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Hayden Isles

Claims he sees people for who they really are. Kleptomaniac+Possibly Psychopathic.

0 · 252 views · located in Ashgate Asylum

a character in “Ashgate Asylum for criminally insane youth”, as played by Princesse_Poivre



Hayden Isles || 19 || Attempted Suicide + Battery 1 + Robbery +Attempted Murder || Kleptomaniac + Possibly Psychopathic

Hayden was 12 when his older sister committed suicide. The six months before that had been the ultimate cause of her demise.
Gema was a sophomore and longed to sit with the so called 'popular' group. She had a crush on a senior named Hector and wasn't very good at hiding it.
Hector and his friends invited her to a Halloween party in the woods. Gema went, too blinded by her hopes of being part of their world. When they got there, there was no party. She was gang raped and left naked in the woods on October 14th. Hector and three of his friends had stolen her purse, clothes and phone.
She wandered down the road naked, dirty and broken. At the time, she didn't know about the pictures they'd taken of her.
But the following 6 months had been hell for her. She didn't want to press charges at first, just wanting to forget it, so she had washed off all the physical evidence. When she returned to school, she was harassed and humiliated, forced to relive the experience every day. She tried to press charges but the officer told her there wasn't any evidence and she should just move on.
Gema did move on. She killed herself.
Hayden was young and no one would tell him the full story of what was going on. But it wasn't long before one of his classmates showed him pictures of 'some hot high school girl'. It was pictures of his sister from that night. Hayden broke his nose and strangled the kid until he passed out. He would have killed the kid had the janitor not yanked him off.
He was suspended but returned to school with mandatory counseling twice a week. Which led to the start of his psychological file. He experienced signs of possible psychopathic tenancies such as no remorse, outgoing nature to distract and charm himself out of being convicted, and the need to constantly stimulate himself with fidgeting or singing or smelling things.
After Gema died, Hayden was determined to hear the full story. It took him three years to get the full story and by then, Hector had left their home town to go to college and so did one of his friends but the other was working at a Best Buy. Hayden waited out in the alley for the rapist and when he came out to smoke a cigarette on his break. He beat the rapist with an aluminum bat until he thought the bastard was dead.

Hayden's parents divorced after Gema's death. They would fight for hours over who's fault it was and alcohol played a large role as it became more and more common in the house. Hayden lived with his mother after that but she wasn't ever really there. Her mind was gone, drowning in alcohol and pain killers for her back.
Hayden's collection grew as he began stealing everything he could get his hands on and was only caught twice. He'd gotten into several fights, one of which was on a bridge. He was thrown off the bridge and into the river. When he woke up in the hospital they told him he had committed suicide and they were sending him to a mental hospital to recover. His mother very happily signed off on it.

So begins...

Hayden Isles's Story


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Hayden slid his hands in his pockets, a grin on his face that resemble a smirk. He stood in the doorway to head outside and tilted his head, surveying the area and all who were in it. He wore simplicity, jeans, a white t shirt and a necklace that seemed like it was meant for a girl. A thin gold chain with a delicate heart intertwined with a silver heart.
Hayden had tea but left it on a table, having lost interest in it quickly since it had no lemon. He slid his hand out of his pocket and pointed two fingers forwards, his thumb up. He closed one eye and shot at each patient that was outside, mouthing gun sounds with each imaginary shot. "You look so fine, when you lie it just don't show. But I know which way the wind blows," Hayden began singing as he took a step outside, heading towards a bench. Hayden straddled the bench before laying back, his head hanging off the end.
"I swim, but I wish I'd never learned. The water's too polluted with germs."


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 “ Ouch! I banged my head on the car. Here I am. Great. Just great. I do not want to be here. I don't belong. This is so stupid. The fact that I ended up here in this highly guarded block is absolutely, positively ridiculous. ”