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Unknown (approximately 500 years old).


.:Forest of Alleris:.
A gigantic forest located in the far southwestern region of Askaria, famous for its gargantuan vegetation and diverse fauna. The heart of the forest has also been inhabited by elves for thousands of years, since the Great Elven Pilgrimage. Because of the natural barriers imposed by the forest, they engage in little trade and have remained safely neutral in large conflicts, though they have proven they can be welcoming and accepting of those approaching in peace.


Transmutation Magic :: A type of magic that allows the user to rearrange the shape of an object or change one element into another; known as “Alchemy” in human schools of magic. Through the use of this discipline, one can craft a variety of artifacts, repair equipment, sharpen weapons and even concoct medicine. This is a slow form of magic that under normal circumstances requires time, deep concentration and materials, so it is best used in moments of respite rather than conflict.

Talon Bow :: A very large bow carved from the remains of the ancient beast Dahl Xiyuma. It is capable of some independent movement according to Vaeril’s will, allowing to adapt tensile force when aiming and fold onto itself for easy carriage. An arrow shot at full tension from this bow can pierce through a tree and still hit its mark. It does not respond to other people.

Feathers Cape :: A cape crafted from the same beast. It doesn’t protect against cold very well, but the feathers are great conductors of magic that allow for flexible use of spells, such as speedier casting, delayed detonation or enhanced effects. Vaeril mainly uses them for rapid transmutations, such as transforming them into arrows. These arrows have no special properties, but are entirely customizable, which combined with the bow, allow for many tricky shots, such as ones with a curved trajectory. The garment continues to grow feathers as if it were still part of a living animal.

Master Hunter :: You’d be hard-pressed to find a better hunter than Vaeril in all the land. He is very knowledgeable on the flora and fauna of several regions, has excellent tracking and survival skills, and the agility to keep up with any creature. He is especially comfortable in forests.

Non-Combative Magic :: His spells are centered around utility and practicality, not destructive force. While there are certainly uses for it in combat when combined with the cape, he can’t engage in direct confrontation with a mage. In a place where he can find no vantage point or cover, he’s in a serious pinch.

Close Quarters :: Vaeril is a hunter, not a soldier, so he has never had the training or interest to learn of battling or warfare, and besides his bow he only carries a carving knife. If he were to engage in a direct armed battle against a skilled fighter, he would in all likelihood lose, which is why he avoids the frontlines and prefers engaging at a distance that allows for more tactical options.

Tainted Presence :: Other elves and highly magically attuned humans are able to “sense” Vaeril’s presence. The sensation is very similar to one of light nausea (though not to the point of impairment), and a few have even claimed to hear a sharp shriek when looking directly at him. While it’s not clear enough to precisely pinpoint his location, it is possible to tell how close Vaeril is based on the intensity of the sensation. This can be a hindrance when trying to go undetected, and is one of the reasons why he rarely goes into inhabited areas, especially if they seem heavily populated and advanced.

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Once a member of elven royalty, Vaeril was ostracized by his people when his fascination with the hunt led to him slaying the beast Dahl Xiyuma, an ancient entity linked to his clan. Cursed by the creature and armed with a strange bow, he has since been traversing the lands for centuries in search of greater game, always at a distance from society.

Being more deeply connected with nature than most, Vaeril was one of the first to notice the existence of the Decay. Concerned with the impact the beastly Forlorn could have on the ecosystems, he made it his mission to investigate and contain the plague by hunting down the infected. However, in time he was forced to face the fact that his efforts were having no effect on the ever-growing disease, and its terror was making its way even into civilization.

Hoping to learn something in the kingdom of humans, he made his way to the capital of Askaria, where he was promptly apprehended at the king’s walls. Once his intentions to cooperate were made fully clear, and seeing the usefulness of the knowledge he had accrued on the fauna and Forlorn over the years, he was drafted into the adventurers’ party.

The silver emblem he wears on his cape is a memento from his former life in Alleris, though he doesn’t remember how he got it.
If you bonk him hard enough on the head, purple stars will start circling around it.
Artwork is a WIP and will be finished as we go on so as not to drag the applications’ phase.

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