Ashe Hospital


a part of Asheville, by Vercerigo.

Welcome to Ashe Hospital.

Vercerigo holds sovereignty over Ashe Hospital, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Ashe Hospital is a pristine white, five story building with medical care available 24/7. There are patient rooms on every floor, and the staff seem nice enough, but rumour has it that the kind Doctors and Nurses are hiding a horrible secret in the hospital basement. Here, you may recover from whatever injuries or wounds you have, all for a very small fee.

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Ashe Hospital

Welcome to Ashe Hospital.


Ashe Hospital is a part of Asheville.

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Crimson [0] Crimson is a serial killer with unique way of getting the job done.

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Red Rain wakes with a start. He tries to sit up and regrets it as his head starts to spin, his arm and chest light up with pain, and his hand begins a dull throb. What did they get us into this time? He gets up out of the bed and grabs his stuff. He puts his clothes back on as quickly as possible. This is why we shouldn't be a Hunter. He walks out of the room and heads out of the hospital.