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Henrietta Cypress

"Just try me!"

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a character in “Ashes”, as played by Bliss




"You shouldn't stop like that. If you can move forward, then you should."

♦ Name : Henrietta Cypress Image

♦ Side : Originals

♦ Sexuality : Heterosexual

♦ Gender : Female

♦ Height : 5'4"

♦ Eye Color :
Henrietta's eye color is an abysmal light shade of brown that's slightly darker than her hair color. There is always this fierce, defensive look to them.

♦ Hair Color :
Her hair is a pale brown color that glistens in the sun. It is evenly layered and thick strands of hair fall just above her eyes taking the shape of her bangs. During the colder days of the year it turns into a darker brown to accommodate the lack of sun.

♦ Appears to be :
Sixteen years old.

♦ Face Claim :
Ryoko Okami

"Wrong or not, I'll follow my own path!"


♦ Power :
Henrietta wields the Earth's power. She is able to form rocks from solid ground and thrust them towards her foes at impeccable speed. She can feel the Earth's vibrations and because of that she can usually detect any incoming spies, attackers, or a casual passerby. What makes her a truly fearsome opponent is her ability to manipulate gravity. With just swift movements of her hands she can send you flat on your face stuck to the ground or even floating in the air. She can have you hurled into the nearest tree or towards herself for raw physical power coming your way. She has strong arms and legs so one of her punches or kicks is enough to break a typical human arm. Though it's not the same case for her comrades. What she fears the most about herself is her capability to literally crush her opponents with the Earth's gravity. She discovered this by practicing on some large boulders. She cannot fully crush anything, only parts of them. However, the damage she inflicts by crushing something recoils onto herself. Not to mention the immense amounts of energy required to do such a thing. She avoids this at all costs and forbids herself to use such a technique.

"The real sin is averting your eyes and failing to believe in anyone."


♦ Personality :
Henrietta is a spunky girl. She has a short temper and is always full of lots of energy. She is not afraid to speak her mind and gets frustrated very easily especially if she feels embarrassed even in the slightest. Despite her temper, she is actually very kind. Her love for her friends runs deeper than anything she's ever known and she was heart broken when three of her friends left the original disciples. She felt rage, even bitterness and wants nothing more than for her family to be whole again. In fact, she is very touchy on the subject and hates to talk about how it makes her feel. Rarely does she ever tell anyone how she really feels because she's afraid to acknowledge these feelings herself. She can be insecure at times but mostly confident in whatever she does. Beware of picking a fight with her, it mostly likely won't end pretty. Henrietta hates seeing people cry especially if she cares about them. She does have a softer side to her that rarely comes out. She loves deeply and fights fiercely. Though she can't always save herself from despair in dark times, she often says the most encouraging things at the precise times someone needs to hear them making her encouragement something to cherish. When her friends are in trouble, she won't even hesitate to risk her life for theirs and has promised each of them once that she'd forever protect them, even those on the Ashes side. She feels many conflicting emotions when it comes to the three who left. She thought they were dead and she grieved a great deal only to find they were alive and going against her and the others leaving room for betrayal in her eyes. Even when she's gravely injured, she'll remind her friends that she will protect them no matter what and that a "few" cuts will not stop her. This makes her quite relentless at times. Though frustrating and sometimes unreasonable, she is a loyal friend and some appreciate her straight forwardness while others not so much.

♦ Appearance :
Henrietta usually wears her black dress that has slits on the sides where her legs show. She wears black shorts underneath to match along with a black jacket that is like a shirt. Attached to the jacket is a red material that almost seems like a scarf. It falls down in the front with small tears at the bottom. Accompanied by her attire is always a black neck material that wraps around. Her hair is mostly kept down but she gathers the bottom locks of hair in a thick ponytail. Her foot attire are khaki combat boots with black rubber soles. She treasures these shoes for she had them custom made.

"We can't live if we don't keep running forward."

♦ Likes :
- Food
- Tea
- Play fighting
- Traveling
- Sight seeing
- Animals
- Honesty
- Testing her own limits
- Making new friends
- Art
- Sunny days

♦ Dislikes :
- Insects
- Liars
- Bullies
- Peaches
- Dressing up
- Being girly
- Darkness
- Talking about her feelings
- Death

♦ Strengths :
Henrietta thrives more in outdoor environments and any place she has access to rock. Her confidence gives her great endurance and her muscular physique provides her the energy she needs to wield her powers. She is adaptable in many situations and has a sharp mind that allows her to predict her foe's next move. The love and trust she feels for her friends also gives her strength in her darkest times. She is also an optimist and feels things will always work themselves out. Though many know her for her short outbursts, when she gives her friends encouragement it is often very heart felt, realistic and personal.

♦ Weaknesses :
Her sensitivity is her downfall and because of that she is easily influenced. Not to mention that she's very stubborn and not always open to new ideas. Everything someone says to her she takes to heart, and the more hurtful the words the more uneasy and distraught she becomes. If she is reminded of the past and the things that hurt her the most, she almost loses her grip on reality. Aside from her emotional side is the great deal of energy she must invest in her powers when using them. She always tries to build her endurance because of this. Her powers are strong, but after prolonged use she becomes very tired and trembles when she feels her energy has been depleted. It is at these moments where she places blind faith into her friends to protect her as she does for them. When it comes to her power mingling with the others, wind and darkness have the advantage over her. Winds that are powerful enough can lift rocks and uproot objects from the ground. If the wind is strong enough, it can even move things under certain gravity levels. When she uses her powers she is wide open to side attacks due to her focus having to remain on one thing at a time. In darkness, she grows uneasy when alone and can't find the light. Her insecurities allow her to be uncertain and in the darkness she won't be able to save herself.

♦ Fears :
Henrietta fears rejection a lot. She's aware that she has a temper but also wants everyone's approval. After the divide between the eight disciples she fears loss more than ever. She suffered a great deal when watching her family and childhood friends die due to her immortality. It was with the disciples where she found refuge, but now even they grew apart and separated. Henrietta also fears her power's potential to kill. When she realized her manipulation of gravity could crush someone she grew weary of her power. However, she doesn't mind roughing up her opponents but her intent is never to kill, only to put someone in their place.

"All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don't care if I'm weaker than everyone else in the world."


♦ Relationships :

|| Louie ||
Henrietta has a lot of respect for Louie and his calm demeanor. She finds it amazing how quickly he can figure out what's wrong with his patients. She gets shy and slightly uncomfortable around Louie because suddenly her tough facade is no longer needed when she sees him. She finds there's really no point to it and it frustrates her because she's uncertain of how to not be acting tough all the time.

|| Yvette ||
Henrietta constantly feels a need to obtain Yvette's approval. She gets offended whenever Yvette is sarcastic with her or teases her because she has a hard time interpreting that as a joke. They argue a lot and Henrietta gets frustrated and unreasonable but it's usually best if someone stepped in the middle to explain Yvette's personality to her so that she's not always angry or on the defensive side.

|| Iraa ||
Iraa and Henrietta are very good friends. They have a bond that no one can possibly understand due to both of their unstable emotions. They're either being the best of friends or trying to kill each other/spew out the worst insults. However, regardless of their disputes they are always able to bounce back to their friendly selves and tend to forget why they even fought in the first place. In fact, Henrietta loves to fist fight with Iraa because she hits hard and doesn't hold back. As a result, Henrietta is always learning a thing or two from Iraa regardless if they're fighting or not. Many find their friendship bizarre and slightly scary but everyone should know that the two will always work out their problems with fists or silence.

|| Neris ||
Henrietta has always viewed Neris to be sort of her older sister. Though she'd never openly admit that to anyone, especially Neris. Whenever Henrietta is yelling at someone or an emotional wreck, Neris had always been there to subtly reassure her. Due to this, Hen developed a deep appreciation for Neris and has always looked up to her. When Neris left it was also another large emotional blow to her. She now feels as though their entire friendship/bond meant nothing to Neris and that Neris never actually cared. As a result, she continues to rage as the battle between two sides continues to move forward and she can't help but feel some bitterness towards Neris.

|| Carter ||
Before the split, Carter and Henrietta were pretty good friends. She had a vast appreciation for Carter's straight forwardness and blunt traits. She'd often vent to him about her frustrations with the other disciples and on rare occasion he'd open up to her. It's safe to say Henrietta even had a crush on Carter, they had many similarities once a long time ago. When the Ashes left, she felt a terrible loneliness and betrayal.

|| Alice ||
When Henrietta isn't on some rampage due to a temper tantrum, for the most part the two of them get along. Henrietta has a deep appreciation for Alice since Alice has stood up for her in the past. Henrietta views Alice to be a valuable friend even though they have disagreements a lot. They help each other in ways the others simply can't.

|| Seishin ||
Henrietta for the most part likes Seishin and gets along with him decently well. However, more often than not she finds him infuriating. But there are times when he's been genuinely kind to her which makes her like him very much as a person.

|| Keith ||
Henrietta has always been easily influenced by Keith and victim to his charm. Before he left she'd feel comfort through his presence but infuriated and confused whenever he'd lie to her 'just for fun'. She'd blow up in his face a lot and his lack of response would only infuriate her more. She's always wondered what he thought of their friendship.


So begins...

Henrietta Cypress's Story


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#, as written by Fable


During the first few seconds of their kiss, Carter wasn't sure of what was going to become of it. Henrietta seemed stunned, which was perfectly reasonable, but it filled him with an overwhelming sense of dread that she'd react badly to it. His eyes were squinted shut and his arms were still wrapped firmly around her waist, but he was trying his best not to tense his body or react bitterly to her surprise. After a short moment of panic, he felt her arms around his neck and her lips responded to his with a kiss. He was relieved more than anything and finally allowed himself to enjoy the moment as one hand found its place on her hip whilst the other slipped around to the small of her back. Needless to say, he wasn't used to this, and so he had no idea whether he was even doing it right... Panic swept over him again, but before his mind had time to fill with thoughts of worry, she pulled back and looked up at him, and he couldn't help but genuinely smile at her own. A good sign, he thought.

Carter stayed absolutely silent as Henrietta reached up to trace his features with her fingertips, his eyes instinctively closing at the comfort her touch brought him. It was uncharacteristic of him to feel so at peace, but he had made so many exceptions for Henrietta that this was nothing to him. He leaned his face into her hand just before she moved it to trace a finger over his lips, which caused his eyes to open. He smirked at her, but this also faded quickly when she pushed a strand of hair behind his ears which flooded his mind with the memories that the darkness had plucked his hat from his head. Luckily for him, his hair hadn't grown too long since he'd last had it cut, though it became apparent that it was mopped over his forehead in a mess. The thought alone could've caused him to blush, but he kept his focus on Henrietta for the time being.

"Don't let your darkness devour you," Henrietta spoke after a while, moving away from his embrace after a brief but noticeable hesitation. Carter, in response to this comment, went somewhat limp with surprise. Pain flashed across his dark eyes, but he fought hard against the urge to frown at her words. While he readily understood where she was coming from, he still viewed the comment as a terrible way to ruin a perfectly good moment between the two of them. When she finally moved away, he let her go and afterwards he dropped back into his seat. She was right, he knew it. She was right about it all. The darkness was becoming more and more alive with each passing year, and it was worse as of late. More memories flashed through his mind at that moment. He remembered being stood not too far from the three of them; the shadows were playing with his hair, tugging at his clothes and whispering the most evil things in his ear. If he wasn't careful, he would soon allow himself to be corrupted by the shadows... he'd become the darkness, through and through. He finally looked up at Henrietta.

Carter watched her silently. "I'm weak..." she spoke, breaking the silence for again after only a short while. "I don't believe that," he whispered in response, though he wasn't even sure she'd heard him as she continued on. "I can't ever bring myself to fight you, Carter. But I fear for you. Your darkness... When you're angry it's almost like it's alive." Carter sighed, his hand instinctively rising to touch his forehead as a headache threatened to appear; a dull pain throbbed in his temple, but it was barely noticeable. He felt that if he continued talking about his darkness it would soon turn into a migraine, or worse. He stood, though he wasn't sure exactly why. Realising that his fingers were digging forcefully into his temples, he dropped his hands to his sides and fixed his stare on Henrietta once more.

"Almost?" he retorted with a brief smirk. The statement alone was relatively amusing, though the pain added a growl to his voice that he had no initially intended. He moved closer to Henrietta and sat on the arm of the chair she'd settled herself into, his eyes fixed anywhere but on her form as he huffed out a loud exhale of breath. "Nobody but Keith knows this, so I'm trusting you to keep this to yourself..." he started, his fingers gripping tightly to the material of his shorts. He took another breath, knowing that this would probably be the hardest thing he'd ever have to say to her. "My darkness is most comparable to Ace's fire... though, I don't control it. It acts of its own accord, and I thank the heavens that it chooses to protect me. Whenever I call the shadows to my aid, I'm hoping and praying that it hasn't already turned against me." He risked a glance down at Henrietta, but it was brief. "When the Goddess bonded me to the darkness, it was weak and, yeah, maybe I was powerful enough to control it then... But now, after..." he stopped himself there because the realisation swept over him that Henrietta knew nothing of the Goddess' ashes. "After everything," he continued, "it's... more powerful, and more individual as a result."

Carter knew he was in danger of becoming weak to the darkness, but he never allowed himself to think on it too much. He was glad that, for the moment, the darkness didn't despise him and wanted to protect him against most dangers. "It speaks to me, y'know... At first it whispered warnings and carried messages, too quiet for you to hear and in a language that no one can translate. But I knew, always. And yet, this very morning, it spoke to me, loudly and in English. It was the weirdest thing. And that's how I know that things are only getting worse." With another sigh, Carter moved from the arm of the chair and slumped in front of Henrietta as she had previously done before him, though he kept a few inches of space between them. His eyes were fixed on the floor, even as a hand reached from beneath the armchair to grip his shorts. With a passive expression, he moved his own hand towards it and sighed as it recoiled from his touch.

"I don't want to give in to the darkness," he told her, sounding almost hopelessly weak, "but I'm not strong enough to fight it alone." The hand that had once reached for the darkness then moved to rest on her knee while he pressed his forehead against the other. "I don't expect you to be able to fight me, and your strength doesn't just come from fighting... Henrietta, I need your help. I need your support. Keith understands well enough, but I find it hard to trust him in his new mental state," he murmured, deciding it was best not to elaborate. "Be strong for me, and I can hang on to the light for you." He pressed his lips to her knee in a brief kiss, before resting his forehead once more.


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#, as written by Bliss

"Almost?" Carter responded to her statement in a strange tone. Henrietta glanced at him with an arched brow. There was something off about his reply. As he approached her chair she felt herself grow slightly tense. She had to briefly her breath before exhaling in an attempt to calm herself as he sat on the armrest of her chair. But what really got to her most of all was his body language. The way he reacted as she spoke of his power and it's new characteristics. Guilt washed over her for even bringing it up since he seemed pained to talk about it.

"Nobody but Keith knows this, so I'm trusting you to keep this to yourself..." Carter began before pausing. Henrietta quickly muttered, "Of course," before he continued. "My darkness is most comparable to Ace's fire... though, I don't control it. It acts of its own accord, and I thank the heavens that it chooses to protect me. Whenever I call the shadows to my aid, I'm hoping and praying that it hasn't already turned against me. When the Goddess bonded me to the darkness, it was weak and, yeah, maybe I was powerful enough to control it then... But now, after..." Carter seemed to be choosing his words very carefully which made Henrietta almost naturally pout. He was holding back. Though she could not say she was really surprised. "After everything," he began again, "it's... more powerful, and more individual as a result."

Henrietta thought hard on this. After what? Was all she could keep asking herself. Whatever the case, obviously he was struggling to control his own power and the thought alone made her heart sink into her stomach. "Carter... But, then that means..." Henrietta quickly stopped herself before she bit down on her lip deciding against speaking up. That meant Carter was in danger. More danger than she originally anticipated. Henrietta continued to listen to his every word. Occasionally she'd frown or seem sad, mainly out of worry. Somehow his power was now sounding a lot like Ace's and somewhat of Keith's. She then watched him slip down to the floor in front of her and felt herself become somewhat bashful and even more tense. Though what made her eyes widen was when a shadow-figured hand reached for Carter from beneath her chair. A soft gasp escaped her lips and her fingers dug into the armrests of the chair anxiously. Though when the hand recoiled from his touch, it occurred to Henrietta that perhaps the darkness was actually afraid of him.

"I don't want to give in to the darkness," Carter's words wrenched at her heart. Her expression fell perplexed at the situation. "But I'm not strong enough to fight it alone." Carter had then pressed his head into her knee and her cheeks burned while her stomach fluttered. She hesitantly reached for his face again while a wave of doubt flooded through her. But her feelings were starting to get the best of her. "I don't expect you to be able to fight me, and your strength doesn't just come from fighting... Henrietta, I need your help. I need your support. Keith understands well enough, but I find it hard to trust him in his new mental state. Be strong for me, and I can hang on to the light for you." As he kissed her knee, oddly enough she felt her own body quivering. She could not hold back anymore.

Henrietta leaned forward and wrapped her arms gently around his head as she drew him in close to her chest, his head resting over her own heartbeat. She held him tightly, trying her best not to cry or completely lose her composure. She would not let go and her head rested above his as she held him close. Lightly kissing the top of his head she finally spoke, "You will never have to fight this alone. No matter what, I'll always watch your back. I promise." Her voice slightly rattled, though her words were powerful and filled with passion. She meant every single word she said. After a few shaky breaths, her tension slipped away and while she still held onto Carter, her grasp was a bit more gentle now. Instead she softly chuckled as she began to play with the tips of his hair. "Neither does your strength, you know," she stated rather tiredly. "If it were me, I'd probably have fallen apart by now."

A smirk had planted itself on her face as she let go. Rarely did she ever make light of her own flaws being that most of the time she'd just offend even herself. Stretching her arms above her head she yawned feeling somewhat sleepy but playful. "I'm still going to get Keith back for all of this. I'm going to have to knock his teeth in next time. Then break that stupid flower arm of his in half," she then grinned at Carter while she cracked her knuckles. An eye for an eye. That's what she lived by. It was fair enough for her and she'd definitely have some resolve if she fought Keith again. Though an odd fear shook her even as she said it. That dark look on his face would haunt her for some time. But she decided to keep her fears to herself. It was something she would have to come to terms with. For a moment she was staring off into space while she made a small fist in her lap. Once she realized her temper flaring she quickly released her fist and giggled somewhat nervously while darting her eyes away from Carter's gaze. It was supposed to be a joke but she was certain she meant it more than she was joking about it. Deciding to change the subject she then asked, "Did you at least talk to Louie about all of this? Maybe he can help."


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"Hey, I'm gonna hold you to that, y'know." At Carter's remark, Alice did nothing but scoff and continue walking. On her way out of the door, she heard Louie request that she tell Keith to visit Louie as soon as possible. Ace didn't respond, she only nodded and walked out the door. A cold breeze washed over her, at least it would have if she weren't the Disciple of Fire. As she walked along the sidewalk and toward the forest she knew Keith loved, Alice let her thoughts wander. Wander away from the fighting, the stress, and the exhaustion... The mess that seemed to be getting worse and worse everyday. First they were dead. Then they were back. Then they were unreasonably powerful. Then... Many things happened. Many things that Ace did not want to recall.

Heaving a sigh, Alice tucked her hair behind her ears and continued walking. Her pace was slow and her steps hesitant. She was in anything but a hurry. In fact, she was being slow on purpose. No reason in hurrying to what may or may not be one of the worst conversations in her life, right? Perhaps she was being over-dramatic... Or thinking too much. Perhaps she shouldn't think about it at all. Yes, that seemed fitting... What was she supposed to say to him? She knew how to talk to the old Keith, but... not this one. Whatever happened in the past five years; it changed him. And not just Keith, but Carter, too. Sure, Carter's change wasn't as significant, but he's definitely changed... He's more aggressive, as is the darkness... In fact, it looked almost--- alive. And Keith, he... Well, he seemed like a madman. But when Carter had mentioned -Alice nearly blushed when she thought about this- Ace, he wasn't a madman anymore. He was just... sad. Lonely, even. And then he gave her that riddle... Oh, what was it again? Ignited by something... Oh, that's right.

"Ignited by light, she left behind. Something you'll find with nothing but fire." Alice recited the riddle under her breath and ran a hand through her hair. She walked for a while longer, slowly sorting through the riddle. In no time, she found herself in front of the forest. She sighed silently, and like magic, the fireflies began gathering. Eventually, they formed a path, and with great hesitance, Ace decided to follow it. She wondered if he was even here. If she should even bother going... But there was no going back now. Of course, she could just turn around and head back to Louie's. She could lie and say she didn't find him... Well, technically, she wouldn't be lying... "Keith," She found herself muttering.

Now it really was too late. Alice found herself looking at Keith, who had woven himself a bed out of branches and roots. She didn't say anything at first, for she didn't know what to say. After a few moments of careful consideration, she spoke. "What... What the hell was that?"