Miriam Gale

"Are you not entertained?!"

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a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Devastation”, as played by Butterfly Effect


Name: Miriam Gale

Description: Miriam has a toned athletic body. Her skin has an tan to it due to her time in the desert sun but she still holds to her outlander roots being much more pale than a native of Shaharan. Her body is marred with the scars of old battles and the bruises of newer ones. Her dirty brown hair is cut short and messy yet somehow still gives her a feminine look. Her eyes are a dark amber brown in color.

Age: 26
Sex: Female
Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 120ish
Voice Type: Mezzo-soprano
Body Type: Mesomorph

Theme: Theme


Armor of the Shark- Miriam's personal custom armor with designs of sharks, shells and other sea creatures (see picture)

Mako and Thresher- her twin blades one of which has a special glove like hilt that acts as a shield. She actually has two sets of these blades one sharpened for battle another blunted for the arena

Shark Tooth Bow- a bow from Triveila that is adorned with shark teeth.

Personality: Miriam is a tomboy. She is adventurous and wild always seeking a new challenge. She is fierce and determined always pushing ahead. When life knocks her down she gets up, wipes off the dust, and charges right out again. She can be hard-headed, smart aleck and really quite a bitch at times. Even worse if you set off her temper. But she can also be charming, funny, and even flirtatious. It all depends on her mood which can easily swing one way or the other depending on who she is around and what she is doing. She also can get bored quite easily if she has nothing to do.

Biography: Miriam was born in Triveila. Her father was a native of Triveila but her mother was from Cre' Est. She was born with the name Mira Gale and was set off to be raised into the life of a fisherwoman. But Miriam was not the kind to enjoy the life in Triveila. She found the life boring and longed for adventure. She would spend her days hunting and fighting with the boys of her home town. Nothing her parents did could get Miriam to follow in the path they wanted for her. When Miriam finally came of age she left her land heading for the sands of Shaharan.
Miriam chose Shaharan do to a chance encounter as a child with a trader from Shaharan. His tales for the desert nation awed the young Miriam. Everytime he would return she would be there to hear his tales of great warriors and the glory of the arenas. She changed her name and left with stars in her eyes dreaming of Fame and adventure. But life often finds a way to crush you and make your dreams fall to dust. Though her trader friend got her a place and training her first days in the arenas where embarrassing failures. Part of her was broken wanting to give up this foolish dream and go back to her boring life in Triveila. Another part of her though pushed her forward.
It was then that she drew on her strength to stand and to keep standing again and again. Her skill grew as she trained and battled and soon it was the outsider girl that was bringing her opponents to their knees. Though she still didn't win every fight she soon earned the respect of the natives and earned the name Shark of Triveila. The crowds would chant her name and soon her Fame spread. As she became more known mercenary jobs would open up for her. She had finally found her way. What the future holds for the Shark of Triveila only time will tell.

So begins...

Miriam Gale's Story