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Assassin's Creed: New Blood

Assassin's Creed: New Blood


A number of bright students from different schools/colleges find themselves kidnapped, and thrust into the world of professional assassins. The timelines could get a little confusing if you don't keep up to date.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


The following roleplay contains elements from the Assassin's Creed series. It is set as a parallel follow-up to AC: Brotherhood,
and contains references to characters (historical and modern) within the main storyline. The storyline is completely fictional, and as such, may cause historical inaccuracies which are to be expected. This RP is a standalone story, which can co-exist with the games.
For information on the next AC installment:

Box art!

The basic story for this RP is as follows:

You play as a school-kid/college student (17-22 years old), who, after classes one day, finds themself subdued and taken away by mysterious strangers. You wake up in a secure facility, strapped to some sort of weird table with screens... and there are others about your age, in the same situation. A strange man in a lab coat is overlooking all the 'subjects' before starting up a computer. "Welcome to Abstergo. Just relax for now. There will be time for explanations later."

All goes dark as you pass out. Suddenly wire-frames start popping up before your eyes, outlining buildings, which bloom into colour as more wires form human figurines. As quickly as it begins, it's all over, and you find yourself standing in Venetian market.

A voice in your ear tells you to do as the man with the brown hood tells you, as there will be time for explanations later.

((In essence, you have been 'recruited' by Vidic to be trained for the Templar cause, as after all, if you want to kill an assassin, you send an assassin, but something is going to happen during the training, that will uncover the truth about why they are really in Abstergo, and how to escape.))

Soon after your 'training' begins, you encounter an encrypted video message within the Animus - a message from Desmond Miles - which gives you a bit of background on what's going on. He tells you that, if you are viewing this, this training program is based on a real memory sequence from Ezio Auditore da Firenze's life, and being used by the Templars to train new agents to their order. He then explains that the video must be short, so that it is undetected in the system, but other similar videos have been hidden in the form of glyphs on key landmark buildings in the memory sequence - places where it was confirmed that Ezio visited. He wishes you luck, then the video ends, and training resumes.

After that is kind of an "as-we-go" approach to the RP.

Due to limited slots, I am allowing character reservations for up to 3 days. After that, the slot is open to all again. Hero slots consist of the two characters needed (see below), i.e., one slot = two characters. Villains and OICs are single characters.
Current Slot List:

TAKEN - "Alex Green" and "Alexis Caffarelli" by affliction

TAKEN - "Warren Vidic" (modern day) by affliction
OPEN - PM affliction for details
OPEN - PM affliction for details

Other Important Characters
TAKEN - "Desmond Miles" by affliction (modern day)
TAKEN - "La Volpe" by affliction (15th Century)
OPEN - PM affliction for details
OPEN - PM affliction for details

You will need to submit TWO character profiles. "Why??" you might ask... because you will have two characters in effect - your modern day self, and your DNA-derived ancestor avatar. Remember you are an American schoolkid with ancestors who would have been socially incognito in the 15th century. The chances of having a Japanese name in Italy were very damn slim, so please name your characters accordingly - you may be declined for innappropriate names.

Modern Day:

Character Image (preferably not a manga style image. A photograph or similar is ideal.)
Appearance: (A full description of your character - it's better than any picture)

Biography: (A bit about your character, such as likes, dislikes, skills, things like that)

Equipment: None (Everything is confiscated at Abstergo)


Historical Ancestor:

Character Image (will be a bit more lenient with mana pics, as there aren't many pictures of trained killers on the web...)


Sword (standard)
Dagger (standard)
Hidden Blade (standard)
Leather Armour (all, standard)

History: (How character came to be an assassin?)

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Italy - 15th Century

Italy - 15th Century by RolePlayGateway

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Character Portrait: Alex Green
Character Portrait: Alexis Caffarelli


Character Portrait: Alexis Caffarelli
Alexis Caffarelli

Ancestor of Alex Green (Hero. 15th Century)

Character Portrait: Alex Green
Alex Green

Checkmate. (Hero. Modern day.)


Character Portrait: Alexis Caffarelli
Alexis Caffarelli

Ancestor of Alex Green (Hero. 15th Century)

Character Portrait: Alex Green
Alex Green

Checkmate. (Hero. Modern day.)

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Alex Green
Alex Green

Checkmate. (Hero. Modern day.)

Character Portrait: Alexis Caffarelli
Alexis Caffarelli

Ancestor of Alex Green (Hero. 15th Century)

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Re: [OOC] Assassin's Creed: New Blood

Dude, I was thinking about doing an Assassins Creed roleplay but with a completely different setting and story.

[OOC] Assassin's Creed: New Blood

Please post queries and suggestions here.

Note: Limited slots for this RP.