Flora Mantell

A seductive Vampiress......whose inviting smile, and striking beauty, leads a plenty of men and women into their demented demise.

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Name: Head Mistress, Flora Mantell

Age: 2,798 [Appears to be in her mid-20's however]

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Nick Name: Flora

Status: Single.

Race/Creature Type: Vampire


Height = 6'0

Weight/Build = 155lbs/Slightly curvy & rather busty.

Eye Color = Crystal Blue.

Hair = An Auburn-Brown mix, that reaches to the top of her thighs when out.

Fashion/Jewelry = Flora is almost always the most fashionably or scantily dressed. Even when she puts forth little effort, she still manages to appear trendy....... She also has a thing for chokers, and painted-silever jewelry, and is often wearing multiple "silver"-dragon rings.

Body Art = Flora has a full back piece of the Mythical Phoenix. [*click here for picture of design*]

Etc. = Flora has nails that are two inches long, and nearly unbreakable.......and she purposely keeps them filed to a fine point on the ends, giving her the ability to use her nails like knives.


Flora is overly flirtatious, and thrives on the whole seduction process......leading some people to believe that she's overly-friendly and accepting.....when in reality, underneath her seductive and ever-present smile, Flora is a sadistic sexual-deviant with quite the violent temper. The visually-young vampiress might almost always wear an attractive smile/smirk, but if annoyed, she has been known to react to the point of overkill

That being said, her temper usually just surfaces on a certain group of people who get under her skin more than others.......such as unsupervised children, impure vampires, underlings who don't show respect, and other groups of people you can find listed in the dislikes section below. Vampires on her level however, and friends or family, are allowed to get away with murder around her, in terms of joking/prodding.........but she has been known to start fights with her family and others on her level......but they're fights that rarely end in serious injury......and instead, wind-up to almost be "play fights".

Deadly temper and bizarre character traits aside, Flora is far from unapproachable. She's actually quite the opposite.........she enjoys being part of a conversation, and easily draws people to her with her infectious smile and witty humor. Even though they might know of her reputation and fear her in the back of their mind, younger vampires and humans alike find it hard to not engage her.


- Crawling parties/huge gathering events, for new victims to toy with.
- Fighting.
- Drinking, with or without the boys.
- Randomly killing people or things, just to show to herself that she can.
- Seduction
- Swimming in the Ocean
- Art
- Harsh-Punishment of, or toying around with, the royal servants when bored.


- Seductive Dancing
- Art
- Sex
- Men
- Women
- Traditional Theatre
- Travel
- Music
- The Ocean/Water


- Loud/Disrespectful Children
- Constant-Complainers.
- Impure Vampires, with overly-cocky personalities that far from match their actual strength.
- Annoying Drunks or Bums
- People who don't listen.......especially underlings.


Flora is believed to be one the Counts older daughters........but if you were to ask the vampiress about her history, she'd simply tell you that for some unknown threat to her safety, she was sent away from her parents, who she'll refuse to name, at a young age....and spent most of her life floating around different countries, living within vastly different communities.

She spent the first several centuries of her life under the radar.........feeding sporadically as she hopped from one European empire, to another. Her time in Europe wasn't the most enjoyable, but there is where she learned how to be a fighter[literally and figuratively], who only ever had to rely on; herself.....a skill that she took over to the Americas and perfected, as she again stayed under the radar for a few more centuries, until the vampires, slowly but surely, became the dominant race of the world again........

Over the next several centuries, before Blood Lust came to be the official capital of the world, Flora migrated to the budding city and quickly grew into her natural beauty, as her undeniable talent for the hunt and fighting, something passed down from her bloodline, began to fully creep in and blend with her learned skills from centuries ago........and as her confidence grew, so did her lust for people.....their blood, their bodies, and their servitude. So within only a decade of her arrival in Blood Lust, the vampiress reputation among the cities youth, was of one to be feared.........she had a small house on the outskirts of the city, but at night, the sounds of ecstasy and pain could be heard from miles away.......something which cemented the fear into the minds of the youth around her, enabling her to use them to her will.

And slaves they soon became....the women she pimped out, and the men she gleefully made spectacles of, while they tended to her house, and land.....both sexes also being used for personal fulfillment.........until a new idea popped into her mind. "Why use impures, when i could use human labor......." she thought, before banishing all but five of the impures off her land. Those five had 24 hours to bring her back suitable slave labor...."and do remember, i prefer strong bodies and faces that are easy on my eyes." she chimed in with........a warning, far more than a suggestion.....for as Flora built up her reputation in the outskirts of Blood Lust, her demand for obedience and temper when she didn't receive it, was threat enough for most to do what she said.

For the next couple of decades she lived peacefully.......with enough bodies to satisfy her in number of ways. But once Blood Lust was named the capital of the world, and the most powerful among her kind began assimilate in the core of the city, she couldn't help but go herself.........because, who could ever surpass her - she thought.

By the time she arrived however, most of the hierarchy had been formed and little attention was paid to her......but that was at the peril of others, for when her request to speak with whoever was in charge, went unanswered, the vampiress quickly killed every guard in sight.......using nothing but brute force, and her nails. There was no need for Flora to use her fangs.....her outburst wasn't fueled by the need to feed.........it was fueled by anger....... so she instead used her nails to gleefully pierce the seven guards in numerous locations, easily dodging their weak attempts to stop her..........until she decided to end things, and began decapitating them while almost simultaneously piercing their heart with a small silver dagger she had on her hip, turning them into puffs of ashes.......but before she could finish off the last guard, a woman by the name of Harmona burst threw the stunned crowd and lunged for her. It was clear to Flora that this woman was no mortal, or impure...................in fact, she was close to Flora in age, and an acquaintance from long ago.
The woman also happened to hold a position of power that Flora quickly found quite attractive.....the Head Mistress[or empress, or whatever other title you might want to use for this RP] of the royal palace/family.....

"What the hell is your problem.....do you have no control!?" snapped Harmona....Flora only smiled.

"Of course i have control.....if i didn't, far more would be dead. But that aside Harmona......would you care to make a friendly wager?" Flora asked.

"A wager? With someone like you!?" asked Harmona........Flora laughed.

"Last one alive, gets the guys......." Flora said, as she stared over Harmonas shoulder and towards the crowd of people behind her.......where the rest of the elder vampires, mostly men, stood.....watching intently.

"...and girls!" Flora added on, as she noticed a few elder vampiress standing alongside the men.

"Hah, you just signed your death warrant Flora" snapped Harmona, as she quickly stripped out of her heavy coat.

"So it's a deal?" asked Flora, in an awkwardly casual tone...........she was answered by Harmona lunging at her........something she could of easily dodged but instead, decided to take head on.
After being punched and kicked like a punching bag for 30 seconds or so, she could hear the whispers in the crowd grow, as Harmonas final kick sent her flying back against the wall of the building the other elders stood by.........

Harmona began to sound cocky, and asked Flora if she had enough.......thinking the vampiress was beat.........until she began to laugh.
Shock washed over Harmonas face, but it was soon replaced by anger. "Is that all you've got? meager kicks and punches.........where is the blood!" Flora teased, as she quickly stood and flung her now loosened hair from in front of her face.....reveling a face that appeared to be untouched. "How....why isn't your face even a little bit-" Flora cut Harmonas confused rambling off...."too slow!" she yelled, before flying directly into Harmona, sending both of the women clear across the court yard, and into an abstract statue.
Flora had managed to pummel through a large number of bystanders, but cared little of their welfare.......as she not only punched and kicked Harmona far harder than the mistress ever touched her, but flung her around like a limp rag doll.

Finally after several more minutes, Flora effortlessly kicked Harmona over to the feet of the current Head Master[or emperor or whatever other title you might want to use for this RP]. "She's weak.......surely you'd rather someone stronger, would you not?" she said in her casual seductive tone........the man only smirked at her for a moment, before looking down towards the badly beaten Harmona, who was obviously far out of her league. "Oh don't worry, she's history.....see." said Flora, before shoving her pointer and index fingers into Harmonas brain via her forehead, and then stabbing the vampiress in the heart with her silver dagger.......causing Harmona to almost instantly turn to dust......

Flora not only made a successful play for a position of power that day, but she forever placed in the minds of those around watching her, that her bloodline was one to be feared.....


Blood Lust has now been the capital of the world for centuries[or decades...whichever works better], and most of the previous elders were gone...........some by their own accord, some by force. But the original Head Master[or not...im not trying to create random characters, that's not my place lol, i just assumed there would be a male leader], and Flora, remain with another clan of elders......the two share a bond of sorts, but outside of the occasional physical desire Flora doesn't love him. She instead loves to "play" with the royal slaves......sometimes also known as, her pets or her toys. Something the Head Master, and others around her, understood little. Why would a vampiress of her beauty, and power, be content with only affairs from pure vampires, while she carried deep and twisted relationships-of-sorts with the royal slaves.

However as of recent, she's been growing bored with the current field of "toys".......and has begun to crave for some new ones.
But she also has found herself craving a "special toy"....someone she could toy with just by herself, that she'd refuse to share with the other residents of the palace, like she has to with the others........

So begins...

Flora Mantell's Story