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Audrey Phoenix

A Shaharan sharpshooter seeking and vindication for "high crimes" against humanity.

0 · 165 views · located in Cre' Est

a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Ragnarok”, as played by KumoriRyuu



Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Heterochromia (right eye is blue, left eye is green)
Voice Type: Alto

Audrey Phoenix's Theme Song

Personality: As the second youngest of eight children to a poor family from a small village in Shaharan, and even worse belonging to one of the "Weaker" clans of the region, Audrey has always known the humbling taste of being bottom of the barrel. Now sporting a superiority complex, and a vicious hatred for those who "stand above her," be it physically or metaphorically, Audrey won't let anyone or anything keep her down. If you want her to stay down, you'll have to kill her. She lives for the little things and moments in life, and relishes quiet moments between herself and others she's close to. However, at the same time she's fond of large crowds and noisy tavern scenes, as they remind her of home... Take that as you will. She hates shopping for clothing, detests jewelry of any sort, and would prefer to pick a fight with a stranger than have to sit through a discussion about what kinds of seasoning should be added to what meals.

Occupation: Sharpshooter


* Sihn'koor - A custom-made flintlock rifle with near perfect weight distribution and a barrel crafted of folded steel lending to its durability over single-layer steel barrels. The rifle was crafted by her father, a blacksmith, to be presented as a gift to Egruus To' Veilbrand. However, upon learning of this, as well as the nature of the man meant to receive it, she took it upon herself to ensure he would never acquire it and stole it before running away from home...

* Bullet Bag - Made of fine deer skin, the bag at her left hip is filled with approximately twenty seven bullets (at present), but has a maximum capacity of thirty eight bullets.

* Powder Bag - Hanging next to and slightly below the bullet bag is another deer skin bag which houses her powder. It holds enough powder to give her between twelve and fifteen shots before needing to be refilled.

* Hunting Knife - While not a great hunter, she knows how to skin and gut an animal, as well as cook it over an open fire for a basic meal.

* Water Skin - A third deer skin bag hangs on her right hip which holds approximately half a liter of water, and is mainly used in emergency situations.

Biography: Audrey Phoenix, born Ash'la Ahn Torikas, was born twenty-four years ago in the village of L'raoush, which lies on the Southeastern edge of the largest desert in Shaharan (the Gah'lan Desert). As the second youngest of eight children, Audrey was not given any preferential treatment by her parents or siblings. She fought for every meal, every toy, every tool, and even the right to just go out and play or practice with her slingshot. Because her family was poor and their Clan was considered "Weak," Audrey knew from a young age that she and her seven siblings would have to find a way to dig the family out of the pits and into the light. The pressure was always on for them all, and none of them had much time to even form a sibling bond outside of knowing they share the same mother and father.

When Audrey was twenty two, she discovered that her father had been in contact with an envoy from Veilbrand. The discussions at first were neutral, but soon turned to her father making a deal to provide the family with a small fortune in exchange for the finest weapon he could craft as a gift for Egruus To' Veilbrand, who was in the market for a new firearm. Being a blacksmith, Audrey's father eagerly accepted and spent a full year crafting his best work: Sihn'koor. Growing up the daughter of a blacksmith, Audrey knew quality when she saw it... And she knew the reputation of Egruus and what he did to his people. For a man so vile to acquire a weapon so fine was borderline blasphemy, and Heresta would never allow such a wicked creature as he to wield a weapon destined to bring glory to its user. The night it was complete, Audrey stole it and spirited it away. Despite her effort to hide her tracks, she was discovered by her father and a hunting party the Clan put together. And had it not been for the aid of a mysterious stranger in a black cloak, she would not have escaped their pursuit.

Today, Audrey finds herself on the run from her father, her Clan, and Egruus' minions who are intent on retrieving the promised item. Branded by Egruus as a criminal of the highest order and an enemy of mankind, he has offered a 100,000 Gold reward for her head and the return of his firearm, untouched of course. Adopting the name Audrey Phoenix from a Cre' Itian fairy tale, and changing her garb and adopting a more Cre' Itian accent, Audrey has eluded pursuit for the last year. But she's had several close calls, and was even captured once. However, and not without sacrifice, she managed an escape. If you ask why she is always wearing the elbow band, the leather breast plate over her heart, or the elbow-length glove on her left arm, you'll receive a snarl and feisty dismissal in return.

So don't ask.

So begins...

Audrey Phoenix's Story