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Lithium Calla

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a character in “Assassin Family”, as played by Tristian_x



Lithium "Thi" Calla






Lithium has dark, mesmerizing eyes, a soft, playful smile and long black hair. He's tall and slender, but with definite muscle. He has pale, smooth skin, crisscrossed with battle scars or "souvenirs" as he calls them. His usual outfit around the house is standard black pants, sans shirt, or with a mesh shirt. Outside the home, at restaurants or client meetings, he wears traditional Asian robes and sandals. On missions, he makes sure to wear lightweight, dark clothing with combat boots and he ties his long hair back.

Personality: Lithium is charming and charismatic. He loves company and meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new things. While he hates putting his family in danger, he knows it's necessary to keep everyone healthy and fed. He's caring and compassionate, with a soft spot for pouting and tears. He'd do anything to make sure his family in NINE is happy.

The Leader

Reason for joining:

Lithium never really had a tragic past. His parents died when he was 19 and living on his own, and he grew up an only child. He was always persuasive and powerful as a kid, so when the time came to pick a profession, Lithium chose solider. Unfortunately, the earnings of a solider didn't meet his expectations and needs for a lavish lifestyle, so he fled the armed forces, warranting in an issue for his arrest; the penalty for insubordination was death, after all. He became an assassin-for-hire, and traveled around the Fire Country and beyond, to people who sought out his services. It went swimmingly for a while, until he started excepting more tag-along's in his moments of loneliness. With more mouths to feed and assignments dwindling, he knew NINE was in trouble.


On excellent terms with everyone in NINE; Lithium does not play favorites.

-His family in NINE
-Everyone getting alone

-General uneasiness in the family
-Quarrels between members

Lithium is very enthusiastic, he's almost never unhappy and adores small animals.

Weapons; Blades of Chaos (;

So begins...

Lithium Calla's Story


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Night sighed. It just wasn't his day. First, he had been reprimanded by a female when he was only trying to remind her of her duties as an assassin; then the intelligent Koios caught him looking like a pervert. And even though he knew the dark haired boy was only poking fun at the situation, it still irked him because everything irked the white haired killer.

Night was forced out of his inner musings by Lithium's deep voice. "Where's Avie? Is she home? You know she's not allowed to go out by herself." Night whipped his head to the black haired man, momentarily forgetting about Lina and her inability to clean up, looking into Lithium's eyes with a panicked expression. "Avie's in town? By herself?"
The usually impassive assassin let out a feminine, shrill, uncharacteristic shriek of horror. "How could my little princess leave without telling me!"

Night dashed down the hall, leaving the respected Leader in front of his bedroom. He stopped to poke his head in the bathroom and his own bedroom that he shared with the pinkette, before hurrying to Koios and Sva's room. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the small girl on the bed. "Avie! There you are!" He crossed the room, nodding at Koios -even though he was still annoyed by the geniuses previous comment- before stopping in front of Avie.

He was relieved that he found her there. The thought of her all alone in crime-ridden Arentia (as most festival towns were crime-ridden) made his stomach flip in an unfamiliar way. If he ever lost her he...he didn't know what he would do. While he had to unwillingly admit that he did care for the other members of his family, he'd been infatuated and overly protective of the 16 year old since she first came into his company. She'd been the only female to get under his skin and into his heart and she did it in only a matter of days. "Lith and I already discussed this with you, remember? You're not allowed to leave the apartment without one of us with you!"


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Svajonė waved at Leader-sama as he talked to Night. She liked the two of them, they were funny but not like Koios. No one had cared about her while she was on the streets. He had brought her here, to her new family. She'd always be in his debt, making sure he wasn't hurt, which was rare, he didn't go on missions often. But it was the thought that counts.

When Night screamed, the kittens buried themselves in her long hair, hiding from what had scared them. But Sva was frozen stiff. The scream sounded like her mother's. During her attack. Hands shaking, she tried to go back to making some tuna sandwiches, with little success. She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. Mavolio nuzzled her cheek before flying over to Leader-sama, her second favorite perch.

After she was calm, she heard Koios fix his tea beside her. She grinned when he smiled at her. Every one of Koi's smiles were special. They were rare and they made her day. She bit into her sandwich as he left. The kittens where still drinking so she merely kept eating.

Then when she heard small mewls and looked down at the kittens, who were pawing at her bootless legs. Counting them, she had six little kittens. One for each member. Her sandwich now gone, she grabbed the largest one, a brown boy with a gold stripe over his left eye. She set him on her head. "This is Lina's..." She scooped up two more, both a creamy grey but one was much furrier. Both seemed reluctant to each the other. "Night and Avie's..." She looked at the fluffy red brown one that was strutting around. "Here's Leader-sama's..." Then at the blue black one who was sitting by her feet, almost like a guard. "He's like Koi..." And the little white runt by his side. "And mine..."

Nodding at the Kitten List, she led them to a large chair and set them all in it before sitting on the floor beside it, petting Koi's as he didn't seem to want to go too far from the white one on her head. "Look Koios... This one's like you... He's so protective of the little white one..." She giggled softly, the kitten looking at his appointed member with curious eyes. They were very alike.