Marcel Starr

"Sometimes I wonder whether trouble finds me, or it's a disease I'm spreading."

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a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Devastation”, as played by CabbageAngel





ImageDescription: Marcel is tall with caramel skin, slightly lighter than the tones common in Shararan. His hair is unruly and dark brown, though the tips of the hair trailing down his neck and commonly swept over his right shoulder is dip-dyed red. He often weaves his longer locks of hair into a thin plait. He has a tattoo weaving up his left arm and invading his upper back that carries some cultural significance, as well as dozens of scars that litter his body.

His eyes are light amber that appear strikingly gold in the light. They are quite intimidating, offsetting the relaxed smile he generally wears. He keeps perfect posture at all times and often keeps one hand on the handle of his sword, remnants of his military training.

Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 179 lbs
Voice Type: Baritenor
Body Type: Mesomorph



ImagePersonality: Marcel is a highly independent person who generally just does the job, gets paid, and gets out - with only one exception on his track record. He's a hard worker, but lacks any sort of goal to work towards, instead constantly focusing on the present day and meandering between the five nations without seeking any attachments. The filter between his mouth and his brain is faulty, in the way it prevents him from saying how he truly feels about anything. The only way to make him speak his mind is to have a trusting, long-standing relationship with him, which he avoids with anyone. Strangers note him to be quite polite and charming.

While on the outside he appears calm, Marcel is in fact quite restless and unsatisfied, quick to turn to blows. He looks happiest when dueling, but when it comes to killing, his charming demeanor disappears and it's as if all of his emotion has been drained.

Weapons/Current Equipment

  • Shiver - his sword. It's longer and thinner than most swords, though despite its unique design it is still strong. Its place is at his left hip. He named it after the way his enemies spasm upon its blade.

Biography: Marcel was born and raised in Shaharan, though his mother hailed from Gweynura. His parents broke apart when he was seven. He trained to be a member of Shaharan's army at a very young age, the same as his older brothers, at the behest of his father. He had a particularly strict instructor, a woman that both pushed him past his limits and filled his young head with stories of great warriors. Eventually, he earned his own sword, Shiver. His mother fell ill soon after.

Marcel spent a year forgoing his training and looking after his mother. Finally, as she reached her final breath, she confessed that there might have been a cure, but didn't want it. Why? Because if she was well, Marcel would leave again and she would be alone. Marcel took this news about as well as you'd expect.

He buried himself back in his training, harder than before, and joined the army's ranks. Unfortunately, as he turned 21, his skill made too much of a name for himself and it was requested that he join their leader's personal guard. Rather than being ecstatic about the opportunity, this was what made Marcel leave Shaharan to work as a traveling mercenary.

ImageThe idea was to be constantly moving, never staying in one place, remaining free. He was never stuck with the same people for too long, until Ottavia. His first escort mission... and it ended terribly.

He had grown fond of Ottavia, why, you could even say he thought he loved her, fleetingly, for a moment or two. It took him some considering, but he ended up breaking her out of prison. He helped her exact revenge, took her away from Cre' Est, set her up with the right people and went on his way again.

He tries to ignore that she is a living testimony against his current lifestyle.



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