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"I will kill everyone who harms my beloved!"

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a character in “Assassination Game”, as played by Child of the Winged


Animal Trainer

Warren, Anima or Alice, depending on who you are.



Sexual Orientation:

Whips and animals

Assassination style:
She uses the animals themselves as weapons, often allowing the carnivores to eat the body. She leaves a single claw on a feather as her signature.

Animal, despite her name, is a real sweetheart. She smiles at everyone and is rarely sad, even as she kills someone. The only time she ever shows anything but happiness is when someone huts someone important to her. At that point, she's a horridly vengeful human with a slight blood lust.

+Her beloved
+Her whip

Losing the one she loves and not being able to stop it. And really bad storms.
The animals are well trained and smart. She often creates them from injured animals and refits them with better parts so they're stronger. Her whip is also used for choking people and causing physical harm
She despises hurting someone without cause and the animals stand out a lot, because of their parts.
A brief history:
Stolen like all the other assassins, Animal was never truly happy. She found a love in animals and in technology and combined them. At 17, she grew tired of the missions and ran off. She meet her beloved and decided to never be an assassin again. If only it were that simple.
Animal has long blond hair, tied up with a red ribbon. She wears a auburn corset with a green half jacket and auburn gloves. Her shorts are the same color green as the jacket. She wears a leg pouch and metal boots.
Clothing style:
Subtle Steampunk
Lightly muscled and thin
Distinguishing Features:
Her left eye is practically half a goggle. She lost it in a training accident
Other information:
She has many animals. A fox, tiger, dog, large lizard (The lizard in the appearance picture), a couple butterflies and a scorpion.

So begins...

Animal's Story


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Character Portrait: Animal Character Portrait: Marckus No-Last-Name
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Animal sat on the back of her large lizard-like creation, the gears squeaking and groaning slightly. She patted his hat, smiling down at him. The two were running errands for Marckcus, though they had fallen asleep in the sun, per usual. But now they were late and were never going to make it home in time for Marckus to not figure out what they had done. Or in this case, haven't done. And it was raining, never a good thing.

"Hurry up, Helios!" She said, tugging on the one wing the hulking thing had. She had gotten lazy and only given him one really. They had made it to the door, only to find Marckus with his hair mused and his face flushed. "Oh... H-hi brother..." She said quietly. Marckus glared up at her and fixed his hair.

"Alice No-Last-Name! Where in the world have you been!?" He cried, his hands flailing. She only slid down Helios' tail and fiddled with her hair. "That's right, you better be ashamed!" He muttered, going back inside the house, his hands smoothing his hair back down. She followed, Helios trailing behind her. The door was shut and he rounded on her. "I was worried sick, ya know. Ugh. I see you got the parts, which I'm grateful for but seriously!? Taking all day!? Oi!" He cried, his head shaking. "Look, you stay inside for the night. I'm going out, got it?" She nodded meekly and he grabbed his coat, umbrella and wings. "Then I'll see you tomorrow morning, sis." He kissed her forehead and walked out.

He looked around some before briskly walking the rain, the tips of his wings slightly misted and damp. He really just wanted to wander, even through all the damnable rain. He shook his wings and stuck his hand out, frowning as fat droplets covered his hand. Shaking his hair and smoothing his hair again, he continued walking, humming.


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Character Portrait: Animal Character Portrait: Priscilla
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Animal looked out into the rain and sighed. Not only was it raining but Marckus was out there. He hated the rain and she wondered if he was mad at her. The thought made her cry. So she set out into the weather, her fox in tow and went to go find her brother. She had taken the other umbrella, this one white and unused.

Unsure of where to start searching, she decided to just wander and hope to find him. She walked through the empty street and sighed again. Rain reminded her of her first kill, not something an automaton maker should remember. She shook her head, as if to clear the unwanted thoughts. She couldn't be thinking about that now. She had to find her brother. He has done so much for her after all.

When she wandered into the park, she felt her breath hitch. Partly because of the rain that slid down her back but also because of the other person sitting on her bench. The woman was pretty, no, she was breath taking in Animal's eyes. She had seen many beautiful people, often times she killed them after, but this one seemed to have an innocence that Animal wanted, no need to protect.

Fox yipped up at his owner and nudged her towards the other. The little creature seemed intent on their meeting, even if Animal wanted to hide and stare, seemingly unworthy of the girl's time.. She stumbled towards her and nearly fell into the mud. She glared back at Fox, who was already heading for the woman, his steel wool tail flipped up excitedly. She quickly jogged after the wayward automaton, grabbing him by the collar and barely preventing him from jumping on the poor girl.

"S-sorry, miss... I'm n-not sure what got into him..." She panted out, a bit winded from jogging the distance to catch the little canine. He whined and whimpered at Animal, who begrudgingly released his collar. "Behave, Fox...."