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Season of Giving 2020

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Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅


Sieghardt Val Lohengrin

"Honor is a coward's excuse."

0 · 822 views · located in Cre' Est

a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Devastation”, as played by CrossKnight35


Name: Sieghardt Val Lohengrin

Description: Clad from head to toe in ridged, jet black plate armor, Sieghardt stands tall as a mountain, with broad-shoulders and a slim waist. Underneath the armor are muscles built upon muscles, forming an olympian physique straight out of a Gweynuran statue. More than a decade of constant fighting had left him with more scars than skin, marring an otherwise attractive body, more often than not wrapped with rolls and rolls of fresh bandages. His square, sharp jawline is complimented by sharp, spiky blonde hair, contributing to a rugged, masculine appearance.

Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 255 lbs
Voice Type: Bass
Body Type: Endomorph

Theme: Mobile Suit Gundam IRON BLOODED ORPHANS: Defenders of the Wild (

Weapons and Equipment:
* Blacksteel Zweihander - a seven foot long greatsword carried by elite veilbrand knights. Sieghardt’s particular blade was denser, duller, and heavier than most, trading in cutting prowess for raw power and durability. Like his armor, the massive blade was painted black to protect against rust.

* Blacksteel Halberd - a seven foot long halberd carried by elite veilbrand knights. A versatile weapon combining the riving power of a battleaxe, the range of a spear, and the utility of a pick. Like his armor, the lengthy weapon was painted black to protect against rust.

* Sieg’s armor - a suit of full plate, personally modified by a blacksmith colleague to feature his personal embellishments, such as the black paint, purple trim, and pointed ears.

* Dagger - a backup weapon for use on striking into weak points.

* Pistol Gauntlet - strapped to Sieghardt’s left gauntlet are a pair of sawn and jury rigged flintlock barrels, connected by various straps and triggered by knuckle-mounted pressure plates which allowed the black knight to deliver a single, explosive punch, before becoming dead weight.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeanne's modifications, the once single-use weapon can now be reloaded like a regular pistol.

Personality: With a gruff demeanor that matches his rugged appearance, Sieghart favors honesty and directness in his interactions with people. He doesn’t mince words or sugarcoat anything, to the point of often being insensitive. Few have ever seen him smile, especially with the helmet he wears constantly. In battle, he favors cold, brutal, efficiency in dispatching his enemies. He is also no stranger to pragmatic tactics, such as sneak attacks and using his environments to overwhelm his foes. With Sieghardt on the battlefield, a shower of blood and guts is a frequent sight. But even with all his violent traits, Sieghardt is not without integrity, never attacking innocents or non-combatants, and buried underneath his cold rage is a warrior at heart, who admires strength and resolve in enemies and allies alike.

Biography: Born to a veilbrand-based clan of warriors, Sieghardt learnt the way of the sword from a young age. As a child, he was a runt among the pack, the last to finish and the first to fall. Instead of despairing, the rage and sense of inferiority which built up within him drove him to train thrice as hard as the rest, swiftly rising to the top of the ranks in veilbrand’s army. Even though he was never given a commanding position because of his low birth, the thrill of battle kept Sieghardt sated as he bathed in the blood of his enemies. For over two decades, Sieghardt served loyally, cleaving a bloody swath against his home country’s enemies. Marauders, mercenaries, men-at-arms - his sword felled them all. Within the veilbrand army, he found it all - gold, glory, camaraderie and, most importantly - love. Love for his commander, a noble by the name of Valerica, whose icy blue eyes gleamed with a passion that made him fell in love at first sight.

Even when their differing classes forbade it, the duo became a couple - discreetly in bed, and more openly in the battlefield. With her brains and his brawns, they were an unstoppable duo. Over time, his accomplishments gained him many titles. ‘The Twilight Knight', ‘The Slayer of a Thousand Sons’, and ‘The Veilbrand Dark Star’ among others. However, it was not fated to last, for one winter night, under a lunar eclipse, a mutiny erupted among his division upon the summit of a shadowed mountain, and in this clash, a traitor stuck a poisoned dagger into Valerica, ending her life and that of her unborn child in Sieghardt’s arms. As he felt the last trace of heat left her, the black knight roared into the heavens, and charged straight into the enemy. For all intents and purposes, it should have been a suicide move. But he took one critical hit after another, rising back again, and again. Even as blades pierced his armor and hammers broke his bones, Sieghardt continued his slaughter, until the last of his enemy was a bloody smear on the snow. That night, with grief in his heart, he deserted Veilbrand and its military forever with a new title: ‘The Wolf of Black Mountain.’

For the next few years, Sieghardt walked the earth as a bounty hunter, seeking powerful foes where ever he could, hoping to find one worthy of giving him a warrior’s death, but discovering only disappointment. He often heard of the elusive Red-Eyed Demon, a legendary assassin said to harbor the essence of evil within him. They say that the demon was invincible, that no mortal weapon could even break his skin. At first, a bitter Sieghardt dismissed him as an old wives’ tale, even as the rumors persisted… but in time, he grew desperate. One day, in Triveila, he came upon the word of a ‘Maiden of Revolution’, a young woman with a profoundly hefty price on her head, alleged to have escaped certain death multiple times, thanks to the demon acting as her guardian angel. Intrigued by the prospect of finally meeting his death in the hands of the fabled assassin, Sieghardt sharpened his blade, mounted his steed, and rode into the rain-drenched night, heading straight towards veilbrand. Perhaps it was just the rambling of a mad, two-fingered man, but something within the warrior’s gut told him to pursue it nonetheless...

So begins...

Sieghardt Val Lohengrin's Story