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a character in “Ashes and Dust”, as played by Arctic Fury


Name: Hades
Gender: Male
Classification: Olympian

Appearance: (Image underway.) Hades is a tall (7' 0") white male with short, unkempt blonde hair and piercing blue-grey eyes. Maintaining a well-toned muscular physique, he is truly an intimidating individual.

As far as clothing goes, Hades does not wear attire one would expect from the master of the undead. Rather, he favors flamboyant clothing with an emphasis on bright colors, such as various shades of pink and orange. He also dons a pair of tinted sunglasses that he wears whenever in public, making his eyes impossible to see.

Mutations/Abilities: As is expected of one known as Hades, he possesses significant control over that which is dead. Capable of reanimating corpses, a graveyard is a recruiting ground for him. To reanimate a corpse, Hades need only touch it or, in the case of multiple corpses, touch the ground in the immediate vicinity. Once reanimated, the resurrected individual will obey his commands without question. A downside to the ability is that reanimated corpses often only arise at half the strength they possessed while still alive, making them more useful for fodder than actual combat. Another downside of the ability is that the more corpses under his control, the less duration the ability has. A single corpse can go on for days, while an army can last little more than a few minutes to an hour.
Hades makes up for these shortcomings by his own abilities as an Olympian. With enhanced strength, speed and resiliency, Hades is far beyond capable of holding his own in combat.

Personality: Hades is perhaps one of the most carefree individuals to ever grace the world of man. Never displaying any concern or worry in any event, he seems fully confident in his abilities. Incredibly sadistic, he finds joy and entertainment in the suffering of others. He is, however, incredibly lazy, preferring to let his undead fight in his place while he spectates and mocks from the sidelines. Being the master of death, Hades appears to fear nothing, instead viewing just about everything as a joke. Even in events that affect him negatively, he has never displayed any persona other than sheer amusement.

- Resurrection abilities allow Hades to amass his own personal fighting force.
- Personal abilities as an Olympian grant him a significant edge over his opponents.
- Enhanced situational awareness, complete lack of doubt, and the ability to grasp any situation quickly makes him a formidable combatant.

- Overconfidence can leave him vulnerable at times.
- Resurrection ability can be overcome if the opponent is properly prepared.
- Has a tendency to underestimate people.

Outlook: Hades lives solely by the "Might makes Right" philosophy. Believing that the laws of the world should be governed by the strongest. A strong supporter of natural selection, he hates the weak and all those who support them, believing anyone without the ability to make it on their own should either die off quickly or be killed off.

So begins...

Hades's Story