Assassin's Pledge: Ragnarok

Assassin's Pledge: Ragnarok


The secret is out, and a nation-wide war has begun between forces in the shadows. Now without a creed, Te'i Sai's wrath and cruelty know no bounds. Now caught between two nightmares brought to life, how will you survive?

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This RP is still under minor construction, but the bulk of the RP is ready for the journey ahead!

This RP takes place on a fictional continent called Cre' Est. There are five nations which blanket her surface: Cre' Est, Shaharan, Triveila, Veilbrand, and Gweynura.

Cre' Est is the Mother Nation, first founded, and is centralized in her location on the map in the thread labeled "The World." She is bordered on the East side by the Cre' Itian Mountain Range, which stretches all the way from the northernmost point to the Southernmost point, effectively splitting the continent into two halves.

Shaharan is the Desert Nation to the East on the other side of the Cre' Itian Mountain Range. She occupies the vast majority of the Eastern half of the continent's Northern hemisphere, and as expected of desert people, her population are hardcore survivors and some of the toughest you'll find anywhere.

Triveila is the Nation of the Sea, to the Northwest of Cre' Est. Her people live in total harmony with the sea, and much of their way of life revolves around the sea's bounty and being able to navigate the waters around the continent for trade, travel, and, if need be, escape from pirates and other sea pests.

Veilbrand is the Nation of Stone, and she lies South of Cre' Est. The two are separated by a long branch of the mountain range which extends about halfway to the Western sea from the main body of the mountains, providing a natural borderline for them to establish their respective territories. She is by far the wealthiest of the five nations, having continued to enjoy the seemingly endless gold, silver, and precious gems which have been mined from the heart of the mountains.

Gweynura is the Nation of Trees, South of Shaharan on the Eastern side of the continent. Gweynurans, just as Triveilans do with the sea, live in total harmony with nature. They hunt only what they need to survive, replant every tree they cut down, and treat all the children of the Earth with the utmost respect.

The Nation we will begin this RP in is Cre' Est. And, as as the synopsis of the RP warns, we'll begin the RP immediately by throwing all of our character into the middle of a war in the shadows which has now found its way into the light. Our characters will be witnessing a historic event (throughout the RP) that will inevitable go down in the pages of history, so do forgive me for holding back information from you as to what exactly that means or how it's going to work.

I have a basic character skeleton for you to fill out for your characters when you submit them, but as requested above please don't submit until all of the OOC Threads are complete. I will keep a tally of them in the General Discussion Thread so you know when it's safe to submit.

Here's the skeleton, so if you want to look at it and maybe start planning things out, be my guest!

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[b]Image:[/b] (anime is preferred)
[b]Voice Type:[/b] (Men: bass (lowest), baritone (midway), tenor (higher). Women: Contralto (lowest), alto (midway), soprano (highest). Also please provide a youtube link to an example of the voice you're going for.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Please provide at least one paragraph of five sentences describing the basic personality of your character)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Optional)
[b]Equipment:[/b] (Optional)

[b]Biography:[/b] (Please provide at least one paragraph of five sentences giving a basic outline of your character's life so far. But be sure to hide the juiciest details so we can learn about them dynamically in the RP!)

~ Kumori

Toggle Rules

1) Please be patient with me.

I've been through a lot this last year, and I'm still not quite myself after all of it. And with the chaos of the holidays and New Year, I'm not going to be nearly as consistent as I've been in the past about being online to post or respond to things in the General Discussion OOC Thread.

Also, due to splitting my attention between work, role-playing, family, and other personal activities and passions I'm working on, I know that I will have memory slips and forget some details along the way about the RP's lore or about characters from time to time. If I do, I request that you temper your frustration and do your best to get me back on track by correcting me with kindness instead of anger, frustration, sarcasm, or aggression. I do not respond well to such things. Especially sarcasm as snarky and sarcastic comments are the easiest way to trigger my disdain for disrespect, and it's also the quickest way to get yourself kicked out of the RP.

Thank you!

2) Please Be Respectful - Respect and honesty are the two biggest things I look for in people I allow into my RP's. I can tolerate a lot of things from people, but disrespect is not one of them. If I see a clear and unjustified instigation of conflict in this RP from anyone, the instigator will immediately be kicked from the RP and put on my personal black list.

3) Please Introduce Yourself - I view a lack of communication as a sign of both disrespect and dishonesty, and I don't take kindly to either one. If you intend to join this RP, you must introduce yourself in the General Discussion thread. If you don't introduce yourself, but you submit a character, that character will be rejected and you'll be barred from joining the RP outright.

4) Be Vocal - I encourage all role-players who involve themselves in my role-plays to be vocal about their thoughts, concerns, or even bringing forward suggestions about the lore so the RP can improve with your help. I would like everyone not to be shy about sharing ideas, as I'm always open to hearing them. I cannot, and will not, promise that I will accept all ideas submitted. And if I say "No," it's not meant to be a jab against you or an attempt to shut you down. My saying "No" means I see something within the idea that does not align with my visions for the RP, or that clashes with the lore I've created thus far. If I say "No," it's the final word and I ask that you respect it and we move on together.

5) Be Realistic - This RP is fantasy, but all of the laws of physics and real-world science apply. I made an entire OOC Thread for this, so please read it as soon as you can. Thanks!

6) The Sci-Fi/Occult - The sci-fi/occult aspects of this RP are very, very limited. People believing in the Nether World and worshiping the Evil King and his forces are not uncommon, but the damage they can do is no greater than any other kind of cult. They regularly gather to perform rituals with "magic circles" in the hopes that the Evil King or his forces will answer the call and send one of their own to this world. But it never actually happens... With one exception.

More on this in a special OOC Thread.

7) Try To Have Fun! - I know that some of my rules make me sound like a stiff, but it's not my norm. I'm a fun-loving person, and I enjoy talking with others who have a lot of enthusiasm and love for role-playing and storytelling. So try to enjoy yourself in this RP! If at any time you're having trouble enjoying yourself, please don't be silent about it. If I can help restore your joy in being here, I will try my best to do so and work with you to figure out why you've been losing your interest and see if we can reignite it.

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Character Portrait: Red-Eyed Demon
Character Portrait: Audrey Phoenix


Character Portrait: Audrey Phoenix
Audrey Phoenix

A Shaharan sharpshooter seeking and vindication for "high crimes" against humanity.

Character Portrait: Red-Eyed Demon
Red-Eyed Demon

A legend of death incarnate, and the personification of darkness... But is that the whole story?


Character Portrait: Red-Eyed Demon
Red-Eyed Demon

A legend of death incarnate, and the personification of darkness... But is that the whole story?

Character Portrait: Audrey Phoenix
Audrey Phoenix

A Shaharan sharpshooter seeking and vindication for "high crimes" against humanity.

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Character Portrait: Red-Eyed Demon
Red-Eyed Demon

A legend of death incarnate, and the personification of darkness... But is that the whole story?

Character Portrait: Audrey Phoenix
Audrey Phoenix

A Shaharan sharpshooter seeking and vindication for "high crimes" against humanity.

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