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Quinn Xe' Duzelle

"We are made who we are by the history of our blood."

0 · 1,258 views · located in Cre' Est

a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Devastation”, as played by CabbageAngel






ImageDescription: Quinn is fair, with fair hair and light freckles and skin that turns pink at the slightest touch. She grooms and preserves herself well, her white-gold hair always washed and up in an elaborate design and the dryness of her lips scrubbed away with sugar. Though her hands are worked, they are softened with creams and are generally covered up with gloves to hide any hardship. She is short, though holds herself like she is taller, has a natural hourglass figure and puts on weight quite easily. Before being starved in a prison cell, she was plump with the sort of body expected of a well-fed noblewoman. Now, she has achieved a more muscular figure, though it is a struggle to keep it.

She always spends the extra coin on her wardrobe, which is primarily taken up with dresses, and is almost never seen without her pink sun umbrella. She wears a pearl on a black cord. Her eyes are olive green and sparkle with as much empathy as a rock.

Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 120 lbs
Voice Type: Soprano
Body Type: Endomorph

Theme(s): The Knight of Rebellion. Quinn Xe' Duzelle (Theme composed by Kumori!) - I consider that the theme of the Rebellion Arc ^-^



ImagePersonality: Quinn has grown much in the several years that she has become "Quinn". Her once shallow, stubborn and bratty nature has hardened into passion, ambition, fearlessness and a decisive attitude with whatever turn her path takes. Despite her growth, her youth does rear its head in the form of her sensitivity. Breaking the seal on her fragile ego would resulting in unleashing her temper. She is highly distrusting of others, right down to always checking her food for poison with her silver hairpin. Despite holding herself as a lady and being a good host in the company of strangers and acquaintances, she would much rather spend her time alone or with someone that has been proven trustworthy over the years. She has quite a chaotic moral standing and isn't easy to get to know, though the process can be sped up with a drink or two. She tries to hide it, but she gets uncharacteristically silly when drinking, which wouldn't be so much of a problem if it weren't something she enjoyed so much.

Weapons/Current Equipment:

  • Two flintlock pistols - Hidden. Strapped to her outer thighs beneath her skirts.
  • Sword - Hidden. It is her umbrella.


ImageBiography: Quinn, once upon a time Ottavia, was a woman from a prestigious family in Treveila, owners of the main pearling company and relatives to the Chancellor of Cre'Est. She was always taught to behave as a noblewoman, to be the sort of person to wear pearls rather than dive for them. She was under the impression that she and her family had a good reputation, that their wealth was clean. That was until her parents were poisoned. After some snooping and not liking what she found, she opted out of uncovering anything else about her parent's past - to salvage her image of them, and protect herself.

Too young to run the business, it was taken over by a "family friend". Quinn moved to her parent's inland home, taking private tutors and surviving off the inheritance her parents left for her. Sometimes she would spend time with her uncle in Cre'Est, but ultimately spent her adolescence in the care of butlers and maids. Her uncle met an early demise at an assassin's hand when she came of age. Young and bored with life, Quinn hired a mercenary as her only company and set off to collect the inheritance that was promised to her - "partying" and being reckless with spending all along the way.

When she reached the capital city, it was discovered that the inheritance and her uncle's home were not left to her, but an unknown woman... it was stolen from her. A scam. At the insult, she attacked the liar, resulting in her being arrested on the spot. In her jail cell they tried to poison her, but her hidden silver hairpin warned her. When a fake guard came into the cell to smother her as she slept, that was when she attempted to make her escape - which, due to lack of any self-defense training, did not go so well. It was a lucky thing that her mercenary decided to be loyal and get her out. Rather than fight for her claim on her uncle's building, Quinn did something rather... dramatic to enact her revenge on the criminal syndicate that now inhabited her uncle's land.

She and the mercenary burned the whole damn thing down.

Now a true criminal, Quinn changed her name and ran to Veilbrand to hide as a jeweler, now working with the pearls that her family once distributed. She has hardened and become a proficient marksman and swordsman thanks to the mercenary who stood by her. She strives to make something of herself, something apart from her family name and the criminal ties that accompany it.


So begins...

Quinn Xe' Duzelle's Story