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Yvette Jade

"Those---those bastards!"

0 · 1,332 views · located in Ariss

a character in “Ashes”, as played by Ruth Soul <3




"I'm sorry, do you have a problem with me? Well, that would be unfortunate--- if only I cared."

| Name |
Yvette A. Jade

| Nicknames |

Jade | Vet | Jet | Sparky;
don't call her that
(unless you want to be

| Gender |

| Eye Color |
A golden color;
fitting her personality
and power.

| Hair Color |
A dark brown

| Appears to be |
Twenty One

| Sexuality |

| Weight |
120' lbs

| Side |

| Height |

| Face Claim |
Ayuzawa Misaki


"Alright, I'm sick of this. Here's your own little how-to guide on how to not get on my nerves."
| Likes |
  • Strawberries
  • Purple
  • Making snarky comments
  • Noise
  • Talking
  • Lightning
  • Thunderstorms
  • Reading (especially during thunderstorms)
  • Messes
  • Water... after all, it does conduct electricity.

| Dislikes |
  • Silence
  • Happy-go-lucky people
  • The dark
  • Being alone
  • Book haters
  • Doing nothing
  • Love
  • Organization
  • Losing

| Fears |
  • Being alone: When Yvette's alone, she never feels comfortable. There's always been something about silence for Yvette; it drives her mad, she can't focus, she can't stop worrying...
  • The dark: It's the same situation as when she's alone.
  • Losing the battle: not only would it hit her confidence hard, but it would end in her death--- it would be her end. She'd lose everything she was standing for--- the fate she believed the realm would be better off with, and if the other disciples to act on their beliefs...

"This is where we get to the good part,"

| Power |
Seeing as Yvette's power is more focused on electric energy than anything else, she tends to stick to, well, electric energy. And some may not notice it, but her powers are somewhat based on her emotions. In fact, her aggressive and impulsive demeanor helps her in battle. Though her personality may seem to get her more in trouble than out, this is not true. In fact, when she's angry or determined, when she's caught up in the heat of the battle, she can control electricity much better than she can happy, sad or afraid. When she's angry or as some would put it, pumped, it's easier to control the flow of electricity. She can direct it better, and it creates a much more powerful blow. A lot of people look down at her personality and impulses, though in reality they're what keep her moving; what keep her sharp and strong.

Yvette's electricity fuels her. It's what she uses to pull off her impulsive moves; the extra energy she can painlessly grant herself gives her agility and a faster mind. A majority of the time her instinctive moves are considered rash and hazardous, when really it's what's been keeping her going the whole time. Yvette is actually the only one who realizes this, though she never cared to tell anyone, but someone clever and observant enough would probably be able to notice. And not only can she gift herself energy, but if she needs to run faster, or even she wants to help someone else out, she can convert her electric energy into kinetic energy; speed something or someone up.

Yvette almost never converts energy into electric energy-- she uses the electricity fueling the buildings around her to her advantage. Instead of wasting her energy, she simply steals the already converted energy around her. Of course, when she's battling, you'll know because your power will probably be out. Also, she can't 'recycle' electricity that she already used. For some odd reason, her powers simply won't allow her to use energy she's already used--- which can prove to be a problem. This is why she can't just convert some energy and use it over and over again. This is why her powers solely depend on the city's power; which can prove to be a problem at times. When she runs out of electricity, that's when she uses common sense and that 1% of defensive impulses kicks in... though she almost never runs out of electricity; the city is always sent more... In due time.


| Snarky | Messy | Aggressive | Talkative | Agile | Cunning | Impulsive | Stubborn | Determined | Selfless | Brave |
Before you go judging Yvette, you should know that she doesn't realize how rude she can get. In her mind, she's really just teasing--- she never knows when she actually hurts someone, which makes it hard for her to make friends. She'd never intentionally hurt someone's feelings; especially her friend's feelings, even though it may seem like that sometimes. Her snarky comments can get very critical and crude, and they're even worse she's angry.
"Did you just call me rude? I am not rude; I'm charming. And not only can you shut the hell up, but you can also come to realize you're the rude one here."

Most people tend to mind messes, but Yvette really doesn't care about organization. She's been messy her whole entire life, and that's a long time. By now, she's gotten used to it. In fact, she doesn't like people who are organized. She's always thought of coordinated people as self-conscious. Yvette's always thought of it as a "proper" way to act, not a more efficient way. And because she thinks it just 'proper', she feels that people who are organized are seeking some kind of acceptance.
"Hmm? You're calling me messy? At least I'm not the clean freak,"

Yvette can get really feisty at times. When she's in a fight, or some kind of argument, unless someone else ends up intervening, there's no way she's going to back down.The better the insults the other person shoots, the more determined she is to combat that person with even better burns. If she's getting beat up in battle, chances are things are going to turn around. The more weary Yvette becomes, the more she pushes herself. If she backs down from a fight, that is weakness, that is cowardly. This usually results in more injuries or wounds, or even fainting, but it can also result in a win. Also: Yvette does have a bit of a temper. She can get angry fairly easily, and it doesn't go away after a few minutes. If you get Yvette really angry, let's just say she's not going to easily forget it. Which brings us to how she feels about the Ashes--- she's actually quite conflicted. Before the argument happened --and even after-- she looked at everyone, still, as a friend. She knew hard times could come and she accepted that, though still a little bitter on the subject. Even now, she's not so sure that she wants to fight. All she knows is that the best way to handle the realm, would to let the people decide on their own. Even if the disciples were to jump in, if the people never listened to anyone else, who's to say they'll listen to the disciples? No one was even aware of their existence; they're pretty much a secret since if the Gods found out about them, they'd be dead in a second. Yes, the realm was starting to collapse. Yes, the realm needed something to stabilize it, but did they really want to risk losing the realm's defense and stabilization over a small chance that people would listen to them?
"Don't you get it? We're secret for a reason,"

If there's one thing Yvette loves, it's talking. No one has to be listening; in fact, she often talks to herself to get rid of the silence in a room (she absolutely dreads silence). It can be about how great strawberries taste, or how angry she was when the other three disciples left. It doesn't have to be anything necessarily important. Just any subject will suffice, as long as she's talking. In fact, when she is talking to herself, she still tends to make remarks-- but this time, they're about herself. If anyone were to hear her talking to herself, they'd probably come to understand that Yvette's comments usually don't mean anything personally. In fact, when she starts insulting herself, it's almost like a self reflection. She'll start to think about what she says to others, and try to make herself a little more likable. Yvette doesn't really care about what others think, but she'd at least like to keep the family she still has.
"Oi, this obsession is unhealthy... I'm scooping up strawberries like a bulldozer. And who's possessive enough to label their food? Me, apparently..."

If Yvette could be described as anything in battle, it would definitely be agile. She's fast moving, swift, and pretty smart when it comes to moving around her enemies. She can dodge attacks with ease and finds the perfect spots to lay counter attacks. But all this moving around and quick thinking gets her tired rather quickly. Even though Yvette is fit, she easily tires in battle, and can run out of breath pretty quickly. But the upside is that she can pull herself together just as quickly, but she can't move around constantly, or there will be no recovering her energy.
"HAH! Got em right on the backside--- just give me a few seconds to get my b-breath back."

Yvette can be a bit of a genius when it comes to strategy. She specializes in stealth plans, as she can easily disable security alarms, but she's always been good at sneaking around. Even when she was little, she'd creep around the orphanage, 'borrowing' cool knick-knacks and gadgets. She almost never was caught, and that continues on to this very day. She's even clever under pressure; she has fast reflexes and she thinks fast in battle. Not to mention, she's more than just an amateur thief.
"Missing something? Like, oh, I don't know--- your wallet, maybe?"

Yvette's impulses are one of her worst, yet one of her best qualities. Her impulses can easily decide the fate of a battle, whether it be the win, or the downfall. Her impulses always tell her one thing: win. If Yvette makes a move, there's a 99% chance that it's going to be offensive. This is yet another reason why Yvette ends up more injured than most. One of her fatal flaws is that she counts on her success. But if she fails, she'll still be confident-- in her companions. Half of the reason she makes such risky moves is because she believes that if she makes the wrong moves, her team will still pull through. She has lots of faith in everyone, but lately that faith has taken a beating. When the three Ashes betrayed her, as she puts it, she wasn't sure about her faith in her family. There's a little part of her that now questions whether or not she should put all of her trust in what's left of her family.
"I trust you, but can you trust me?"

Yvette isn't exactly an open-minded person. She can be quite stubborn at times, her willingness to change her mind dependent on how much she likes you. She'll listen to you more often if you make sense to her. And of course, she does listen to common sense. She's not an idiot, in other words.
"Now, give me one good reason why I should change my mind."

Yvette would give her life for her colleague's in a heartbeat. Though it may not show, she values her family above all things. She'd go insane if it weren't for the other disciples; immortality isn't exactly a gift. The few people that stay with you forever tend to be the ones you value most. They're the few people in the world that won't leave you... at least, that's what Yvette thought before the other three disciples left... But back to the topic. Yvette would do anything for those she values, and that includes the little things, too. Through little things, like buying everyone food with her own cash, or going seven floors down to fetch someone a soda, you can see that Yvette really does care for her friends.
"Hmm? Oh, I'll get it for you, don't worry."

| Physical Appearance |
If there's one thing that stands out about Yvette, it's her eyes. They're a bright golden, and they stand out in any crowd. Accompanying those bright eyes is a female, standing at 5'6, which isn't too bad of a height. She has somewhat long, dark brown hair. She really couldn't care less where her hair falls, so "it's just there," as she puts it. Her skin isn't pale, but it isn't far from pale, either. You usually see Yvette walking around in something purple; purple is her favorite color, after all. She loves to wear tunics--- boots, especially.


| Weaknesses |
  • Whenever she's alone, she is panicked, she is worried, and she can't focus.
  • Her impulses. Most of the time, she acts on impulse--- not only can that put her on somebody's bad side, but it can also lead her into dangerous situations. And she's also... let's just say she gets injured in battle, just... a bit more than most would.
  • Stubbornness. Because she is very stubborn, she tends to stick with just one idea-- (her own). She hates doing things she doesn't approve of, therefor if she's skeptical about something, she's most likely not going to help you go through with it. But if she believes in something and no one else does, there's a good chance she's not going to listen and do it anyway. But, even though she's stubborn, she still has a sense of common sense. She listens to what people have to say, and if it makes sense to her, she'll not only trust that person more, but she'll listen to that one person more often.
  • Darkness. She's afraid of the dark, and she hates being in the dark, period. Someone with the darkness power would have an advantage.
  • Wind would also be affective against Yvette. She doesn't have any kind of resistance against wind, therefor she has absolutely nothing to stop herself from being literally blown away.
  • Water could also be a weakness. But it would have to be in a certain situation--- for example, if she were to be surrounded by water with her fellow originals, she would be rendered absolutely helpless, for if she tried to use her powers (water conducts electricity) she'd end up electrocuting all of her colleagues. And due to her impulses, there would be a chance --if frightened enough-- that she could accidentally electrocute everyone. Which would be... unfortunate.
  • Her selflessness. She's a very selfless person; she wouldn't hesitate to take a bullet for you... if, of course, she appreciates your existence.
  • Yvette, mostly due to just her personality in general, has a hard time expressing that she actually likes someone. She may talk with you, but she cracks a witty remark about, well, everyone. And usually, they're not compliments. The only way she truly expresses appreciation is through actions. It could be a small favor like getting you a drink of water or saving your life for hers instead.
  • Love. She is horrible with love. Not to mention, she absolutely despises it.

| Strengths |
  • Once again, her impulses. Yes, sometimes they can lead her into very bad situations, but sometimes they can allow her to win the battle. Or argument.
  • Her setting. They live in a setting with lots of people, houses, stores, which means lots of electricity. She has seemingly an unlimited amount of electric energy to manipulate; which would help her tremendously. And it's always there... unless someone decided to knock everyone's power out.
  • She is swift, and agile. She has no problem running away, and she's known as one of the fastest runners there are. In fact, she has a trick she uses in case of emergencies. She can convert electrical energy into kinetic energy; and she can run even faster. There's only one thing she can't outrun: wind.
  • Yvette is also quite clever; she's a master when it comes to plans, though she usually isn't too open-minded.
  • If she's anything, she's determined. When she has a goal that will be the only thing in her mind. She will strive toward that goal, and she will try with all her might to reach it. If she is anything, it's NOT a quitter.
  • Her confidence can take a lot of beatings, but it's still going to be higher than most's. Yvette believes in herself, even when the odds are against her. She always believes in her own ideas --and her colleagues--, no matter how dire the situation. She can also be encouraging when others are feeling in doubt. Her words almost never fail to lift one's soul... she can also be very daunting when it comes to trash talk.
  • Yvette is never afraid to dive into battle. One of her best traits is her bravery. She isn't afraid of pain, she isn't afraid of anyone (as far as everyone else knows).
  • Not only that, but she can also take an insult. Or many insults. She has a very high self esteem-- but she isn't coincided.


| Relations to Other Characters |

| Louie Orihara | Role: Doctor | Side: Both Ashes and Originals | Relationship Status: "Well, if I had to describe Louie, I'd probably call him something like a brother. Of course, there are better brothers in the world, but... better one than none, right?"
The relationship between Louie and Yvette is more like a big brother, little sister relationship. In fact, she often receives counsel from him and she has a well-found respect for him, though she never really shows it. Of course, she never really shows her respect for anyone.

| Henrietta Cypress | Role: Disciple of the Earth | Side: Originals | Relationship Status: "Her? Have you seen her temper?" Yvette doesn't get along well with Henrietta; in fact, they are often seen arguing. She has a hard time taking in Henrietta's temper, and finds her anger unreasonable. In Yvette's mind, she's only joking. But someone might need to explain to Yvette why Henrietta gets so frustrated with her all the time.

| Iraa | Role: Disciple of the Wind | Side: Originals | Relationship Status: "Temper tantrum number two..." Iraa and Yvette have never gotten along. Whether it be through fights or constant bickering, their personalities have always conflicted. Though they try not to intentionally provoke one another, in the end, a fight between the two of them is inevitable.

| Neris | Role: Disciple of Water | Side: Ashes | Relationship Status: "Some people need to learn how to shut up," Yvette has never looked at Neris in a fond way. Yvette has never taken kindly to Neris's sarcasm. But even though their relation is

| Carter | Role: Disciple of Darkness | Side: Ashes | Relationship Status: "--"

| Alice | Role: Disciple of Fire | Side: Originals | Relationship Status: "What is up with her? I mean, seriously? 'Fire is not an object, it's a soul, and it must be treated with respect.' Really?" Yvette isn't that aquatinted with Alice, and at times, Alice finds it hard to hold her tongue when it comes to Yvette's snide remarks. There is definitely some tension between them, and it isn't often that they get along well.

| Seishin | Role: Disciple of Spirits | Side: Originals | Relationship Status: "Ehh..." Yvette has never really known what to think of Sei. In fact, she's always been rather puzzled and somewhat alarmed around him, mostly because she's never been called 'cute' before. And she doesn't know how to take that. You could say Yvette and Sei are standing on neutral ground, because even though she tends to be a little uncomfortable around him, they do make a nice team while in battle.

| Keith | Role: Disciple of the Ground | Side: Ashes | Relationship Status: "My life would be so much better without his presence." There are definitely some harsh feelings between Yvette and Keith. In fact, Yvette has never really liked Keith. She absolutely despises his charm and the way he messes with people, and over the years she's lost almost all trust with him. And after the argument, Yvette's disdain for Keith increased even more.

So begins...

Yvette Jade's Story


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The book hit the floor with a loud thud, and along with it came a loud clap of thunder. Distaste and exhaustion was written all over Yvette's face as she stared at all the books she'd thrown at the floor. Each one she'd marked and read over at least three times before she let it hit the ground. None of them were useful. There were too many possibilities. Hundreds of books, thousands of pages, millions of options. How long had she been awake trying to narrow it down? They could've boosted their powers with almost anything. She was getting nowhere, and yet, she still looked for an answer.

Yvette popped yet another strawberry into her mouth. The others, regrettably, are smart. They would not challenge the four who agreed with Yvette without some kind of--- some kind of advantage. An edge. That much was obvious. But the question remained, what was in their favor? What gave them the upper hand? This, Yvette could not figure out. Out of all the books she read, she found at least one hundred possibilities. And what were the odds of her finding the right enhancement? Not high, that's for sure. But Yvette couldn't rest until she found it; until she knew what gave them such confidence.

When she reached for another strawberry, to her discontent, she soon found she'd eaten every last strawberry in the box. Yvette heaved a sigh when she saw an empty mug sitting right next to the anything but full plastic box that used to be overflowing with red, delicious strawberries. So not only had Yvette run out of her precious strawberries, but she'd run out of the one thing that had been keeping her awake--- coffee. She'd always had a caffeine addiction... It kept her going through nights like these.

As Yvette hopped off of her bed and took a few seconds to stretch, her thoughts wandered to a different subject. Namely, how quiet it was in the room. In fact, this silence happened to be getting on her nerves. It was too silent. Her room was too vacant. Yvette, quite uncomfortable, snatched the mug off of her nightstand and made her way out of the room, tugging on the hem of her sleeve, slowly tearing apart the fabric. Speaking of attire, Yvette was wearing what she usually wore to sleep; a pair of loosely fitting gray sweatpants that she found most comfortable, and a purple knit sweater. Though, one sleeve is shorter than the other, due to Yvette's unintentional dismantle of the sweater-- it was just a nervous habit Yvette had; fiddling with the hem of her sweater until it began to rip itself apart.

"What time is it?" Yvette suddenly murmured. Surely, it can't be that late, she thought. "It has to be somewhere... somewhere around eleven at night, right? Maybe even midnight."

The more she talked to herself, the more she eased her panic. She could never stand silence, or being alone. And on that note, she thought, where is everyone? Well, they're in their rooms, of course. At least, the four she still called allies were. The other three disciples... she didn't have a clue. After they split up, so far, there hasn't been much news. In fact, they'd only split up about a week ago... after the fight, things had been pretty silent between the two groups. Though the tension is always there, even when they aren't present.

But, speaking of the other disciples... they were talking about them last night. Everyone seemed to agree that there was no way the others would challenge them without some kind of edge. So, Yvette volunteered to try and narrow down the options. But of course, that wasn't working out so well. It's not like she had any hints to lay the tracks with. There were thousands of possibilities...

But that didn't mean she wasn't going to give up. She wasn't going to stop until she read every book about enhancements as she could possibly find. As Yvette made her way to the kitchen, she scowled at the new environment. Due to what some would call security issues, the five of them switched living quarters. If the other three were willing to fight this out... It wouldn't exactly be a good thing if they knew where the five lived.

Having entered the kitchen and started up the coffee machine, Yvette opened the door to the refrigerator-- only to find there were no strawberries left. She stared at the fridge for a while, her thoughts not on food but the other disciples...

She still couldn't believe they had left them... After an array of hurtful words and nasty burns, Yvette was actually left quite sorrowful... And regarding the disciples, they were a subject she just couldn't get out of her mind. Slightly dismayed and distracted due to her lack of strawberries, she began to connect the two subjects. Just as the strawberries were, after what seemed like barely an hour of debating, the others were simply... gone.

[COMMENCE POSTING! Also, quick side note here, with this post my main goal was to set the scene for everyone else. ((The time is supposed to be six in the morning. Our friend Yvette here pulled an all-nighter. Also, winter is supposed to be around the corner, so the cold weather is approaching... Just something to keep in mind. And as you might have caught, there is indeed a thunderstorm outside, supposedly caused by Yvette.)) Anyway, I think I set the scene pretty well for the Originals... my theory was that they didn't know about what gave the Ashes their power boost, but they highly suspected some kind of edge.

And I'm not exactly in the position to set the scene for the Ashes, regrettable as that may be... Uhh... well, they probably found themselves somewhere else to stay as well. Their plans, I cannot be sure of, whether they want to take defense or offense is really just up to the Ashes. As for the Originals, I'd say the same thing-- offense or defense, your character can probably suggest something. I was really just giving us something to start on. Also, if you were wondering, Alice is sleeping. That's why I didn't post for her... yet.]


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#, as written by Bliss


Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The clock chirped with a pair of somber eyes staring up at the ticking hands of the grandfather clock. It was one minute past six and the sun was hardly shining through the open blinds. Heavy rain kept battering at the glass window and occasionally you could hear the sky rumble with a crack of lightning and thunder shortly following. A dim candle continued to burn on the cherry maple vanity located on the right side of the room. Hard wax surrounded the candle holder from where the candle dripped. It was almost at the end of its life. They really were gone after all.

Henrietta heaved a long sigh as she pulled her legs in close to her chest. She was wearing a light pink pajama set that buttoned down in the front. Faded patterns could be seen running up and down her shirt and pants. There was a light chill lingering in her room accompanied by the burning cinnamon scent of incense. The incense kept Henrietta somewhat calm and comforted when she was alone. Another sleepless night of tossing and turning. After waking up for the sixth time throughout the night, Henrietta gave up and decided to sit on the cold, hard wooden floor for the remainder of the night. It had only been a week since Carter, Neris and Keith had vanished. The argument between all eight of them constantly made her feel sick to her stomach. She couldn't believe they just left without saying a word. How dare they? Who do they think they are? They are all in this together. Suddenly Henrietta found herself throwing a punch at the hard wooden floor and felt the tingling and burning sensations in her knuckles.

"When I see them I'm going to pound some sense back into them!" she grunted while rising to her feet.

She walked over to her window to glance outside only to see how dreadfully gloomy it was. Dark clouds, heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Why it was so sunny the day before! "Curse this storm," she grumbled feeling more irritated than before. Though she kept hearing the rumbles in the clouds while noticing it was lightning more than usual. This raised her suspicions but she quickly pushed it out of her mind as she began to throw on her usual attire. She slipped on her black and red dress then brushed her hair, finishing with tying the ends of her hair together. She started to smell fresh coffee brewing and felt a sudden warmth. It was one of those smells she'd always love waking up to. But then the emptiness took it's hold on her again. On her vanity stood a picture of the eight disciples in a group photo. She had picked it up while brushing her thumb over the picture. Things would never be the same again after all these wretched centuries together. Carter, Neris and Keith... they abandoned them! Abandoned her! And then she threw the picture against the wall in a short blind rage.

Slinging her bag over her right shoulder, Henrietta did not even consider that she'd wake anyone up and stormed out of her room with her eyes set on the outdoors. When she went past the kitchen and saw Yvette shuffling through the refrigerator, she paused in her steps. She wondered why Yvette was up so early? Then she remembered last night's discussion between the remaining five disciples, herself included. For once she did not participate in the discussion that much. She did not want to hear or even think about all eight of them fighting. If they left, good riddance! She 'did not' care and started making herself believe they wanted to leave all along. However, she was not accounting for her irritable mood these past few days. At this rate someone would begin to ask her questions since she was not being her usual self. She just could not bring herself to pretend over something like this. Yet she felt a pang of guilt when she saw Yvette. Not once had she even acknowledged how the others were feeling.

Feeling compelled to say something, she found herself murmuring, "You're up early."

It was a brief statement and slightly forced. She felt herself blush a bit and quickly looked away feeling a tad bit embarrassed. Yvette and Henrietta were never a pair to exchange words with each other over personal matters. But she wanted to put it out there that she was also thinking of the others too.


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#, as written by Arisato
Image "Dad, I can't sleep with all this noise." Jurdy came rolling out of his be and into the his fathers Potions Room/Store. It's the one place he is found most in.

Their home is a little different from others here. It's located right smack dab in the middle of everyone. Their home is pretty much the borderline from the Ashes and the Originals. The Potions Store is open to everyone who wants to buy. He only has one major rule. If anyone fights on his property, he will drop them forever from his life and banish them from his land.

"Would you like a sleep potion?" Louie turned around with two different colored potions in his hands with a slight smirk like smile.

"How many times do I have to tell you! No! Get those things away from me!" Jurdy started to back away.

"Aw come on! It will only take a second!" His smirk became a big grin as he started to step closer.

"Dad I mean it! This isn't funny! Ugh, Fine, I'll sleep in your room." Jurdy started to run away and slammed the bedroom door shut.

Louie chuckled to himself as he put the Potions down on the counter. "Don't forget your studies. I'll quiz you later!"

Silence came from the next room, causing Louie to laugh a bit. Jurdy never went to school, he was home schooled; by his father. It was the only way he knew how to keep him safe from everything that was happening.

It was a long night, even with the storm that came by, it still hadn't stopped and it was already 6am. Still, it didn't stop the smell of winter that lingered in the air. Soon it would be time to pull out the heaters and turn on the fireplace. If his potions where to get frozen over it, would be bad for everyone.

Doc! Help! We were just playing and...and...I don't know what happened! A boy came in carrying another boy on his back. Panting and sweating, he tried to come inside the doors.

The smell of blood flushed over the room in an instant, Louie could tell right away where it came from. "Don't worry, he'll be fine. Just tell me what happened?" Louie went straight to the boy after picking up a potion. He took the boy off the other and carried him into the room next door of the shop.

This room was where he did his 'magic'. He placed the boy down on the operating table and then quickly washed his hands and slipped on some medical gloves. After that he started to cut off a leg of the boy's pants. The bone was piercing out of the skin. it was broken perfectly in half.

"We were playing and all of a sudden this wild animal came shooting out after us. It took Richy down and.."

"Wild animal?" He looked at the boy laying on the table. It didn't look like it came from an animal. Most likely a human. There were finger prints on his neck as if the boy was being choked right after his leg broke.

"I think so, I couldn't tell. It was too dark."

Louie poured the potion over the boys leg and in an instant the boy let out a howling scream of pain. "I'll have to push the bone back in place. Excuse me, you'll have to leave." And next thing they knew, he slowly started to push the bone back in, the boys cries became out even louder and he kept passing out after ever scream. Quickly, Louie jammed the bone back in place until he heard the bones grinding together. Sliding his chair over he sat down and started to cut open the leg skin and began drilling in bone bolts right into kid. "This should help keep the bone in place. He'll probably have to keep it there for about half a year. It was a pretty messy break..." He paused after mumbling to himself, the potion was kicking in and the boy was knocked out. He got up quickly to grab some gauze and clothes to soak up the blood.

"He's losing too much blood, you should have hooked him up to a blood pack before doing this." He looked up at the boy, his skin was a bit paled. Spinning in his chair he slid over to the fridge and grabbed a blood bag. Getting up he hung it from a metal pole and shoved a needled into the boys arm after disinfecting the spot. "There, he should be fine in about 5 minutes.

Looking at the wound and sighed. "Time to close him up before the potion wears off." That's just what he did, the whole time he mumbled to himself as he worked. He answered himself and slid around the room many times. It was enough to make one dizzy, but not Louie, he was use to it.

After he was done it was about 6:40 am. The boy was asleep on the table and his friend was waiting in the shop. "Your friend is fine, he's just resting. You can stop worrying now." He walked up the kid, placing his hand on the boy's head to calm the boy. "Go home and let his parents know. I'll have to keep him for the day to see how he is doing."

The boy thanked him and left. It wasn't even 8am and it was already a busy morning. "You'll need coffee and you'll need to start working on 'that' potion." He yawned and did just that.


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Image Getting up early in the morning was always a drag for Sei, but it was something he had to do in order to keep up with everyone else. He was more of a night person, just like his Spirits, he is strongest and night and more willing for the day ahead. Today was different, today he was headed over to visit Sei and most likely buy a few potions off of him. His potions was the best ever, it worked faster than medication and it tasted better too.

Sei and Louie had a Brother to Brother relationship, it was also the kind of relationship that Sei looked up to Louie, not only for what the mad did, but the man was smart, quick and very skilled. He has yet to see Louie fail in anything he does. It was truly amazing and everyone accepted him for it. Some where deep in Sei's heart he wondered why no one else could be more like this man.

The one thing that sucked about this morning was the weather. Sei's expression dropped even more and he had become sluggish. "Great.." He sighed itching the side of his head. Letting his hair fall out all over the place, though it was never messy even after bed. His reflection shined on the window as he stared out watching the lightening go off along with a loud 'Kaa boom'. He wore no shirt, that revealed all his tattoos and had baggy black pants on. He would have slept naked if it wasn't for the cold winter that was about to come. This also was a drag for him, sleeping with clothes on always felt uncomfortable to him.

I need caffeine. He thought to himself as he started to smell coffee being brewed up. Smells good. Forgetting to put a shirt on by getting distracted from the coffee smell. He headed down stairs and straight into the kitchen, pausing in the door way.

"You're up early." Henri murmured her words and started to blush as she spoke to Yvette. Those two never did really talk and when they did, it always made everyone around them feel just as awkward as they felt talking to one and another.

"Good morning Ladies." Sei's voice was gentle as he smiled tiredly at them. Leaning his body against the fame of the door with his arm up and his hand dangling into his hair that feel over his long neck and shoulders, hiding part of his tattoo. "Mind if I have a cup of that Yvette?" He nodded to the coffee that she was making. The smell was refreshing to him.

Yvette was Sei's partner from the very beginning when it came down the the battle field. They worked well together. Even during the time Keith had to work with them, he still needed her there. As much as he disliked depending on people, he sort of grew up with her so it was different an acceptation in a way.

Henri she was also something he could use for his kind of powers, but never has he tried. Though, she was a sweet girl, he had made a mistake in using someone bounded to the Earth. Keith was a Nature guy, to Sei it was sort of the same thing. And no matter how strong the two were, never was he going to make the mistake again. Besides, for him, the powers with the anything of the Earth, couldn't stretch the way he liked. It was too weak for him, he was use to more power. The Earth was too gentle and so was it's Nature.

He walked up to Henri and placed his hand on her head."You ladies are up awfully early. Couldn't sleep with the storm?" Though, from the looks of it.. His eyes slowly moved from Henri's face, directly to Yvette's eyes as if he was reading her like an open book. Yvette never slept. He smiled briefly, he wasn't about to press that on with her. Telling a women she looks like she needs sleep, is a death sentence.

The door bell started to ring, this put Sei on a bit of the defensive side. He dropped his hand from Henri's head and stepped back, moving his way to the door, staring out the peep hole. No one was there, who ever it was left it seemed. Probably just some kids playing ding dong ditch. He shook his head and headed back to the kitchen. "Kids"


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#, as written by Bliss


Drip, drip, drop. Water could be heard splattering onto the ground, falling from the cracks of the concrete ceiling. The place smelt disgusting and musky from the burnt wooden wall frames. Occasionally one could hear small pieces of wood detach and fall onto the mucky floor. Sometimes sediment would even fall from the ceiling leaving behind small, scattered holes where the sunlight would escape through. There were cracked windows, broken lights and a surplus of broken machinery. Sitting atop a pile of rubble stood a gaunt looking boy attempting to read a book in a small stream of sunlight. He'd try to shift the book around in an attempt to get the best angle, but it was impractical. What a foul place. This odor is quite repulsive. Keith rubbed his eyes then stretched his arms with a yawn. Laying his head back against the wall, he began to wonder when Carter would return. He felt rather bored. They'd been traveling together for a week only to settle into this dump. Too many priorities, not enough fun.

Keith shut his eyes with a smirk on his face while folding his arms behind his head. He felt himself about to doze off when he heard a pair of fluttering wings accompanied by buzzing. Still smirking, he glanced forward to find a ladybug landing soundly on his knee. Happily, he extended his finger for the ladybug to crawl on. Bringing the insect closer to his face, he began to speak in a foreign tongue that no book or mortal could ever have knowledge of. It was a native tongue unique to himself and the creatures of Ariss.

"Ladybugs don't belong in bleak, desolate buildings," Keith chuckled with amusement. "What brings you to my exquisite abode?"

"Oh my! I knew the rumors were true! You can hear us! No one would believe me, you see. I even began to have doubts so I came to see for myself," The ladybug squealed in a high pitched tone.

"Hm?" Keith snickered. "You ladybugs are such frivolous creatures. Care to hear me play a song? They call me Keith, King of The Forest!"

"Y-You're a king?" the red bug stuttered. "Forgive me your majesty, where are my manners? Though... what is a song?"

"Well of course I'm a king, what else would I be? And as for a song? Oh well it is a tune, an anthem, a ballad, a hymn! It is the very essence of us mortals that shapes our futures." Keith chanted with a clap. "What is your name, my humble bug?"

"Oh my!" the bug squeaked. "My name is Spruce, sir. Yes, it is Spruce."

Keith had a devious smile on his face. This splendid insect was in fact, adorable in his eyes. He fooled little Spruce into thinking he was a king! He felt himself chortle as he continued his little game. Tied to his belt was his wooden flute in which he always carried. It was an heirloom given to him a long time ago. Centuries ago, in fact. After a lifetime of practice, one could say he was a master at playing this flute amongst other things. The flute had an intricate design with tiny music notes carved into it. It was an item he had always treasured but never explained why. He brought the flute to his lips and softly spoke, "Now listen." And so he played a classical tune ever so elegantly. It was as if the flute was an extension of himself. When he finished, Spruce was clapping his tiny legs together with joy.

"How wonderful! How gracious! My King, I adore you!" Spruce exclaimed with smiles and giggles. "Oh! I must spread the news of how beautiful our King is!"

And there went the ladybug named Spruce. Keith could not help but chortle again at the naive red insect. He suddenly felt a yearning to feel fresh grass brush against his feet as he'd walk through a field. But this was a city, and they were in a deserted building with many tasks to complete of course. He disliked how dark it was inside, but just enough sunlight punctured through the building and it was spacious enough. Carter, Neris and himself would make this place into something splendid and luxurious! Though perhaps he was the only one who envisioned red satin carpets running down corridors coated with mahogany wood aligned with gold. When he heard loud footsteps and a clacking sound that vanished upon arrival which appeared to be a skateboard, his eyes darted towards the front of the building. He saw Carter entering while holding a bag of food that he then threw onto stacked concrete.

"Keith, Neris! I bought some food for us, so come and get it." he heard Carter echo.

Keith inhaled a deep breath before front flipping off the pile of rubble he was resting on. He landed soundly on the ground hardly making any noise. As always, he liked to make flashy appearances. With a sly smile, he strolled towards Carter while crossing his arms coming to a full stop a few feet away from him.

"Food you say? You arrived in such a prompt timely manner." Keith noted with a hint of sarcasm, implying Carter had been gone awhile. "What did you bring?"


"You ladies are up awfully early. Couldn't sleep with the storm?"

Surprisingly, though really not that surprisingly, Henrietta grunted as Sei placed his hand softly on her head. She swatted his hand away feeling herself grow more irritated and began to clench her fists. While glancing at the floor she heard the door bell ring and she felt startled. Yet she felt a longing weld up inside her. Perhaps they're back! Which was of course her first thought. Though she was only left disappointed when she saw Sei shake his head and say, "Kids."

Henrietta felt that familiar frustration inside her again. She grabbed a stool to sit at the kitchen's island and dug her fists into her cheeks. She felt grumpy and began to have second thoughts of going outside during the storm. The lights were flickering here and there with intervals of lightning that made everything bright and seemingly white for a few brief seconds. Glancing at Yvette again, she couldn't help but notice her flustered expression. Okay Henri, you've got this. Just be calm. Be strong. Yes, strong... I haven't been strong enough and I must be now more than ever.

"Hey! Can I join you and Sei with a cup of coffee as well?" she grinned and forced herself to sit upright. "Strange storm we're having too... I was just about to go outside."

And then she heard another crack of lightning. For some reason this storm was beginning to make her feel uneasy. She glanced out the closest window then back towards Yvette. Then back towards the window, then Yvette again. Her suspicions began to rise again and she even arched her eyebrow without really thinking about it. But she forced herself to smile firmly again, hoping no one noticed her array of expressions in the past few minutes.


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It was only for a few more seconds that Yvette thought she was alone. In fact, it wasn't until she heard a loud crash that she'd realized she wasn't the only one awake. Part of her was disappointed; for if people were waking up, that meant it was morning... and if it was morning, then Yvette had missed her interval for sleep, which meant if she didn't want to be nocturnal for the rest of her life, she'd have to wait until tonight to sleep. "Well..." She began to frown. "...So much for sleep."

Yvette had always been fond of her rest, and the fact that she didn't have any last night was very disturbing to her. And this lack of sleep called for a rather cranky Yvette. So, when Henrietta approached, she couldn't help but mutter a few words of complaint under her breath. She wasn't in the mood for an argument, much less a pointless one. They were never known to get along well.

"You're up early,"

As she heard Henrietta speak, Yvette took a small breath and turned around, coffee now boiling... only to find Sei, along with Henrietta, with no shirt on. And this, was to Yvette's great displeasure. As weird as it may be, she never enjoyed it when a man was missing a piece or two of his clothing.. in fact, Yvette found it a discomfort. She's never been the flirtiest person, and she never will be. She's never taken being flirted with as a complement, either. She's never known how to take, it really. All it ever does is make her uncomfortable.

Which is one of many reasons as to why she was against him shirtless.

When she heard Sei request her coffee, she responded with a rather snide tone of voice. "Yes, actually."

And yet, despite her words, she was still going to make him a cup. In her mind, she was really just teasing. "You ladies are up awfully early. Couldn't sleep with the storm?"

Yvette smirked at his comment. Unlike most of the disciples, she enjoyed a good thunder storm, and for some reason it gave her a small sense of pleasure that the others did not. And speaking of the storm outside, she'd created it herself. Creating thunder storms helped her vent; it helped her get rid of her frustration.

As she shuffled around in the kitchen for more cups, now one for Sei and Henrietta, she heard yet another comment about the storm-- though this time, Henrietta was the one to reference the storm.

"Strange? Why strange?" Yvette asked, with a chime. After she was done finding cups and making everyone coffee, she flicked her wrist. Like clockwork, the lights flickered and the sky brightened.




Ace went from soundly asleep to ready for action within seconds. There she was, feet hanging off the bed, body up straight, heart racing, and eyes as wide as plates. She never liked the sound that thunder created. But she never thought she'd be woken up by it, much less in this manner.

It took Ace a few seconds to figure out what was going on; and a few more to realize it was the storm outside that had woken her up. Sighing in the slightest, she took a moment to catch her breath. As relieved as she was that there wasn't anything to panic about, there was a part of her hoping no one saw her small outburst, as she would put it, or heard her by any chance--- the last thing she wanted was to look like a wimp...

But nevertheless, she had thought. If it was morning, then surely the others were up, which meant she might as well be awake and functioning, too. With a slight hesitance, she hopped off of her bed, revealing what she had wore to bed-- which wasn't much but a matching two piece; a thin, dark red tank top lined with black lace at the top. Her pajama pants were thin as well; sharing the same dark red color and black lace at the edges. Her pajamas were not very warm at all, which one would find peculiar due to the encroaching cold weather-- but since Ace was the disciple of fire, she almost never became cold, and winter was never a problem for her. Though snow was a different story entirely.

The first thing on Ace's get ready list was to, regrettably, take a shower. Though water did tend to make Ace feel quite sick, eventually, it couldn't be avoided. Of course, while taking a shower Ace was not one to take her time or wash her hair (she'd rather do that in a sink), but hygiene was a nice trait to have... And after a while, if one doesn't take a shower, they tend to have an... unpleasant aroma. Ace would rather go through a thirty second to one minute shower every other day than stink like a sewer for the rest of eternity.

And, so, she coped. As unappealing as the thought was, Ace headed to the bathroom only to flick the shower on to its fullest warming capacities, and step into the pouring hot water. The moment the water came into contact with her skin, Ace felt a sudden yet expected onslaught of nausea. She had to keep herself from falling over; her muscles wanting to bail on her. But as painful as it seemed, she sucked it up and took a sharp breath, while forcing herself to wait a good thirty seconds. And as fast as she came into the shower, she leapt out.

With the water still running, she yanked a towel out of the bathroom's closet, and dried herself off. After she dried off for the most part, she draped the towel around herself like a cloak, and headed back to her bedroom. After tying her soaking wet hair into a bun, held together by a red ribbon, she slipped on a black, loosely fitting dress, along with a pair of red shorts on under it. She found it was much easier to move around in said clothing.

Finally ready by her standards, she stepped into the living room only to find Sei, Henrietta and Yvette, and be welcomed by the smell of fresh coffee. She took it upon herself to grab a stool and a seat next to a not-so-happy Disciple of the Earth. She flashed Henrietta a small smile, noticing she was in a grumpy mood.

"Hello," Ace said, softly.


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#, as written by Bliss

Henrietta was slightly taken aback by Yvette's flick of the wrist suddenly stopping the storm. There went her attempt at being nice and so she narrowed her eyes at Yvette. Sheesh. Can't she open up a bit? She took hold of her cup of coffee and sipped while still staring at Yvette for a few more seconds. They were then interrupted by Alice's entrance. She couldn't help but feel herself perk up a bit when Alice sat beside her.

She threw a smile back at her then said, "Hey Ace."

Then her mind wandered back towards last week's argument. She couldn't help but feel sorrowful for Alice and her situation with Keith. She had noticed before his disappearing the two were pretty close to each other and often together. Then her thoughts rested on Carter and Neris. The thought of Carter made her face feel warm and her chest feel empty. And with Neris gone... She didn't quite know how she'd keep her temper steady for much longer. Their betrayal ran deep in her heart and made her fist clench around her coffee so much so the cup shattered and the coffee sizzled on her hand and the table. Staring in disbelief at what she'd done, she rushed to her feet to grab paper towels to wipe the mess while muttering under her breath.

"I should go just go outside now. No storm means I can hit stuff," she mumbled under breath while violently wiping away the spilled coffee. I should have just gone out to begin with. This is just great! Glancing back at her hand that had crushed the cup, she noticed she had burnt herself a bit. She hardly even noticed and still wouldn't glance at anyone's face. She knew she was on the verge of taking her frustrations out on someone and that now was not the time to do so.


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Image Sei looked over as Henri spoke about the storm and Yvette's flick of the wrist. Just like that, the weather brightened up and the sun started to shine through the window's curtains. And Alice had finally showed herself. He chuckled softly under his breath and walked out of the kitchen. Running his hand through his long hair, he went back to his room and changed his clothes. A white long sleeved shirt, that had a turtle neck. Along with a pare of fitting black pants to go along with it.

Rubbing his neck, he could feel his body take a tole on him due to yesterdays work. He spent all day trying to work with a new spirit and he did it alone. He's been working on ways to use Yvette less during battle, but they've been together for so long, it was found difficult.

"Tch" Liking his tongue in frustration. He hit his hand lightly on his door frame just before leaving his room and heading back down stairs. Stopping himself he walked to the living room and leaned against the window, his body holding the curtain back as he stared outside, watching water drops shine here and there.

There was a problem he had run into and it wasn't like anything before. He was use to dealing with new spirits, but this one wanted more than just to mark him like the others had. He wanted apart of his soul's rarest of energies. All spirits take energy that the body gives off, but this one wanted to have a part that no one else can get to so easily. The power of the soul's Heart Span. It was a tough bargain. His heart will be marked of course, but the strain it'll take on his him, it could lead him into the darkness. If he turned out to not be strong enough, he could be lost.

He leaned his head back against the curtains, keeping his head tilted to the side, to still look outside. It was almost time for him to head out and see Louie. He smiled slightly and grabbed his coat that was left hanging on the stair rail. And made his way back to the kitchen door. He lifted his free hand and smiled. "I am about to go see dear Louie. Anyone care to join?"

He wondered if Louie ever finished 'that' potion he had asked him to make earlier yesterday morning. He didn't want anyone to know about it, so he had ask Louie in secret to create it for himself. And just like that Louie was more and excited enough to make it with no questions asked. If there was questions, Sei was sure he didn't know how to answer them well enough for Louie or anyone else to understand.

The only thing that made him worry was if the potion was alright to ask of him to make without a good reason. There was no trade, no bargain, it was just a simple... 'I'll do it'. Maybe he'll buy the man some sweets or ingredients for other potions. Stopping by the market with Louie should pay off if he bought whatever the man needed. It was the least he could do. The man's potions are not cheap, but rather spendy.


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Ace knew Henrietta was troubled, but she didn't imagine she'd wield enough anger to obliterate her coffee cup. As soon as the coffee made contact with her hand, Ace knew that it had burned Henrietta. She could sense the heat from the drink transfer to her hand, and at that moment she decided that she wasn't going to let Henrietta have to deal with her anger herself.

Even Ace had a hard time holding her tongue when Carter, Neris, and Keith showed up just a week ago, challenging them, even! What especially threw off, and even hurt her was... well, Keith. She was so depressed when he'd disappeared; she-- she couldn't have imagined what had happened. That he was getting ready to challenge her and the other four, all that time, without telling her a word of it hit Ace hard. She couldn't stand the thought of it; whenever she tried to understand what was going on, she felt sick to her stomach. Sick with betrayal, confusion, anger and sorrow. And yet... she still missed him.

With a quick shaking of her head, and a small intake of air, she pushed the subject away. Still worried about Henrietta, she hopped off of her stool and trailed after her. Yes, she was risking being a victim of Henrietta's rage, but she couldn't stand there and watch her fellow disciple wallow in her anger, alone. "I'll be right back."

And with that, she was out the door.


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"Well then," Yvette muttered. "That was... unnecessary. And there goes a perfectly good cup, too. And coffee. I shouldn't have bothered making it,"

With a sigh, she watched Ace follow after Henrietta, and instead of bothering with that, turned to Sei. "You're going out? Hm."

As much as she wanted to continue her scavenge for answers, she wasn't going to let Sei go out alone. If Carter, Keith and Neris had some enhancement, an encounter --especially three to one-- would be most displeasing. And since he was going to visit Louie, there was a higher chance that they'd happen to run into each other, which again, would cause all kinds of trouble for them.

If they had to fight... Yvette was hoping to win. "I'll go with you. But wait," Something suddenly crossed her mind. Everyone seemed to be up...

"Where's Iraa? I don't think she'd be too happy to wake up to, well, no one. We should probably wait until she wakes up to leave... in fact..." Yvette took a moment to clear her throat, before shouting, "IRAA! GET YOUR SORRY ARSE UP!"


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#, as written by Bliss

For a brief moment Henrietta was distracted by Ace exiting the household and Sei preparing to see Louie. She had just finished cleaning up the mess she caused. She ignored Yvette's snarky comment and didn't bother apologizing. Everyone was acting so nonchalant yet their faces said otherwise. Feeling tired of beating around the bush and ignoring Sei's offer, she crossed her arms and directed her attention back to Yvette. "Did you find anything yet?" she blurted impatiently. However, she thought about it twice without even letting Yvette reply. "Never mind, don't even answer."

She then grabbed her bag and stormed out the house brushing past Sei without saying goodbye. She headed for the back where a large field awaited her and began to wonder where Ace had headed. But it no longer concerned her. She stomped her feet on the ground with each step looking for ground that wasn't moist and mushy from the storm. At last when she found a hard and somewhat dry spot she spread her feet apart and began to lift her arms, appearing to be lifting something heavy. While she flexed both her triceps and biceps, she lifted the solid Earth beneath her. It rose in a square shape becoming a small pillar. Inhaling a deep breath, she stepped back then punched the pillar she created repeatedly, sending shards of rock hundreds of feet away that would strike the trees then shatter into bits. With each punch she felt the adrenaline rush from her fists throughout her body. She finished off her exercise by lifting the remains of the pillar into the air, forcing her attention on the gravitational forces all around. At first she struggled feeling herself push past her limits as she altered the forces pushing against and bouncing off the rock. Then suddenly she lifted the rocks at least ten feet into the air but quickly dropped them to the ground. Sweating she felt herself fall back towards the ground from exhaustion. Laying flat she gazed into the sky as the sun began to emerge again amongst the clouds. Why am I so tired today? Oh... wait... it must be because I didn't get enough sleep. Shutting her eyes she felt her heart racing and heaved short breaths, but it wasn't long before her breath and heart rate steadied once more. What are we going to do?


Glancing back at Carter then around the abandoned building, Keith broke the awkward silence in a more serious tone, "I have a proposal. I'm sure the others are preparing for our next encounter. We should also prepare."

On spur of the moment, he grinned and threw his hands into the air, "Perhaps we can joust?"

But then his eyes fell somber within seconds. He was torn between whether or not they should practice with each other or seek out the other disciples. He wondered what their motives would be. Then his thoughts fell on Sei. His best match when the disciples were together. Together they were practically an army, but Keith felt a strong desire to defeat his former comrade. He wished there were woods or some forest nearby where he could seek an animal companion that would carry him towards their old residence. He was still unaware the five disciples were even smart enough to move. It would be much faster than traveling on foot, but to his dismay there were hardly any greens and just the familiar gray concrete of the city.

"Let us plan our next move. We should practice or at least find jobs to refurbish this dreadful place. Quite frankly, I for one cannot stand this stench." Keith said with boredom. "It's also much too dark in here. Though I'm sure Carter doesn't mind."

He flashed Carter another look with a snicker. But his gaze fell as he felt his heart skip a beat and his vision fade for a brief second. He could have sworn he had felt this before. The strange desire to wring someone's neck. But the thought left his mind as quickly as it entered. Immediately he was silent and staring into space, his icy blue eyes appearing clouded for a long moment.

"I'm headed outside." he stated firmly and left Neris and Carter behind without another word.

The sun was starting to peak through the vanishing clouds even though there was a storm raging out here not even a minute ago. He only listened, hoping for some sign of life to appear. Even birds perhaps, but it was dead silent.


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Iraa woke from her light sleep with a start. Had she actually slept last night? Although it seemed unlikely that she had gotten more than an hour of sleep, Iraa remembered vividly the dream that she had been having. The five of them... standing against the other three. It was a nightmare in and of itself. But it got worse. As Iraa turned around to ask for the support of the other four, she realized that they were nothing but black shapes now with glowing white eyes. Yvette, Henrietta, Alice, Seishin. They were nothing anymore. Slowly, they began to ooze a tar-like substance and as they did, they began to move toward her. Terrified, Iraa tried to push them back with the wind, but found that she was completely powerless. As they continued forward, the three behind her came closer as well. Just as the ooze began to tough Iraa's feet, she awoke, covered in sweet and screaming. However, her screams were kept from the four by the bubble of sound that Iraa had unintentionally created for herself.

It took several moments for Iraa to calm her breathing, and as she finally turned to dangle her feet over the bed, she released the bubble of sound that she created. Hopping down from the bed, Iraa continued to the window the see the dark storm clouds overhead and the cracks of thunder and lightning. She opened the window and tested the outside air with her hand. There was minimal wind for this type of intense storm and there seemed to be a good amount of lightning relative to the thunder. Iraa scrunched her face as she felt around the air in the house. Just as she suspected, Yvette was awake downstairs and -if Iraa had to guess- she was the reason for the storm. Iraa also sensed Henrietta, Sei, and Alice downstairs and, although she wanted to go downstairs to greet them, her nightmare has left her feeling uninclined to talk to anyone.

Despite her lack of wanting to talk to people, Iraa's stomach protested her having not eaten in about 24 hours. Lethargically, Iraa stood from her seat, closed the window quietly, and threw on one of her large, cozy sweaters and a pair of jeans. She placed her long white hair in a messy bun at the base of her neck and left it, not feeling well enough to do anything else. As Iraa quietly opened the door and made her way down the hall, she thought back on the nightmare. It had felt so real and unlike most dreams, Iraa couldn't get herself to just forget it. Maybe it was the universe trying to tell her something, but with Iraa's sleep-deprived mind, she couldn't quite try to analyze it.

Iraa was snapped out of her thoughts as she walked into the kitchen area of the house and came upon an odd, but not surprising scene. Henrietta had her hand clenched into a fist, tiny tendrils of steam coming from her red and wet hand while she stood over a shattered coffee mug. For Iraa, the tension in the air was almost palpable. Everyones heart beat a faster than normal -although some of the faces looked absolutely still and calm. Their breathing also picked up and Iraa immediately felt her own breathes shortening into quiet gasps.

Then, without another word and without even noticing Iraa, Alice proceed to leave the house followed by Henrietta storming out. Iraa's senses continued to follow Henrietta and Alice out into the field. She wanted to follow them to see what had occured and if they were both alright, but her thought was broken as Yvette -still not having noticed Iraa- yelled, "Iraa! Get your sorry arse up!"

Iraa nearly snapped at this, but she instead pushed herself to control her breaths and calmed her own rage at such a simple sentence. After a moment of calming herself, Iraa trodded into the kitchen, grumbling [color=]"I'm up, I'm up."[/color] to Yvette and a quick [color=]"G'mornin'"[/color] in Sei's direction. Not knowing if she should ask what had just happened between her and Henrietta, Iraa instead took a seat on the window sill and peered over at Yvette. [color=]"Well, that was a rather loud display of emotions."[/color] Iraa said, gesturing to the clearing clouds outside. She gave Yvette a small, exhausted smirk, hopefully letting the girl know that, for once, her comment was meant as a jest and not a stab at Yvette. She was too mentally exhausted to fight with Yvette and she hoped that the other girl would be able to realize that despite their dislike of each other.

With that comment, Iraa fell silent and instead turned her attention back on the air outside of the house where Alice and Henrietta's breathing and heart rate had slowed. She could tell that the two of them were having a personal conversation and she did not want to use her ability to eavesdrop on whatever they were talking about; however, she could tell that they were both feeling upset, so instead of eavesdropping, Iraa sent gentle, wispy tendrils of of wind to surround the two for a moment before letting the wind continue on its natural course. The wind was pleasant enough, but it was also strong enough that the two would know that Iraa had sent the wind simply in order to let them know that she was there if they needed her.

With that, Iraa leaned back with her head against the window and looked at Yvette and Sei who still stood in the kitchen. Her gaze wandered from them to the pantry and the refrigerator. She knew that she had to eat something, but she felt slightly queasy from the recent tension and the thought of eating was not a pleasant one. Feeling run down and unhappy in general, Iraa glanced back at the other two Disciples and then around the rest of the kitchen area. The recent argument with the other three Disciples had left them all feeling unease and tense, but seeing the other three had made Iraa more heartbroken than anything. She felt angry at them; she felt unease about the harsh words that were spoken; but more than anything, Iraa felt disappointed in the fact that they had let this disagreement get so out of hand. At one point, they had all been family. Sure, some of them had problems with each other, but no matter what, they had always been family. Now that family relationship was gone and Iraa feared that perhaps the anger and irritation could possibly tear the remaining four Disciples apart.


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Image "I'll go with you. But wait," Something suddenly crossed her mind, he could tell from the questionably look upon her face. "Where's Iraa? I don't think she'd be too happy to wake up to, well, no one. We should probably wait until she wakes up to leave... in fact..." Yvette took a moment to clear her throat, before shouting. "IRAA! GET YOUR SORRY ARISE UP!"

Sei took a moment for himself to cover his lips. He was keeping himself from chuckling. First the thunderstorm and now the loudness. It was like the thunderstorm never stopped.

"I'm up, I'm up." to Yvette and a quick "G'mornin'" in Sei's direction, he smiled in return and bowed his head a tad.

She too had a questionable look on her face, but seeming to brush it off. Iraa instead took a seat on the window sill and peered over at Yvette. "Well, that was a rather loud display of emotions."

Now that you are up, my lady. Why don't you join Yvette and myself?" He started to head towards the front doorway. "I am in bit of a rush, so if you ladies don't mind, whether you come or go, we have to do it now."

He didn't want to make Louie wait too long, knowing him, he would get caught up into another project and prolong the Potion. Pulling on his boots he noticed how worn out they were. It was almost time for a new pare. Something he couldn't be bothered with, when he had so much to do. The fast everything was done, the faster he could move on.

Standing back up he headed out the door and took in the lovely fresh wet air. Everything was always at it's nicest after a good rain storm. It always made things look so green and alive, but soon that green will vanish into horrible snow. Worst time of the year for Sei is winter. It was always annoyingly cold and it got everything wet. It was always such a mess to lean up. Every year, if it wasn't one thing, it was another with that dreadful whether.

He walked to the end of the pathway that led to a dirt road. He'd take the car, but what was the point? It'll waste such a nice day and he should enjoy it while he still can.

Facing away from the house, he tilted his head down, letting his hair cover most of his face. "I thought I had closed up the barrier."

"You did, but how can such a weak barrier keep me out? You should know by now that at your weak state that you are in right now, that you can't keep strong spirits out." A Spirit in a while and gold Satan kimono stood before him. Her lips grew a smile as she reached out to touch him.

Sei glanced over his should towards the house and then spoke in a different language towards the Spirit. Her language. "We can't do this right now, let me regenerate first. If you take anymore from me, I'll die and you'll be left with nothing."

The Spirit paused and looked at him with sharp eyes. She knew he was speaking the truth, whenever he spoke in their language, he always meant what he says. Pulling her hand back she sighed. "You disappoint me Horudā-sama." Slowly fading away she was gone.

'Sama', was something he hasn't heard her use in a long time. It was a sign of respect and how she thought of him to be higher than her. So while she insulted him, he showed him respects as well. That spirits always did annoy him the most. Spirits who came from the Japanese line, were always the weirdest for him.

The thing is, with Sei's spirits, no one can see them until they use his energy. So far as everyone can see, he is talking to himself like a crazed person. But anyone who knows him, knows that he is never talking to himself and he is never alone.


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Ace sighed a little. "Mmph. I guess we should be heading back now... You must be quite cold with only a dress on. But nevertheless. If you want to hear my personal opinion, I think it would be better if we stayed at, or at least near the house. The likelihood that Yvette would end up rekindling your anger is too high. Starting a fight in the street is the last thing we need," Ace stops mid sentence.

She'd mention how they should be wary, for if they were to attract the other's attention... It might end badly. Yes, at first glance, the odds may appear to be in their favor, though Ace knew better than to misjudge. Just as Henrietta said, something was not right about the others. Anyone with a brain could sense it. Of course, if they wanted to figure out what was so off about the three, they could provoke a fight. But the risks were too high. They had barely an idea of what they were dealing with. And as unlikely as it may be, the unusual feeling both Henrietta and Ace sensed could have been one of Carter's tricks. Though there weren't many shadows around at the time... She brushed the subject aside. Maybe it would be better to talk this out with the others instead of taking it in herself.

"But as I was saying... A fight is the last thing we need. Mortals might get involved and we'd attract too much attention to ourselves. We haven't even settled on what move we're going to make." Ace finished. Spotting Henrietta's extended hand, she took it upon herself to take it. Though the now shining sun was beginning to dry the ground, it was still somewhat wet to Ace's great displeasure. Seeing as Ace was still barefoot, and her feet were indeed wet, she found it hard to stand. In all honesty, she wanted to collapse.

Ace's feet might as well have been gold bricks, and her legs were not helping. Her steps were more like shuffles, and without meaning to, she ended up putting a majority of her body weight on Henrietta--- though Ace never really weighed that much, she did feel bad for Henrietta; she didn't really want to lean on her...literally. But perhaps the oncoming wave of slight nausea felt worse. "My apologies," Ace muttered. "I really should have put some shoes on."


Yvette was definitly taken aback when Iraa came, from her perspective, out of nowhere. She didn't show it, though part of her was surprised and little annoyed. The real question was, how long had Iraa been standing there? She shook her head, the question was irrelevant. "Well, that was a rather loud display of emotions."

With a snarky tone, she commented, "Yeah, your conclusion's a little late, sweetheart." But before Iraa had time to react to her comment, which was actually more on the nicer side than most of her remarks, she followed up with a response to Sei's request to hurry up. "Well, I'd love to get this over with, but unfortunately I do need to straighten myself up first. So if you could just deal with it and wait five minutes, that would be lovely."

And with that, Yvette left the room, only to find something to wear. Shifting through all of her options, she settled for a pair of dark blue, slightly baggy pants, and a plain collared shirt with a dark purple tie. Despite her element's bright qualities, she'd always been more of a darkly colored person... Though, Yvette never really cared about her appearance anyway. The only reason she was changing was because she didn't want to get her nightwear wet... But of corse, Neris could always---

Oh... Right. Neris was against them now. As well as Keith and Carter... As much as Yvette didn't get along with, well, anyone, she still found herself dreading any sort of battle with them. And she found herself missing them; missing the times when it was the right of them. Fate was cruel at times, but surely, Yvette had thought they could work it out... And now, they're going at each other?

Yvette let out a sigh. She knew it was bad, but... She never imagined something like this.


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#, as written by Bliss

"A fight is the last thing we need. Mortals might get involved and we'd attract too much attention to ourselves. We haven't even settled on what move we're going to make." said Ace before she grabbed Henrietta's hand. She took notice of Ace's pause, but she figured she would not press Ace more than she had by mentioning Keith.

"Heh, I guess you're right!" Henrietta agreed with a nervous laugh. Yvette was awfully touchy this morning. She was only starting to feel the better. The last thing she needed was Yvette's snide comments.

When Ace grabbed her hand, Henrietta noticed the amount of weight Alice was pulling but it was not a big deal for Henri. Naturally she pulled Alice up with her strong, solid arms. To be able to lift the Earth and shift gravity required a great deal of strength, so she was always exercising and training hard to build and maintain her muscular physique. She remembered a few times Ace suffered like this and it was always with water. Then she remembered it was had just been raining. Looping her arm through Ace's she helped her walk back towards the house. The fiery look in her eye's indicated her thought process. She was thinking about what could have happened to those three. Perhaps it was something a lot simpler than they had imagined. Maybe they were just upset and hurt like herself and the others. No, something like that wouldn't change them THAT much. Without even seeing him, she knew Sei was in front of the house due to the vibrations in the Earth. She was familiar with the small vibrations that came from each Disciple's feet. Usually she could tell who was approaching when she actually listened to her surroundings depending on the amount of weight and force being sent into the Earth with each step.

"Ah, Sei's upfront!" Henrietta grinned. As they approached the household she was able to see Sei at last. It appeared he was talking to someone yet no one was there. Often she would see him do this since she lived with him all these years. She figured it was a spirit and saw an opportunity to tease Sei as he'd normally do with her. "Talking to thin air again, huh Sei?"

She arched her eyebrow smiling deviously. Sometimes Sei could really get on her nerves, but for the most part she really liked Sei. He didn't seem to hold her temper against her for the most part. Though she knew everyone would get at least a little annoyed by her tantrums. It wasn't that she wanted to yell, she just did not know any other way to express herself.


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Iraa was pulled out of her darker thoughts as Yvette piped up in response to Iraa's wise crack, "Yeah, your conclusion's a little late, sweetheart." Iraa squinted at the girl for a moment but said nothing, sensing that Yvette's comment held little malice.

Iraa had no time to answer Yvette's comment as Sei spoke. "Now that you are up, my lady. Why don't you join Yvette and myself? I am in bit of a rush, so if you ladies don't mind, whether you come or go, we have to do it now."

Iraa rolled her eyes at Sei, but smirked at him anyway. She was happy that they would be getting out of the house finally, and she liked seeing Louie. He always knew how to make her feel less... well, less angry all of the time. As Sei left the house and Yvette went back up to get dressed, Iraa stood, gulped down the last of the coffee black, ignoring the growl her stomach gave in protest. As she hurried out the door and noticed Sei at the end of the pathway, Iraa saw that the man seemed to look in a bit of shock at the thin air in front of him. Iraa had seen this before, as had all of the other Disciples. Out of curiosity, Iraa reached out the feel the air in front of Sei. As was usual every other time she had tried this, Iraa felt a slight disturbance in the air directly in front of him. There was something that felt like the shape of a human, and just as Iraa was about to try to get more of the shape of the spirit, the disturbance in the air vanished.

Just as the spirit seemed to disappear (or at least from what Iraa could tell) Henrietta came around the house with a weak-looking Alice at her arm and exclaimed, "Talking to thin air again, huh Sei?" Iraa turned to Sei and gave him a questioning, but also slightly worried. Was he alright? Something weird had just happened with that spirit and Iraa could tell. She didn't know what, but it was strange. Before she could think more on the subject, Iraa's senses were turned to Alice and her rapid heart beat and heavier breathing. Iraa looked at Alice for a moment with concern, wondering if she had in some way been injured during the last few minutes. It was not until Iraa noticed the girl's feet dragging that she realized what was happening. Although it didn't happen to Alice often, Iraa had seen it happen before when the Fire Disciple was exposed to water.

Iraa hurried over to the two girls, but slowed as she reached them. "Are you okay Alice?"
Iraa questioned, before she mentally slapped herself for the stupid question. Of course she wasn't "okay". Iraa furrowed her brow in apology before correcting herself, "Sorry. Very stupid question. What I mean is, can I help?" Iraa walked alongside Alice and Henrietta, looking both the girls over. She wondered what they had been talking about just a while ago. It had seemed private, so Iraa had given them their privacy, but she couldn't help her curious nature.


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His eyes almost pasted over Iraa when Henri called something out to him, but before he could change the expression in his eyes. He knew she had saw death in them.

"Ahh, sorry give me a.." He rubbed his eyes and pinched the bar of his nose for a little second. When he finally collected himself he smiled softly. "Side Effects." He pushed it into that. Ending the conversation with just that as Iraa rushed over to Alice.

Noticing she was hurt, there wasn't much he could do other than carry her to Louie's place. "We should take her to see Louie, just in case she didn't damage anything important." Sei took Alice's body in his arms without hesitation or struggle.

It was times like these he actually felt useful when it came to living with nothing but women. "I got it Iraa. Just tell Yvette for me."

Without giving anyone any chance to argue about anything. Sei was already in a rush to get going and with waiting on the time they would leave, it'll would be winter time. This wasn't anything of hate though, he loved those girls very deeply and would do anything for them. Sure, the girls can come off as a huge pain in the ass, but he thought of them all as his girls. The girls who stuck by his side to the very end, the girls he would risk everything for in a blink of an eye. If any of them were to tell him to kill someone other than whom was in the group, he would.

Do excuse this Alice, it's probably not as bad as I am making it seem. I just needed to get going." He gave her a care free smile and kept walking down the road, farther and farther away from the house.

While still walking he kept it care free. Their lands were safe, and if it wasn't, he'd always get warning before anyone. This is due to because of a few spirits he knows that lingers the borderlines between lands. 'Lands', so Sei puts it to make things more understanding for him. The spirits where Fox Demons, not as bad as it sounds. They're only demons because of their slyness that they seem to not be able to get rid of. For a fox, something like that really is hard to just ban from their life, it was apart of them like their tail.

Sei couldn't help but let his mind drift off, but at the same while keeping focus on everything around him. He would have forgotten Alice was in his arms if it wasn't for her heart beat and warmth that he felt. Plus it was the thing that made his mind get pulled in, in the first place. It was something he wasn't use to. So whenever he did get in contact with it, he would always seem to get lost in it. Sei's whole life he spent with the dead. Whether it be of animals or demons, angle, people, you name it and he saw it. Anything dead that is. So physical contact was rare for him. As much of a ladies man he is, he'd never get use to flesh or living things.

It can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Depending on who it is, he can take it in as comfort to relax himself. Sometimes he'd find it hard to stop himself once he gets going, sexually. Other times, is when he is unexpectedly touched. Depending on who touched him, it could lead to death before he realizes what he had done. He has to be familiar with the the person's flesh in order for them to be safe with the unexpected touches. Those on his team, he let them know first hand before they got involved with him of how dangerous he could be.

Being the summoner of spirits isn't always a good thing. There is always prices to pay, some prices worse than others and as for Sei, he has to pay them every single day. Even with a smile on his face or a full on act of being fine, it has become so much of a habit that it isn't an act no more. Sometimes he calls it a 'Side effect'. The pain he had grown use to, the things he had seen, the things he had done, the places he had been. Things like that would most defiantly drive someone way past the looney house, even way past suicide. Sei was strong, very strong, this was why he was given the ability to do this. He was trusted with it and now he had to do everything in his powers to keep it that way.

Taking a deep breath, he realized his face had gotten too close and her body was tight against his. Distracting himself he pulled back and chuckled, asking a casual question while trying to look like a peace of heaven. "Do you think I should get my hair cut? I been dwelling on this for a while now."


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Ace never thought she needed nor did she want attention over, what was to her, such a little matter. As she saw Iraa rush over, part of her questioned how 'injured' she appeared to be. She was actually trying to hide her discomfort, though the reactions of her friends told her that she wasn't doing a very good job with that. "Are you okay Alice?" Iraa had questioned. Though before Ace had time to respond, Iraa quickly corrected herself. "Sorry. Very stupid question. What I mean is, can I help?"

With a smile, Ace began to explain that it was only the water; really, she just needed to dry off--- though before she could finish her explanation, she found herself being swept off her feet by none other than Sei. She let out a small yelp of protest, she saw no reason as to why she was being carried, especially against her will. She struggled at first, though found herself unwilling to moments later. As much as she did not want to be carried, she was still drained of her strength. It seemed her only possible way out of being carried was to convince him to put her down with words.

"Sei," She muttered. "As much as I appreciate the kind gesture is it truly necessary to carry me? I mean-- I'm really not that... This isn't required, and I didn't exactly request this--- mpmh." She trailed off with what seemed like a grunt of disapproval, before sucking it up and remaining silent.

"Do excuse this Alice, it's probably not as bad as I am making it seem. I just needed to get going." Sei had said with a carefree smile, though in return she only let out yet another grunt.

The longer they walked--- no, the longer Sei walked, the more his mind seemed to drift. Ace didn't mind this, however, the more he drifted the tighter his grip on Alice became and the closer he got. At one point she started to shift around uncomfortably, letting out what seemed like a nervous chuckle. Eventually he stopped and pulled back, chuckling lightly... Trying to make things casual, he asked Ace a question. "Do you think I should get my hair cut? I been dwelling on this for a while now."

"I, erm, guess you could keep it long... a trip to the barber would prove quite distracting at times like this. Speaking of which... keep an eye out for mortals. With what's been going on lately, they're not exactly accustom to our presence." Ace began. She started to shift around again, though this time she was only trying to get a better view. Ace was known for being short, in fact, she stood at roughly five feet. She and Iraa had always been the shortest of the disciples... and it didn't help that Sei was around six feet tall.


As Yvette had finished changing clothes and brushing her hair, with little effort put in, she came outside only to find Sei already walking away. Henrietta was back, and Iraa was standing next to her.

Part of Yvette wondered where Henrietta had gone in the first place; no to mention Alice. Though she quickly brushed the topic aside when reminded of how Sei was, impatiently, walking off. She found herself too annoyed at Sei to catch up; she told her she was going to join him and yet he was, what, rejecting her offer to company him? After he asked if she'd wanted to come? That was enough to genuinely piss her off.

She mumbled a curse word under her breath before making her way over to Iraa and Henrietta. "Well, I see that you're back. Are you alright now or are you just back to break more of our cups? And on second thought... where the hell is Alice?"


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#, as written by Bliss

"Are you okay Alice?" Iraa had said with concern before pausing. "Sorry. Very stupid question. What I mean is, can I help?"

Henrietta beamed at Iraa as she rushed over to heir side to help. In actuality, she knew Alice would be okay but she figured she would help her inside to dry her feet and put on some shoes. Iraa had a curious gleam in her eyes but their attention was broken when Sei rushed over and picked up Ace. "We should take her to see Louie, just in case she didn't damage anything important. I got it Iraa. Just tell Yvette for me." Henrietta couldn't help but snicker knowing how Ace hated being the center of attention. As Sei began to head off down the road Henrietta shouted, "Be careful Sei! You too Ace! I'm not sure what's happening nearby but I sense a lot of vibrations in the Earth..."

Henrietta was never wrong about someone or something being nearby. After centuries of practice, she grew to fully understand the different vibrations everything produced. She watched them slowly disappear in the distance before turning back to Iraa with a gin. "She'll be fine! Say, been practicing your punches Iraa? If I recall correctly, they were more like a tickle last time!" she bellowed before hearing Yvette directly behind her.

"Well, I see that you're back. Are you alright now or are you just back to break more of our cups? And on second thought... where the hell is Alice?" Gritting her teeth with an eyebrow twitch, she forced herself to breathe before turning back to Yvette, "I'm fine. Sorry. And beats me, Sei just swooped her up in his arms like some noble knight." Scratching her head while looking around, she seemed focused and alert. There were was so much movement occurring about a mile away from their house, though it wasn't approaching them. Just a lot of stirring about. "Hey guys, I think something may be happening nearby. I'm worried for Sei and Ace. Seems like humans..." she stated solemnly. When the goddess died and world order basically went into shambles, humans did not always welcome the Disciples with open arms. Henrietta recalled that one time she was casually walking in the nearby city and was shot at by humans who had spotted her. She never made the mistake to be so careless again when out on her own. Though things seemed particularly bad as of late. The humans were growing restless and it was dangerous for them. It wasn't as though they could harm them.


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"I'm fine. Sorry. And beats me, Sei just swooped her up in his arms like some noble knight."

Yvette pursed her lips. With mortals stirring and Carter, Keith and Neris as well, it wasn't exactly safe to go out. Which is why she offered to go in the first place... and yet, here she was, standing still, not going. She shook her head, as long as there wasn't anything particularly bad happening, they'd be fine. "Hey guys, I think something may be happening nearby. I'm worried for Sei and Ace. Seems like humans..." So much for nothing bad happening.

As Yvette heard Henrietta, her concern only grew. "Hmph. Well, if we're supposed to be against the others, then... then, well, we need to take some offensive kind of action. Do... do you think we could gear this, stirring of humans, toward the others? It would never hurt them, but it'd probably be good for us. It'd be like some kind of distraction, right? Something to give us time to figure out what we're up against... and speaking of what we're up against, um, last night, I didn't find anything. Nothing in particular, but I'm sure you've figured that much out for yourselves. I want to keep looking, but... I don't think I'll find anything. I need something to go on, but I have next to nothing. But I may have something if we try and watch how they deal with the mortals. Surely if we see their powers in action now, it will give us some kind of hint toward this... this boost they must have. And it's not like anyone would get horribly injured; they wouldn't kill the humans, I'm sure. That's just--- that's just cruel. It's not like the mortals have any useful defenses... It would be some kind of massacre if the others were to kill them."

She began to trail off, only to continue talking. With each idea she had, the more she talked. It was like her way of thinking, only, she did it out loud. "But if we were to be caught watching... that would be bad. Very bad, though, we would have mortals on our side for the most part, though I don't really see how that would help. Maybe for a few things, like a cover... For a few seconds we'd have the element of surprise. With Iraa's wind, we could probably listen into their conversation too, so we'd know if they'd spotted us, and with some kind of sound bubble, our conversations would be secret. We might be able to pull it off... Though, we need to actually find them first. Not to mention we need to find some way to get the mortals on our side, at least for the time being... hmm.

Oh, I'm getting carried away. What do you guys think? Should we approach the mortals or back off? You've already got my say."