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"War is who we are. Just like war, we'll never end" - Van Mongro.

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a character in “Ascendancy: A Candle in the Dark”, as played by ROFLMAO FTW


Nation Name:

Nation Population:

Nation Size:

The government is based off Feudalism. Only on planet in the solar system has life and i holds hundreads of clans fighting control to be emperor. These feudal leaders in charge of the clans are called Warlords. They are in control of military, economic, and law with in the area of their own clan. The emperor how ever wile having no direct control ove every other clan has much weight on their words and the highest military power. Most disbutes are resolved with war and battle. Wile everyone can choice a job, all men from birth are trained as soilders so in a time of war all males can be recruited and will be skilled and fit for war.

Economic System:
Each clan has their own economic system, but it is more of a social system for most. The social system they use is pretty basic, tax for repairs, goverment jobs, and buildings. But each clan has heir own pricing, but all share the same currency.

Even though the nation is very seperated, they all share the same culture. They're all mostly war mongers. They belive the spirit,mind, and body can only be really tested with life and death situations. Wile decendends of mostly Norwegians and Japanese from earth they have a heavy love to death from battle and dragons. Most oftheir ideas of what gods look like take the apperance of dragons and that if they die in war as a killer of many enemys, they become a dragon god them selfs.

They are not only known for their ideas of war and tatics, but their festivals ad holidays. The most famus during a time of spring on their world comes the festival of love and peace. During a whole month they lay down all wars and weapons to enjoy life and peace opening their borders to all friendly people. But have their weapons close by to fight back invaders. And being one of the most loved holidays (or holimonths) the people wo't rest till the ruiners of this day is exintinc and their planets burning.

Because of their war monging style, things are sacerficed such as agroculture and architecture. Their buildings and productions of food are about five to eight hundread years behind, and their military forces are still behind but creative in weapons and armor. Even seperated through out the whole planet, when it comes to war among other nations, the whole planet will temperaly unite to "tet the metal" of these new foes.

The peoples taste in music does range from peaceful calming to heavy and powerul. But the most popular is earth music called "metal", "Hard Rock", and "Punk" which some people may sterotype them as "rebelias kids"

Wile a waring nation, they have never captured or controlled another planet with out the invaders attacking them first. To them beig attacked is a sign of testing. The other nation wants to test their skills in the art of war and will show them and try and proof they are true warriors.

Important Characters:

Rai Mongro - Young (around mid twentys) and new emperor after death of his father (Van Mongro) from war againts other clans, Rai is loyal to his nation and supports his peoples culture very much giving him lots of respect and love from his people. Wile still young he has a wife (Lee Mongro) and a daughter (Aimi Mongro), but no hairs yet to the throne. Wile oved by his people and many warlords, he's hated by many other nation. Ether it be through rumors and experance, Rai has shown much disrespect to other leaders insaulting them or taunting them.

Vik Yun - An older Warlord who is famus for his tatical skills in warfare, but is one of the most outspoken to the advancment of warfare. He claims that the nation should cut it self from the rest of the galaxy and just fight among clans, not planets.

Ima Tya - The first women to ever become a Warlord through war. Mix ideas of her are sent out as ether a destroyer of the old ways, or the improvment giving the idea of all adults becoming soilders, not just men. Wile having no husband or hair to the throne yet, idea runs around she will have a none family member take place after her.

Important Locations:
Tinto - The capital city and home of the current Emperor and Mongro clan. It is currently the largest and most military protected place on the planet full skyscrapers inside the city, and tanks and bunkers around it.

Lyn - Fort and city of the Yun Clan. Most of the city is military and even the residents are ether family members of soilders or soilders them self

Qua - Palace and base of the Tya clan. Wile still small and building, not much is here. No large military or large city scape. But is where a possible culture revalution will happen giving wemon for power and freedom to fight and be soilders.

Space Forces
The space forces of this nations is almost no existant. Majority of ships they have are stolen from older wars againts other planets by using the only ship they have "The Jack" and each clan has their own.

Space Vessels

Name: The Jack
Size: 8
Combat Role:troop carrier and border.
Defenses: The ship is 7 inch pure titanim
Weapons: The Ship has no direct weapons but has a pod launcher, A.K.A the Nail Gun. A weapon used to launch a pod with a titanam sharpen door that can fit six soilders armed and shot at to force it's way into enemy ships and open up on and each ship holds about two hundred pods
Engines: Because of it's shielding and heavy supplies, the ships move fairly slow outside of Hyper drive making it a sitting duck standing still to moving super slow compaired to other ships.
Other: Most ships hold around a thousand or so soilders

Ground Forces
All soilders are trained from early age of child hood to grow strong and fight. By the time they can talk, walk, and lift, they're trained. All clans have the same armor and only told apart by having their clan sign on them some where (choice of soilders). The armors apperance is white cloth, kind of baggy all around with a ski mask only showing the eyes section (With several small wholes to have air flow in there) as the head wear. The leg wear over lay most of the boot only showing the footing part. The armor is made of a two lair cloth. One on the outside and one on the inside for comfert. Two lairs of a dense hide from a local animal. And in between it all stll chain mail making this armor some what mild bullet proof. Or atleast enough to soften comming bullets. With this heavy set of amor all soilders must be physicaly fit jut in order to wear that and all the weapons and rations.

A very rare and very deadly unit they have is what they named the "Vikya" which in their tounge means the bringer of Doom, or "the Devil". Only the stongest of strong can become these people. On their back they carry two amo packs connected to two differant mini guns held in each hand. Once out of amo they have no chance to reload and must ditch the guns resorting to a hand gun. Slow but deadly, the Vikya is famus through the galaxy and maybe one of the infanty supporters out there.

With these powerful and skilled units the people of Ryuu feel they have no need for cars, jets, tanks, or any of that stuff, allowing all soilders to choice their weapon from all sorts. Wether it being a sniper rifle or an assault rifle, they will train and learn how to use it.

Ryuu was one of the first nations/planet to fight againts Earth. Even with little weapons and training to many of the people, just over whelming rage and war across the planet forced many of the people off planet only leaving warriors their lovers. Starting from scratch, it was a bloody age with no stable goverment. Fighting one another, only those of true leadership skills managed to maintane the spirits of the first warriors starting up clans and banners. But these leaders all challanged one another to proof their might. Still war across this planet, war will soon come across the whole galaxy with the warriors of Ryuu at the front lines.

So begins...

Ryuu's Story

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------------------Inside the Ryuu System (known to the IPF at this time as Omega-Bravo)-------------
Four long-range Strike Fighters and a small transport shuttle – carrying ten Sword soldiers – bearing the IPF emblem slowly make their way through the newly discovered Omega-Bravo System. Their commander – Lt. Bentley – led the small scout force in his personal fighter. His call-sign was Sabre. His deep voice boomed into his microphone, “This is Sabre, all craft, report in.”

(Private Rex) A high-pitched, somewhat timid-sounding voice said, “Ocelot, reporting in.”

(Sgt. Gendren) A gruff voice quickly said, “Tex, reporting in.”

(Corporal Tanner) A methodical, almost flat voice droned, “Longshot, reporting in.”

(Shuttle Captain Lang) A gravelly voice barked out, “Oxen, reporting in.”

Bentley brought up the shuttle on his comms unit. “Oxen. What are you getting on your scanner?”

Lang’s gravelly voice filled Bentley’s headphones. “I am picking up what looks like the outline of a planet… But I cannot get a good fix on anything specific on it. This radiation is causing my instruments to glitch. Shouldn’t our radiation shields be preventing this?”

Bentley responded, “No. Of all people, I thought you would know that the only reason our instruments work in Argus-Rho, is because-“

Rex cut in with her rapid-fire speech. “It’s-because-surrounding-Argus-Rho-is-a-permeable –radiation-barrier-that-absorbs-the-constant-radiation-bombardment-emanating-from-the-Aether-Curtain. Its-communications-hub-“

Gendren chimed in. “Rex. Slow down. You’re losing Lang.”

Rex could be audibly heard taking a deep breath. “I apologize. We have been cruising this space for awhile, and I was starting to grow tired. So I took two of my Wake Pills…”

Tanner cut in. “Two? You are only supposed to take one Rex. Two usually result in hyperactivity . But then again, I’m sure you realized that now.”

Rex sighed. “Oh. I forgot. I’m fresh from training Tanner. I’m still ‘learning the ropes’, as the Earth saying went…”

Lang simply slid on into the conversation. “Please, continue your explanation Rex. I was actually learning something on this scouting mission.”

Rex continued. “Yes sir. Well, the communications hub works only because it sits just outside the barrier, and is specifically tuned to the Aether Curtain’s radiation levels. That being the case, without the anti-radiation barrier surrounding Argus-Rho, not only would our ship instruments be severely crippled, the health of all troops there would also slowly deteriorate due to the radiation. The radiation levels we are facing now is miniscule compared to Argus-Rho.”

Bentley tried to get the conversation back on track. “Yes Rex, thank you for that explanation. I’m sure Lang learned something important today. Now, Lang, where is this planet?”

Lang pressed a few keys in his cockpit. On all of the Strike Fighters’ radars, a map appeared. It showed the large gas giant that was in front of them, and just behind it, the planet Lang had mentioned earlier. Bentley keyed the comms again. “All Call-Signs, set course for that planet. Keep weapons on, but uncharged.” The small squadron made its way for the planet, arriving in its vicinity within twenty minutes.

---------------------------On Board the Concord-----------------------------------------------------------------------
General Austin looked over his briefing that he had received from the Hierarchy not more than 2 hours ago. Intriguing…Seems I am the ambassador once again. This was not the first time Austin had been sent on a diplomatic mission, or to convey an important message. He was chosen for just that reason, or, at least, that is what the Hierarchy had told him. It didn’t matter to him. He was to deliver a message, and that is exactly what he would do. The navigator of the Concord walked up to Austin, giving a small bow. “General Austin. We are approaching the Soldaria System. Coordinates for Elysia are set. Shall we engage metric?”

General Austin paused…It would be unwise to do that... “Not yet. Stay on the fringe of the system. We don’t want to come in unannounced do we? Send out a comm buoy to Elysia. Make sure to have it broadcast that no weapons of any kind are hidden on it. Have it relay this message.” He cleared his throat, and pressed a button on his command console. In red letters, it read; REC:ON

“This is General Austin, of the IPF military force. I have been sent to relay a message in person to the United Coalition of Oriens, from the Chosen Ones themselves, regarding an important issue pertaining to the IPF. If it is permissible, I request that my frigate, the Concord, be allowed to land on the planet of Elysia. My frigate is armed, however, I will power down all weaponry,(the crew visibly tensed at this) and our shield systems as well, if my presence is allowed. Please, respond as soon as possible by communications probe, or shuttle. That is all.” He pressed the button again, and the audio stopped recording.

The Captain of the Concord ran up to him immediately. “General Austin. Will all due respect, is it not somewhat irrational to go into UCO space completely disarmed? What if they should choose to attack us? It makes no sense to me.”

General Austin put his hand on the Captain’s shoulder. “Captain. My actions are most rational actually. If we went in with weapons online, the UCO might consider it as a move for a sneak attack on Elysia once we land. That would start a completely unnecessary conflict with the UCO, which is not the Chosen Ones’ intention. Now, let me do the talking, and we will emerge from these talks unscathed Captain.” Austin motioned the captain away, and stood, looking out from afar into the invisible barrier marking the beginning of UCO space. He saw the small comms probe launch itself into space, and heard its message begin to broadcast. Now, we wait.

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-------------------------------Near the Mayug Clan------------------------------------------------------------------
Lang had just brought up a detailed map of the area, when weaponsfire erupted all around them. Three Sword soldiers immediately fell to the ground as the ballistic rounds overwhelmed their suits’ armor. Gendren took a round straight to the head, and he fell as well. Tanner took a burst to his shoulder and fell to the ground, on his knees. Lang, a bear of a man, quickly helped Tanner up and dragged him behind the shuttle.

Bentley quickly took control of the situation. He quickly motioned Rex and Tanner closer. Due to the combat situation, Bentley reverted to code names. He spoke in a rushed whisper. “Ocelot, Longshot, take your fighters, and get out of here. Someone needs to get back to command and get them to send an emissary to negotiate peace with them. Or, if need be, a strike force. Oxen, take Tex’s fighter… He won’t be needing it anymore. You’ll be with me. We’ll fly out past that ridge to our west, at the end of the canyon. Hopefully, we can discourage these natives from following Ocelot and Longshot. We just need to hold out until The Hierarchy sends reinforcements, or we can establish some sort of cease-fire with these natives.” All of them nodded to one another. Sabre placed his right fist over his heart. “May you succeed..” The rest of them copied the gesture. Then they all said, “…Or find peace in death.”

Ocelot and Longshot immediately ran for their fighters. Longshot jumped into his and closed the canopy just in time to avoid a burst from the natives. Ocelot wasn’t so lucky. As she jumped into her fighter, she took two rounds; one in her left shoulder, and one in her lower-left abdominal area. She quickly fired off in her comm unit once the canopy was sealed. “I’m fine. Just a… A minor hit…” She hit the thrusters. Ocelot and Longshot quickly launched out of the canyon… But not before Ocelot’s fighter took a heavy burst to one of its engines. She stayed in the air, but her fighter was trailing smoke and limping its way out of atmosphere, slowly trailing behind Longshot.

Sabre and Oxen jumped into their respective fighters without incident. As the rest of 1st Recon started to leave, Sword opened fire on the hostile natives with their AR-556 rifles from behind Lang's shuttle. They fired in a methodical motion, two starting from the left and moving right, two from right to left, and one –equipped with a HAR-347 Heavy Rifle—firing down the middle of the native force. They wouldn’t be escaping this volley. One Sword trooper –Before taking a round straight through his upper chest area—fired a missile at the ground underneath the Natives’ feet, attempting to literally “pull the rug” from under them. As he lay on the ground, he saluted Lang and Bentley. He gasped into his comms. “We will hold the line Lieutenant. Complete your directive. I will find peace… in… death..” He laid still. The other Sword troopers murmured assent into their mikes as Lang and Bentley launched off towards the nearby ridge.

--------------------------------------Just outside Ryuu’s atmosphere-----------------------------------------------
Ocelot and Longshot made it out of Ryuu’s atmosphere without further incident… But Ocelot’s damage finally came back to haunt her. Her engines cut out, and she began to drift away from the planet. Longshot immediately keyed her up on the comms. “Hold on Rex. I’ll get you out of-“ She cut him off. “No, Tanner, get out of here. Follow Bentley’s directive. I have supplies in here to last me a while… It doesn’t make any sense for you to risk your life for me. Now get out of here. NOW!” Tanner hit his boosters, and sped off, towards the waiting Hierarch outside of the system. Rex simply drifted. Was hoping I’d get to test my skills on this mission…Just not on the ground. She blacked out.

-----------------------------------------McMillan Military Base: Elysia----------------------------------------------
General Austin carefully watched Bryant approach him, accompanied by what looked to be very disciplined soldiers. Perhaps Special Forces? Austin reasoned it would not be wise to ask. He looked at Bryant’s hand as he extended it in greeting. Among the IPF, handshakes were only used in the Arena, during the War Games, as a sort of “promise” to fight fairly. Austin reasoned that it would be inappropriate to deny this gesture though, she he took Bryant’s hand in his own and shook it. “Thank you for allowing me to come onto your planet General Bryant. As you already know, I am General Austin. The message I bring may not be what you expect… But please, let us go somewhere we can discuss this, away from prying ears.”