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Assassin's Creed: Rise of the Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed: Rise of the Brotherhood


The year is 1503 and the brotherhood of Assassins, are finaly taking back control of the holy city of Rome from the clutches of the Borgia.

1,377 readers have visited Assassin's Creed: Rise of the Brotherhood since Kestral created it.


The Year is 1503 and Rome is now the Templar Order's Heart, and the center of power and corruption. Poverty and disease are rampant, as well as prostitution, and crime. The Templar order has run this city in to the ground, but now will will build it back up.

We are the Brotherhood of Assassins, led by the master assassin, Ezio Auditore De Firenze, and we will take this city back from the Templars, and from the Borgia.

Before I begin, you might want to have a basic Knowledge of the Assassin's Creed series. If you don't, and you still want to join, PM me and Ill give you a brief summary of the story.

As an Assassin, you will take orders, and carry out missions given by your leader Ezio Auditore De Firenze.
As a Templar, you will take orders, and carry out tasks given by your Leader Ceseare Borgia.
Both of these NPCs will be controlled by me.

Age: (At least 17)
Equipment: (Give me a basic run through of your inventory. Also, this is rennisiance Italy, so nothing beyond inaccurate rifles. Also, guns are a rarity, and hard to come by.)
Robes: (Description only. Assassin only. Try to stick with the basic Red and white color scheme.
Armor: (Description only. Templar only.)
Physial Description: (Picture is okay, but a description is better.)
Theme song:
History: (Make it brief. No more than two paragraphs.)

Once we have enough people, I'll give detailed instrutions on where to start, for each individual.

Other factions that can help the Assassins:
Coutesean: (Basically a high-class prostitute)



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Alessia crouched atop the slender steeple, gripping the slender tip to balance herself as she peered out over the glittering lights of her beloved city. Roma. So much more beautiful than Florence. And so much more active. Her dark eyes picked out the movements of hundreds of civilians far below, active even late into the night.
And, unfortunately, hundreds of guards. Easily identifiable, traveling swaggering packs, shouting at prostitutes, shoving civilians out of the way. They were meant to be keepers of the peace.
They were agents of the Borgia...


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Giordania de castello, a pleasant young 17 year old man, looked upon the rooftops of roma, just noticing a young woman probably his age peering down offf the rooftops.
He jumped onto a building near the borgia de silco castello, hopeing he wouldnt get caught. He saw a guard a few feet away and grabbed his
buck knife, he threw it at the guards neck, the guard yelled and fell off the building into a big crowd. As just he thought he got away with it, a herald yelled "Assassino! assassino!"
"Shit" he whisperd under his mask he ran across a building just to jump onto another one, looking back he saw noone, but he looked forward and saw the young girl he saw earlier, scared as he could be he jumped back and grabbed his buck knife, "are you an assassin, or one of them?"


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Character Portrait: Crosafina Manccini Da Latina
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I push past the crowd of people in the streets. “Stop stolto!” I yell to a man in a brown coat and hat that tries to escape from me. I lose him and take to the roof. I can’t let that idiot escape again! I leap from building to building. I soon see him and throw a knife at his leg. He falls to the ground in pain. I climb down as the man tries to crawl away. I walk up to him and grab him by his neck and hold up so I can see him. “Wh-what do you want from me?” The man trembles as he talks. “I need you to answer a question. If you answer it correctly I won’t kill you.” I say as I stare into his brown eyes with a dead serious look on my face. “What do you know about Emesto Manccini?!” He opens his mouth stubbornly. He tries to talk with fear in his eyes. “I-I don’t know what ya’ talking about…” I’m starting to lose patients in this man.
“Emesto Manccini died around 8 years ago. Tell me what you know NOW!” I scream at him. “Emesto w-we helped his death. Me and another guy, w-we set up a tr-trap. That’s all. Just let me live. I didn’t kill him! Spare me!”
The man begged now he has a terrified look on his face. I take one hand off his neck and pull out my hidden blade as I start talking. “You may not have killed him but you have as much guilt as the one who did.” I stab him in the chest then whisper. “Tell those other bastards that Crosafina Minccini is coming for them.” I then pull my blade out of his chest as he fall to the ground. I take out my knife from his leg and walk off. I am only a small step closer to finding out why and who killed my father.

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Rome by Kestral


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Character Portrait: Crosafina Manccini Da Latina
1 sightings Crosafina Manccini Da Latina played by Chocolate~Pyrus
The trustworthy assassin. She will not harm an innocent. She follows the creed without hesitation. She will protect her fellow brothers. Skilled in her hidden blades. Sly as a fox.
Character Portrait: Kyle Walker
0 sightings Kyle Walker played by Kyle Walker

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Character Portrait: Tani Ookami
Character Portrait: Rosanna Felini
Character Portrait: Giordania de Castello
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Character Portrait: Rosanna Felini
Rosanna Felini

She is loyal to the assassin brotherhood. She joined them so she could try to avenge her parents. She see the assassins as her family and would die for them any day.

Character Portrait: Tani Ookami
Tani Ookami

Strong, dedicated, and stoic when fighting for her friends.

Character Portrait: Luca Marino da Venezia
Luca Marino da Venezia

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Character Portrait: Acario De Luca
Acario De Luca

A Fast, Silent and Deadly Assassin who follows an order and fights by the side til' death

Character Portrait: Giordania de Castello
Giordania de Castello

Its all fun and games untill someone dies by the blade of an assassin...

Character Portrait: Alessia de Trieste
Alessia de Trieste

A beautiful, intelligent, loyal young woman who left her life as a minor noble in Florence in favor of the adventure and honor of life in the Brotherhood.

Character Portrait: Alvise Allessandro
Alvise Allessandro

A young, skilled assassin. Honor guides his blade, and revenge guides his body.


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