always one to try and stay out of the fight that their parents had started. She did not realize that they had reached their destination until their vehicle came to a stop, and she was faced with her new home for the next year. Asaydia.

"Are you ready for this?" she looked over at her brother, speaking in an almost inaudible whisper, her voice trapped somewhere in her throat.