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Josephine Dezantro

"I pray there is a purpose for me in this world."

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a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Awakening”, as played by KumoriRyuu


Josephine Dezantro


Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 135 lbs
Voice Example: Josephine

Basic Personality: Josephine Dezantro is proud, confident, stubborn, and somewhat opinionated. However, when one can look past her stubborn and opinionated views, they’ll see a deeply troubled, shy, and insecure young woman who is searching for answers. She can be somewhat childish when she doesn’t get her way, though she is making efforts to overcome that habit. She’s not incredibly trusting. And even when her trust is earned there’s always this one inescapable barrier preventing her from truly expressing herself. Her temper is quick to flare, but even so she operates with a calm, honorable mindset, never letting her emotions run rampant no matter how strongly they may burn within her heart.

Basic Background: Josephine Dezantro was born twenty summers ago to a wealthy family in Triveila. Her parents were the landowners upon whose property numerous farmers and ranchers ran their businesses. As such they were never strapped for money, and Josephine grew up with anything and everything she wanted… Except friends. Despite her loneliness, she grew up relatively happy until she turned 12 and began learning self defense and swordplay. The sword literally changed her life, and not necessarily for the better. Due to a family tragedy when she was 13, Josephine left home forever and began wandering the world searching for purpose and a life worth living. She has become a seasoned wandering warrior and bears numerous scars because of it. Starting very young in this business they were bound to happen, and each tells a story of the life of a girl who still doesn’t know what she wants or needs in life…

So begins...

Josephine Dezantro's Story


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After Kieran had gotten enough out of sight of Miils, she made a mad dash back for the inn, dodging and weaving between pedestrians and shopkeeps until she made it back to the inn. She pand heavily as she walked into the door and stopped when she entered the room and saw no one, at least not anyone she knew until she saw the man in the chair. She calmed herself down and looked at him with questioning eyes, keeoin her guard up if anyone tried tackling her from out of sight.

She crossed her arms and looked at him, "And who might that be? I don't have a clue what or who you're refering to." she said casually as she looked at him with glaring eyes.

"Come now. We've been keeping an eye on the traitor since she arrived. Our spies are everywhere."

He stood from the chair, keeping his hands clasped in front of his chest.

"Nevertheless, I'll ask a different question... Did you really think she'd be able to return without getting herself caught? Sir Miils owns the guardsmen of this city, you know. And word travels faster than the horse these days. He's known she was coming ever since she crossed the border."

He began pacing like a patient gentleman.

"So then, what's your role in all this, hmm?" He asked, glaring at her out of the corner of his eye.

Kieran eyed him as he spoke and listened to each and every word carefully. She examined the way he stood and carried himself, seemed to only be more so brains than brawn. She chuckled and shook her head, "So what he said was true...Loyalty can be bought so easily. Pity, really. As for the traitor, it's only funny that you're the one working for the very traitor you've been searching for." she said as she gave him another chuckle and sigh.

kieran looked at him with anger in her eyes, "As for my role, I have none. My role is over and I have no more part in this matter. So, just go and I'll act like I never saw you." she said as she walked passed him and gave him another sharp glare.

Keeping his eyes on Kieran, the man smiled.

"You may or may not live to regret that decision, miss... The traitor is being transferred to a secure facility near the Southwestern border, and heavily sedated. We know her warrior status. If you wish to save her, you'd better gather your friends and start moving now. Or you may never find her."

With that he began makin his way towards the exit, but paused as he opened the door.

"Oh, and did she not tell you?"

He glanced over his shoulder to Kieran.

"If she doesn't officially take the title of Princess within the next four days, she forfeits the rights to Sir Miils who shall become the next King. Good day."

And he was gone.

Kieran glared at him all the while the man spoke, her eyes never losing her sharp glare that she held on the man. She watched as he began to walk away, "I know when I'm being threatened...But I can assure you..She'll be just fine.." she said with a sharp tongue as the man disapeared. Once he was gine Kieran sighed and rubbed her temples. " I need a drink... " she mumbled to herself as she left for the bar in the inn.


Aetrius watched as Kyero got a hold on Miils and even slightly injured him. Once Kyero had done his part, Aetrius walked up to Miils and glared down at him, "We have a doctor with us...and I don't think she'd even want to hwlp your bastard ass..." she said with a growl as she looked at Linde for a slight moment and then back at Miils. " Regardless..You've lost, Miils." she said as she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and swiftly smashed his face into her leg, knocking him unconsious.

With that the group swiftly left and eventually made it back to the inn, bringing Miils into the room and tying him to chair, leaving Kyero to guard him. "I'll go see if Josephine is with Kieran...Wherever she is." she said as she began to turn and leave, with a slight pit in her stomach as she began to have a bad feeling in her gut.