Alex Lander

"The first rule of magic: Always be the smartest guy in the room."

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a character in “Ascendance Chapter One, Remnants”, as played by Molliepop


"Every move is calculated. Every step is preconceived. Everything, down to the smallest sleight of hand, is planned in extreme detail. Nothing is chance. "

Super Hero Name:
Hat Trick
Full Name:
Alex Lander
Nick Name:
August, 1st, 2266
Marital Status:
Short, unkempt, and colored a light brown.
Dull blue, but bright and inquisitive.
English, French, Chinese
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults:
Alex weighs in at an average 160 lbs, and sports an athlete's body. Although he has muscle, agility is his strong suit and it shows in his lean build. His face is charming, and is almost always topped with a charismatic smile. His arms sport a manor of minor burns and cuts earned during performances.

Beliefs/Religion: Alex is an atheist.

Career/Past Careers:
Alex was previously a famous magician(he still is, in a sense), and previous to that a successful street magician. He is currently listed as a "terrorist" because of new hobby of using his shows to take from the corrupt government and upper class and give to the poor.

  • Entertaining people
  • Magic tricks
  • Card games
  • Planning
  • Reading
  • Gambling
  • Teasing others
  • Corruption
  • Authority
  • Over-seriousness
  • Copy-cats
  • Liars(although he does a fair bit of lying himself)
  • Cats
  • Large insects.


Good Qualities:
Alex is one of the most fun people to be around. He lives to make others feel better, and tries his hardest to do just that. He may not be humble, but he makes up for it with charm and generosity. He also sports intense dedication to anything he does.
Bad Habits:
Alex's dedication to showmanship will be his downfall. He previously had a very bad self image, and the only way he could overcome it was by impressing others the only way he knew how; with magic tricks. Alex is also surprisingly hesitant to kill. He prefers to confuse and humiliate his enemies, preventing them from fighting back successfully.

Alex is perpetually light-hearted, enthusiastic, and often arrogant. He does everything with a sort of cool confidence that one only has when they know they are three steps ahead of everyone else. He smiles, cracks jokes at his enemies, and openly mocks them as they fumble about trying to catch him. He laughs in the face of danger, mostly because to him, it's hardly dangerous.
As a magician, Alex knows all the trade secrets; sleight of hand, misdirection, cold reading, etc. He employs these skills along with an array of gadgets to create the illusion of magic for an audience, or to confuse his enemies. His fighting style is heavily based on street brawling, and he makes sure to use everything to his advantage in a fight. His greatest strength is using an opponent's strengths against them.

Alex's primary power is precognition. While he cannot see the future, he can sense the outcomes and consequences of specific actions, so long as he is involved. This helps him immensely in a fight, allowing him to sense incoming danger and avoid it, giving him the appearance of having superhuman reflexes.
His secondary ability is superhuman intelligence, not in the form of memorizing textbooks, but in calculating odds and discerning outcomes. With this intelligence combined with his foresight, he can plan for many eventualities, which is why the Corporate Senate often finds itself three steps behind him.

Alex's main weakness is his lack of offensive powers. Unlike other metahumans, he doesn't have super strength, and he can't shoot lightning or something like that. His strength lies in tricking and misdirecting his opponents and using the environment to his advantage. If an opponent can see through his charades, it's pretty much game over. In a fair fight, Alex would lose nine times out of ten.

Born to boring, 9-to-5 parents, Alex Lander had a fairly standard 23rd Century childhood. He went to school to hang out with friends, he came home and played video games, he went on the internet and watched funny videos of cats, and then he went to bed to repeat. That continued(for the most part) for fourteen years. At fourteen Alex was at the age where he stopped believing in magic and started to believe in love, or at least that was what he called the feeling in his pants.

He had never been interested in girls before, but when he first saw Sara Shultz, the new girl in school from the European District at lunch in 8th grade, Alex knew he was in love. Well, it may not have been love, but it was as close as an eighth grade kid could get. After a bit of asking around, he learned that Sara liked magic tricks because her uncle was a magician back in the Euro District. For Alex, it was clear what he needed to do. He devoted all his free time study magic tricks on the internet, and by sophomore year, he was finally confident enough to try and impress his girl.

By this time, his parents and the school began to realize that his intelligence was abnormally high, but they were puzzled because his grades remained mediocre at best. He practiced and practiced his set until the morning of the talent show, and then he practiced some more. He planned his show down to the letter, and he knew nothing could go wrong. The kids before him were nearly vomit inducing, either juggling, singing badly, or both. He went up, performed his act flawlessly, and won first prize. That, however, was meaningless compared to Sara, who congratulated him and told him she loved his act.

By senior year, Alex and Sara were voted cutest couple almost unanimously. After graduation, Alex went against his father's wishes by not going to college, instead focusing on magic. He became a street magician, and although he and Sara barely made enough to get by, they were happy. Then, at 21, they both drop off of the radar. No one knew where they had gone, but apart from their parents, they weren't sorely missed. In 2288, Supreme Patron Kyros came into power, and soon after metahumans began disappearing, one of the largest casinos in the North Americana district put on a show starring none other than Alex Lander, known by his stage name, the Hat Trick. Few paid attention to the show, but it still sold well because the venue was popular. The tricks were all pretty standard, but well done, until the finale, during which Alex appeared to steal a large amount of money from a safe, and then proceed to give it out to everyone. It was then revealed by Alex that the man he stole from was none other than Supreme Patron Kyros. The Corporate Senate issued a bounty on his head immediately, and that confirmation skyrocketed Alex to fame.

Since then, Alex has been performing impromptu "shows" where he entertains an audience, usually of lower class citizens, and then steals from either the Corporate Senate or another corrupt company or individual and distributes his loot among his audience. The Corporate Senate hate him, and the underclass loves him, but no one can find him. He appears when he wants, where he wants, and the Corporate Senate have been completely unable to catch him. Each time they think they've gotten close, they find out they are three steps behind.

So begins...

Alex Lander's Story