Flint Kale

Assassin of Ice

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a character in “Assassins of The Shards”, as played by ShadtheWerepire


Name: Flint Kale
Gender: Male
Skin Tone: Pale
Weapons: an elaborate silver bow with pointed ends that can be used as spears. along with a quiver holding about 20 arrows a few with no arrowheads.
Element: Ice
Modification of Picture - Flint has a cold blue gaze and silvery white hair with a small unmuscular build, he rarely relies on strength but most of his strength is in his arms from his constant use of archery. Shimmering blue tattoo next to his left eye, looks kind of girly but glows when he's using his abilities.
Head wear: None, the less heat the better
Top: basic lightweight short-sleeve shirt no matter what the temperature
Leggings: knee length cargo pants
Foot wear: toe shoes (basically they're like sneakers but the material fits between and over the toes they look like toe socks with rubber soles.)
Left hand: glove with retractable claws, Arrow
Right Hand: arm guard, Bow
Back: Quiver and attachable pack for carrying supplies
Other: Wears mostly winter colors
Side: Pure


Personality: Cold-hearted like his name suggests, Flint is harsh and blunt but usually won't speak out of turn. Socially awkward due to being raised alone with his father, he will cling to one person and talk very little to anyone. (will expand once I start roleplaying as him.)
Joys: Arctic temperatures, Ice Cream
Phobias: claustrophobic, hates the sun/fire/light anything that produces heat.


Earth life - Lived in Alaska with his adoptive father who was a scientist that worked farther north, they often traveled around very cold places. He was very close to his father but they were both quiet people that talked rarely but enjoyed each other's company. He learned everything there is to know about ice and arctic animals up north and was home schooled for most of his life making him a bit socially awkward.
Occupation: Works as a lab assistant for his father.

True life - He was the more calm and collected Assassin that regretted every time he killed even though it was his job as a guardian. There had been too many accidental deaths in his rise to power among their group, Ice could kill people too easily and with his ranged attacks he could devastate mass armies with the blink of an eye. However he still fought to the end and protected the orb to his final breath convinced that even if he had to cut down armies he was doing it all to protect the world.

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Flint Kale's Story