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Regene "Jeanne" Rhamnus

"A little excitement never hurts anyone! Their pockets, on the other hand..."

0 · 1,555 views · located in Cre' Est

a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Devastation”, as played by CrossKnight35


Name: Regene Rhamnus

Description: Jeanne's past as a trained acrobat did well for her physique, keeping her lean and fit, with feet that seemed to bounce with every step. Her beryl-colored eyes gleamed with energy, complimented by a sunny, ever present smile. Her hair, fiery red in color, is kept in a short, boyish cut, with a strawberry hair clip attached above each of her ears. A vermilion set of jester tights comprise her daily wear, exposing a generous amount of skin in favor of mobility over protection.

Age: 24
Sex: Female
Weight:128 lbs
Voice Type: Soprano
Body Type: Ectomorph

Theme: The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky OST: Sophisticated Fight (

Weapons and Equipment:
* Semi-auto Crossbow - A heavy crossbow extensively modified to allow for semi-auto firing.

* Scoped Recurve Bow - A short bow modified with two scopes for precision firing.

* Stiletto - A Long, narrow dagger used in close-ranged combat.

* Assortment of Traps - From elaborate snares to more mundane bear traps, these devices are used to disable rather than outright kill.

* Molotov Cocktails - Incendiary weapons made from booze bottles and lantern oil, used for distraction… or arson.

* Poison Flasks - A collection of non-lethal poisons concocted in Jeanne's spare time through the use of various herbs and mushrooms. Capable of inducing sleep, paralysis, or atrophy.

* Clown Mask - A pale sneering mask, meant to complete Jeanne's attire back in the day, nowadays kept as one of her personal trophies.

Personality: Regene ‘Jeanne’ Rhamnus is the type of person who never fails to have a smile on her face, always eager to charm those around her with an upbeat demeanor and a helpful attitude. But beneath the sunny exterior is the mind of a lonely girl, desiring friends, yet oftentimes too afraid of losing them to remain consistent and honest. Her sticky fingers are always flexed, ready to snatch away at the nearest opportunity.The only thing she would never steal, barring self-defense scenarios, is a person’s life - the reason for which she always kept close to her chest.

Biography: Every time the woman known as Regene Rhamnus arrived somewhere new, she would always tell a slightly altered version of her story. Ostensibly, to keep herself at a low profile, but the simple fact that she compulsively enjoys messing with people most certainly played a part. To the criminal lot of Veilbrand, 'Jeanne' claims to be the daughter of a failed painter from Gweynura, who fled her country years ago to escape the crushing weight of her family’s debt. After journeying for weeks, filthy and disheveled, she was rescued by a traveling circus in Cre’Est, whose ringmaster took a shine to her puppy-like gaze. There, they inducted her into a training from hell, turning the homely middle-classed city girl into one of the troupe's best acrobats. As Jeanne leapt and swung under the big top, she shined, finding love in her friends, her newfound family, and the audience...

...Or so it seemed. After five years of loyal service, Jeanne abandoned the troupe without warning- taking with her all of their savings. She spent the next few years traveling the continent, using every dirty trick she learnt along the way to survive, and even thrive. Reading palms for the desperate, brewing drugs for the local mob, and even the occasional heist collaboration with local thieves, nothing was off limits when it came to Jeanne's greed - nothing except outright murder, which she vaguely deemed as ‘graceless’. The jester preferred to steal from both the nobles in their ivory towers and her rival thieves, making sure to share her bounty with the local beggars - not out of compassion, mind you, but rather to ensure their loyalty to her - as informants and guides. In the big cities, one would never think twice about a beggar sleeping on the streets and eavesdropping on merchants by the waterfront, after all. She never stayed in one place for long, a week at most - so that by the time her victims get wise to the jester's deception, Jeanne would be long gone, giggling into the sunset with her purse heavy with coin, and her sights set on new prey on the horizon.

Eventually, Jeanne's travels took her to Veilbrand, the nation of stone. By day, she would play the role of an eccentric traveling merchant, setting up a caravan offering forged paintings, snake oil miracle potions, as well as crystal ball readings, claiming to be 'personally trained by Shaharan mystics'. Her colorful and dubiously legal activities caught the attention of Marcus Keller, a dark-clad stranger with a piercing gaze. At first, The young woman attempted to deceive him, getting more nervous and flustered as he saw right through every trick she had, until she remembered having seen his face before - at an underground bar where fellow thieves gathered. Sensing an opportunity for profit amidst the simmering rebellion, Jeanne proposed a partnership with the older thief, lending her skills as a gadgeteer, chemist, and burglar. After all, if you can't beat them, why not join them? Little did the jester knew, her stay in Veilbrand would lead her to participate in a conflict far grander than she could have ever anticipated...

So begins...

Regene "Jeanne" Rhamnus's Story