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Kroy Lockheart

"Know Arise! Kean Ten'no!

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a character in “Ascendance”, as played by Setsugie


Name: Kroy Lockheart
Age: 17
Appearance: Pic

Written: Short brown hair with a low pony tail(like Sol badguy xD), Amber eyes, 5'8 feet tall, Fairly muscled build. Wears the same cloths as in the pic except for the head band and has three belts on with empty two gun holsters hanging on the lower ones.
Murai Abilities: ~Can create and control fire~
His ability are characterized by 4 special flames:
-Storm Flame: Highly offensive Flames, its Disintegration special trait can induce anything that touches the Flames into decaying and breaking apart. Appearance, Their core is of an ordinary red, an inner layer of a very pale, somewhat pink-like shade of red-white and outer edges of deep crimson.
-Rain Flame: Rain-attribute Flames are in many ways more similar to water than actual flames. Its Tranquility special trait carries the meaning of stillness and pacification. Thus, these Flames can be used to weaken a target by robbing its strength and capacity of movement. Appearance, The Rain Flames have shimmers of some kind flowing through them, giving them an appearance similar to rippling water. The core is of a distinctively dark blue and the ever oscillating outer sections are of a more light tone of blue.
-Sun flames: The Activation special trait of the Sun Flames has the power to induce and improve the efficiency of any type of activity. As such, it is an optimal Flame for purposes of fulfilling support roles such as healing and strengthening individuals. Appearance, Sun Flames possess a whitish core with layers of yellow enveloping it. Their most distinct characteristic are the small dot-shaped sparkles it beams, which are somewhat similar to small stars.
-Lightning flame: Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. The Solidification special trait of these Flames can be employed harden and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting as if sharp blades or electrocuting as if real electricity. Appearance, Lightning Flames have a center that is off-white green, and extremely sharp "spikes" of a dark neon green in color.
Weapon appearance: A pair of handguns and white fingerless gloves

Murai Name: Fuuenken (Japanese for Fireseal)
Murai Appearance: Fiery red hair, Dark red eyes.
Theme Song: Guilty Gear XX #Reload - The Midnight Carnival Intro Opening ( ... plpp_video)


Personality: He's care-free and laid-back kind of guy not giving a damn about anything that happens around him, he does what he want when he wants to, yet when in battle hes a bit more serious but still like to crack a few jokes. He is usually quiet and a loner but has no problems in being in a group, most people see him as "weak" and" scrawny guy", but dont judge a book by its cover; hes a very skilled martial artist and marksman, trained in several arts and has made some up in his travels.


Possession: Two rings with a small chain attaching them together,


Release Command: "Know arise! Kaen Ten'no! (Flame sealed Emperor)
Stage: 3


History: This will be added further in the story if that's not a problem :3

So begins...

Kroy Lockheart's Story


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Kroy was surprised when he saw the chains shoot out, "Do you aren't normal, than that mean I wont hold back." Kroy said as dazzling white flames(its not a special flame its just a normal flame with a temperature of 1,500 grades Celsius) ignited on his hands, and with a smirk in his face Kroy 'disappeared'(Fast movement with flame pro-pulsation) dodging the chain that was going to hit him; he reappeared 4 meters behind the the chain shrouded figure thinking that he should kill the hardest one first, he flicked his fingers and let out a super fast and thin stream of white flame to the shrouded figure when it got close enough it explodes into a huge blaze of white flames(For you people that have seen Full metal Alchemist just imagine Roy Mustangs flame alchemy). "Woah Kroy not so destructive you might hurt the bystanders." Fuuenken said, "Don't worry so much Fuuenken." Kroy said....


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Character Portrait: Kroy Lockheart Character Portrait: Shrouded Figures
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Kroy looked as the shrouded figure "Mocked" him, 'Watch out their baiting you.' Fuuenken said, a smirk came over Kroys face he extended his hand and what looked like a swallow made of blue flames created itself and flew upwards. Kroys gloves then lighted themselves in Storm flames a flame with a core that is of an ordinary red, an inner layer of a very pale, somewhat pink-like shade of red-white and outer edges of deep crimson, this is Kroys most offensive flame up until know. The swallow started to circle the area we are fighting, as what looked like raindrops fell(Rain flames in raindrop form) with the Rain flames tranquility factor. But being Kroys flames it did not affect him that much since he used to them fighting in his grassy hill with Fuuenken; Kroy dashed forward and stopped a few feet in front of the shrouded figure while crouched he quickly pointed his palm at the figure's torso(since hes crouched hes pointing upwards) let out a beam of Storm flames the size of his palm at the shrouded figure.