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You see me as you want to see me.

0 · 401 views · located in Earth, 2291(AD)

a character in “Ascendance Chapter One, Remnants”, as played by cirrus_sd




Image (Currently her most popularly used form)

(First form ever used)

Super Villain Name: Chameleon (pronounced: Sha-may-leyon, to distinguish both from the animal, and from her own name)

Full Name:Birth Certificate name is Camille Antoinette DuBois

Nick Names: Depends on your definition of nickname. Due to the nature of her power, she has been called thousands of different names. She refers to herself as Camille or Jumelle. Those who know her and want to be derogatory refer to her as Petite Jumelle.

Gender: Female

Age: Current year is 2291(AD) 35

Birthday/year: November 14, 2256

Marital Status: Single

Hair: n/a, See Power

Eyes: n/a, See Power

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Mandarin, and numerous others.

Height: n/a, See Power

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Due to the nature of her power, Camille has no ‘actual’ physical faults, as she has no ‘actual’ body. Whatever faults she may have is based on the body she has assumed (similar to trying on clothes. Lighter body will feel lighter and more maneuverable, heavier body will feel heavier and slower). However, also like clothes, she ‘wears’ the bodies differently. Although the muscle definition might differ, Camille’s stamina and basic health stays the same.

Beliefs/Religion: Agnostic. She doesn’t give it much thought for herself. However, she does have extensive knowledge of different religions.

Career/Past Careers: Spy for various different nations, sometimes at the same time.

Likes: Money, precious jewels, being in control, and manipulating and using people. She gains a rush whenever she can trick someone into doing something for her without them knowing.

Dislikes: children, following orders, her mother, her power. Although her power is certainly useful, it is only useful because she makes it so. She would gladly trade it for an actual body that she can call her own.

Good Qualities: Determination. Camille will get the job done. Maybe it won’t be on your terms, but she always delivers. Her perfectionist attitude and intense desire to be in control, both of herself and others, leads to a near-perfect success rate with her missions. Camille is also very confident (usually) of herself, and it shows through her body language.

Bad Habits: On the other hand, Camille is by no means a team player. All of her missions have been solo, and since she is selfish, they are rarely extraction or escortions. She also holds grudges and acts out of revenge or emotion when logic doesn’t suit her needs. It’s her way or the highway. Because of her track-record, this is usually a compromise others are willing to settle for.

Temperament: Due to the nature of her ability and work, Camille keeps a calm (or rather, ‘appropriate’) outer face, playing her part as naturally as possibly. Internally, however, she is selfish, emotional, snarky, arrogant and always looking down on others and their vulnerabilities. Beneath all of that is her own trauma, which she keeps hidden away. However, if the right (or, in her case, wrong) buttons are pushed, it will unleash a very volatile temper that will either manifest and continue into intense anger, or devolve into a sudden absence of confidence and lack of control.

Talents/skills: Camille exercises a lot, helping her stay physically able and agile in nearly any body she assumes. Camille also has an extensive knowledge of various languages, cultures, religions, and occupations, much of which she gleans from her victims, the rest through massive amounts of personal research. Camille is a very talented actress, and very good at manipulating others, both of which are skills she has had to use most of her life, if not all of it. She can also sing, dance, and play small excerpts on numerous different instruments quite well (but she isn’t a virtuoso on any).

POWERS: Camille’s powers work mutually with each other, culminating in a sort of telepathic shapeshifting. Basically, she can shapeshift into people that other people know, even if she has never physically met or seen the person she is shapeshifting into. The shapeshifting includes physically resembling the person, sounding like the person, and knowing how the person relates to and sees the victim. Obviously, she can't replicate the personality or certain mannerisms (she is still HER) as well as detailed information, but she would be able to tap into the victim to figure out important events between the two (nothing detailed. For example, she can figure out the location and date of a date, but not details. Anything significant about her shape in her victim's mind is attainable. It is all fairly general). She also will have no idea how the person she is mimicking feels about the victim, only how the victim sees, perceives, and feels about her shape.

WEAKNESS(es)/FAULTS: Although she can mimic any age and gender, she cannot shapeshift into animals (unless it is a humanoid hybrid, but even then that is highly difficult). A flaw in her power is replicating cyborgs, as she cannot replicate fully functioning inorganic parts, and it is painful for her and the mechanical parts, if they have any extra function, will not work. Although with her age and experience she can control who to appear as in front of people, if she is too physically, mentally, or emotionally compromised, her telepathic ability will default to pick up the strongest emotion from anyone around her and she will shapeshift to the person connected to that emotion. Typically, she is able to hold her form until inconvenient, but if she is compromised, she will be constantly shifting to whatever the strongest emotion around her is.

Camille also does not like being compared to anyone, especially if she is compared on a lower scale. She strives to be the best, and has built herself up that way, however suggesting that she is less competent than she thinks, or worse, less competent than someone else, will bring her tower crashing to the ground. She will not be belittled.

BACKGROUND: Camille was born to the 2nd-generation Superheroine, The Spider Viper (true name: Antoine Dubois), who could control and manipulate strands of things in the fashion of a snake (her ability was first discovered with ropes, and could then expand to wires, chains, whips, thread, and even live snakes. Anything remotely string-like was under her control, and her manipulation methods were typically snake-like, ala constriction, whiplike attacks, distraction, etc). A highly emotional, and at times, irrational woman, Antoine went rogue after the death of her first child, a daughter who perished through accidentally choking while spinning on a tire-swing.

Hidden away, Antoine shortly gave birth to a second daughter. Obsessed over the loss of her first, she was amazed when she saw that her second resembled her first exactly. Feeling blessed from God (she was highly religious) she named her second child after her first: Camille.

Throughout the early years of her life, Camille was doted on. Attention was lavished on her, and she was treated like a princess by her mother, so long as she was exactly like her dead sister. At such a young age, Camille was unaware of her ability, actually believing that the appearance she had unconsciously taken on was her true appearance, and completely unaware that half of the Camille’s her mother would refer to was her older sister (also unknown to her). There was one small accident, where she unintentionally shifted at a grocery store, however the incident was never repeated again as Antoine moved to a more secluded place and never brought Camille anywhere with other people.

Things began to really unravel when Camille reached the age of her sister’s death. At that point, she stopped physically growing. When years passed without her growing a single inch, Camille demanded explanations from her mother. Although Antoine was disappointed that Camille wasn’t growing, she had grown so stuck in her own reality, grief and denial that she truly believed Camille to be her first daughter all along. Whenever Camille didn’t act as she thought she should, Antoine would punish her into obedience, afterwards sobbing profusely and apologizing. Although she would have liked to see her grow, she was simply happy that Camille was still alive, and her daughter became her obsession. She refused to tell Camille the truth, and avoided the topic deftly.

Eventually, however, the truth was found out. Despite Antoine’s denial, Camille discovered her dead older sister and realized why her mother was acting this way. She also discovered her mother’s abilities, and after a hidden late night escapade, discovered the extent of her own. At first she tried to reason with her mother, begging her to let her first sister go in the hopes of discovering her true body. Yet Antoine consistently refused, growing hysterical, and fights sprang out.

Finally, at the age of 16, Camille had enough of her dead sister’s 8 year old body. Resenting both her dead sister and her mother, she hatched a plan, both escape and revenge. Putting on the sweet, innocent face that her mother had begged for, Camille spoke to her mother in the guise of her sister. At first sweet, she began accusing her mother of ‘killing’ her, laying blame after blame, all in the innocent voice of a child. The vulnerable Antoine just fell deeper and deeper, already threatening to kill herself, which Camille encouraged. Finally, her mother hung herself with her own ability, and Camille fled.

Since then, Camille has lived on and off the streets, taking on whatever form suited her once she gained the proper control, and growing more powerful with her consistent use. With few hiccups, her status grew as well. However, for the longest time, whenever she looked in the mirror, she always saw her sister.

As of recently, however, she has been able to secure a more mature ‘default’ form: the young adult, and also deceased, daughter of one of her employers. Initially adapting the form in hopes of getting hired and ward off unwanted sexual advances simultaneously, her numerous and frequent jobs for this employer helped her secure the form. She has tampered with the original image in attempts to make it 'her own'.

So begins...

Chameleon's Story