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Red-Eyed Demon

A legend of death incarnate, and the personification of darkness... But is that the whole story?

0 · 156 views · located in Cre' Est

a character in “Assassin's Pledge: Ragnarok”, as played by KumoriRyuu



Name: ???
Age: ???
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 2" (188cm)
Weight: 200 lbs (91kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: ??? (They glow red, but his original eye color is unknown)
Voice Type: Baritone

Red-Eyed Demon's Theme Song

Personality: The true nature of the Red-Eyed Demon's personality remains unknown, along with whether or not he is anything other than the boogeyman tale told by those who've supposedly seen his glowing red eyes in the night and lived to tell the tale. However, by analyzing the nature of his appearances, the identity of his known targets, and various other aspects of his existence which are known, there are a handful of scholars who believe they've pieced together the most accurate picture of who this individual is. And their research explains the following:

"The Red-Eyed Demon is a being of unimaginable cruelty, and inescapable tenacity. Having taken the lives of hundreds of high-profile diplomats and political figures over the last two decades, his ruthless efficiency speaks to a highly calculated and borderline obsessive nature. Bodies of his victims have, on occasion, been mutilated beyond recognition which speaks to a combination of mental instability, extreme anger, and potential psychopathy. Not being shy about displaying his victim's bodies in public locations, narcissism and sociopathic tendencies are also not out of the question. Lastly, he is highly elusive. Whether this speaks to a cautionary mindset, antisocial tendencies, or both, remains unclear. But when all is said and done this individual, if it is indeed an individual, is highly dangerous and easily the single most feared human being on the planet."

This is, however, only a series of theories and speculation. So who knows how much of it is true?

Occupation: Assassin


* The Twins - Nestled in fine leather sheaths at his lower back are a pair of daggers made of Orichalcum, the most durable metal on Earth. Both have a 14" (35.5cm) blade, not including the handle or guard which are a further 7 1/2" (19cm). The Orichalcum itself is translucent green with a black core resembling liquid metal frozen in time from guard to tip, reaching out with uneven, snake-like arms along its length.

* Throwing Darts - On his left wrist is a bracelet with 30 thin metal darts. 15 of them are regular darts meant to work as distractions and causing minor wounds, while the other 15 are poison and tipped with a potent paralytic to render his prey immobile for a limited time.

* Concoctions - His belt has four pouches along the sides which house various vials of liquid that each serve a specific purpose. The forward pouch on his left side is for a vial of pain killer for personal use, while the rear left pouch holds a pain intensifier for interrogations. The forward pouch on his right side has a concoction of his own design which pushes the target to what mimics a severely drunken state, while the rear right pouch contains a vial whose contents will put the victim to sleep in less than two minutes so long as the liquid enters the victim's blood stream. If it doesn't immediately hit the bloodstream, it takes around ten minutes to take effect.

* Throwing Knives - He keeps a belt of them draped from his right shoulder to his left hip. There are seven 4" (10cm) throwing knives along this belt, each held in a thick leather sheath to protect his chest during periods of close range combat or extreme physical activity.

* Smoke Bombs - He carries three smoke bombs on his person at almost all times. These are housed in a curved wooden compartment just beneath where the sheaths of the Twins cross at his lower back on his belt. Each one creates a cloud approximately eighteen feet in diameter (5.4m), and which lasts for approximately forty seconds before beginning to dissipate.

Biography: ???

So begins...

Red-Eyed Demon's Story