Asher Johnson

I may be young but i can still kick your butt.

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a character in “Assassins creed: The Modern Assassins”, as played by eman447


Name: Asher Johnson
Gender: Male
Ancestor: Leonardo DaVinci
Assassin Color: White
Purpose for Joining: He thinks it would be cool to make inventions and fight for the assassins.
Appearance: A 17 year old, 5 foot 10, stealthy teenager. He wears white skate shoes with a red nike symbol on them, blue boot cut jeans, a red V-neck T-shirt, a white hoodie with the sleeves rolled up elbow high, and black climbing gloves. A blade can pop out of each of the gloves for stealth assassinations and he keeps two Dessert Eagles on his back under the hoodie. He has a very nice face with black hair that isn't super long but its not very short. There are more weapons and equipment but I'll save that for the equipment section.


Asher is a very straight forward guy with a pet peeve for liers. He really likes free running unfortunately the police don't share his passion so he keeps two Dessert Eagles with him. He loves using stealth, he often gets to school late and sneaks through the hallways and windows just for the heck of it. His mother told him about abstergo and the templars so he made a modern version of the hidden blade and put it in his climbing gloves. Asher is very smart and is the top of his class in engineering.


Asher has createed many different weapons and inventions but only uses a couple of them.
He made a harness that wraps around his back and holds his Dessert Eagles. It can hold a suppresor, four mags, and a noise enhancer.
Asher took a pair of climbing gloves, hollowed them out, and stuffed them full of lead to help out with hand-to-hand combat. In those same gloves he attached a mechanism that holds a hidden blade (who says old ways suck?).
Asher plans on making more weapons for the rest of the assassins.


Asher grew up like any other boy except he had a feel for engineering.

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