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Lonán Arzura

“By this sword I live, by this sword I will restore my family name.”

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a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Awakening”, as played by Firewind


Lonán Arzura

Age: 23
Height: 5”10
Weight: 160
Voice Example: 0:06

Basic Personality: Upon first meeting him, you’d expect a warrior disciplined in only fighting and nothing else. When he’s not fighting he’s openly conversing with someone over a deck of cards with a grin. He’s also a man of honor, adhering to his own personal code of conduct outside of battle and honors his Nation’a patron with a silent prayer and a swipe of his two handed blade or the launch of a crossbow bolt. He’s also kind to those less fortunate when he feels the need to be, even open to sharing some of his food with a homeless soul. Of course there must be a downside, and there is with Lonán’s habit of gambling in between jobs. As well as a quirk that seems to affect his conversations, being never directly looking at someone in the eye when speaking.

Basic Background: Lonán Arzura was born to two proud members of a warrior clan of Saharan. His early years were spent with his grandfather, a well respected retired soldier, now at his old age a blacksmith. The Old Wolf, as Lonán fondly recalls him as, carefully monitored and tweaked his training wherever it lay. He even fashioned a crossbow to fit his need of a ranged weapon. Then when Lonán was around 18, the Old Wolf had him forge his own personal melee weapon. He chose to create a sword that he’d be able to use both hands when not using the crossbow, even modifying the latter to fit comfortably in one hand.

However, any hope his joining the military was dashed when a gambling debt owed by his father soured, costing him the reputation needed. Instead, he decided to wander the world, plying his trade of fighting to those who could pay. Heresta, guide this warrior’s blade to allow him to achieve personal glory, and the glory of swordsmen the world over!

So begins...

Lonán Arzura's Story


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The sound of work in village greeted the ears of Lonán as he slowly made his way to the main street of Atlum. Word of the bandits had reached his ears the day after it occurred, for he was two days south of that village. This and the storm that had occurred before had made this village his next stop amongst many he’d make in his wandering days as a sword for hire, prompting him to get his horse to pick up the pace. Two years of this lifestyle was, in a word, partially profitable. Mostly due to the fact he’d try his best to save his earnings and spend only what he needed.

His habitual gambling, however, made him have to have a separate coin purse for such occasions. His father’s own habits had taught him that much. Checking his main coin purse he saw that he had currently fifty five silver and 30 copper. He’d have to see if there was an open bounty on the bandits. There would have to be a notice somewhere on them, certainly, hopefully with the magic word of ‘Gold’ on the amount given. Pulling an apple from a saddlebag he dismounted his horse, he surveyed the crowd of wounded and homeless.

”Madness.” thought Lonán, ”Retribution needs to be given to these fiends.” He raised the apple to bite into it when a tug at the back of his tunic was felt and he turned to look upon a young boy of eight, who held up his hand in a silent way of begging for money, possibly for food or otherwise. Lonán’s face softened a small bit and looked around before partially drawing his sword and pushed the apple vertically, effectively slicing it in half and gave one half to the boy.

He then pulled out three silver and placed it in the same hand. ”Here. Keep out of trouble you hear?” he said calmly, ruffling the boy’s hair as he lead his horse on. Said horse huffed at it’s owner.

”Don’t huff at me, Hawk. I know I gave him three silver, but a storm one day and then bandits the next can scar a person, a child especially. Don’t forget that the Old Wolf would beat me if I denied help to a kid.” the horse chuffed at his master’s response, prompting a resigned sigh from Lonán.

”Criticized by a horse. Oh the sheer indignity of it all.” he sarcastically remarked. ”Lets find you a stable and put you on time out Hawk.” He began to search out for where one was, along with a notice board about the bandits in hopes of a possible reward for their capture/deserved demise. So the Saharan warrior began to move through the crowd ready to begin, at least in this town, to ply his trade as a sword for hire and any other way to earn coin in this village of tragedy.

”Heresta guide my blade, for this is but another step to bringing honor to my Clan.”


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A cloaked figure atop a horse appeared through the dust that littered the recently attacked village of Atlum. The figure was disheveled, but not unkept, as whoever the rider was, kept their self with a straightened back as they slowly strode into the town. It was clear that the rider was from no where close, as the horse was visibly tired and hungry, as well as thirsty, the same could have been assumed of the rider, if their face had been visible, and not hidden behind a mask and cloak. What...What happened here...? the figure questioned within their mind as they looked around the town, seeing all the destruction and chaos that had happened, they didn't know what had occurred, all that was known is that it was for the lack of a better word, ransacked and left the towns people to their own devices. The figure shook their head and sighed, such brutality and lack of humanity never surprised them, as they had their fair share of the same actions, but this? A whole town of most likely peaceful people? Unnecessary, even to a Bounty Hunter as this.

As they passed by a mass of injured people, they stopped as they saw a brunette haired woman attending to the crowd by herself. She's attending all these souls by herself...? they thought, if their face was not concealed by a mask, a small smile would have appeared across their face for only a moment, but just as soon, it vanished. Gently the figure bumped the horse in the sides, mushing it forwards, into the town. They needed a place to refresh themselves, then to leave once their stomach and mind were once again replenished, they proceeded forth further. Once they entered the small town, or well the remains, the cloaked being dismounted their steed, trying them to a broken post, and gently patted the mare on her head. "I'll go look for something for us, Bree...Wait here." the voice was soft, but enough for the horse to hear it, giving a soft huff at its owner and went amongst its business. The figure turned, and began walking to find any form of nourishment, as their stomach began to growl quiet loudly in fact, as it was indeed days since they last had even a scrap of food.

As they proceeded through, they saw someone else enter the town, a rather tall in appearance, red haired individual. Hm...Better not be here to cause any trouble....I really am not in the mood for more blood she- the figure was cut off from their train of thought as the person spoke, voice was surprisingly deep for the individual, but as they spoke they spoke with care and a bit of kindness in their tone to the horse, Hm...Rare.... they thought, not many people especially men tend to talk so caring to their animals, never mind their steeds. They shook their head once more, and turned and went to continue on in their pursuit for food.


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Miss Almna continued her service to the wounded, and her next victim was going to be a rather harsh blast from the past.

It was a little girl, no more than eight years old. She had been maimed by her father due to him having gone insane after losing his wife and the girl's older brother in the attack. He slowly slipped away during these three days, and had finally snapped, coming at her with a fire wood chopping axe. She lost her left arm below the elbow and had a severe laceration on her stomach.

A woman who rescued her from her father as the guards took him down raced her through the streets screaming for help.

"Someone HELP ME!! She's going to DIE!!!" The woman shrieked.

Dozens of people saw the woman and got out of her way as she ran so as not to knock the girl from the woman's arms. Finally, the cries reached Linde's ears, and she flagged the woman down as quickly as possible before immediately preparing her tools as the girl was rushed over and set on the table.

"Doctor, for the love of the Gods please save her!!"

"I understand, miss. Please calm yourself and keep your voice down."

The woman was hysterical and had to be dragged away by others nearby who were eager to help. And as Linde finally had the girl to herself, she quickly bound the stump of her left arm to stop the bleeding and tore the girl's shirt away to have full access to her stomach.

"Sweetheart, can you hear me?"

The girl's eyes were as wide as saucers, and she was breathing erratically. She didn't register anything from Linde's inquiry, so Linde was forced to pinch the girl's cheek to snap her out of her stupor.

"Stay with me, sweetheart. The doctor is here."

"M-mommy?" The girl asked.

"N-no, sweetheart. It's the doctor."

"Mommy. My arm feels strange."

Linde realized the girl was hallucinating, envisioning Linde as her mother. A coping mechanism for the pain and shock that was setting in. So Linde put a hand on her forehead as she used the other to gently manipulate the flesh of her stomach so she could see the full extent of the damage.

"I'm right here, my love. Mother's here." She cooed.

The girl's eyes brimmed with tears.

"Mommy... It hurts. It hurts so much!" She whimpered.

Linde tried to smile and stay positive, but it was clearly being forced.

"I know, my love. I know. It's okay. Mother's here now. Just close your eyes love. It will be over soon."

The girl did as asked, closing her eyes as she continued to cry while Linde began applying a salve to numb the pain while she worked. She numbed the arm first, followed by the stomach. And once that was done she inspected the stomach wound... And the prognosis was not good at all.

Part of her intestinal wall had been split, and Linde didn't know if she had the tools to save her. Intestinal fluid was flowing freely around her insides, and that wasn't good for her organs (or anything, really). Linde worked as quickly as she could to find a way to stop the flow of fluids, but she was ultimately unsuccessful.

... It was happening again in almost the exact same way, and Linde's eyes grew wider with fear as the reality of failure to save this child began drawing near.

She had almost given up hope when suddenly a stranger wearing a brown cloak appeared beside her. She looked at the figure, who handed her a vial with a paste-like substance inside, and walked away briskly through the crowd. Linde looked at the paste in the vial and relief washed over her face.

It was Gunta Paste, a natural adhesive which worked even when submerged in water to seal almost anything from metal pipe breaks to surface wounds from shark's teeth while swimming in the ocean. Linde hurriedly opened the vial and applied it to the intestinal wall sealing it shut at last with a sigh of relief. Now that the flow of fluids had ceased, she got to work dabbing the fluid with a cloth to soak it and wring it out off the edge of the table to get it out of her stomach cavity. Once it was as clean as Linde could make it, she began sewing the wound shut as carefully as possible.

With that done, she properly applied the same paste to the girl's arm stub, and then wrapped it in bandaging to finish her work.

"Sweetheart... Can you still hear me?"

The girl was breathing much more slowly, and her eyes had remained closed. Her lips quivered, and her tears had since ceased.

"... Mommy?" The girl whispered.

Linde leaned closer, putting her forehead to the girl's.

"Yes, my love... It's over. Your ouchies are gone."

"Mommy... I'm scared."

Linde's lower lip quivered and she released a slight whimper upon hearing those words, but she fought back her emotions as she gently lifted the girl into her arms, cradling the girl's head against her breast as she slowly rocked back and forth.

"I'm here, my love. I'm here... Mommy's here." She cooed.

Linde began humming a lullaby to soothe the girl, and it worked. Within a few minutes the girl had fallen asleep in Linde's arms before being handed to the previously hysterical, now outlandishly grateful woman who took the girl home.

Linde sighed with relief as the girl was taken away, and she fought back a tear as she cleared her throat and looked around.

"Is there anyone else who needs medical attention?" She called.

Meanwhile, from a rooftop nearby, the cloaked figure looked down upon the scene with a slight smile visible beneath the hood.

"Well done, Linde." He whispered.

He disappeared a moment later.


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Lonán found a reasonable spot to leave Hawk alone, and decided to search the town for what he came for. Work. So the young man wandered about, eventually ending back near the crowd, when he heard the screams of help. Quickly he, along with most of the crowd divided to make way for a severely wounded child. His eyes widened at her condition and turned towards the solitary figure beginning to tend to her fervently.

He looked towards the hysterical woman and the townsfolk holding her. ”What happened? Who did this?” and the details seemed to pour out from the woman who bawled out a reply that it was the child’s own father, half crazed from the pain of previous losses. When this information was given Lonán could feel his pupils shrinking in contained fury. It took him all he had to breathe calmly and expel the momentary fury.

He then turned to the woman tending to the child and was almost amazed at how quick she worked. ”This woman, the determined look. The skill of healing. Is this Cre’est’s Angelic Knight?” thought Lonán. He decided to shut up and finish the remains of his half of apple. In minutes, he watched the woman perform something he could only describe as a miracle.

”By Heresta...” He marveled. This was indeed a remarkable sight. Then he heard the sounds of another sound.

“Catch him! He’s stolen from the food supply!” Amber eyes spun around to see a man carrying bread on the run from the guards. He moved silently as he could to the middle of the road and extended his foot out, tripping the man and then getting between him and the guards.

”So gentleman, I caught your thief, but he seems desperate and hungry. So, I have two options, maybe three. One I turn him over to you or I fight you. That hinders my chances of doing better work. And putting this,” As he said this he pulled out his two handed sword from its sheathe, ”to much better uses. But as I said, there is a third option. I am for hire and can pay off however much he stole with whatever you pay me for my services. Or I just pay it here and now with my own money.”

“He took a hundred copper worth of food mercena-“

“Here.” Lonán sheathed his sword and fished into his coinpurse and tossed four silver at the guards. “Now as for my offer of service, My name is Lonán Arzura. Tell whoever is in charge here, that I am looking to see if there is a chance to hunt down the ones who did this raid. If not that, I can help with repairs or just about anything to help the town back on its feet, provided the price is right of course.”

The Saharan Warrior turned to his head at the food thief, but kept his eyes off of directly looking him in the face. ”I don’t know why you did this. Maybe you have a family to feed maybe not. But this is your second chance. Take it and live a good life.” with that he began to search for a place to sit down, and eventually settled on a ruined fence post by the Main Street of the village, close to Hawk.

”Wasted seven silver already and haven’t seen an opportunity for a copper or more to recuperate for it. Hawk won’t let me hear the end of it! Wait a minute... why should I worry about a Horse’s opinion? I need to form a group. That or enter courtship while I’m still young. The Old Wolf would like the latter for sure.” These were the perseverating thoughts in his head, as he began to focus on them, effectively not paying attention to the world for the while.


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She had been fast asleep, when suddenly yelling and a commotion had awoken her from her much needed slumber. Which resulted in her reacting to her instincts and she was no longer asleep, but was suddenly up and on her feet with her hands on her weapons, ready to fight. But for her to see that the rucuss was already resolved, by the same man with the red hair from earlier. She was impressed, a slight smirk on her face as she saw how he easily handled the situation that had landed in his lap. She listened to him talk about in need of a job, of certain varieties, which caused her interest to be peaked. So he is a mercenary....No...He isn't here for me, is he? No...Or he would have caused a scuffle earlier, right? Hm... thoughts swirled in her head like an endless cyclone, thoughts going in every way, then merging and emerging at every counter she could have thought of. But just in case he was here for her, she kept her right hand close by to her weapon, unsure of the man's intentions. He seemed to be there for innocent work, but possibly it was a cover, or simply the truth. In case it was the former, she wasn't willing to take any chances, the sooner she could get out of the town, the better.

Aetrius shook her head and stood up, pondering on what her next course of action should be, when suddenly a man stumbled into her drunkily, knocking her off and over the wood pile she was standing next to. Which only resulted in seething anger to fill her, as no one, not even a drunk should have been able to push her over so easily. She swiftly jumped to her feet, grabbed the man by the collar of his shirt and looked him in the eyes as she spoke, "Who do you think you are, eh? Knocking random by standers over like they're nothing?" she said angrily as her griip around his shirt tightened. The man looked at her in both surprise and fear, as he was highly intoxicated and wasn't in a clear mind. "Ey, look ladie. I wash just passin' trew, eh? I meant nottin' by it, okey?" his words slurred together like a mess of mud and sludge from the back end of a used horse stable. "Just watch where you're going next time, eh? Could have resulted far worse if you had bumped into some one else, kapeesh? Just go home and sober up already, alright?" she said as she let go of the man, having him land in the streets carelessly as she walked past him in annoyance and in a sense, a bit angered. Hoping not much of a scene was created by her small interference, she put her hood back up and mounted her horse, and strode off down the main street, back to originally from where she was, mask in hand that was hidden by her robe. As she exited the inner part of the town, she for just a moment made eye contact with the woman from before, and gave her a slight nod, a small sign of respect and acknowledgement, but before she decided to make her own way around the town, she spoke to the girl, "Pardon me, but do you know where the closest place to stay would be? Not looking for a place for the night, just some place for a few hours, if that. Mainly for my steed...." she kept her head low as she spoke, keeping the majority of her face unseen by the other woman.


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Linde spent several minutes waiting for any signs that others around may have needed medical help, but it seemed that the worst had passed. Most who were in need of medical attention had already received it or were receiving it from the local doctor at his clinic just down the street.

But it was Linde who had drawn a crowd with her swift work on the poor maimed girl. As she turned in a circle, searching for someone to help, she was met with many unfamiliar faces... Most of them men.

But thankfully, a woman on a horse approached Linde asking if she knew a place to stay for a few hours.

Linde nodded with a smile and pointed her finger.

"If you follow this road north there is a tavern on the left with a black sign that reads Hilltop Tavern. And if you find a red sign hanging above the door about four doors down, that's the Leschien Potts Inn. Either one would be a good place to put up your feet for a time. The inn keep is very kindly and would let you rest in the lobby on the sofa or a chair for as long as you need."

She gave the woman a small bow of her head following her answer and turned to the crowd to quickly ask, "Um... Is anyone else in need of medical attention?"

A couple men began to crowd her not a moment after asking.

"Aye, girl. I'm in need of medical. Somethin' isn't quite right with uh..." He pointed to his groin. "If ya know what I mean?"

The other came in close and put his hand on her rump, which earned a slight yip of surprise.

But in that moment... Her face darkened.

"Sirs. Please do not crowd me. I do not appre-"

Her rump received a spank from the one whose hand was there.

"Aw, come on darlin'. Don't be turnin' away the poor who need yer aid now." He said, gripping her rear with two of his fingers dangerously close to a certain spot.

Linde's eyes narrowed, and her face contorted into a deep frown as she analyzed the men very briefly in her mind.

The one touching me... He's fine. No broken bones. No discolored skin. Just ragged clothes and a horrid stench. Homeless, no doubt. Obnoxious, but otherwise no threat. But the other... She thought.

She looked at the man who was not gripping her up and down, head to toe, and back again.

Well muscled. Could be an ex-warrior or fighter of some kind. A soldier? No. Soldiers hold themselves to higher standards than this. But that musculature worries me. He looks heavy too... He could be a problem. She thought.

Linde's left hand curled slightly, her fingers tensing as her right hand slowly curled into a fully fledged fist, preparing for a fight.


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Hawk’s nervous clopping snapped Lonán back into reality. As he was about to scold his horse for interrupting what one would call a momentary daydream, his eyes came upon the scene of relative tension. His eyes narrowed as he thought out in his head what was going on. A smaller man and his larger brutish friend are accosting the Angelic Knight, a woman with a strange spear had casually knocked down the smaller man as a warning, and a strange person was shielding the woman the men they were accosting.

The smaller man seemed agitated at being knocked down as the bigger more muscle bound man was about to do something. Lonán considered pulling out his one handed crossbow, but he felt his fist and his sword can make a point, possibly. Besides, he had to find a blacksmith to make the bolts to replace them and he wasn’t sure how much it would cost with the hard times in this village! So calmly he stood up to his full five foot ten inch height, gave a silent prayer to Heresta to dedicate the fight to her name;

And bolted straight for the big guy as the big man looked distracted by one of the defenders of the angelic knight spitting at his direction. Taking this opportunity he took a swing with one fist, aiming for his head and then drawing his sword. ”Right then big fella! Gonna give ya a warning!-” said warning was interrupted by a solid blow to the face.

“Either fight or shut up, vagrant.” The big man said. Lonán stiffened as his pupils seemed to visibly shrink, his free hand not holding his blade trembled. Then it grabbed the hilt of the sword and he spun to strike him in the leg with the guard of the sword. Pommel met knee with a solid, cracking thunk. Then raising up one hand he gripped him by the shoulder, bringing the man down on his good knee, blade at the man’s neck the whole way down.

”Call me that again, and I will shoot off your manhood with my crossbow and then cut off your friend’s nose, ears, arms and legs with my sword. I am of a powerful clan of Saharan Warriors, I am the Grandson of the Iron Wolf, I am Lonán Arzura.” Turning his head towards the woman he was defending. ”At your service. Now then big fella, what’s it gonna be? Busted Knee or Loss of Manhood on top of that?” He enquired to the big man, keeping the smaller man in the peripherals as the big man seemed to sweat.

”Good. Now lie down and stay there for a bit, that’s quite the ouch I gave ya.” He grinned wolfishly as he pushed the man onto his back and continued to hold his sword at his throat for added incentive to make him stay there.


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Aetrius stayed close by, guarding the defenseless woman, when out from the corner of her eye did she see someone running up with a drawn weapon, the man from before. She was prepared to take on all three if this is what it was. But to her surprise, the same man from before had attacked the bigger thug, which caused a grin to form on her face. Just as swiftly as he had arrived to help, he had the man down on the ground, and declared who he was and that caused her heart to thud faster. S....Saharan....He....he's from Saharan?, she thought. It brought back memories from home, and her time there, but Lonan Arzura, she didn't know that name, or anyone of the Arzura name. She assumed she head kept most knowledge of her home and people from there out of her care. But as the bigger thug had been distracted, it was the perfect play.

With a swift set of motions, she easily knocked the man off his feet with a simple kick to his ankle, a satisfying crack came from his leg causing a grin to form on her face again. The man groaned in pain as he could feel the bones in his ankle breaking, both from the sheer force of her kick and the fact that he wasn't bracing himself for an attack as he had been too distracted with his friend being attacked. "The coward" she murmured. She spun around and with her left hand she punched the man square in the face with her leather gloved fist, his nose breaking on contact with her fist, she watched as he fell to the ground holding his face as he squirmed in agony. She unsheathed her sword with her right hand and pressed it against his neck, not enough to puncture, but it was enough for her to get her point across, "Do not ever harass another woman or person like that again, or I will personally come back here and cut off your toes, one by one with a butter knife." she said as she kicked him down with her boot, and kicked once more square in the jaw, the smaller man was only able to whimper as a response, as his mouth was filled with blood and broken teeth. Aetrius looked back at the red haired male as she sheathed her weapon and spoke, 'Well done, but I think his friend's manhood is already broken as well as his pride of being a man..." she gave a slight chuckle at her joke, and nodded at him once more, and removed her hood as she looked to the after noon's sky above. After taking in the morning sun's glow, she spoke again.

"What you did was more admirable than most acts I've seen in years...Good to know some still exist....And you said you're from Saharan, eh? What brought you all the way here? Aside from the adventure of work, as I over heard earlier." she said as she looked to the man that was called Lolan, impressive for someone of his stature, he wasn't much taller than her, if anything he was more on the skinny yet well kept side. She kept that in mind if he were to ever attempt anything. Good with a she thought to herself as she made a mental note of what he was capable of. She looked back at the woman she had been previously guarding, "What would you like to be done with If you can even call such low lives that."


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Linde had just prepared for combat when not one, not two, but three individuals came to her aid. First was a young woman wielding a naginata, who gracefully swept the homeless man's legs. The second was a man with fiery red hair who took the larger man down after taking a hit himself. Quite impressive, given the man's weight by comparison to the larger one. And finally was the woman who had been on the horse asking for directions.

All were impressive, but it was the girl with the naginata who struck Linde as the most unusual and interesting. She dressed like a shrine maiden, but wore a face mask and carried a weapon. She had never known a shrine maiden to carry a weapon.

Who is this woman? She thought to herself.

Linde looked across the small group who had helped her, and gave a bow.

"Thank you very much, everyone, for your help with these men." She said with a sweet smile.

She gazed at the men on the ground, sighing to herself.

"I suppose now they really do need my help now." She mumbled.

Linde couldn't help but chuckle to herself as she turned and began to hoist the larger man up onto her shoulder. He was quite heavy, but she managed just fine. She laid him down on one of the tables she'd been using to tend the injured and stuck a wooden block in his mouth.

"If you need to bite something to deal with the pain, just bite that." She said.

She turned to the others who had helped her and gave another bow.

"Please excuse me, everyone. But I have patients to attend to." She giggled.

Linde then walked to the homeless man, now thoroughly beaten and bloodied as well as missing some teeth, and laid him on a second table. He needed her attention the most due to his injuries.

"Just lie still, sir." She said, giving his nose a little tweak which earned a grunt of pain.

"This will only take about ten minutes." She said.


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Lonán was in shock as the smaller guy was given a more severe beating. ”Holy Shit.... I think someone needs a drink and a nap.” he thought as he sheathed his blade. The perpetrator’s comment to him about how admirable and noble the deed he performed was he kinda scratched the back of his neck. He thus fully realized now she was a woman, a slightly scarred yet pretty looking woman all the same. He slightly tilted his head to avoid direct eye contact as her question of Saharan came up.

”Well, it’s work and Heresta willing, ensuring I have enough to get by and kick some dishonorable asses on the way. There wasn’t enough opportunity back home so I decided to travel around. See the world, that sort of thing.” He said casually. But it was a lie and he knew it. He was from a line of powerful and great warriors. But he had to remind the world that it was true. It was his honor bound duty to uphold. He promised the Old Wolf after all.

”Current plans aside, it was an honor and a privilege to help out the Angelic Knight of Cre’est.” He said with a small bow towards the brunette. It seemed the stories never do her justice. She really did look angelic in a beauty sort of way. Fighting the urge to actually say that he cleared his throat and whistled for Hawk, to which the horse came walking towards him. ”Well, I could use a drink after that fight. Heresta has granted a victory over these scumbags after all.” he said with a grin. ”Come join me if you wish, you too Milady once you’ve time.” He nearly fumbled due to the sounds of the smaller man being worked on.

”No doubts about it, his friend got off easy by fighting me, just a busted knee. ‘Intimidation by moderation of pain’, The Old Wolf always said. Though, Mother said spare the staff spoil the child... I remember her quarter staff...ow.” He thought, grasping Hawk by the reins and prepared to head towards the Tavern, only standing there to see if anyone would venture to come along with him due to his open invitation.

He had a strong feeling about them for some odd reason. For the first time in his wanderings, he might have begun to make friends. Mother would be proud for certain.


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#, as written by Tanman
Okumi Chrysanth

As the events continued to unfold before Okumi, she couldn’t help but shake her head and watch in dismay as the would be rescuers to the woman proceeded to cause more harm than they solved. Her own actions had been slightly forceful precisely because she didn’t want to cause a scene, but also so that the woman wouldn’t be obliged to help them from any greater injuries. Alas, it seemed the saintly doctor had committed to helping everyone – including detestable people like those brigands that attacked her – so she was back to performing medical duties. It was an admirable trait, one that resonated strongly with the shrine maiden, but she wasn’t really in a position to comment. With nothing more than a polite nod and a simple twirl as she returned her weapon to her back, she let the medicine woman make her leave.

Speaking of leaving, Okumi had planned to continue on her way; especially now that the crowd of onlookers was dispersing. And yet something stopped her. It came to her attention that the warrior woman - now speaking with the man that had introduced himself as ‘Lonán’ - had neglected to notice her horse getting a little bit swept away with the movement of the crowd. Slipping her way forward to take the reins, Okumi looked for somewhere to hitch the horse, spotting another mare attached to a rickety fence post. However, just as she was planning to go over and give it some company, the smart thing managed to unhook itself and come over to what must have been its owner, Lonán. Carefully leading the woman’s horse over to join them, Okumi gently rubbed over the horse’s side to calm it as she took a standing position just near them, unintentionally eavesdropping as she did her good Samaritan work. Not that she entirely minded. She did adore animals, and she was thankful that they seemed immune to her illness. With a couple more gentle pats, she turned back to face the two warriors. Seeing them deep in conversation, she took the opportunity to retrieved some oats from her bag, allowing both the horses to partake of the food.


Hearing her own stomach voice its protests at being neglected and forced to watch other creatures eat, Okumi took that as hint that it was time to find herself some food to recharge. Glancing up in only mild embarrassment, she noted that Lonán had mounted his horse and was making reference that perhaps the group could go to the Tavern? Well, they would likely have food, but Okumi wasn’t really confident enough to eat amongst other people. Not to mention her financial situation and living off the land didn’t leave her with much in the way of money. Still, it would be rude to refuse such an invitation, so perhaps she could attend and pay by way of some of the trinkets she’d taken from home? As long as she got something, she could probably excuse herself to eat or find some solution. Besides, it had been months since the last time she hadn't cooked for herself. Standing still and waiting, she held the reins up to the woman, smiling behind her mask as a friendly gesture and allowing her to take the lead. She’d follow along at her own pace, as the tavern wasn’t exactly far.


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Arc 1 - The Worst Of Humanity

Time is a fickle and harsh mistress. The flow seems different for every human being no matter how closely related their lives and lifestyles may be. In the flash of an instant, things can go from good to bad. From bad to good. From good to amazing. Or from bad to the worst it could possibly be.

And in this moment, for all present in Atlum, time suddenly seemed so irrelevant.

"THE BANDITS HAVE RETURNED!!" Came a unified shout from down the South Road.

Dozens of people ran through the streets screaming about the bandits returning to the village. And behind them, just around the corner, the bandits appeared on horseback brandishing all manner of weapons and hooting and hollering at the villagers who were being trampled in their path.

At first Linde was shocked, but part of her was also glad to see them. Glad for the chance to pay them back for what they'd done. But as more and more bandits appeared both on horseback and on foot, she started realizing why it was that the village had been half burned to the ground and why so many people had been injured and killed.

... There were dozens upon dozens of them. Just down the South Road alone from what she could see there were at least fifty or sixty of them.

And from the North Road, another forty to fifty appeared.

"What in the name of-"

Linde couldn't finish her sentence before she beheld one of the bandits decapitating a fleeing woman holding an infant with a poleaxe. The infant fell to the ground into the street and was subsequently trampled by the horses en route with their murderous riders. Linde's heart and jaw hit the floor, and her eyes widened in terror.

"How could they...?" She whispered.

Linde's arm was suddenly grabbed, and she turned to see the one with the brown hooded cloak.

"Kyero. Is that you?"

The figure nodded.

"Can we stop them?"

Kyero shook his head, and Linde's heart sank even further.

"B-but we can at least repel some of them right? Give the people the chance to flee?"

Kyero looked up from under his hood, exposing his glowing red eyes to her.

"No, Linde. There's far too many of them. To remain is to die."

"But the village-"

"Is dead... There's nothing we can do for them now."

He gently released her arm, and her eyes began welling with tears as she looked back to the throngs of people who were being slaughtered in the wake of the oncoming rush of bandits.

"Linde. No amount of warrior's pride is worth your life. You know these are impossible odds. We can't fight them like this. Not out in the open."

She looked back to him with pleading eyes as she gripped his cloak.

"You said 'not like this.' That means you must know of a way to put a stop to the massacre at least! Please, Kyero!"

Kyero glanced to the crowds of people fleeing, then to those being slaughtered and trampled, and then to the bandits themselves as they rushed in with a crazed and eager look in their eyes. He looked back to Linde and gave her a solid nod of his head, walking out into the middle of the street with his hood drawn and down to hide his eyes. He withdrew two small black balls from either side of a pouch hidden beneath his cloak at his lower back, and held them to the sides for a moment before throwing them out at both the North and South bandit leaders at the vanguard of each attack point.

The balls flew through the air and struck the ground in front of their horses, creating a massive plume of black smoke that overtook the entirety of the street at both the North and South ends behind the crowds and stopped the onrush dead in its tracks.

He looked to Linde, and she nodded furiously as she rushed into the streets.

"Everyone! Flee to the alleyways! Their horses cannot follow those narrow passages!! GO NOW!!!"

The people began following her request, leaving the open streets and fleeing towards the alleyways which were too narrow for horses to pass through. Those who were left and able of the village soldier regiment took up positions near the alley entry points, and Linde remained in the streets behind Kyero as he drew a pair of gleaming translucent green daggers with a solid black interior reminiscent of liquid flowing out in thin branch-like strands to the tip of the blade.

... They were made of Orichalcum, a legendary metal which was nigh indestructible.

Linde took her place beside him, preparing herself for a fight by shedding her doctor's coat and taking a fighting stance. Kyero too took a stance, standing almost perfectly upright with his body bladed sideways. His left dagger was held out in a Heaven grip just above his left knee, and his right was held in an Earth grip tucked by his waist just behind him.

"Kyero... Thank you."

"We still can't fight this many in the open, especially with many of them on horseback."

"What do you propose?"

"We need to get rid of the horses somehow. They're too great of a movement and speed advantage. But I only have one of those smoke bombs left and nothing else that could do the job."

"Don't worry. We'll find a way."

As soon as Linde said that, the smoke began to clear and the bandits slowly began walking their horses towards Linde and Kyero. Clearly they weren't as crazed as they had appeared earlier... There was a quiet intelligence behind the eyes of the one who led them. And it was clear he had a warrior's mentality as he seemed intent on getting close enough to speak to Linde and the man in the cloak.


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After Aetrius and Lolan had all too easily beat up the goons that were harassing the poor girl, they discussed among-st themselves, mainly Lolan telling her why he was there in Atlum. She could sense he was lying, partially, her years studying people and their body language speaks volumes. She could judge from his body movements, while he was telling the truth, it wasn't all of it. As long as he wasn't there for her, she couldn't care less of his reasoning. But as she listened she saw from the corner of her eye the same girl from before with the polearm, she brought Aetrius her horse. Aetrius smiled, and gave the white haired woman a nod as a sign of thanks, and pet her horse, "Who's a good girl." she then corrected herself and coughed, realizing how she was acting, as she adored her horse more than anything. She looked back at the woman that Lonan refereed to as the "Angelic Knight of Cre’est" or so he called her, a name she had never heard of, surprisingly. She nodded at her as well, letting her tend to the men she had ever so brutally beaten to a literal blood pulp, well her and Lolan. May have gone too ham....Nah." she thought, they deserved it regardless.

She mounted her horse again, and was going to follow Lolan to the tavern for a drink, or two, as she would need one. But then sudden shouts sounded from down the road. Something of bandits, again. Her eyes widened as she looked and saw dozens of bandits coming over the horizon. It was an invasion, again. As if this town hadn't been through enough, yet another raid. She growled as she saw innocent lives being taken, as the bandits callously slaughtered the helpless villagers. While some may say it's hypocritical of her as she does kill for a living, she has her limitations, and taking innocent lives of defenseless people is against her rules she abides by. As the raiders drew closer, she pulled Lolan onto her horse and made a mad dash into the town. As they got closer, she put her mask back on, withdrew her bow and steadied an arrow, taking aim she let it free, watching as the bolt pierced one of the bandit's hearts, watching him slump off of his ride and was limp, a smirk on her face appeared as she raced into the down. As more raiders poured into the streets, she slowly rose on the back of her horse, handing Lolan the reins, "Take her somewhere safe, I'll defend you." she said as she let two more arrows fly as two more bandits were easily disbanded of. She leapt off of her horse and rolled into a summersault, and pivoted, as she did so she knocked two bandits off their feet, as she engaged in combat with the two. She took her bow, and with simple ease she turned and smacked one across the face with her bow, disorienting him for a moment as she grabbed the other by the back of the neck and slammed him into the wall as he fell. As the other managed to recover, she withdrew both of her blades, and began to fend off more raiders, seeing Linde and a hooded figure in the distance, "I could use some help over here!" she called out to the two, or anyone ele that would be willing to help her in the fight, which seemed to be for a lost cause.


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#, as written by Tanman
Okumi Chrysanth

It seemed Okumi was destined to go hungry - There never seemed to be a moment of peace in Atlum. As the bandits poured over the hill like ants swarming over a feed, the priestess immediately began to see the gravity of the situation. This was no small group of highwayman, it was more like a small warband. Tens of men were coming over the horizon to the north, and even though it would have been futile to try and flee them on foot, yet another squad of brigands were closing in over to the south of the town, cutting off the main roads out of the village. A pincer maneuver, to ensure no one escaped. Barbarians.

It seemed the gods planned to test her once more. Either that, or this was one more chance for her to find absolution in death. Maybe… It was impossible odds to fight in a head on confrontation, but perhaps she could buy some time, create a diversion with her life and give the village a fighting chance to escape? Or, if this was to be the end of the village at the hands of these monsters, maybe she should… Unconsciously, she’d realised her hand had made its way up to hold her mask, and immediately she shrunk back as if startled by herself. No. No matter how awful these men were, it wasn’t her place to cast judgement. Not only that, but there was every chance they could spread the plague further before it took its toll. If it came down to it, she’d have to pray that in her passing the cursed flower’s toll would end.

Having stopped to contemplate all these things, the world around Okumi was swimming with movement. Faintly, she felt the rush of movement beside her as the warrior woman mounted her steed and charged into battle, as well as people running past her in a bid to escape. It was something like the eye of the storm, the battle and death all around them, but here, where the storm hadn’t yet reached, there was an eerie calm about the air. As well as an impending sense of dread. With some engaging to fight the attacking vanguard, it was then that the smoke clouds billowed out from seemingly nowhere, coating the area in a fine veil to cover their movements. The female doctor from before made the call to retreat into the alleys, an advantageous position in order to choke the amount of enemies and prevent them making the most of their mobility. It was a wise enough plan. Having lost track of the two warriors in the confusion, the shrine maiden began a cautious retreat to regroup with the remaining forces of the village.

Moving back as one of the last ones to get clear, Okumi did her best to allow civilians to escape before planting herself towards the front of the people set to defend the entryway. Though she wouldn’t be much good for negotiation, her Naginata was well suited for combat in such a space, and it would not be an easy feat to slip past her. With tension filling the air as their adversaries made a slow approach, it seemed that, at least for the moment, they weren’t going to blindly rush in to eliminate them. Appraising the woman next to her, prepared to fight with her fists at the ready, as well as… Well, she wasn’t sure where he’d come from, but the cloaked man with the impressive set of daggers looked quite formidable. They appeared to be in a discussion of tactics, almost like they’d been in this sort of situation before. Okumi wondered about the connection, but there were more pressing matters for the moment. Depending on how negotiations went, this could very well be their last stand. Okumi felt her throat tighten. If death had finally come to claim her, she would do everything she could in her final moments to make amends.


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Heresta seemed to want to test her wayward Warrior of the Arzura Clan. For why would the Bandits suddenly flare up in many numbers for another raid. The moment Lonán heard the cries of panic and quickly looking behind and in front as he began to realize the tactics. One thing entered his mind before he witnessed the slaughter. ”Shit, I picked the wrong day to assume the Battle I dedicated to Her Name was over. In fact.... I think her Humor is showing.” After that, rage was boiling in him at the senseless slaughter, almost making him ready to blindly charge out, when a hand grabbed him and pulled him onto her horse and rode a bit. They seemed to be going for the men who charged in.

The thought occurred to him, that this large group must have one single leader. Which means he was either strong or cunning. Words of the Old Wolf entered his head, once more reminding him of ways to plausibly intimidate, lie, or hide one’s way out of a fight that one side is outnumbered in. The woman jumped off her horse and told him to guide her someplace safe, thus Lonán realized he wasn’t on Hawk. He was about to call when he saw the Stallion in full gallop catching up to him. Good. If he had to fight he’d rather do it with his horse and saddlebags (where he kept any extra bolts and other such useful items). He rode the Mare to a decent spot where he knew the horse would be safe. He turned to Hawk as he dismounted and went for his saddlebags.

”Hawk we are in some odd trouble again it seems. But now I need you to stay with the Mare. Don’t do anything to her. You know what to do if trouble comes your way. Either kick it in the head or run him over as you escape.” He instructed the horse as he pulled out some crossbow bolts and set them to his belt.

He then moved towards rejoining the woman who helped him, even as she shouted Lonán noted the Angelic Knight and a person he never saw before. Along with a man with the entire group approaching them, meaning the leader was about to talk. With talking, that meant hopefully ending the fight before it got to ugly. He shot a warning shot at one of the masked woman’s attackers.

”I believe your boss is about to do some talking. So if you attack my friend any further, I’m going to seriously think about not missing next time. Or would you like to meet the sharp bite of my sword?” He gave out with deadly, venom-filled sarcasm. The way one of the bandits looked at his weapons and angry look, it looked like he was about to possibly widdle himself silly.

”Intimidation is an easy way to make them stand down, but remember to keep that guard up. They may get bold later.” The words of his grandfather hummed in his mind. Lonán mentally slapped himself. Now wasn’t the time to lose focus. He had to maintain eye contact to the bandits as much as he can without dropping said eye contact.

He also mentally prayed whatever happens with any negotiation happened immediately. If any of the villagers were to see another dawn that is. He had to focus on the intimidation and/or an escape strategy if need be.


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The bandit leader walked his horse up to Kyero and Linde, stopping around ten meters away and giving a hand gesture to stop all of his bandits from doing anything further until given notice. He remained on his steed, eyeing the pair as they glared back at him.

"So... Obviously you wish to appeal to my humanity and stop my attack, is that right?"

Linde was about to speak, but Kyero held his arm out to the side to stop her. He stood up straight to his full height from his previous partial turn, and faced the bandit leader fully. His hood was still down, but he tilted his head up just enough to partially squint to hide his eyes while he peeked at the man to analyze him before speaking.

"Why are you here?"

The leader scoffed.

"Why would any group of bandits raid a village ripe for the taking when its mother nation is on the brink of war?"

"... Profit."


The leader hopped off his horse and walked towards Kyero.

"You see, I'm a businessman. True, my business lies in thievery and killing those in my way. But business is business in this cruel world. And my business is booming. The more we take, the more wealthy we become. It's a simple formula, really. And it doesn't require a lot of intellect. Just one clear mind and a following large enough to see that mind's vision through to the endgame. Efficiency, my good man. Efficiency."

"What right do you have to take these people's lives and homes like this you monster?!"

"Darling, calm down. This world is cruel. If it wasn't us, it would be someone or something else. The way I see it, we're just saving them some time."

Linde's stomach dropped and she felt like throwing up.

"You're a twisted piece of garbage!"

Kyero remained silent and glanced around to take in the situation.

All of these men are fighters, if a bit rough around the edges. It's their numbers that are the danger. If we can find a way to fight them in a more controlled environment...

He looked back at the people Linde had met earlier.

... We might just have a chance to save this place.

He looked back to the leader.

Now, how to make him-

"I'll make you an offer, hooded one." He said as he pointed at Kyero.

"You give us the woman next to you, and we'll be on our way. I'm sure all of us would be able to show her the time of her life back at base."

Thunderous laughter and cheers erupted from the bandits as they all eyed Linde with hungry eyes.

Really, why wouldn't they? A voluptuous full bust. A tall and lean frame. Softly muscled legs and arms indicative of a woman who knows how to handle herself. A gorgeous face. Long flowing hair, great for pulling and tangling their hands in. She had everything that a group of lecherous men like this could ask for.

Kyero's eyes narrowed slightly beneath his hood.

"Here is my counter-offer."

He pointed one of his blades at the leader.

"I'll make you a wager, and if I win your days of raiding villages such as this one are over."

There was silence for a moment, but once again thunderous laughter erupted from the bandits including the leader himself.

"You really think we'd do that, wager or otherwise? What kind of honorable fools do you take us for?" The leader yelled.

Kyero smiled.

"Fine. I knew you were cowards."

... The laughter ceased, and all of them now had their eyes glued firmly on Kyero.

"... What did you call us?"

Kyero's blade remained pointed at the man.

"You're a businessman, and businessmen, as everyone knows, make terrible warriors. They're too soft."

He lowered the blade and turned his back to the leader, sheathing the daggers behind his back.

"I suppose the idea of challenging your best 'men' was expecting too much of you."

The bandit leader pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the back of Kyero's head.

"You dare mock our courage as men and fighters?! We may not have any honor as you see it, but we have our pride! What is your wager?!"

Kyero's head turned, the lower half of his face visible beneath the hood carrying a confident smile.

"Send twenty of your best forward. If they can defeat me, or defeat those who share my desire to see this end," he said, gesturing to Linde and the others.

"Then your raid may resume. But if your best fail to defeat us..."

He turned to face the leader, and his smile widened as he gripped the handle of his right-side dagger.

"Then your life is mine to take, and your men will disband and never again cause trouble like this for as long as they live... Deal?"

The leader glared at Kyero, his finger obviously itching to pull the trigger as he fought the urge. He dropped the pistol to his side and placed it in its holster.

"Deal!" He shouted.

He turned to his men and began pointing to them one by one to select his chosen fighters. Kyero glanced to Linde, who nodded at him with a smile and walked a little closer to him, still in her stance.

Kyero turned and looked to the others.

"I apologize for putting you in this position, but I saw no other way out. Will you stand with us?" He asked.


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Lonán watched the negotiations, and watched how the tension build and fester. The man in the hood just managed to do something to gain a possible chance of saving the village. Now all he had to do was survive fighting more bandits, but these are guys the leader was picking. Anything could happen. The men could fight dirty. It was a gamble, and if there was a chance he’d use his gambling purse he would have done so. He’d bet on himself to win naturally. When the man in the hood asked his question Lonán smiled and loaded his crossbow.

”I’m with you. Heresta help us all.” He said as he set the Crossbow to his waist and grasped both hands on the blade, his left hand grasping with only his thumb and first two fingers, as he got into a stance as the men got picked out one by one. ”Right, twenty of them, a small handful of us..pick out five, and fight them. Save getting angry for the last one standing if you can.” That was his strategy. He just hoped it’d go that smoothly.

If Hawk could talk, he’d say that two times out of ten does his master’s planning go so smoothly.

“Finish them off quickly!” Shouted the Leader.

Five men charged towards Lonán, who smirked at the thought of luck being partially on his side. But the moment two of them pulled out crossbows of their own, he knew he had to adapt quick. Quickly he grabbed at his own and took aim and fired. A pain shot in his arm as he felt enemy bolt do a decent scratch on his arm. ”Shit... Got him in the chest though.” He thought as he saw the other crossbowman decide to hold off in case he hit his melee comrades..wait where were they?!


A club struck him on the side of his face, sending him flying three feet back, causing him to glare at the one responsible and getting back into his stance putting his crossbow away again, noticing that his arm was indeed bleeding. The one with the club chuckled as Lonán gritted his teeth and used this moment of taunting to his advantage, slamming the point of his sword into the bandit with a snarl, twisting once before pulling it out.

”Screw saving anger for last man. I’m letting go now or I’m a dead man.”

”Little Raven, if they don’t wish to fight fair, remember the golden rule at that point.” the words of advice rang in his mind as a grin formed. The next man who tried to attack him got a kick to the groin area before swinging his blade into his neck, sending the Bandit’s head flying into the ruins.

A sharp bite into Lonán’s side was returned with a pommel to the nose and grabbing the perpetrator by the neck and pulling him in front of him, as he felt a thunk hit the bandit. In dropping him he glared at the final crossbowman, who by now was becoming nervous that he began fumbling with resetting it. And thus, finally Lonán let go of his rage.

”This is for the Children you’ve killed, and the people you’ve widowed! RARRRRRGH!” He cried out as he charged at the bandit who by this point dropped the crossbow and tried to bring his sword out. He desperatly swung when Lonán closed the gap on him, and swung down with all his might.

The Bandit backed away before falling into two pieces, whilst Lonán clenched his teeth. His leg caught that blow, and standing on it was getting painful, in fact he believed it stabbed his leg more then sliced it. His left arm was bleeding as that same hand pressed on an open wound on his side. He slammed his sword on the ground and glared Forward, leaning on it to survey his part of the fight.

”This is a fine mess I’ve gotten myself into, all to help people. The level of brutality they’ve caused though. I’m not going to ask for money.... this time.” he angrily muttered to himself, ”When you make it to Heresta’s domain, Tell her, that An Arzura sent you there, and that the Clan is still powerful. Heresta’s breath I’ve got a headache...”


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How'd she get roped into this, was one of the bounty hunter's first thoughts. Always one to get caught in the cross hares no matter where she went, apparently. Was it worth it? Fighting for people she didn't even know, lest cared about? Maybe, but was getting herself killed like this what she wanted? No, of course not. But she had to fight, for herself as well as the others. She listened to the hooded man's words, and begrudgingly nodded, looking back at the men that were selected. Five looked at her, they were big, tall, strong, larger builds than her, of course. Naturally she'd get the bigger enemies, right? Was her luck after all, as it always happened. Two melee, two cross bow, and one had brass knuckles. Take out the cross bows first, then the knuckles, melee last as I can easily fend them off, she thought. She could determine who was a bigger threat easily in mere seconds. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, calming herself and surveying the surroundings and what she could use to her advantage before they would start.

Finish them off quickly!” Shouted the Leader. At that instant she unsheathed her twin blades, and got into a defensive position, the cross bows would need being extinguished first. As the one with brass knuckles charged at her first she grinned, she easily flipped over him as she grabbed his shoulder and pushed him using his momentum against himself, resulting in him getting a mouthful of dirt. She grinned, as one of the crossbow users started to steady a bolt, she took a bolt of her own and swiftly threw it with all of her might, causing it to pierce his right eye and lodging itself comfortably in the eye socket, his body slumping soon after as blood pooled around his corpse. One of the swordsman charged at her, almost catching her off guard, but she managed to parry his first blow, but only received a metal gloved fist to her left cheek. "Ugh..." she groaned, as blood was spat out of her mouth and onto the ground in front of her. She countered and returned an equally if not harder blow to his jaw, managing to stagger him, as the other cross bow user aimed at her, releasing his bolt, she managed to grab the swordsman who was staggered and using him as a human shield she hid behind him, the bolt piercing his chest. She swiftly dropped his body as his last breath existed his lungs, the man with the knuckles managed to come out of nowhere and get in a punch himself, causing her to stagger backwards, her mask falling off as his fist made contact. She groaned yet again, as she looked at her mask that now lay on the ground, she tightened her fist, seeing as how the mask was now cracked in half. "You bastard." she said as she looked at the man who grinned at the now unmasked Aetrius.

"Just as ugly as I had imagined. The mask is a good look for ye, girl." he said with a grin as he prepared to go in for another hit. Aetrius growled and caught his punch, only resulting in her to growl in pain as a sharp pain rippled through her wrist and forearm, it was broken for sure. "You fucking bastard, you're going to die." she yelled as she charged him, smashing him into the ground. She proceeded to give him at least three solid punches to the nose, and then the jaw, landing a solid last punch that gave a solid crack as her fist made contact with his horribly disfigured face. As she slowly stood up, she looked down at the man, and swiftly stomped his head in once, then twice, then thrice. She heard a click sound from infront of her, she looked up to see the other crossbow user taking aim at her, a small grin on her face.

"Just go for it, you bastard. Have the bollocks and just go for it alread-" she began, but suddenly felt an all too familiar feeling in her right side. She looked down to see a crossbow bolt had lodged its way into her side, a chuckle erupting from her mouth as she looked back up at the raider. "Wha....what? You're fuckin' nutts, ya know that?" the man said as he looked at the woman he had just shot in the side with his crossbow. Aetrius chuckled more, "You're all the same. You think because you have something I don't, that you're instantly better. Well guess what?" she started, she looked down back at the bolt, and with a swift motion she snapped the bolt in half, leaving the bolt side in, as anyone knows if you are stabbed, shot, or land on rebar, you never pull it out or try to get it out. You leave it in until you can get proper medical attention. "I've been shot, stabbed, trampled, burned, sliced, cetera, et cetera. You can't kill me so easily." she said as she slowly made her way to the man, who only looked on at her in horror and awe, as she was certainly a sight to behold. She grabbed the man by the throat and hoisted him into the air, grinning, "You make a fine decoration, what says your friend?" she grinned, the man struggled to get out of her grasp, the last man with the sword charged Aetrius, who grinned and swiftly turned, to see the eyes of the man who she was holding widen. As it turned out, he had been impaled through the chest by his own comrade. She used the swordman's surprise to her advantage, and swept his feet from under him, and swiftly plunged her two swords into his chest and neck, watching him choke on his blood, and then go still.

As Aetrius looked around, she saw that Lolan had finished off his five by now, and nodded. The others had been fighting their own onslaught. But as the pain and blood loss finally hit Aetrius, she fell to her knees, gripped the crossbolt wound tightly, becoming weak and her vision clouded she fell onto her back, trying to help stop the blood flow, as her wound wasn't fatal itself, but if she kept losing blood without proper attention soon, she could very much so expire.


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#, as written by Tanman
Okumi Chrysanth

As the discussion and negotiations between the Bandit Leader and Kyero as he was known continued to a crescendo, the shrine maiden remained on alert, but she felt something rising in the pit of her stomach. And it wasn’t the fact she was hungry. Was it dread? Fear? As it was decided that she and a few others would fight for the livelihood of this town in such desperate odds, Okumi couldn’t misplace it. Twenty men, and to be divided evenly, that would be four or five each. Sure, she had fought off the occasional stray bandit or mugger in her time, but that was individually. She was practically self-taught, and by no means a professional. Instinct and quick judgement was all she had, and these men fought, murdered and pillaged for a living. She had no doubt that the warriors could handle their own, but if she fell here, would that ruin everything and the bandits would launch the all out attack? Who even knew if they’d keep their word even after this ludicrous fight?

It was at that point that Kyero and Linde turned to her and the other two warriors, apologising, but making a final plea for their assistance. At that point, there was no turning back. Giving a simple nod before holding her hand up, Okumi made a simple ‘Okay’ signal, leaning down to remove her travel bag, retrieving her Naginata and making a few steps forward into the street as her wooden sandals clacked on the ground. Undoing the clasps and string holding the sheath around the blade, Okumi tossed it back behind her towards her bag. Planting her staff, Okumi made a short but silent prayer with her hands. If this was to be another test by the gods, she would just have to find a way to meet it. Opening her eyes and pulling her Naginata from the ground, Okumi spun it twice through her hands, once again becoming accustomed to its weight. Compared to her burdens, it was light as a feather. With the pointed end pointed towards her enemy, she lowered her body, ready to face the bandits to the end. No matter what happened, this would be a defining moment of her life. It was time.

The shout of the Bandit leader to finish them rattled Okumi, and it was only then that she realised her leg was trembling. That brief moment of hesitation to glance back was almost the end of her, an arrow ripping through the air just narrowly missing her head, making her eyes widen in fear and surprise. Recoiling back as if she’d actually been hit, she barely managed to keep her footing and correct herself in time to see the two men coming at her, a longsword on one and a handaxe and shield for the other. Her hesitation was giving plenty of time for the archer and his companion with the crossbow to notch up and prepare another shot, and at this point, the last man with his pike was simply standing back and smirking. Did they not take her seriously?

“Look at this one, she’s shaking like a rabbit.” The swordsman spoke, and as the two got closer, they began to circle around her, staying wary of her range advantage over them. They knew she was scared, but they also knew that didn’t mean they could completely let their guard down. Inching about as they circled her, Okumi continued to glance between the two, while simultaneously trying to keep an eye on the three at a distance. They could fire again at any moment, and if she made a careless advance or step that could be her end. “Shame we have to mess her up. But maybe we can still have some fun if she’s not dead by the time we’re done with her?” The brute with the axe spoke that time, and made a despicable face Okumi wouldn't soon forget.

The swordsman or the axe wielder? Which would move first? Seconds later, she got her answer as the man with the blade attempted to rush forward. Immediately, Okumi adjusted her naginata, but as the man moved to the side she quickly came to the realisation that this was a feint. Attempting to turn as quickly as she could, she choked up her spear in a bid to increase the turn speed, but it was far too unwieldy to get back in time. The horizontal slash was interrupted as he caught the shaft, and in that moment, she knew he was upon her as the axe was bearing down on her shoulder. Dropping her Naginata and ducking to the side to avoid the brunt of the blow, Okumi cried out in pain as the man swiftly brought his knee into her face, sending her sprawling into the dirt as she fell back. Mocking laughter came from the man, who simply tossed her naginata to the side.

“You lost girl. Just surrender peacefully, and I’ll make sure it’s not so bad for you. It’ll be fun, trust me.” Okumi winced as she remained on the ground, glancing around her. By now, the three at the back were practically holstering their weapons, and the swordsman was letting his friend take command. Just like that, she’d already lost. She’d let everyone down. Trembling still, her hands clenched into fists as she attempted to push herself up off the ground, but she could only give out a sharp cry of pain as she was wrenched up by her hair, now looking deep into the brigand’s face as he eyed her over. Instinctively, her hands had moved to claw at the ones on her head, but she froze as she saw he’d tucked his axe into his belt and was now reaching towards her mask. “Let’s see that pretty face of yours-”

“..!” All at once, the adrenaline began to hit Okumi and her body moved. With her left hand, she lobbed a cloud of dust into his face, staggering him a moment. Next, she followed with a kick to his stomach. It wasn’t particularly strong, but it distracted him long enough for her to flick her sandal off. It was a move born of desperation, and the bandit never saw it coming as his handaxe was knocked into the air. Catching it with her right hand, Okumi swiftly switched to a reverse grip as she brought it down into his throat with a desperate war cry, punching the sharp side into a lethal cut as she fell forward with his body, the bandit’s hand going limp as she was released. Rolling forward with her momentum, she could hear the cries of alarm and swearing from the other Bandits, so she only had a few seconds to take advantage of the confusion. Getting up into a pirouette she leapt, and with surprising precision, the handaxe flew through the air, striking the man with the crossbow in a shoulder gash - not enough to kill by any means, but for now, he was incapacitated.

Her breathing heavy, Okumi continued her spin as she reached her weapon, spinning in time to look up at the swordsman approaching her. “You bitch!” He swore at her, but in his anger, his approach was predictable and he hadn’t noticed that she was once again armed. A quick thrust was all it took to pierce through his stomach, Okumi grimacing at the blood, but quickly retrieved her Naginata as she turned to look at the remaining three, now scrambling to take her down. An arrow was loosed, but Okumi was ready, her arms moving just in time as the shot became entangled between her long sleeves. The outfit was a bit ruined, but that was the least of her worries now. Both sandals lost to combat, Okumi was now sprinting up on the pike wielder, and like her, he’d moved to hold his ground and let her own momentum work against her. The difference was that Okumi knew her own weapon’s weakness, and learned from her mistakes. As he planted himself to deal with her assault, Okumi shifted, instead taking a berth around him as she didn’t stop, closing in instead on the ranged attackers of the group. Seeing Okumi so close before he could draw another arrow, the archer already had his short sword out, and charged to meet her. In this sort of scenario however, she had the advantage. Before he could get anywhere close to striking her, there was a flash of steel as the Naginata cut through the air, slicing at his torso.

Not content to stop there, Okumi was moving to follow up on the crossbowman, who was bringing his weapon to level against her despite the pain from the axe that had struck him. At this sort of range, there was no avoiding his shot, but- Crying out in pain as the bolt ripped through her shoulder, Okumi fought through the injury as she closed in for another decisive slash, stumbling a bit as she took him down. Skidding across the dirt, panting, sore and exhausted, she forced herself back up again to look at the last enemy. Raising her Naginata, she couldn’t stop her gasp of agony as it felt like a fire had been lit in her shoulder. Damn, she couldn’t wield her weapon properly with that sort of injury. Shifting her weapon to her non-dominant hand, Okumi knelt for a moment to recover before making her approach at her last adversary, her injured arm trailing somewhat limply behind her.

Reaching the final soldier, she knew she wouldn’t be fast enough to outmaneuver his pike in a joust, nor was she strong enough to brute force it away with her Naginata in her weakened state. As she closed the range, her Naginata dragging slightly along the ground in front of her, the Bandit gave his own war cry as he thrusted straight at Okumi’s core. And then, the clang of metal as it was dragged to the side, Okumi unable to stop herself from smiling behind her mask as her plan came to fruition. Using the the hook on the back of the small hand axe she’d concealed behind her, she’d managed to drag his shaft out from hitting her, even with her injured arm. Unprepared for such a close range attack, the bandit could only cry out as his final breath left him, Okumi having choked up her Naginata once more for close range stab to his neck.

As his weight fell against her, Okumi twisted and pulled her weapon free, taking a step back to let him drop to the ground as she panted, dropping the handaxe to her side. She was injured and bleeding in various places, but she was alive. And she’d won. Staggering slightly back towards the group, she felt a little dizzy, but was stable for now. Faintly, she realised she could taste blood in her mouth, likely from when she’d took that knee to the face. She’d need a new mask. Using her weapon as something of a walking stick, while her other arm clutched her shoulder, Okumi made her way towards the alleyway, stealing a glance towards her other comrades to see how they were fairing. Hopefully better than she had gone. Finally, as she reached the alleyway, she gave the faintest gesture. 'V for Victory'.


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The battle had begun with the words "Finish them quickly!"

Kyero, keeping his gaze on the leader, didn't move a muscle as five large and well-armed men rushed at him. What followed was almost like watching a ballet. Kyero, keeping his left foot rooted in the same spot the entire time, spun, ducked, and leaned out of the way of all five as they went sailing past him.

They all spun and turned to face him again, only to hear a 'CRACK' behind them as one of them fell to the ground holding his jaw and growling in pain. They looked up and saw that Linde had just retaken her stance with hands up ready to fight.

"Take my word for it. You're nowhere near his level. So try me instead!" She goaded them.

The bandits looked to each other, looked to their comrade who was in the process of getting up revealing a now broken jaw, and then back to Linde as they all cried in rage and rushed her at the same time.

Linde quickly backpedaled away from them to keep the distance safe, and waited patiently until she saw what she was looking for.

Don't ever let multiple enemies spread out around you. It's a losing situation. Try to move until they start lining up behind one another in their desperation to reach you. It's safer, and you deal with fewer enemies at a time. Their momentum and positioning both work against them.

Linde skidded to a halt as three of them lined up with one another while she had been turning to the side, and slammed the heel of her boot in a spinning kick into the lower abdomen and upper groin of the first in line. She quickly used his momentum to spring launch backwards into a backflip, landing gracefully on her feet, and watched as they fell onto one another in a pile.

The other two, however, had gone around and were now on top of her.

Linde rushed to parry the blow of the one on her left, but received a sharp punch across the face from the one on her right sending her sprawling to the ground and skidding across the dirt. The impact and friction tore off a small layer of skin over her left cheek and forced her to bite the inside of her mouth causing blood to begin seeping inside. She spat out a mouthful of red liquid and tried to stand, but was pushed down onto the ground by the one who punched her. He straddled her, his groin above her posterior and his hands holding hers on the ground.

"How now, girlie? Still all full of that bravado, eh?" He asked.

Linde struggled to gain some form of leverage, but it was no use. The other bandit walked up beside her as the others stood up to watch with sick smiles on their faces. The one who walked up beside her kneeled down and grabbed her hair, forcing her head up so he could look at it.

"Damn. We fucked her face pretty good already."

"Well, now we're just gonna fuck her. Sound like a fair trade?" The one straddling her asked.

They started laughing and both picked her up off the ground and made moves to take off her clothing. But in doing so had to release one of her hands, and that was all she needed. The instant her hand was set free she reached up and back over her head to grab the hair of the one holding onto her and pulled his face into the back of her head, breaking his nose and staggering him. He let go, and Linde was 100% free as she ducked down and punched into the other man's groin as hard as she could. She felt something give way beneath her fist, which was rather sickening, but didn't stop there. She launched herself up and drove both fists into the underside of his chin and extended her fingers to rake his throat.

Her nails dug in deeply and slashed open eight long, neat lines of flesh along the throat which were instantly red and bloody as he staggered backwards holding his groin. As he staggered, she spun around kicking across his temple which resulted in his being knocked out. The other was just now starting to recover, and the other three were rushing in as well. She had to move fast!

She rushed to the one who was recovering and pulled his dagger from behind his back, slamming it all the up to the hilt into his kidney before pulling it free and doing so again into his lung. He would not last long, now. She pushed him forward towards his companions who went around brandishing their own weapons against her. Two swords and one double-bladed axe.

Linde jumped back to avoid the axe swing, and parried one sword stab off to the side. But the third swung down hard at her head forcing her to attempt another parry. But he was too strong and put too much force into it. The sword pushed down against her dagger and dug into her shoulder about half an inch before she managed to get control and stop him. With his blade now in her shoulder, she was free to take the dagger under his arms and slash his throat. He staggered back, gripping the now gaping wound and choking on his own blood, and fell to the ground.

Linde pushed the sword free, but was too late to stop the other sword user from slamming into her and knocking her to the ground once again. She turned and saw him aiming to stab straight down into her chest, but all she could do was roll to the side to avoid a direct blow. But he still managed to get part of the blade to slice down through the flesh of her shoulder blades causing her great pain. She rolled onto her stomach and tried to stand, but was kicked onto her side by the axe wielder who stood off to her right and aimed to decapitate her with a downward swing. Linde swiftly lurched her body sideways, scraping her fresh shoulder wounds against the dirt opening them slightly farther, and reached up to grab his groin.

He froze as his axe hit the ground next to her. She squeezed hard for all her worth until she felt two pops in her fist. She let go and rolled to her feet before pushing him around and in front of her as she sensed a stab coming behind her. She was right. The sword impaled the bandit she was using as a shield, but still managed to puncture part of her lower abdomen by about an inch or two. Linde let the two of them fall to the side after pulling herself back and off the blade, and as she tugged them both off balance she picked up the axe, held it high above her head, and drove it down into the spine of the final sword wielder.

Both men went still after a few moments, and Linde dropped to her knees panting deeply and hissing through her teeth at the pain she was in.


It was over.

The leader was dumbfounded and left gawking at the results.

"How-... How could this happen?"

Kyero's smile beneath the hood never left. It only grew.

"I believe we had a deal." He said, approaching the leader with both orichalcum blades drawn.

Not only was orichalcum the strongest metal on Earth and nigh indestructible, but if it was forged properly an orichalcum blade could slice through even other metals as if they were nothing but paper. A human body stood no chance.

The leader was still in shock, but he looked up at Kyero and drew his own blade to defend himself. He rushed at Kyero, and in a blink he had raised his weapon high above his head and came down aiming a slice down Kyero's middle. But for Kyero, the attempt was laughable. He simply turned his body and stepped slightly to one side, and the man's blade struck nothing but air and dirt as it embedded itself into the ground.

The leader looked up at Kyero, who pulled back his hood revealing his face, his raven black hair, and his glowing red eyes for all to see.

The leader's face went pale as a sheet, and he stammered incoherently as Kyero raised one orichalcum blade up to his throat.

"All businesses fail eventually. It's just a matter of how? And the how for you... Was hubris."

The orichalcum blade was then pushed forward with great speed force, slicing through flesh and bone before emerging behind his neck and being pushed skyward. Kyero had guided the blade through all of the soft tissues in his throat and in between the vertebrae of his spinal chord to make the cut that much cleaner. The leader's head slowly fell from his shoulders and rolled to the ground at Kyero's feet, who turned towards the others with a deadly glare.

He held the bloody orichalcum blade up and pointed it at them.

"Let this be a warning to all of you," he said loudly as he pointed his second dagger at the leader's body. "This man led you to murder the innocent for nothing but pleasure. There is no business here. Wealth comes with a price, and the price for him was death."

He turned the blade he pointed at them, blood still dripping from it to the ground.

"What will the price of whatever wealth you have accumulated be?"

The other bandits had also gone pale as sheets not only because of Kyero's eyes, but because their leader was now headless and very, very dead. Almost all of them had followed this man because he promised them wealth as part of his "business." But now... Now he was dead. And they were face to face with the Red-Eyed Demon. Sure he was just one man, but he was also the legendary assassin of their time. Even in a group of five or six they would stand no chance. Not against those orichalcum blades, and not against those eyes.

The bandits all turned on foot and on horseback and began to flee the village, disappearing beyond the buildings as they raced back to whatever hole they crawled out of.

Kyero sheathed his blades and walked over to Linde, helping pick her up and brush her off.

"The female warrior needs your help at once. I'll get started on the others."

Linde nodded, and rushed over to Aetrius.

"Just hold on miss. Keep the pressure there. I'll be right back!"

She raced to the medical tables, and thankfully her tools were all still there. She quickly gathered them all, throwing them into a bag and raced back to Aetrius' side as she began to tend to her wound.

Meanwhile, Kyero approached the others slowly and with a calm and as non-threatening an expression as he could muster. He was well aware that many of them, if not all of them, either feared him or loathed him for his reputation and the stories about his exploits as a "demon assassin" who was as evil as the creature which inhabited his body. Reputations aren't everything, but for many people they were the only impression of him they had.

He looked over towards Okumi.

"That bolt needs to be removed, carefully... Will you let me?" He asked her.

That bolt was the priority here. The other wounds received were not life threatening, but that bolt to her shoulder could be if it had either nicked or severed her brachial artery.