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Avie Lynn

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a character in “Assassin Family”, as played by breathebabyx



Avie Lynn

Physically Sixteen, Mentally Eleven.




Avie is a bundle of energy; with a passion for cute animals and making others happy. She can often be seen in various locations lurking around little animals and children. While she can come off as annoying to the other members of NINE, causing a general dislike for her presence at times, Avie tries her hardest to make everyone happy and make the best out of every situation. She doesn't condone violence in the least, as she'd rather disputes be settled by verbal agreement rather than force, but would hurt anyone should they threaten someone she cares about, especially Night.

Avie has a tendency of getting attached to people who show her even the slightest attention, and rarely comprehends the idea of "personal space." However, she is a teenage girl and tends to get moody; snapping at people for the littlest of things, going from 0 to 100 in mere seconds, and crying her heart out for absolutely no reason.

The Thief

Reason for joining:
After spending 12 months traveling around the Fire Country with the infamous, "Silent Killer" Night, both he and Avie decided to find a permanent residence, and instead, found a family.

Growing up, Avie was an only child, therefore, depended and extremely close to her parents. When she was 7 years old, Avie's father went off to fight in the war, fulfilling his duty as a civilian of the Fire Country. He died in battle, leaving Avie's mother to take care of Avie. Avie and her mother worked odd jobs to pay rent on their apartment. As the unemployment rate grew higher as the cease-fire armistice took effect, Avie would use her agility and stealth to her advantage, to keep her and her mother alive and well. When Avie turned the tender age of 13, her mother fell ill and died within 3 months of contracting the sickness. Unable to pay rent, Avie was cast out onto the streets, homeless and orphaned. After roaming the country alone, Avie stumbled upon Night, locked in a heated battle. That day, Avie swore that she would serve him for eternity if he took her in. He did.

Avie adores everyone in NINE, but her relationship with Night cannot be rivaled, nor can it be explained.

+Calming Tea
+The members of NINE
+Little Animals
+Warm Beds

-Dangerous Situations

While Avie isn't afraid serious issues involving herself like pain and death, she's quite concerned about people she loves dying. She'd rather sacrifice herself than lose someone she cares about. Being alone is a no-no for her. She cant go long without trivial forms of contact like hugs and cuddling, and being in water absolutely terrifies her. Avie goes around barefoot nintey-nine percent of the time. She find shoes uncomfortable, unnecessary and useless. She absolutely detests soiled clothing, and bathes at least twice a day. She always eats with her fingers, and bites her nails out of nervous habit. The dark is one of Avie's greatest fears, as 'bad things happen in the dark' and will stay awake for hours unless she passes out from exaustion, and has some form of night-light. She also can't go very long without human contact, and often sleeps with a partner.


So begins...

Avie Lynn's Story


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Avie had been sitting the couch, mindlessly staring at the ceiling when Night came bursting into the house, grumbling under his breath, not even noticing her presence, before sauntering down the hall to the bedrooms. Avie shrugged it off with a yawn. Night was always mumbling on about something, and when she heard Lina's loud, feminine voice, she decided she didn't want to get involved. She looked over to where Night had carelessly threw something and instinctively reached out to grab it. Taiyaki.

She shrugged, knowing Night wouldn't mind if she finished it, and bit into the sweet pastry, moaning as if she didn't just have the fish-shaped snack a few days ago. The door opened again, and Avie looked over, mouth full, smiling. "Hey Sva! Ooh, what's that?" The tall woman bustled into the house, arms occupied by a box. The large female looked worried and disappeared down the hall, leaving Avie's question hanging in the air. 'Oh well,' Avie thought, wiping the crumbs off her shorts and the couch onto the floor. 'I'll just bug her later.'

Avie yawned again, closed her eyes and rolled over onto her side. Maybe a couple hours would do her good before it was night time since she really could never sleep as soon as the sun went down. Too many creepy things came out at night, after all. She heard heavy boots move across the floor lightly before she felt the weight of the couch shifting next to her. Cracking one eye open, Avie saw Koios resting on the couch next to her. She was about to open her mouth to greet him when he abruptly stood and walked down the hall from which he came.

And then Avie heard it. The unmistakable mewl of kittens.

Bolting out of her lying position on the couch, Avie darted down the hallway, moving past Night and the closed door he was scowling in front of, a few feet behind Koios. He disappeared into his room and Avie followed, knowing her presence would be forcibly excepted. "Kitties!" She cheered, running over to a currently unoccupied bed and sliding on top of it, resting on her knees. "Come to me, my animal friends!" She cried, holding her arms out.
She turned to Svajonė and smiled. "Where did you find them?"


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Svajonė looked at the two new people in the room as the kittens mewling, squirming to get into the large girl's lap. Picking one up and setting him on her shoulder, she sighed. "Mean little boys hurt them... I did what I can..." she murmured, taking one kitten and handing it to Avie. The kitten squirmed then relaxed into the girl's hold. The one on her shoulder jumped and landed in front of Koios.

"They like us... I was worried that they wouldn't heal but they look okay..." She stroked the kittens in her lap and let her shoulders shake with silent laughter as they nipped at her fingers. "They're still hungry..? Oh my..." she stood up and the kittens followed. In a line, they walked to the kitchen. They looked like a small army.

"Heh... They recognize me..." she quickly made another bowl of tuna, tomorrow's dinner, and fed the kittens. She didn't mind sharing her food. She'd find more somewhere. Mavolio twittered and chirped at his friend. "Oh? You hungry too..? Come then..." She took some bread and fed her jealous-ridden best friend. She smiled at the bird, who gave the bird equivalent of an angry huff. "I'm sorry, Mal. But they were hurt..." The bird merely tugged on a long sting of hair, pulling it out. His own little punishment.

"Happy..?" she muttered, rubbing her head where the hair was tugged, pouting slightly. It hurt a lot more than it looked. Her head was sensitive, more sensitive than that of a normal person. It was her weak spot, but then it was everyone's. Shaking her head slightly, she watched the kittens play-fight over food. "So cute..." Was muttered again.


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Night sighed. It just wasn't his day. First, he had been reprimanded by a female when he was only trying to remind her of her duties as an assassin; then the intelligent Koios caught him looking like a pervert. And even though he knew the dark haired boy was only poking fun at the situation, it still irked him because everything irked the white haired killer.

Night was forced out of his inner musings by Lithium's deep voice. "Where's Avie? Is she home? You know she's not allowed to go out by herself." Night whipped his head to the black haired man, momentarily forgetting about Lina and her inability to clean up, looking into Lithium's eyes with a panicked expression. "Avie's in town? By herself?"
The usually impassive assassin let out a feminine, shrill, uncharacteristic shriek of horror. "How could my little princess leave without telling me!"

Night dashed down the hall, leaving the respected Leader in front of his bedroom. He stopped to poke his head in the bathroom and his own bedroom that he shared with the pinkette, before hurrying to Koios and Sva's room. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the small girl on the bed. "Avie! There you are!" He crossed the room, nodding at Koios -even though he was still annoyed by the geniuses previous comment- before stopping in front of Avie.

He was relieved that he found her there. The thought of her all alone in crime-ridden Arentia (as most festival towns were crime-ridden) made his stomach flip in an unfamiliar way. If he ever lost her he...he didn't know what he would do. While he had to unwillingly admit that he did care for the other members of his family, he'd been infatuated and overly protective of the 16 year old since she first came into his company. She'd been the only female to get under his skin and into his heart and she did it in only a matter of days. "Lith and I already discussed this with you, remember? You're not allowed to leave the apartment without one of us with you!"


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Koios gently scratched the head of the small kitten, watching it bounce off after his close friend Sva. He still remembered that day like it was tomorrow, seeing the friendly giant distraught, a bit of blood here and there, he couldn't help but want to help her. It was his nature, and after all, she seemed like the perfect one to fill that open role.

Even though he wouldn't show it, he would worry about her, just how Night worries about Avie. What if she ends up getting lost? Hurt, even? Someone ends up kidnapping her? Which, in all honesty, was one thing he doubted, but it could always be a possibility. You never know in this world, everything is unpredictable.

Running a hand through his neatly slicked chestnut brown hair, he afterwards fixed his cravat and made a "kiss face" to the army of kittens as they exited the room. Though, afterwards, his poker face was plastered back on, a split second of shown ridiculous emotion. That is, when he heard the most feminine man scream he's ever heard. Again, I say, unpredictable.

Following with a hilarious stream of words mentioning a princess, and the noticeable loud footsteps of accelerated speed, Koios tried to hold back hearty laughter and a sarcastic comment. A smile beginning to rise to his face, more like a smirk, he sat in one of the office chairs next to his bed, crossed his legs, and propped them up against a table, pushing up his glasses with one hand while the other was occupied by tapping the armrest of the chair.

The 16 year old sighed dramatically, gradually shaking his head. "Night dear, I must ask since you are beginning to worry me. One, watching a woman undress, and now two, suddenly shrieking like a worried mother? Are you trying to learn how to become a female? If so, I wish you good luck my friend. By the way, I don't think Avie ever left. She was sitting on the couch, it's just I paid no mind, so please, stop yelling. Really, it's starting to agitate me, but I must admit it was hilarious. It's around these times that I wish I had my video cam on."

Koios shook his head, standing, hands dropping to sides. "I'm think I'm going to have some tea or whatnot. I'm a bit thirsty from talking so much." The male brushed past Night, and as he gait past, he poked at his cheek. "A tip on turning into a girl: I find most of them wearing make up. I suggest using Lina's, I believe she might have some."

Chuckling, he exited the room though left the door open, heading to the kitchen where his close friend was at. "Hello Sva dear. Having fun?" He asked, as he filled a large bowl with an ideal amount of purified water; Koios was rather particular with water. He hated tap water, because of all the germs that could possibly be in it, and so, he would get a couple of gallons of purified water, or else, he was not happy, and an unhappy Koios is bad. He even put a sign above each sink in the whole apartment, and it said "DO NOT DRINK TAP, OR CONSEQUENCES WILL BE ARRANGED. -Love, Koios." because of his paranoia.

Setting the clean, water filled bowl down onto the floor so the kittens could drink, he smiled briefly at Sva before heading towards the stove to prepare tea, and most likely Peppermint tea, his favorite kind aside from Earl Grey. Fixing up the tea, turning the stove on and boiling hot water, after a couple of minutes it was done and he poured the water into his favorite mug that had "KISS THE GENIUS" printed all over it. Smart, right?

Koios sipped his tea and exited the kitchen, boots clacking against the hard surface of the tiled living room, and lounged on the couch, setting the cup on a stout table and pulling out a small, petite laptop that probably didn't cost much, and typed away, looking up different recent killings, criminals, and kidnappings out of simple curiosity, and what to be wary of; after all, Koios was a precautionary person, thinking ahead of the game in case they did come in contact with one of the problems.


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Avie scoffed.

Of course Night and Leader-sama had discussed it with her. Like...three hundred times already. "Night, I know. Stop treating me like a little kid." With a pout, Avie crossed her arms, huffing. It didn't particularly bother her that she wasn't allowed to go out alone. She didn't like being alone anyway.
Plus, the crime rates in Arentia were pretty scary. Sometimes Avie wondered if the guards of the tourist town did anything else besides guard. It seemed that the only time that the crime rates went down was directly after NINE had settled into its crowded streets. They remained at a remotely low level, but still. It was nice to know that if the small pinkette got into any trouble, she'd have either the most influential assassin in the business, or one of the deadliest killers to back her up.

Koios made her laugh; he always did. Especially when his jokes were at Night's expense. Avie would never know why, but seeing the usually stoic man riled up and embarrassed amused her. Especially because he'd never admit that he was embarrassed, and it wasn't too obvious to tell with the face-mask covering his face. However, Avie could always tell he was embarrassed by the pretty red blush that would spread from under his shirt to his uncovered shoulders. Then Avie knew he was blushing.

Avie hummed in satisfaction upon seeing the red tint in Night's skin at Koios' words. "Come come, Night. I have an extra bra or two you could wear." With a skinny, delicate finger Avie poked Night's prominent pectoral muscles. "However, you're getting so fat, your boobs are becoming bigger than mine."

Avie rose from the bed, taking the large hand of her companion and waltzing out of the room with the white-haired assassin stumbling behind her. A swift push into their shared bedroom was all it took for the usually poised assassin to fumble inside, tripping over whatever clothes had been left on the bed since the morning. "Come on, silly, protective idiot. We're taking a nap."