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The Interplanetary Peace Federation [IPF]

"We feel no anger. We feel no joy. We feel no loss. We feel. . . nothing. We, are pure. And we must spread this purity, throughout a galaxy that only knows the chaos of emotion."

0 · 268 views · located in Orion Arm, Milky War Galaxy

a character in “Ascendancy: A Candle in the Dark”, as played by Mr. Carmel


Nation Name:
The Interplanetary Peace Federation (IPF)

Nation Population:
Roughly 340,000,000

Nation Size:
The Interplanetary Peace Federation controls 8 Solar Systems

The government of the IPF consists of a Pyramid set-up, the top having the most power, the bottom having the least. Each level, besides the lowest one, consists of a select group of individuals, and as such, is easily referenced to by the standard citizen. (1=top, 5=bottom)

1. The Chosen Ones: A group of five individuals, descendants of those who originally came up with the concept of the IPF.
Role: Governmental leadership, and over-watch of the other four levels below it. Determines all "Doctrines" that all of the Citizenry must live by. Also has the final say on whether or not to expand the IPF.

2. The Hierarchy: Forty-five high ranking and talented military officials
Role: Military leadership. Oversees all efforts on colonization of new worlds, and if need be, the defense of already colonized worlds of the IPF or their allies.
Special Note: For every new system brought into the IPF, five new officials are added to the Hierarchy, stationed on the capital planet of each new system.

3. The Intellectuals: Fifty-six of the greatest minds (aside from the Chosen Ones) in the IPF
Role: Scientific leadership. Oversees development of new technologies, and enhancement of pre-existing technology. Also personally oversees geological surveys of new planets.
Special Note: For every new system brought into the IPF's control, seven new "intellectuals" are added to this group, stationed on the capital planet of each new system

4. The Management: Eighty well-respected economic geniuses
Role: Economic management of all IPF territory. Also control the entertainment industry as well.
Special Note: For every new system added to the IPF's sphere of control, ten more economic geniuses are added to the Management, stationed on the capital planet of each new system.

5. The Citizenry: Every other person in the IPF
Role: Labor force. Military force. Everything, and anything the IPF needs them to do.

Economic System:
The economy of the IPF is effectively Socialist; everything made is available to everyone. Everyone works. An individual in the Citizenry is assigned a job from the age of 18, based on IQ tests, aptitude tests, and logical ability that is inspected throughout their educational period of life. The job that is assigned to that individual is then their job for life.

The IPF values above all else, intellect and logical prowess. Their existence essentially revolves around continually progressing in those areas, and the most intelligent, and logical people are often held in high regard. A key aspect of the IPF that places them in a unique place in the Galaxy is this; everyone in the IPF has effectively been neutered from their emotions. This being the case, most physical gestures that used to have an emotional connection are now gone. Due to the emotional factor of the IPF being removed, the "happiness" of the Citizenry, is hard to measure, because happiness is no longer "in their vocabulary" so to speak. What drives them is a matter of whether or not the Chosen Ones are leading them on a logical and intelligent path towards survival. Of this, all polled (on a bi-yearly basis) agree that the Chosen Ones are leading the Citizenry down the right path.

In terms of "entertainment", the IPF truly has none. Rather, anything done that isn't work, sleeping, eating, drinking, or other standard actions connected with day-to-day living, is spent exercising the intellectual, logical, and physical abilities of the Citizenry. The most exceptional in these areas are put on display in large arenas, to showcase their abilities, and provide a concrete point for which other citizens can strive for. Among these "exercises", there three that have proven to be exceptional at provoking growth in the abilities of the Citizenry. Chess, in huge holographic form, is one that most of the Citizenry prefers to use, for its challenge, social aspect, and its connection to Earth. Second to that is another exercise known as Sudoku, however it is mostly done on an individual scale. And the third one, are the War Games; in random arenas, those that choose to participate are pitted against one another in a combat simulator. This one is often seen as crude by many, but there is still respect given to those that excel in this exercise.

Although the IPF spawned from a colony that no longer has ties back to Earth, the people of the IPF feel it is necessary to remember where they all truly came from. Historical texts still include the history of Earth, although not as expansively as someone living on Earth would receive. Throughout IPF culture are little nods to Earth, be it the naming of certain systems, or of technologies. The IPF considers it very minute, but any outsiders looking in, see it as a means of acknowledging a home they might actually miss. If they could miss it.

While there is no emotion in the hearts of the Citizenry, all are fanatically devoted to the IPF, and its cause. All will gladly live, fight, and die to push its cause forward. Unification of the Orion-Cygnus arm, and emotional cleansing of its inhabitants.

Important Characters:
Chosen Ones’ Descendants
Alyana Sederis: Unofficial Spokesperson for The Chosen Ones
Juan Sandoval: Unofficial leader of The Chosen Ones
John Franks: Usually focuses on the affairs of The Hierarchy
Lilith Varner: Usually focuses on the affairs of The Intellectuals
Zhotomir Varner: Usually focuses on the affairs of The Management

Important Locations:

The Forgotten Zone:
This zone is dominated by large asteroid belts throughout the three systems inside of it; Hyperion, Argus, and Epsilon. The Aether Curtain surrounding it --a blanket of heavy radiation-- prevents long-range scanners from peering inside of it, and standard FTL transit from operating correctly inside of it. The IPF officially declared the Aether Curtain off-limits to any and all other nations, and their ships. Any nation defying that order will have their ship immediately shot down. Little is known about the area inside the Aether Curtain, besides that it is the center of Research and Development of the most advanced technologies in the IPF, and home to their top-secret weapon. Specifics about this weapon are however, unknown. It’s rumored that a sizeable fleet is anchored there, but there is no concrete evidence to support this.

The Trifecta:
The name given to the three primary IPF systems – Cypher, Omega-Zeta, and Argus-Rho – that surround The Forgotten Zone. The name derives from their triangular formation around the Aether Curtain. These three systems comprise the bulk of the population of the IPF, and of its production capability.

Omega-Zeta System:
Home to New Eden, the largest and most populous world under the control of the IPF, which is home to roughly 200,000,000 people. New Eden is orbited by three moons, which (they will never admit to visiting nations) are equipped with large Mass Drivers, which are used to defend New Eden from attack. They also boast heavy AA defenses, but have little ground defenses, due to the rather inhospitable atmosphere on the moons serving as a ground invasion deterrent. New Eden itself is protected by a large kinetic barrier, the most advanced of its kind. It is powered by three generators on the surface of New Eden, one of which is located in the capital, The Pyramid. The Sovereign, when not sent out on missions, is stationed here. New Eden essentially serves as the primary seat of government for the IPF.

Cypher System:
Home to roughly 40,000,000 individuals, all spread out across four different planets, Alpha, Beta, Cera, and Delta. This system is where the mineral resources of the IPF are usually mined, although their mining operations have spread to The Rim now, as more, new planets become available to the IPF. Alpha and Beta serve as the main mining areas, Cera as a processing point, and Delta as the “Control” area, directing supplies where they are needed. Delta is the capital of this system.

Argus-Rho System:
Home to roughly 60,000,000 individuals, and a major military strong point of the IPF military. Half of the IPF military (supposedly) is stationed here, and it serves as a major refueling port, maintenance area, and command center. The IPF fleet, when not under combat operation or escort duty, rests here. There are no habitable planets here, but the various rocks orbiting its sun serve as anchor points. The Argus-Rho system lies closer to the Aether Curtain than any other system under IPF control, severely limiting sensor readings into it, and sensor output out, due to radiation output. The IPF military has tuned its communications systems to benefit from this radiation, allowing limited communication to New Eden when needed, although messages take quite some time to get from one point to another (roughly 4 hours). The “Capital” of this system is The Requiem, a very large and fortified space station.

The Rim:
Comprised of five systems that the IPF has taken control of from other “weaker” nations over its 495 year existence. These systems serve as “buffers”; mobile strong points invading armies have to pass through in order to gain access to The Trifecta. The systems form a sort of circular formation around The Trifecta, providing good defense to the IPF’s core systems. The systems, in order of attainment (named after important individuals of the IPF during their acquisition); T’Soni, Raines, Varkas, Turona, and Lynx.

T’Soni System:
Named after the scientist that first charted it, this was the first system the IPF officially took over from another “nation” from Earth. It has rich mineral resources, along with the materials needed to make the Mass Shredder missiles that the Sovereign is known for.
Capital Planet: Ecko
Est. Pop. : Roughly 5,000,000

Raines System:
Named after the general that led the defense against this systems previous owners, this system was the second to be attained by the IPF. It has many habitable planets, however, the majority of them are water-based worlds. The previous occupants focused on occupying the small land masses on these planets, but the IPF saw potential in the calm seas of these planets. The three planets the IPF has colonized here – the capital: Atlantis, Sahara, and Uganda – have a total population of roughly 10,000,000 people, they are almost exclusively located underwater, in sprawling bio-domes constructed over the past 200 years. These colonies focus on mining the rich inner areas of these planets, but it is an endeavor that is proving, at this time, difficult.

Varkas System:
Named for the Cheiftain of Signus-Five (the capital of this system) that willingly gave himself and his people over to the IPF for conversion. Due to the surrender of its inhabitants, the cities on the planets in this system were untouched by war. Seeing an opportunity, The Management seized control of this planet, and put it to use in a way that was revolutionary to the IPF and its income; pure entertainment of all forms. Signus-Five, and the other Signus planets in the system are essentially the Las Vegas of the galaxy at this time, drawing heavy traffic from many other small nations that are oblivious to the IPF’s methods, and bringing in a sizeable source of income. Pop. : Roughly 7,500,000

Turona System:
Named for the ship that sacrificed itself to defeat the previous stronger nation’s Dreadnought attack craft. This system serves as a forward base for the IPF’s military, and while it isn’t as heavily fortified as Argus-Rho, it is still a force to be reckoned with in any form. Stationed on the opposite end of IPF space of Argus-Rho, it provides a quicker reaction time to threats sometimes than Argus-Rho can. The capital planet, Valkyria, is a desert world, and water must be drawn from under the planet’s crust to sustain the military force there. Defenses on the planet are heavily focused towards a ground attack, as the asteroid fields throughout the Turona system make any naval attack fairly foolish, and illogical. Pop: Roughly 18,000,000

Lynx System:
Named for the “turncoat” that gave the IPF a back door into the system, from which they could attack the colony of Andarra. Lynx serves as an population center for those that have yet to be “purified”. It has a rather beautiful capital planet, known as Andarra, filled with luscious forests, and large oceans. It is here those in line to be purified are now sent to enjoy their last days of “emotional chaos” before they are fully inducted into the IPF. It is heavily defended from space, and ground attacks, as those that know its purpose, often target it for attack. Pop. : Roughly 500,000

Space Forces:
The IPF is heavily specialized in space combat, simply due to the fact that it focuses on intelligence as a way of life, which has allowed it create very powerful technology for its navy. All of the IPF’s naval ships are among some of the finest in the Milky Way, and they are continuously being improved by The Intellectuals as new developments are made. A defining factor of the IPF fleet is its extreme durability, coupled with above average firepower. Some ship names are taken from the past colonies, from which the IPF and its philosophy spawned.

Standard issue for all naval ships of the IPF include:
1. Shielding (Weakest: Hyperion  Argus  Titan  Colossus [Strongest])
2. Rail-Gun [AKA Mass Driver] (Barrel runs down a certain portion of the ship. The longer the ship, the farther, and faster a round can be launched. Due to positioning of the cannon, the ship must have its bow aimed directly at the enemy. Rounds are explosive)

Three classes of ships. Frigate (Size 3), Cruiser (Size 5), Battleship (Size 7)
--Frigates serve as fast attack ships, and also as the main means of transporting ground troops and vehicles to different locations
--Cruisers serve as faster battleships, taking hits standard frigates can’t, but also providing good speed. One serves as a heavy mobile strike fighter base. Cruisers also double as quick escort ships, when a Battleship would be too slow to fit the timetable.
--Battleships serve as strictly ship-to-ship fighters, but also dabbling in escort for very dangerous regions. Usually also considered the command ship for a given fleet.
---Due to the size of the ships in the IPF Navy, most of them have lower speeds than most other ships of similar class
----Number of each class in the IPF fleet:
----Frigate X 10
----Cruiser X 5
----Battleship X 2
--Standard Combat Fleet Formation of the IPF is: 1 Battleship, 2-3 Cruisers, and 5 Frigates

Space Vessels

Name: Sovereign
Size: 10 (1.2 KM L, 600M W)
Combat Role: Flagship (used exclusively for planet attacks/defense, and requires a large amount of committed resources to use)
• 7m thick outer layer of mixed Iridium/Titanium armor
• 3m thick layer of specially crafted reactive Platinum armor, meant to absorb kinetic energy of hostile weaponry, mitigating damage to superstructure of the Sovereign
• Colossus-Class Shielding
• 8 Heavy Laser cannons and 4 Heavy Particle Cannons
• 6 Heavy Plasma cannons
o Short range, but when target is in range, they can do catastrophic damage to most armors
• 10 standard Hail-Fire Missile Launchers [4 X missiles per launcher] (Hail-Fire missiles have four smaller missiles that split off from the primary missile either 3 seconds after launch, or after reaching 30% of the distance to the locked target. Secondary missiles are tracked to the same target as the primary missile, and usually are weaker)
o Due to the size of these missiles before deployment of the secondaries, they move at about 6/8 speed of standard missiles
 Following launch of the secondary missiles, the primary moves at standard speed, while the secondaries move at about 1.25X standard speed
o Carries enough to reload these launchers two times
• 2 Spinal mounted Mass-Drivers (run ¾ of the ship, making them able to accelerate a non-explosive round with enough speed in space to impact with the force of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in WWII of Earth) = 88 TeraJoules
o Cool-down between each shot; 1 minute seconds for one, 2 minutes 30 seconds if both cannons are fired in quick succession
o Each shot will usually push back the Sovereign at 15 Gs for 1 second
o Every shot requires a 6 second charge up period and sounds an alarm on board to prepare for its firing
• 40 Short-Range Sustained Laser Cannons (useful against ships. Against fighters, they serve as an excellent defense to torpedoes and the fighters themselves)
o Overheat: 3 seconds
o Cool-Down: 9 seconds
• 80 Rapid-Fire Particle cannons
• 10 Hail-Fire Missile Launchers loaded with mass altering generators. (Shifts the mass of impacted targets in such a way that shreds the targeted area)
o Only carries enough to load these launchers once, due to the volatile nature of this weapon
• 1 Anti-Matter Nuclear Missile Launch port
-Epsilon Class Anti-Matter engine
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 1.5 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 25 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 10 Gs for short maneuvers, 3.5 standard turns
Other Notes:
5 Wings of Strike Craft
60 Shuttles

Name: Matriarch
Size: 7 (700M L, 350M W)
Combat Role: Battleship/Heavy Escort
• 5 m thick outer layer of Titanium/Iridium mix
• 1.5 m thick inner layer of specially crafted reactive Platinum armor
• Titan Class Shielding
• 8 Heavy Laser cannons
• 1 Plasma Cannon
• 8 Standard Hail-Fire Missile Launchers
• 1 Spinal-Mounted Mass-Driver
o Force of Impact in space: 55 TJ
o Cool-Down: 15 seconds
o Kickback: 7 Gs
o Charge-Up: 1.5 seconds
• 20 Short-Range Sustained Laser Cannons
o Overheat: 2 Seconds
• 50 Rapid Fire Particle Cannons
-Halberd Class Engine (Anti-Matter =AM)
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 3 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 34 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 14 Gs for short maneuvers, 3.7 standard turns
Other Notes:
2 Wings of Strike Craft
20 Shuttles

Name: Patriarch
Size: 8 (800M L, 400M W)
Combat Role: Battleship
• 6 m thick outer layer of Titanium/Iridium mix
• 2 m thick inner layer of specially crafted reactive Platinum armor
• Titan Class Shielding
• 10 Heavy Laser cannons
• 2 Plasma Cannons
• 10 Standard Hail-Fire Missile Launchers
• 1 Spinal-Mounted Mass-Driver
o Force of Impact in space: 65 TJ
o Cool-Down: 20 seconds
o Kickback: 8 Gs
o Charge-Up: 2 seconds
• 30 Short-Range Sustained Laser Cannons
o Overheat: 2 Seconds
• 60 Rapid Fire Particle Cannons
• 2 Nuclear Missile Launch Ports
-Halberd Class Engine AM
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 2.3 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 30 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 12 Gs for short maneuvers, 3.4 standard turns
Other Notes:
2 Wings of Strike Craft
No Shuttles

Name: Hierarch
Size: 6 (300M L, 600M W)
Combat Role: Mobile Strike Fighter/Bomber Base (Cruiser class)
• 5.5 m thick outer layer of Titanium/Iridium mix
• 1.25 m thick inner layer of specially crafted reactive Platinum armor
• Titan Class Shielding
• 2 Plasma Cannons
• 50 Short-Range Sustained Laser Cannons
o Overheat: 4 Seconds
• 50 Short-Range Rapid-Fire Particle Cannons
-Halberd Class Engine AM
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 3.2 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 32 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 10 Gs for short maneuvers, 3 standard turns
Other Notes:
20 Wings of Strike Craft
10 Wings of Strike Bombers (Equipped with disruptor bombs, miniature mass shredder bombs, similar to those used by the Sovereign’s mass altering Hail-Fire Missiles)
5 Shuttles

All other Cruisers (Named after famous individuals from Old Earth)
Names: Michael-Angelo, Einstein, Stalin, Lincoln
Size: 5 (400M L, 200M W)
Combat Role: Assault, Escort (Cruiser Class)
• 4 m thick outer layer of Titanium/Iridium mix
• 1 m thick inner layer of specially crafted reactive Platinum armor
• Argus Class Shielding
• 4 Heavy Laser cannons
• 2 Ion Cannons
• 1 Spinal-Mounted Mass-Driver
o Force of Impact in space: 30 TJ
o Cool-Down: 10 seconds
o Kickback: 6 Gs
o Charge-Up: 2 seconds
• 30 Short-Range Sustained Laser Cannons
o Overheat: 2 Seconds
• 30 Rapid Fire Particle Cannons
-Scimitar Class Engine AM
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 4 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 40 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 15 Gs for short maneuvers, 4 standard turns
Other Notes:
1 Wing of Strike Craft
5 Shuttles

All Frigates (Named after cities on Old Earth)
Names: Albany, Jackson, Aurora, Irving, Sitka, Kingston, Concord, Chester, Atlanta, Shelby
Size: 3 (200M L, 100M W)
Combat Role: Light Assault/Transport
• 3 m thick outer layer of Titanium/Iridium mix
• .5 m thick inner layer of specially crafted reactive Platinum armor
• Hyperion Class Shielding
• 2 Heavy Laser cannons
• 1 Plasma Cannon
• 1 Ion Cannon
• 1 Spinal-Mounted Mass-Driver
o Force of Impact in space: 15 TJ
o Cool-Down: 10 seconds
o Kickback: 6 Gs
o Charge-Up: 2 seconds
• 15 Short-Range Sustained Laser Cannons
o Overheat: 2 Seconds
• 25 Rapid Fire Particle Cannons
• 20 Ballistic Cannons (Detonate a set distance from target, spreading not only multiple miniature projectiles in a shotgun spread pattern, but also sending out miniature shockwaves that behave similar to mass shredders) [Basically flak guns usable in space)
-Rapier Class Engine AM
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 4.5 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 50 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 20 Gs for short maneuvers, 4 standard turns
Other Notes:
No Strike Craft
No Shuttles
Capable of transporting 200 Troops, with full kits, and with 30 Tanks
Ore storage = 50,000 any type

There are also roughly twenty strictly transport ships (for goods and such, however they are not suitable to transport and sort of troops or vehicles), but they don’t rate names; they are known by their number and letter:
Names: 1A, 2B, 3C, 4D, 5E, 6F, 7G, 8H 9I, 10J, 11K, 12L, 13M, 14N, 15O, 16P, 17Q, 18R, 19S, 20T
Size: 4 (300M L 150M W)
Combat Role: N/A (Non-Combat ship)
• 4m thick outer layer of Titanium/Iridium mix
• .25m thick inner layer of specially crafter reactive Platinum armor
• Hyperion Class Shielding
Weapons: N/A
-Rapier Class Engine AM
--Max Thrust (Safe) = 4.5 Gs
--Max Thrust (Overall) = 50 Gs
--Turning Thrust used = 20 Gs for short maneuvers, 4 standard turns
Other Notes:
No Strike Craft
No Shuttles
Weight storage if any ores and/or goods: 200,000 Kgs

Ground Forces
Almost every member of the Citizenry that is age 21 and up undergoes military training to a certain extent that places them at least among the ranks of an “average fighter”. These citizens turned soldiers make up a good portion of the IPF’s military. This also provides the IPF with a civilian population capable of resisting invading forces by itself if need be, leaving unguarded worlds at least somewhat protected.

The official IPF military consists of 15% of The Citizenry at any given time, that percentage going up to 25% during war times. That percentage hasn’t been seen since the IPF took part in the Unification War, under the leadership of the original Chosen Ones.

The branches of the IPF military include;
The Shield: In charge of defense of IPF controlled territories, and of its allies
The Sword: In charge of attacking enemy territories, or hostile indigenous species of targeted planets for colonization. Also heads the primary force during any large scale conflict against other nations.
The Lance: The vehicle corps of the IPF, consisting of tanks, troop transports, and artillery units, and the like.
The Dagger: The IPF’s Special Forces. Only the Hierarchy truly knows of its existence, and anyone else who does knows very little, aside from its purpose; elimination of key individuals/groups that are enemies, or soon to be enemies of the IPF. With extreme prejudice.

All of these branches are identified by their armor, and weaponry. Weapons are inter-changeable, but each branch tends to stick with its own weapon. Heavy weapons are available as well to all branches, though image data on these weapons aren’t available to public servers, like the one you are using to view this. Dagger is only shown due to you holding appropriate rank for those files.

Shield Uniform (armor): ... _views.png

Standard issue Shield weapon (laser based):

Sword Uniform (armor) and weapon (Ballistic):

Lance Uniform (armor):

Standard issue Lance weapon (ballistic):

Dagger Uniform (armor):

Standard Issue Dagger weapon (Plasma/Laser hybrid):

Vehicles in the IPF are not that common, due to their high cost of production. The vehicles that are in service have one thing in their favor; firepower, and adaptability. Due to the mountainous terrain of most of the IPF’s planets, their vehicles have adapted to match the need for increased mobility. Thus, the Walkers.

The Scorpion main tank, with a rear mounted heavy laser cannon, and two coaxial ballistic weapons mounted on the sides, is the standard fighting vehicle on most other planets, and by far, one that is the closest to appearing “normal”. Its size can be compared to an Old Earth Abrams Tank.

The Locust Walker ( is a scout walker by nature, able to traverse terrain treaded vehicles cannot. It is actually not that much larger than the Scorpion, only larger in terms of height (25 Feet). It can move at fairly high speeds for a Walker class vehicle, but it sacrifices armament and some armor to do so. It is equipped with one Heavy Laser Cannon, and a top mounted ballistic weapon, giving it a light anti-armor, and anti-infantry role.
For defensive purposes, the Mantis Walker ( is a better option that the heavier and less maneuverable Ares and Goliath Walkers. Its four legged design allows it to cross very adverse terrain. It has rather thick armor, and its legs are less vulnerable than other Walker classes. The legs themselves can be brought together (two on any one side) to provide additional defense to the main canopy in the center. It is equipped with two heavy Particle cannons, making it a good long-range, and medium range fighter. Size varies based on leg extension, but most of the time, it is at least 1.5X the size of a Locust, at max, 2X. It is unquestionably shorter, giving it less of a target profile when other, more intimidating units are nearby.

If the IPF truly has a heavy battle tank, the Ares Class walker ( is it. At a height of 70 feet, it is an intimidating sight on the battlefield. Its armor shrugs off major blows, while its 2 heavy particle cannons, 2 heavy laser cannons, and 2 heavy ballistic weapons deal out some major pain. Due to the size of its weapons, they are capable of dealing “quite a lot of carnage”, as stated by an Andarran, before he was assimilated into the IPF. The weapons generate a copious amount of heat with use, but the fact that they are so powerful, makes repeated use rather unneeded. Its one flaw is its large weight, and large cost of production. Its weight makes it unadvised to physically charge other large vehicles, because if they manage to hit the Ares hard enough, its weight could cause it to simply fall over. Its high production cost makes the deployment of these monsters very costly. When they are deployed, it’s a sign the IPF really wants control of the area.

The IPF has two artillery oriented units:
The Goliath ( Focuses on bombardment from heavy particle cannons to punish enemy vehicle units from long range. Its large bulk negates much of the recoil from firing its six Heavy Particle Cannons. Its thick armor also allows it to receive punishment from enemy artillery as well, possibly giving it enough time to retaliate. At point blank range though, it simply cannot bring its weapons onto target fast enough to defend itself. Therefore, it relies on other, faster units to defend itself.

The Hornet ( This nimble weapons platform is used either in the very rear lines, or on the front lines. Its main use is to pummel the enemy with repeated missile strikes, which aren’t all that powerful, but leave a lasting impression on infantry units due to their concussive nature. The Hornet is almost as nimble as the Locust, but still lacks a bit in speed. Its top mounted, rapid-fire Particle cannons serve an exclusive AA role, allowing it to keep the skies in the vicinity clear. Should the ordinance from passing bombers be dropped, the Hornet’s systems can fairly accurately predict their trajectory, and send missiles from its upper bays to intercept it. It doesn’t always work, but it is better than having no defense. Its anti-vehicle weaponry is rather limited, only having a light laser cannon, and two more on either side of its missile arms. Its legs are also fairly vulnerable, giving it the name “chicken walker” by some that have seen it in action. However, its maneuverability gives it some room to evade attacks to its vulnerable joints.

[Information taken from IPF Archives, and paraphrased by an Andarran spy before his capture. Disseminated through use of a probe running on solar energy floating through various systems]

There is a zone, at the center of IPF controlled space, spanning three whole systems, known as “The Forgotten Zone”, separated by the heavy radiation of the Aether curtain... This is where the IPF’s history begins.

The three systems in question, Hyperion, Epsilon, and Argus, were colonized in the year 2152 by a group of three colony ships that happened to meet each-other in-transit to said systems. These ships were the ‘Patriarch’, ‘Matriarch’, and the ‘Hierarch’. The ships had a combined population of roughly 25,000 individuals, and they all knew they couldn’t congregate on one world. So, they split into each of the three systems, the Hierarch taking the Argus system – settling on the planet named Eden –, the Matriarch taking Hyperion – settling the planet they called A.E. (After Earth) –, and the Patriarch taking Epsilon – settling on the planet they called Fate. These systems were all driven by a capitalist society, with a democratically elected government. They all emulated the Old Earth United States, with fairly few differences between them, aside from their different locations. They named themselves the H.E.A. Alliance, named for their home systems.

For roughly 150 years, these systems co-existed in (if not always kind) a respectful manner, trading with one another, and defending from the occasional raider attack that would happen every year or so. They helped support one another, and after this long period of time (150 years roughly) eventually even managed to create battleships to help defend their planets. Each of the colonies had a battleship. They were used to intimidate incoming raiders, usually not even having to fire a shot. Following the creation of these battleships, named after their parent colony, these colonies experienced an era lasting 50 years of unparalleled peace, and safety from attack. They were able to focus on expanding their economies and their technologies as well…which is what led to their downfall.

As the colonies expanded their economies and their technology, what many consider capitalism’s greatest strength came to haunt it; competition. Each colony eventually tried to gain an economic foothold over the others, trying to gain a monopoly of Old Earth standards, and dominate the economy. After a brief meeting between the leaders of each colony, this actually seemed like a good idea; with combined economies, the H.E.A. Alliance could become an actual powerful economic force in the sector, possibly trading with other fledgling nations. In the back of every leader’s mind though, they only wanted to further their nation’s own well-being, at the expense of the other two. Greed would consume the first leader, a general from the Hierarch, within his first ten years. After an Inquisition by the other leaders, he would be found guilty of siphoning extra funds from the profit made dealing with other nations, such as the early UCO. The second leader, a former scientist from the Matriarch, would be found guilty of similar siphoning of funds, but in less than two years. The third and final leader of this new economically centralized nation, would be the Captain of the Patriarch. He would reign for more than ten years, and not be convicted of any economic crimes.

However, The Intellectual, as he was called by those under his leadership, while extremely intelligent and resourceful, was not without his faults. They just never made it to the limelight. Through the passing of several laws in the first ten years of his reign, he quietly, but effectively neutered the other colony leaders of their power, and solidified himself as the permanent leader of the H.E.A. Through even more laws in the later 15 years, and bills that passed, he slowly but surely decreased the flow of funds into the other two colonies, while increasing the flow to the Patriarch. He even took it a step further, increasing the flow to himself as well. The other colonies began to grow jealous of the Patriarch’s exponential growth, as their own colonies began to actually weaken. This jealousy turned into anger, and instead of rationally trying to remove The Intellectual from power, they used force against him, and the people of the Patriarch. Thus began, The Conflict.

230 years after first landing, the colonies of the Matriarch and Hierarch declared war on the Patriarch and the Intellectual. The war dragged on for five years, with the Patriarch holding firm against the onslaught of the two weaker colonies. Both sides still took heavy losses, and the people of the colonies began to grow weary of fighting. However, due to a stubborn sense of pride that prevented them from giving up, the colonies continued fighting, draining resources, and scarring the planets surrounding their colonies with the use of anti-matter and thermo-nuclear weaponry. Resources began to get stretched to their breaking points in the following five years. The colonies began peace talks, more so out of necessity. However, the Intellectual would not appease the other colonies, and in a last ditch attempt to try and obtain complete power, he decided to wipe out the major centers of the other colonies. He launched several anti-matter and thermonuclear warheads at the other colonies, aiming to take out their leadership. They responded in kind, and the resulting damage effectively destroyed the colonies’ infrastructure, economy, and power. The Conflict had officially ended.

Year 240: The Conflict was officially over, but the time of The Vengeful came in full force afterwards. Although the major leadership of the colonies were wiped out, along with key industrial centers, there was still a sizable portion of the population in each colony still remaining, albeit a very battered and unorganized portion. IPF historians roughly estimate that 30% of the original colonists survived the anti-matter and thermonuclear weapons. These survivors – even those that were once allies – held an intense rage towards the other colonies, mainly due to a misguided belief that the other colonies – not their own of course – were the cause of The Conflict, and the ensuing nuclear fire. The majority of these survivors used whatever materials were at hand, and spent the next 15 years creating new ships of war (mostly frigate class). The Vengeful, as they are referenced in IPF historical texts, even managed to recover the original battleships used to defend the colonies, which they then began to retrofit to the need for ships of war, not defense. The minority (roughly 25% of survivors) preferred peace over war, and retreated to untouched areas of the planets they were on, to seek shelter from the coming storm.

Year 257: The “Final Blow” as it is called by historians was in full swing by this time, with The Vengeful carrying out attacks on one another constantly. The skies of the colonies planets grew thick with smoke, and the space surrounding them clogged with debris. Amongst this chaos, a movement of individuals seeking peace (30% of the non-vengeful) began to form. They hoped to leave their respective systems, and find a new home with others of like minds that they can live out their lives in peace on. These individuals were led by the original Chosen Ones, each from different colonies; Michael Franks and Alejandro Sandoval from the Hierarch, Jona Sederis from the Patriarch, and the twins Mikael Varner, and Tanya Varner, from the Matriarch.

Year 260: The Chosen Ones assemble a small fleet of vessels capable of escaping the deadly Aether radiation curtain surrounding H.E.A. space. They gather together in three small frigates, one from each colony, and leave the former H.E.A. systems behind them, in search of a new home. They called themselves The Second Chance (SC).

Year 261: Barely a year following the departure of the SC, The Vengeful finally put an end to the conflict, and to the time of The Vengeful; after all of them massed on the planet containing the Patriarch’s original colony for one final battle, the planet could take no more punishment. Following repeated hits from multiple anti-matter devices, and several large Mass-Driver hits from the orbiting Battleships, duking it out with one another, the planet simply began to break apart. Its atmosphere instantly began to fade away as large chunks of the planet began to drift off into space. Several of these chunks collided with the Vengeful’s battleships, which were too slow to evade. All three of the original battleships used to defend the systems original colonies were not only responsible for the destruction of one of the systems’ planets, but also were destroyed by that very planet. The Vengeful were effectively wiped out, along with the planet.

Year 263: The SC stumbles upon the system Omega Zeta, and land their frigates on one of the three habitable planets there. They name the planet New Eden, in remembrance of their lost colonists. The frigates are stripped down, the materials used to create the basis of the sprawling capital of the IPF, known as Grand Central. The Chosen Ones give the order to fully colonize New Eden, and then retreat into seclusion to meditate on ways to prevent another crisis on the scale of The Conflict.

Year 265: The Chosen Ones come across an idea in one of their many meditation sessions. They realize that a defining factor of The Conflict was not only a failure of the capitalist system, and the accumulation of too much power for one individual, but also the allowance of emotions to take over the original colonists’ rational thoughts. They immediately brought together the best scientific minds they could to try and find a solution.

Year 273: The Chosen Ones come out from seclusion, declaring they have finally found a way to prevent the self-destruction that brought the once great H.E.A. to its knees. The IPF’s current day socialisitic system is adopted, and the Pyramid of Power assembled. The Citizenry express a high approval rating.

Year 274: The Chosen Ones provided the next step to preventing another Conflict. The original Intellectuals of the SC, under the direction of the Chosen Ones, created a compound that prevents the chemical reactions in the human brain that cause emotions, from occurring in the first place. The Chosen Ones explained to The Citizenry that emotions drove the original colonists into a downward spiral of destruction that resulted in the Final Blow. A small percentage of the population disagreed with the use of this compound on the populace, saying it was monstrous to take away a human being’s emotions. That portion of the populace was however, outnumbered by the majority that accept it as the way to peace. After facing the worse humanity had to offer, they did not want to have to go through it again. The SC slowly began to insert this compound into every member of The Citizenry, and finished within a month.

Year 276: The SC slowly continued to grow, at a pace that the Chosen Ones felt was too slow to establish them as a galactic power. Under the guidance of the Chosen Ones, The Intellectuals engineered a system that worked off the lack of emotions in The Citizenry. Through IQ testing of the parents, and inherent physical traits, the Intellectuals selectively set couples to have intercourse, on a specific schedule. Due to no emotional attachment needed, and time between births negligible due to individuals not “waiting” to have time to “get to know” their children, birth rates sky-rocketed. It was known as The Initiative.

Year 280: Population of SC has risen by more than 500%. The Chosen Ones, after taking a poll of the general populace, realize that with their support of their system, they could actually spread the peace they longed for, for so long, into the rest of the galaxy. The Chosen Ones begin production of their first battleship.

Year 300: The construction of the SC’s first battleship is completed. The SC has a small military force now that the offspring originally born from the first implementation of The Initiative were old enough to train and fight. The Chosen Ones determined that it was time to expand their control to other planets, as room on New Eden was starting to run out. They then had an epiphany. The Chosen Ones announced to the Citizenry that they planned on not only expanding their control to a new planet, but also that they planned on expanding their emotional “purity” to the rest of the galaxy’s citizens. This is quoted straight from the mouth of Jona Sederis, the then recognized leader of The Chosen Ones; “The galaxy is fileld with chaos. The chaos of emotion. Anger and jealousy cause brothers to turn on one another, and cause blood to be needlessly spilled. Families are torn apart, civilizations destroyed, just like our old home was. We have a chance to end the chaos. We can purify the other nations that are scattered around this galaxy. Let us go forth into the stars once more. Let us unite the nations under the banner, of the Interplanetary Peace Federation!” The Citizenry almost unanimously agreed with this plan, and the IPF was officially born. From then on, the IPF continued expanding into its present state.

Year 695: Present Day

So begins...

The Interplanetary Peace Federation [IPF]'s Story

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"Sandoval. The IPF merchants on Signus-Five are requesting more military personnel. They state that they need them to keep better watch on the new arrivals next month. They state Chaos level is about 40%. They'd prefer to keep it lower than 30%. They reason anything higher risks a meltdown of control."

Juan Sandoval, unofficial leader of The Chosen Ones, silently muttered to himself, "Malditos vampiros. Tal fuga de..." He turned to the older of the Varner twins, Zhotomir, and nodded. "Give them what they want. Send a couple Dagger units there as well. UNDER, the radar. Should any individuals of an extremely chaotic nature crop up, eliminate them. Order must be maintained on the Management's experiment. However, make sure to keep any eliminations as discreet as possible. Blame any inquiries into the disappearance of said individuals on the criminal element that we both know exists there. "

Zhotomir nodded approval. "Yes Sandoval. That makes sense. I will tell Franks to speak with the Hierarchy. They will listen to him. Прежде всего, в хаосе эмоций, должны содержаться. (Above all, the chaos of emotion must be contained.)" He walked out the room to carry out his directive. Sandoval walked to the holo-projector in his quarters. He pressed a few keys on the holo-board, and brought up what looked to be a... calender. "Por supuesto. Hoy en día todos los días. (Of course. Today of all days.) With a flick of his hand, Sandoval switched the screen. A small number pad appeared. Twelve digits later, and after inserting the key around his neck, a female figure appeared on the screen. Her deep blue hair, bright blue eyes, and stunning beauty (based on what visiting nationals state), clearly identified her as Alyana Sederis. She gave a slight nod to Sandoval on the screen. "Hello Sandoval. How did the brief go with Zhotomir?"

Sandoval simply shrugged. "The merchants are asking for more military personnel. I can only reason that the nations already spending their 'vacations' there are getting riled up at the removal of the Andarran strip joints."

Alyana shook her head. "I can almost feel sorry for those people. They are so concerned with the removal of a completely unnecessary part of their experience, that they do not even notice that we have increased prices by 10% to make up for the loss of those Andarrans. Lust and greed are blinding them."

Sandoval waved it away. "Yes, and while they are blinded, the IPF profits. But that is not why I called you Sederis. I have called to inform you that the king of Azeal, Orlan, will be calling you to discuss the deal we have been planning some time later on today.Prepare yourself. I want no less than 2 kilo tons of Xenon, you understand? It will prove very useful to The Intellectuals, and their refinement of The Purification process. Give the King no more than 6 kilo tons of Obsidian. The Xenon is worth far less, but we both know that relations with Azeal are tense at the moment. Let us act as our namesake, and seek peace. You've dealt with him before Sederis. You know how to handle him."

Alyana nodded, and curtsied slightly. A sign of great respect, coming from a Chosen One. "Understood Sandoval. If you can, please let Franks know to prep transports 3C through 6F. I'll personally oversee the loading of the Obsidian on Delta. Now, if that is all Sandoval..."

Sandoval put a hand up. "One last thing Alyana. Should Orlan ask you what you plan to use the Xenon on, tell him it is to bolster medical supplies for the military in Argus-Rho and Turona. He disproves of our Purification process in the first place, and It would be most illogical to provoke him into rash action, by practically announcing to him that we are refining the process. That is all Sederis. *He puts his fist over his heart* Añoro el día... (I yearn for the day...)"

Alyana bent her head down, and held her fist up to her forehead, the thumb barely touching it. "...Ο γαλαξίας είναι καθαρή (...The galaxy is pure)" Her image disappeared. Sandoval walked away from the screen, and out of his quarters. He walked down the ornately covered halls of the Citadel, built by the first Chosen Ones, and the SC themselves. Images of the previous Chosen Ones adorned this hall, and Sandoval gazed at the most recently added image. Julio Sandoval gazed at him from the image, and Sandoval raised his right arm up to his left shoulder, placing his fist on the shoulder itself. Sandoval whispered, “We will not fail Father. The galaxy will be pure. As a Chosen One, I know this to be true.” He walked away from the image, down to the Convent Hall, where he had to discuss something with Lilith...
-------------------------------10 Minutes Later-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Juan Sandoval walked into the Convent Hall, and saw Lilith Varner – youngest and brightest of the Varner twins – was already waiting for him. Lilith stood up as Sandoval entered the room, and did a small curtsy to him. “Добрый день Господа Сандовал.” (Good day Lord Sandoval.)

Sandoval touched his right hand’s fingers to his forehead, and then gave a slight motion with them to Lilith, acknowledging the greeting. “Buenos días a Lilith. (Good day to you Lilith) What news do you bring me from the Intellectuals?”

Lilith walked over to the holo-screen, and pressed a complex set of keys on the board. In the middle of the large Convent Hall, a map of the known galaxy to the IPF – complete with projected paths of shuttles and the like under IPF control – came into being. Lilith walked to the center, grabbed the air on the edge of the projected galaxy, and pulled. The map shifted in the direction of her pull, and then displayed the outer reaches of IPF control. Certain areas were now “fogged” up, indicating pathways not mapped by the IPF. “We have been analyzing the flight paths of UCO freighters, as you requested. So far, we haven’t come up with any concrete data on the UCO Home-World. They’re smarter than most of the other nations the IPF has encountered in the past. Until we find their home-world, we won’t have much of a chance to purify their nation.”

Sandoval nodded. “Understood Lilith. Continue.”

Lilith dragged the air to her left, and the map shifted again. This time it showed what seemed to be a convoy of some sort, starting from known UCO territory. “Our scouts beyond our Sphere reported that they saw what looked to be a small convoy of sorts on long-range optics. They couldn’t get any closer to fully identify the class of ships though. There were unmistakable markings of the UCO on them though, so I can only reason that it is either a battle formation, or a transport convoy. By measuring their approximate speed and heading, and assuming they don’t make any hard turns, this is their projected path.” A dotted line began to stretch from the suspected UCO convoy, indefinitely, in its projected path. It took it rather close to IPF controlled space. Before Sandoval could interrupt her, she held a hand up in a silencing motion. “The Intellectuals originally reasoned it was a battle formation, simply stating that due to the path’s proximity to the Varkas System (closest system to the “edge” of IPF space), it was likely the UCO was trying to create a back door into our space. I had a theory though. So I told them to withhold that notion until we explored it. With the help of Franks, I sent a small squadron of Strike Fighters to the closest point that the flight path comes to our control space. This is what they found.” She brought up a small numerical interface, and punched in a set of coordinates. The map shifted a bit, and then zoomed in. A small system appeared.

Sandoval nodded towards Lilith. “Good work Lilith. What info did the squadron get on this system? I don’t recall us ever stumbling upon it before.”

Lilith shook her head slightly. “That’s the problem Sandoval. We don’t know much yet. After the squadron reported the existence of the system, they returned to brief the Hierarchy, as per standard protocol of discovering a new system. Franks sent them back to explore it in depth, with weapons online just in case the indigenous people there are hostile. They are scheduled to report back soon, assuming nothing happens to them. What we do know is that we have definitely not explored it before. There seems to be a slightly higher level of radiation in their system, and made some of the pilots somewhat sick.”

Sandoval scratched his small goatee as he thought about the situation. I know our methods aren’t the most approved in the galaxy. The Azeal definitely don’t approve. We haven’t received any official condemnations from the UCO… Could they really be positioning themselves for an attack? Or just exploring a new system? Either we immediately go on the offensive, and destroy this fleet before it enters IPF space… Or… Sandoval brought up the numerical interface, and quickly input a set of numbers. A few seconds later, John Franks appeared on the screen. “Franks. Station the Patriarch, Einstein, and Michael-Angelo just outside the Varkas System. Inner edge. Have them battle ready, and on patrol. They don’t need to know why right now, just do it, okay Franks?”

The man on the screen, an older-looking Bruce Willis with a simple soul patch under his lip, nodded. He saluted the screen. “It will be done Sandoval. What’s going on?”

Sandoval simply said, “Consider it a precautionary measure. And prep transports 3c through 6F, and send them to Delta. That is all.” Sandoval hung up the call. He looked to Lilith. “Lilith. Send the Concord as an envoy to the UCO. Send General Austin on it. I want him to personally inquire the UCO as to what that system represents to them. They will call us paranoid, but I see it as simple caution. People do not like our ways, and we must be ever vigilant to prevent those that wish our destruction, from getting their wish. This may turn out to be a simple trade between the UCO and a nation we do not know of yet. Or this could be prep for an attack. I reason it is better to have our ‘bases covered’, then get caught unaware. My logic is sound, correct?”

Lilith nodded her approval. “Yes My Lord, it is quite sound. I will make the preparations. Shouldn’t Franks be doin-“

Sandoval shook his head. “The Hierarchy will be at his throat trying to figure out what is going on. He needs to focus on dealing with them. They will not bother you for wanting to send an envoy to another nation. Now go Lilith. I must meditate on the matters at hand.” Sandoval simply strided out of the room, and back to his quarters. Lilith closed the galaxy map, and walked out in the opposite direction, towards her own quarters, and her personal shuttle. We have been at peace for so long now. Hopefully rational talks will prevail here.

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------------------Inside the Ryuu System (known to the IPF at this time as Omega-Bravo)-------------
Four long-range Strike Fighters and a small transport shuttle – carrying ten Sword soldiers – bearing the IPF emblem slowly make their way through the newly discovered Omega-Bravo System. Their commander – Lt. Bentley – led the small scout force in his personal fighter. His call-sign was Sabre. His deep voice boomed into his microphone, “This is Sabre, all craft, report in.”

(Private Rex) A high-pitched, somewhat timid-sounding voice said, “Ocelot, reporting in.”

(Sgt. Gendren) A gruff voice quickly said, “Tex, reporting in.”

(Corporal Tanner) A methodical, almost flat voice droned, “Longshot, reporting in.”

(Shuttle Captain Lang) A gravelly voice barked out, “Oxen, reporting in.”

Bentley brought up the shuttle on his comms unit. “Oxen. What are you getting on your scanner?”

Lang’s gravelly voice filled Bentley’s headphones. “I am picking up what looks like the outline of a planet… But I cannot get a good fix on anything specific on it. This radiation is causing my instruments to glitch. Shouldn’t our radiation shields be preventing this?”

Bentley responded, “No. Of all people, I thought you would know that the only reason our instruments work in Argus-Rho, is because-“

Rex cut in with her rapid-fire speech. “It’s-because-surrounding-Argus-Rho-is-a-permeable –radiation-barrier-that-absorbs-the-constant-radiation-bombardment-emanating-from-the-Aether-Curtain. Its-communications-hub-“

Gendren chimed in. “Rex. Slow down. You’re losing Lang.”

Rex could be audibly heard taking a deep breath. “I apologize. We have been cruising this space for awhile, and I was starting to grow tired. So I took two of my Wake Pills…”

Tanner cut in. “Two? You are only supposed to take one Rex. Two usually result in hyperactivity . But then again, I’m sure you realized that now.”

Rex sighed. “Oh. I forgot. I’m fresh from training Tanner. I’m still ‘learning the ropes’, as the Earth saying went…”

Lang simply slid on into the conversation. “Please, continue your explanation Rex. I was actually learning something on this scouting mission.”

Rex continued. “Yes sir. Well, the communications hub works only because it sits just outside the barrier, and is specifically tuned to the Aether Curtain’s radiation levels. That being the case, without the anti-radiation barrier surrounding Argus-Rho, not only would our ship instruments be severely crippled, the health of all troops there would also slowly deteriorate due to the radiation. The radiation levels we are facing now is miniscule compared to Argus-Rho.”

Bentley tried to get the conversation back on track. “Yes Rex, thank you for that explanation. I’m sure Lang learned something important today. Now, Lang, where is this planet?”

Lang pressed a few keys in his cockpit. On all of the Strike Fighters’ radars, a map appeared. It showed the large gas giant that was in front of them, and just behind it, the planet Lang had mentioned earlier. Bentley keyed the comms again. “All Call-Signs, set course for that planet. Keep weapons on, but uncharged.” The small squadron made its way for the planet, arriving in its vicinity within twenty minutes.

---------------------------On Board the Concord-----------------------------------------------------------------------
General Austin looked over his briefing that he had received from the Hierarchy not more than 2 hours ago. Intriguing…Seems I am the ambassador once again. This was not the first time Austin had been sent on a diplomatic mission, or to convey an important message. He was chosen for just that reason, or, at least, that is what the Hierarchy had told him. It didn’t matter to him. He was to deliver a message, and that is exactly what he would do. The navigator of the Concord walked up to Austin, giving a small bow. “General Austin. We are approaching the Soldaria System. Coordinates for Elysia are set. Shall we engage metric?”

General Austin paused…It would be unwise to do that... “Not yet. Stay on the fringe of the system. We don’t want to come in unannounced do we? Send out a comm buoy to Elysia. Make sure to have it broadcast that no weapons of any kind are hidden on it. Have it relay this message.” He cleared his throat, and pressed a button on his command console. In red letters, it read; REC:ON

“This is General Austin, of the IPF military force. I have been sent to relay a message in person to the United Coalition of Oriens, from the Chosen Ones themselves, regarding an important issue pertaining to the IPF. If it is permissible, I request that my frigate, the Concord, be allowed to land on the planet of Elysia. My frigate is armed, however, I will power down all weaponry,(the crew visibly tensed at this) and our shield systems as well, if my presence is allowed. Please, respond as soon as possible by communications probe, or shuttle. That is all.” He pressed the button again, and the audio stopped recording.

The Captain of the Concord ran up to him immediately. “General Austin. Will all due respect, is it not somewhat irrational to go into UCO space completely disarmed? What if they should choose to attack us? It makes no sense to me.”

General Austin put his hand on the Captain’s shoulder. “Captain. My actions are most rational actually. If we went in with weapons online, the UCO might consider it as a move for a sneak attack on Elysia once we land. That would start a completely unnecessary conflict with the UCO, which is not the Chosen Ones’ intention. Now, let me do the talking, and we will emerge from these talks unscathed Captain.” Austin motioned the captain away, and stood, looking out from afar into the invisible barrier marking the beginning of UCO space. He saw the small comms probe launch itself into space, and heard its message begin to broadcast. Now, we wait.

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#, as written by Doug
McMillan Military Base, Elysia
Bryant stepped out of the shuttle and immediately repressed the strong urge to clap his hands over his ears. The planet of Elysia took some getting used to, especially the sounds. What could have been considered a jungle paradise sounded like hell to ears used to the dead silence of Oriens, where no surface life (certainly none that chirped or cricked) existed.

McMillan was located near the equatorial regions of the planet, which rested just close enough to the sun to remain uncomfortably warm without turning into the hellish landscape of Tartarus, and even in the coldest months of the year it was still stiflingly hot, almost 300 Kelvin. Of course as a result of the low eccentricy of the planet's orbit, the hottest months were not much warmer. How the humans of Earth lived on a planet that reached these temperatures fairly regularly, Bryant never understood.

No sooner had he placed his first foot onto the hard concrete of the base's landing strip he found himself greeted by a young officer of the Ground Authority. The distinctive golden pin on his beret and shoulders labeled him clearly as Ares Corp, and his manner left no doubt of the distinction to creep into the general's mind. “Good afternoon Sir,” the man said. “It is an honor, I'm Captain Wallace.”

“Hello Captain,” Bryant replied, only to find himself speaking to a back, the man had already begun to walk away with the clear assumption that Bryant was to follow. The Ares Corp were elite, and also very to the point. Especially with an officer of the Space Authority, a branch of the military seen as soft by most of the other branches. After all, officers and crew in the Space Authority did spend most of their time sitting on their hands in climate controlled environments, instead of keeping a vigilant watch over military bases in the least comfortable of locations.

Bryant quickly closed the gap that had opened between him and the captain, and as soon as he did so the man spoke again. “My team is to provide security for the meeting, and for you.” He indicated towards a small group of men approaching from across the tarmac. “Our radar has detected General Austin's frigate, you should be able to hear it in a few moments as it enters the atmosphere. I've never heard of landing a spacecraft like that before, but I guess that's more your cup of tea.”

“Is the meeting room ready?” Bryant asked. Part of the order he had relayed prior to his arrival specified the condition of the meeting room. He wasn't sure how many delegates from the IPF were involved, so there was to be seating for at least eight men around a square table. The room itself was located on the top floor of the facility, with a large window taking up an entire wall and affording quite a view of a massive waterfall in the cliffs nearby. And, of course, the A.C. was to have been maxed out.

“Exactly as per your specifications sir.” Captain Wallace replied. No sooner had these words left his mouth then a great roaring filled the General's awareness, drowning out even the infernal racket made by the forest's inhabitants. Looking to the sky, Bryant caught a glimpse of the craft breaking its momentum against the atmosphere of the planet. The craft, burning bright orange with the heat of atmospheric friction, rocketed towards the tarmac at astounding speed. Of course, it was still miles into the air, but it was still quite a sight to behold even at that distance. Calls came from around the base to clear the strip, and men and machines scurried every which way to get clear of the descending giant.

The landing went, fortunately, without incident. For most of the men on base though it was a marvel, none of them had ever seen a craft so large landing. At 200 meters long, it was as if two football stadiums had just descended from the heavens and landed gently on the tarmac. Needless to say, UCO vessels were not designed for landing, in fact they would break apart in an atmosphere, and relied on their numerous shuttles to get men to and from space. That, or one of the many space elevators that linked the planet of Oriens to its array of space stations and docking ports.

No sooner had the behemoth landed, it opened its mouth. A lift platform descended from the bottom of the craft, lowering General Austin and a small contingent of men to the ground. As the stepped off the platform and onto the concrete, one in particular stepped forward and glanced around the facility, no doubt waiting for the welcoming committee.

Bryant, assuming this man to be the one he was to meet, adjusted his jacket and walked out from cover onto the tarmac, followed by the contingent of 4 Ares Corp soldiers. While Wallace was armed only with the T-4 .45 caliber automatic handgun holstered at his hip, the other three men were fully armed, two with T-65 7.62 mm bullpup assault carbines and the third with the massive .50 caliber T-60 battle rifle. Bryant himself wore his .357 service revolver, the standard issue sidearm of the Space Authority, in a holster at his hip.

When the party reached the waiting delegation, Bryant stepped forward and offered his hand to the man he assumed, by uniform and manner, to be General Austin. “Welcome to Elysia, I am General Percy Bryant, at your service.”

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McMillan Military Base, Elysia
Bryant noticed a slight hesitation before the General accepted his handshake, though he could not tell if the minor flinch was a result of weakness, or of cultural differences. He opted not to use the moment to try and read Austin. “Please,” Bryant replied, “it is my pleasure to welcome you to Elysia on behalf of the United Coalition of Oriens, and on behalf of its owners, Venture Group. Sadly, representatives from neither party can be present, so I will serve on their behalf. A room has been prepared, if you will but follow me.”

Bryant gestured for the group to follow, and began to lead the way to the facility's primary structure. The base itself was an impressive sight, and it should be, being as it was the primary base of operations for the UCO in the entire system. The facility stretched over a square mile of jungle, and was surrounded by iridium reinforced concrete walls lined with metal watchtowers. The structures themselves, from the dozens of cylindrical hangars that served as homes for the UCO Atmospheric Authority's fighters to the barracks and administration buildings, were made of reinforced concrete and metal, and the entire base had a very clean feel about it as a result. In fact, in the proper conditions it even could be said to glimmer in the light of Soldaria.

As the group entered the primary admin building for the facility, they entered into what Bryant could only call a paradise compared to the base's exterior. The room was well lit with natural light, passing through a multitude of windows, and was cooled to a comfortable 275 kelvin. The building itself was very plain so far as the group could see. The circular lobby had a concrete floor and metal ceiling, but was devoid of anything save for a reception desk, a few chairs along the walls, and access to a pair of elevators.

Bryant led the group into one of these spacious elevators, and pressed the button to indicate the 10th floor, the top level of the building. The high speed lift covered the distance in no time at all, and opened directly into the large circular room that was to serve as the meeting place. The long table in the center of the room was wooden and lined with chairs. On its surface rested a number of pads of paper and pens, as well as several large pitchers of ice cold water and accompanying glasses.

“Here we are,” Bryant said as he stepped off the elevator. “Please, make yourselves at home. We can begin whenever you are ready.”

As Bryant spoke, Wallace and his men spread out along the edges of the room, maximizing their ability to watch as many of the newcomers as possible while trying to stay close enough to the General to interfere should things get violent.