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Rosalind 'Rose' Van' Hest

"Failure has only ever been a luxury, after all."

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a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Devastation”, as played by StrawberryLime









Voice Type:
Mezzo-Soprano 1:10 / 3:20

Body Type:

"Easy on the eyes" is a term that Rose has become accustomed to hearing from both strangers and her trusted friends. While she doesn't put much effort into her looks, the good genes she was granted with by her mother are quite visible. She stands tall with a soft and lean frame, making it rather easy to underestimate the strength she's gained from smithing all her life. Her hair is a burst of gold, painted with waves of brown and light yellow hues that seemingly glow under beams of sunlight. It's grown long and wild over time, the ends curling around her hips with multiple layers weaving around each other. With a closer inspection, one can see that the very tips have started to split, as she never bothers to cut it and only sees it as a nuisance to tie it up so she always has it free-slowing.

To meet her eyes is almost like staring into jewels. With irises of deep maroon flecked with bright pinks and dark red, her eyes are her most prominent feature-with her golden hair being second. Although her pale skin seems flawless from afar, under the cover of the long gloves and thigh-high boots she sports are a number of scars from wild sparks or simple accidents. Her fingers and palms have become rough, developing calluses from the years she's spent swinging a hammer and handling with burning hot metals over the years. These so-called flaws are what make it blatantly obvious that Rose is no noble, despite the proud way she carries herself and the lengthy name she was given.

Rose has always been a glimpse of sun rays for the rebel faction even as a child. She's always been hopeful of the future and her determination to succeed and her confident composure are a breath of fresh air to those in need of motivation. Not just anyone can keep their eyes turned towards the bright side of things the way Rose does. From a young age, Rose has shown a burst of passion for everything she does. Be it helping her father with his forging work, cooking up a meal for her friends, or even cleaning up the main hall, she sees everything she does as a challenge she must overcome to grow as a person. She thrives to put her best foot forward and has no shortage of kindness nor encouraging words to share. Her friends in the rebellion have become her source of strength, and she does whatever she can to keep their spirits up even if hers has been diminished.

While Rose carries herself with a sense of pride and duty, she's unfortunately not as experienced as her confident front lets others believe. She's spent her entire life underground, barely getting a glimpse of the outside world. She has very little knowledge of the basics of everyday life, lacking in casual conversational skills to the point where she may struggle to speak openly to strangers on the street. In a sense, despite her combat ability and serious attitude, this makes her quite naive and sometimes careless. She's cautious to a point, having been taught to keep aware of her surroundings, but tends to become distracted easily through her curiosity of things that she's witnessing for the first time.

On one hand Rose is a steaming pot of assertiveness and courage, but on the other hand sometimes she doesn't quite realize her limits and may find herself ending up in an unfortunate situation due to her overestimating her abilities. She knows full well that she's very strong and has studied the blade relentlessly, but she's often overstepped her boundaries. In a way, Rose is aware of her weaknesses in the fact that she lacks experience, but this only motivates her to take risks in the attempt to widen her experience and skills. She knows that she is not all-powerful, and she's witnessed how easily one's life can be snuffed out, but this doesn't seem to be enough to keep Rose from testing her limits.

O While she often puts up a stone wall to keep her emotions in check, Rose's stubbornness can quickly lead to her becoming frustrated. It's impossible to persuade Rose to take even a sip of alcohol, unless she's feeling upset about something, that is. Alcohol tends to turn Rose into a chivalrous fool, loudly announcing her ideals and goals for the future all whilst melting into an emotional heap over her most recent failure.

O Rose is easily embarrassed, especially when it comes to her lack of real-world experience. She tries to hold back her excitement when seeing a large animal for the first time or while watching a parade pass by, but she's quite terrible at hiding her amazement and is quick to become flustered if her child-like behavior is pointed out.

FlΓΌgel - A short-sword that was forged by Rose's father as a gift for her mother. Her mother passed the blade to her before her death.

Hidden Weapons - She's not averse to fighting dirty, after all. Rose keeps three knives on her person for special emergencies. One in each of her gloves and one in her left boot. She also keeps a small pistol tucked into her right boot.

Rosalind Huen Van' Hest was perhaps Veilbran's best-kept secret, or at least her father would always jokingly tell the wide-eyed Rose so. Her mother was a respectable woman who was both strong and proud. Pattence Van' Hest was a talented knight, skilled in both sword and silver tongue and born to a noble family whose lineage bore soldier after soldier for the Veilbrand army. Oscar Huen Gray was not as graceful nor did he bare a noble heritage, but his skill in smithing and his light-heartedess was enough to charm Pattence. Rose was the result of their relationship, one that could not be revealed for the risk of Pattence suffering the rage from her parents. Rose's mother would continue to aid the royal guard, even after a new ruler had taken the old one's place and the once thriving marketplace of Veilbrand weapons and precious medals would be plunged into dept.

Rose could barely walk when the Dictatorship of Veilbrand was formed, along with the rebel faction that would slowly crawl it's way to the surface. As the years past and Rose became to understand things better, she learned that her own father was the rebellion's second-in-command. He supplied the rebellion with weapons he forged himself, and wasted no time in teaching Rose the skill of blacksmithing as soon as she was old enough to hold a hammer and a pair of tongs. Rose became more knowledgeable of the situation in Veilbrand every day, and was more than happy to assist her father in his duty. He forbid her from leaving the rebellion's safe quarters, though, and any time her father left for a mission she would be left behind to wonder if he would return.

Rose was one week short of her tenth birthday, on the night of the full moon, when Oscar Huen Gray, along with a multitude of other rebel members, would never set foot into the rebel headquarters again.

It was a tragedy for the rebel faction that cut deep into their plans for the future. It was an important mission that was meant to be the beginning of the revolution of Veilbrand to remove Egruus To' Veilbrand from his seat of rule, but something went wrong. Information was incorrectly passed on and the man was fully aware of the rebels actions that night, leading to a massacre that resulted in many of the rebels members to leave Veilbrand. The rebel faction lost many of its best, some being killed that night while many gave up their hopes of ever taking Veilbrand back. Rose had lost her father, but she only felt her passion and love for her home grow even stronger. She wouldn't give up on the thriving and beautiful nation that her father had told her so much about, and so she continued to hone her skills in both smithing and sword play, accepting whatever help she could get from her fellow rebel members that she had grown to care for as her own family.

Rose had never met her mother. She had only ever heard stories of her talents and grace through her father's point of view. Pattence was working as a spy for the rebel faction as she poised as one of the guards for Veilbrand's dictator. She was a vital part of the rebel's information chain and had been an irreplaceable ally to them. Rose could never have prepared for the sight of her mother as she was carried through the halls of the rebel headquarters. Pattence had fallen ill and was dismissed from Egruus's guard. She returned to the rebel faction, a mere ghost of the valiant and headstrong woman that Rose had so imagined her mother to be. She would not have much time with her mother, and at sixteen years of age she would hear her mother speak for the first time, but it was not anything Rose would've ever wanted to hear.

Her mother revealed the secret of the night Oscar was killed. Pattence was the one who gave away the rebels plans to Egruus. She arranged the attack herself,
but could not bring herself to take part in it. Her reason for doing so? Pattence was tired of the struggle, believing the rebels attempts to be pointless and futile. She didn't want Rose to be a part of something that would never lead to victory. She hoped that Rose would be so crushed by her father's death that she too would've fled Veilbrand in search for a better life. It was clear that her mother was overflowing with sadness and regret for having been responsible for so much pain, and the guilt had taken a terrible toll on her health. Pattence would pass away after only a day, leaving Rose with the terrible secret of that tragic full-moon night.

For the years to come, Rose would continue to train herself to become stronger. She was offered her father's place as second-in-command, but handed the role to an older and much more experienced member. She was happy enough to be on-par with her fathers talents in creating fine weaponry that the rebels could use. However, the number of rebel faction members continued to dwindle and the goals for the future seemed to grow further and further out of reach each day. Rose knew that while many of their members had died alongside her father, she also knew that many more were still alive and had left Veilbrand all those years ago. Some of them must be ready to come back now, right? There must be plenty of people who have put up with Veilbrand's dictator long enough and would be willing to assist the rebels at this point, right? Her mind was made up. It was time to leave Veilbrand in search of aid, and she would not return until she found enough warriors to take down Egruus and bring his rule to an end once and for all. For the sake of her parents that were taken from her too soon, and the sake of the family that she had found among her fellow rebels.


So begins...

Rosalind 'Rose' Van' Hest's Story