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Svajonė Astrauckas

"Whatcha need, boss?"

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a character in “Assassin Family”, as played by Child of the Winged



Name: Svajonė "Sva" Astrauckas
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150lb even
Appearance: Sva has long, choppy chocolate brown hair, the ends uneven because of her sword slicing through it. The longest piece reaches the floor, making it pretty long. Her deep caramel skin is littered with scars, both from her past and her job. Most are on her shoulders and back, from where she's been caught off guard and hit in the back. Her eyes, though a plain mousy brown, are always swimming with emotion. Her figure is slender and not as curvy as some of the other members. Her armor is mostly for show, for only the chest plate, boots and gloves are the only important pieces, to her at least. Her legs are covered with red leggings, which are tucked into her boots, and a white skirt, the colors of her home country.
Personality: Caring and gentle, Sva could never hurt someone. Unless her leader or the smarter ones say so. Somewhat slow, she doesn't really understand a lot about the world around her. She just wants someone to accept her overly large person. She doesn't smile often around strangers but around her friends, she tends to have a goofy one or when she's in her "gotta-beat-someone-up" mode, she has a small, psychotic grin.
Role (in NINE): Brute
Reason for joining: To finally gain someone who likes her, all of her.
Biography: Born much larger than any child in her family, Sva was called a freak by her family and their friends. She only found comfort in a small kitten she had named Puck, who was happy with her large size. Because she was so hated, she never truly got a good education, only learning from the torn books she could gather from the trash. When her family killed Puck brutally and forcing her to watch, she snapped and beat up her family, nearly to the point of death, then took what she could and ran.
Once she was far enough away, she began taking jobs around the city, never having a truly stable one, for most were intimidated by her size. She meet one of the NINE members, who she thinks was Koios (she has terrible memory from the abuse), who took her to the leader. There, she gained a family and a new set of clothes. Promising to protect the one who gave her so much, she became NINE's main muscle.
Relationships (if any): She has a small bird she calls Malvolio. She enjoys Koios' company a bit more than the other members because he's much smarter than her and he doesn't talk down to her.
Likes: Animals, food, plants, singing, her "family" and shiny things
Dislikes: Getting hurt, mean people, bitter things and pain
Quirks: She loves tending to plants and has a small garden. She also likes being read to before she sleeps, though doesn't tell anyone.
Other: Sva's extremely large claymore weights a little over 90 pounds but she carries it with ease. She also has Puck's ribbon tied around her right wrist and only takes it off when she bathes.

(Note: I did change the picture, only because I felt like the picture did not fit the character.)

So begins...

Svajonė Astrauckas's Story


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Svajonė walked through the streets, trying to ignore all the stares. Most knew she was part of NINE but were in awe at her large size, more than her little family. Sighing, she leaned against a wall, away from everyone. She hated large crowds and she really didn't know what brought her out of the house. She touched the hilt of her claymore, a grounding item for her. Then she looked up. There on the other side of the street was some young boys, laughing and grinning

Seeing a group of boys crowded around something never meant anything good in her book so she walked over, hand still on the hilt. The ones on the outside of the circle turned and stared before nudging the others to look. Then she saw it. The dirty box with a beat up mother cat and her kittens. Frowning she looked right into the closest boy's eyes and stared.

"Why?" was all she got out before they scattered. Blinking a bit then shrugging, she picked up the box and hurried home. Opening the door, she was greeted by her friend. Then the two got to work. In an hour, they had patched up the mother and all but one kitten. She had left the best looking, injury-wise, for last. She gingerly pulled the kitten out, ignoring the mother for now.

She flipped her hair out of her face, trying the concentrate on the task at hand. The little bird, Malvolio, on her shoulder chirped as she wrapped the kitten's tail, where a mean child had pulled it, almost clean off. The wrap was quite clumsy and weird but it did the job. Smiling to the hissing cat in the corner of the cardboard box she found them in before she gently nudged the mewling kit to the others. Then, setting the bowl of tuna, which was suppose to be her dinner, in front of them, she watched as they sniffed at it before the kittens began eating.

"So cute..." She murmured to her feathered friend, who merely tittered back, slightly jealous. Standing up and gently carrying the box, she moved all of them into her room, which was quite clean at the moment. Setting the box on her bed, she began taking pillows and blankets to make a big fluffy nest for the cats. By this point, the mother trusted her around the kittens and was letting them out into the room. Sitting in the nest with them, she waited for the door, her roommate, Koios would be returning soon.


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His hands freezing over the keyboard of his laptop, he solemnly researched about assassinations for a past time, sucking in all the information he could contain-that is-until there was the annoyance of slamming doors and yelling. The male's temples pulsed in aggravation as he was rudely interrupted from his work, and now, he couldn't concentrate due to a faint headache beginning to blossom in his forehead. "Do they expect me to get anything done with this much disruption and noise?"

Groaning in dislike, he delicately put his neatly gloved hands on his computer desk and rose from his office chair, pushing it back and allowing a passage to form so he could get through. Koios's boots clacked against the hard floor, hands behind his back with his eyes closed in concentration. Following the loud footsteps and the rising voices, he made his way down a curving hallway and gradually came up behind Night, sighing.

"Honestly, could you be a bit more quieter? Do you expect me to accomplish anything with all the interrupti-" The male stopped mid-sentence as he opened his eyes, shaking his head slowly afterwards. "My, my, my. Night dear, what a pervert you are. What a shame, and here I thought you weren't."

Koios slyly smirked, twirling a lock of his brown hair in thought. "So, another kill, hm? Not cleaned up, you say? Poorly done? This should be an exception, though. Her work is rather amazing, if I may say so myself, as she usually kills with such grace."

Crossing his arms, rested his knuckles against his chin, his fingers snaking over his lips. "Well, we should give her some privacy, do not you think? Let the woman get dressed first before you start interrogating her."

Turning his back, he made his way towards the living room and lounged on the couch, his boot-covered feet propped on top the armrest, that is until he heard a couple of mews from a room.

Raising an eyebrow, he must have not heard his dorm mate come bustling in. Curiosity came over him and he made way to the room, propping his glasses neatly onto the bridge of his nose and crouched down.

"Simpletons deciding to injure them? Typical rambunctious teenagers. What a shame, they are very unique creatures. Felines. Welcome back, though."


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Avie had been sitting the couch, mindlessly staring at the ceiling when Night came bursting into the house, grumbling under his breath, not even noticing her presence, before sauntering down the hall to the bedrooms. Avie shrugged it off with a yawn. Night was always mumbling on about something, and when she heard Lina's loud, feminine voice, she decided she didn't want to get involved. She looked over to where Night had carelessly threw something and instinctively reached out to grab it. Taiyaki.

She shrugged, knowing Night wouldn't mind if she finished it, and bit into the sweet pastry, moaning as if she didn't just have the fish-shaped snack a few days ago. The door opened again, and Avie looked over, mouth full, smiling. "Hey Sva! Ooh, what's that?" The tall woman bustled into the house, arms occupied by a box. The large female looked worried and disappeared down the hall, leaving Avie's question hanging in the air. 'Oh well,' Avie thought, wiping the crumbs off her shorts and the couch onto the floor. 'I'll just bug her later.'

Avie yawned again, closed her eyes and rolled over onto her side. Maybe a couple hours would do her good before it was night time since she really could never sleep as soon as the sun went down. Too many creepy things came out at night, after all. She heard heavy boots move across the floor lightly before she felt the weight of the couch shifting next to her. Cracking one eye open, Avie saw Koios resting on the couch next to her. She was about to open her mouth to greet him when he abruptly stood and walked down the hall from which he came.

And then Avie heard it. The unmistakable mewl of kittens.

Bolting out of her lying position on the couch, Avie darted down the hallway, moving past Night and the closed door he was scowling in front of, a few feet behind Koios. He disappeared into his room and Avie followed, knowing her presence would be forcibly excepted. "Kitties!" She cheered, running over to a currently unoccupied bed and sliding on top of it, resting on her knees. "Come to me, my animal friends!" She cried, holding her arms out.
She turned to Svajonė and smiled. "Where did you find them?"


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Svajonė looked at the two new people in the room as the kittens mewling, squirming to get into the large girl's lap. Picking one up and setting him on her shoulder, she sighed. "Mean little boys hurt them... I did what I can..." she murmured, taking one kitten and handing it to Avie. The kitten squirmed then relaxed into the girl's hold. The one on her shoulder jumped and landed in front of Koios.

"They like us... I was worried that they wouldn't heal but they look okay..." She stroked the kittens in her lap and let her shoulders shake with silent laughter as they nipped at her fingers. "They're still hungry..? Oh my..." she stood up and the kittens followed. In a line, they walked to the kitchen. They looked like a small army.

"Heh... They recognize me..." she quickly made another bowl of tuna, tomorrow's dinner, and fed the kittens. She didn't mind sharing her food. She'd find more somewhere. Mavolio twittered and chirped at his friend. "Oh? You hungry too..? Come then..." She took some bread and fed her jealous-ridden best friend. She smiled at the bird, who gave the bird equivalent of an angry huff. "I'm sorry, Mal. But they were hurt..." The bird merely tugged on a long sting of hair, pulling it out. His own little punishment.

"Happy..?" she muttered, rubbing her head where the hair was tugged, pouting slightly. It hurt a lot more than it looked. Her head was sensitive, more sensitive than that of a normal person. It was her weak spot, but then it was everyone's. Shaking her head slightly, she watched the kittens play-fight over food. "So cute..." Was muttered again.


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Koios gently scratched the head of the small kitten, watching it bounce off after his close friend Sva. He still remembered that day like it was tomorrow, seeing the friendly giant distraught, a bit of blood here and there, he couldn't help but want to help her. It was his nature, and after all, she seemed like the perfect one to fill that open role.

Even though he wouldn't show it, he would worry about her, just how Night worries about Avie. What if she ends up getting lost? Hurt, even? Someone ends up kidnapping her? Which, in all honesty, was one thing he doubted, but it could always be a possibility. You never know in this world, everything is unpredictable.

Running a hand through his neatly slicked chestnut brown hair, he afterwards fixed his cravat and made a "kiss face" to the army of kittens as they exited the room. Though, afterwards, his poker face was plastered back on, a split second of shown ridiculous emotion. That is, when he heard the most feminine man scream he's ever heard. Again, I say, unpredictable.

Following with a hilarious stream of words mentioning a princess, and the noticeable loud footsteps of accelerated speed, Koios tried to hold back hearty laughter and a sarcastic comment. A smile beginning to rise to his face, more like a smirk, he sat in one of the office chairs next to his bed, crossed his legs, and propped them up against a table, pushing up his glasses with one hand while the other was occupied by tapping the armrest of the chair.

The 16 year old sighed dramatically, gradually shaking his head. "Night dear, I must ask since you are beginning to worry me. One, watching a woman undress, and now two, suddenly shrieking like a worried mother? Are you trying to learn how to become a female? If so, I wish you good luck my friend. By the way, I don't think Avie ever left. She was sitting on the couch, it's just I paid no mind, so please, stop yelling. Really, it's starting to agitate me, but I must admit it was hilarious. It's around these times that I wish I had my video cam on."

Koios shook his head, standing, hands dropping to sides. "I'm think I'm going to have some tea or whatnot. I'm a bit thirsty from talking so much." The male brushed past Night, and as he gait past, he poked at his cheek. "A tip on turning into a girl: I find most of them wearing make up. I suggest using Lina's, I believe she might have some."

Chuckling, he exited the room though left the door open, heading to the kitchen where his close friend was at. "Hello Sva dear. Having fun?" He asked, as he filled a large bowl with an ideal amount of purified water; Koios was rather particular with water. He hated tap water, because of all the germs that could possibly be in it, and so, he would get a couple of gallons of purified water, or else, he was not happy, and an unhappy Koios is bad. He even put a sign above each sink in the whole apartment, and it said "DO NOT DRINK TAP, OR CONSEQUENCES WILL BE ARRANGED. -Love, Koios." because of his paranoia.

Setting the clean, water filled bowl down onto the floor so the kittens could drink, he smiled briefly at Sva before heading towards the stove to prepare tea, and most likely Peppermint tea, his favorite kind aside from Earl Grey. Fixing up the tea, turning the stove on and boiling hot water, after a couple of minutes it was done and he poured the water into his favorite mug that had "KISS THE GENIUS" printed all over it. Smart, right?

Koios sipped his tea and exited the kitchen, boots clacking against the hard surface of the tiled living room, and lounged on the couch, setting the cup on a stout table and pulling out a small, petite laptop that probably didn't cost much, and typed away, looking up different recent killings, criminals, and kidnappings out of simple curiosity, and what to be wary of; after all, Koios was a precautionary person, thinking ahead of the game in case they did come in contact with one of the problems.


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Svajonė waved at Leader-sama as he talked to Night. She liked the two of them, they were funny but not like Koios. No one had cared about her while she was on the streets. He had brought her here, to her new family. She'd always be in his debt, making sure he wasn't hurt, which was rare, he didn't go on missions often. But it was the thought that counts.

When Night screamed, the kittens buried themselves in her long hair, hiding from what had scared them. But Sva was frozen stiff. The scream sounded like her mother's. During her attack. Hands shaking, she tried to go back to making some tuna sandwiches, with little success. She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves. Mavolio nuzzled her cheek before flying over to Leader-sama, her second favorite perch.

After she was calm, she heard Koios fix his tea beside her. She grinned when he smiled at her. Every one of Koi's smiles were special. They were rare and they made her day. She bit into her sandwich as he left. The kittens where still drinking so she merely kept eating.

Then when she heard small mewls and looked down at the kittens, who were pawing at her bootless legs. Counting them, she had six little kittens. One for each member. Her sandwich now gone, she grabbed the largest one, a brown boy with a gold stripe over his left eye. She set him on her head. "This is Lina's..." She scooped up two more, both a creamy grey but one was much furrier. Both seemed reluctant to each the other. "Night and Avie's..." She looked at the fluffy red brown one that was strutting around. "Here's Leader-sama's..." Then at the blue black one who was sitting by her feet, almost like a guard. "He's like Koi..." And the little white runt by his side. "And mine..."

Nodding at the Kitten List, she led them to a large chair and set them all in it before sitting on the floor beside it, petting Koi's as he didn't seem to want to go too far from the white one on her head. "Look Koios... This one's like you... He's so protective of the little white one..." She giggled softly, the kitten looking at his appointed member with curious eyes. They were very alike.