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Assassin's Pledge: Reborn

Assassin's Pledge: Reborn


The original story of Assassin's Pledge, at last retold after over 12 years of rocky development.

153 readers have visited Assassin's Pledge: Reborn since KumoriRyuu created it.


Come what may, this will be my final RP of this story as I feel I'm almost ready to start writing what will be the final version of this tale before looking to get it published once complete. Before I can, there's something missing still. I don't know what it is yet. But I'm certain I'll find it if I give this one last try. I don't know how long this RP will last given my hectic work life. Nor do I know how my work will affect my drive or ability to write as time progresses. But I felt it appropriate that the last RP I make of this story before finally putting it to the page be done here where it truly picked up steam and cemented itself in my heart as the story I want to tell.

First, a little history...

It all started on Myspace, of all places, in 2009. My sister made a pirate RP called "New Blood" and invited me to be part of it. I'd never done anything like this before, but I was excited and asked what kind of character I could make if not a pirate (since I absolutely suck at pirate banter). She suggested thieves, assassins, and bounty hunters as but a few ideas, so, in my infinite creativity, I chose an ex-assassin turned bounty hunter. Born with red eyes due to a birth defect, and sporting raven black hair, the original version of this story's protagonist was born.

The original tale was, at its core, a love story between the two central protagonists (both featured in the image below). And while love remains a central theme of the tale, it's no longer the focal point. Instead, this is a tale of rebirth and renewal centered around the Red-Eyed Demon. A story of how he came to lose his humanity, lose his sanity, and lose himself to the darkness of the human heart and consciousness... And how he clawed his way back one desperate breath at a time.

I sincerely hope to enjoy this RP with other people. So if anyone who reads wish to join then I'll be happy to welcome you. If you need details on what's going on, I'll be happy to provide them!

To any and all who so much as give this page a single glance, much less read through this entire introduction or the RP/story itself as I write it... I sincerely thank you. Just a visit means more to me than you'll ever know or understand.

Thank you,

This is Assassin's Pledge written in the style it was always meant to be

(Artwork is a paid commission completed by the wonderful aliph from

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Rule 1) Have fun!
Rule 2) No god-modding, metagaming, or power playing
Rule 3) Respect your fellow Role-Players

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Capital City of Valkyom, Cre' Est

Beneath a wash of deep violet, the stars flickering like dying candle flames, the sound of a female shriek split the peaceful silence of the twilight before sunrise.

Several oil lamps were lit inside the windows of homes in the local area, along with heads poking out curiously, lamps in hand, hoping for a glimpse of the source of the horrible sound. Some were met only by their own most familiar sights. The wall across the way. That one window their neighbor neglected to repair after it was shattered by children throwing stones. Or that one crate at the opening of an alley which nobody ever moved or disposed of.

Others caught a glimpse of a female figure sprinting through the streets with two male pursuers in tow before they all disappeared round the next corner. One observer leaned out his second story window for a clearer look and heard a series of increasingly loud thuds in the opposite direction to the action. Diverting his gaze towards the sound, he beheld, for lack of a more appropriate term, a dark and vaguely human-shaped blur racing towards him.


He leaned back just as the blur raced past his head, but lost his balance and dropped his oil lamp at the precise moment he stumbled and leaned too far out the window and began his graceless descent to the cobblestone streets below with a sickening crack echoing through the streets.

Each breath escaped as puffs of thick steam rivaling those one would see of a well-enjoyed cigar as she raced through the streets, nearly stumbling on the uneven cobblestone beneath her feet, and turning into an alleyway. Darting left, then right, then left again followed by another left she weaved and wound her way through the twists and turns before reaching another opening leading to arterial road known as Market Street. With the city's central market to her left, and more rural living to her right, she shifted her weight and dashed for the market. Behind her she echoed the sounds of grunting and arguing which only spurred her to go faster. At last she slid to the ground and ducked beneath the covering of a nearby fruit vendor's stand and sliding the rear panel down to hide from view.

Silence... Save for the sound of her heart in her ears and her lungs screaming for air.

"She turned that way! C'mon!"

Her right hand slid up from under her and covered her mouth.

Their footsteps grew louder, and the thunderous drumming of her heart seemed to grow louder with them. Mentally she cursed her heart and prayed to Peur'Tia they wouldn't hear it.

"You just had to go the wrong way on that one turn, didn't you?"

"Hey! Fuck you! You were the first to turn the one before that, and you leaned that way so I figured that's the way we should'a gone!"

"I leaned that way because I needed room to make the turn, dumb fuck!"

"Just shut up and look! She's gotta be around here somewhere!"

Their footsteps split from each other. One of them walked right by her, his shadow just visible in the gaps between the bottom of the panel and the curvature of the cobblestone. As he passed her fingernails dug into flesh as she clenched her jaw. A tiny trickle of blood seeped from between her fingers, and it was only then she realized she was biting the inside of her cheek on the right side. Loosening her jaw she felt the sting of the crunched flesh unfurling from between her molars and choked back the urge to whimper as the pain began to finally set in.


She flinched hard and bumped the side of the stand. Her eyes went wide and she froze in place.

... Silence, but not for long.

Footsteps drew closer from both angles and her heart rate spiked. The stand was partially lifted and pushed over with the faintest glimmers of sunlight peeking over the horizon illuminating her as she felt a powerful hand grasp her right bicep and yank her to her feet.

"Told ya she was here."

"Scuse me? I'm the one who said she was around here somewhere!"

She flexed her right hand, brandishing her nails, and raked her arm in an arc across the face of the one holding her. But her wrist was stopped short and squeezed in a powerful grip by his companion.

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. Uh-uh sweetheart. No scratching... Not yet." He said with a lick of his lips.

"You gave us quite the runaround, ya know. Congratulations. I don't think we've ever struggled to catch up to a woman out in the open like that before, have we?"


"Please! Let me go!" She begged while struggling to pull her arms free.

"And why would we do that? You're here. We're here. You're wearing... That, he said, gesturing with a nod of his head and a glance of his eyes to the tattered rag of an oversized shirt she wore with legs bare save for the old, worn out remnants of what were once shoes around her feet. "We should all be getting to know each other, don't you think?"

Her struggling increased in urgency as she tried kicking him where it hurt, only for him to pinch his legs together and turn his hips so she kicked his thigh instead.

"Oooh... That hurt a little."

"Careful. She probably bites too... Not that I mind, much."

"I hope so. Not too hard though. Gotta give it a little wiggle room, ya know."

Nearby, a young man with raven black hair and a pair of unnaturally glowing red eyes knelt on a rooftop ledge observing the goings on below. His head tilted slightly as the first one to grab her pulled her in and began forcefully kissing her as the other helped pin her arms close to her body so she couldn't make good use of them.

Mom and dad used to do that, he thought.

The one kissing started feeling her body.

... They didn't do that, though... So is this...

The one pinning her arms pulled them behind her back so he could hold her wrists with one hand as his free hand reached around and grabbed her neck.

His glowing red eyes narrowed and his pupils dilated to nearly disappearing as he leaped down from the ledge and landed rather softly on the ground with a roll to help push him forward and into a sprint. The one kissing ceased his activity and glanced over his shoulder.

"What the fuck?!"

Neither man had time to react as a translucent green dagger with a black liquid-like core was drawn high and brought down in a rapid, powerful arc across the torso of the man who'd been kissing the woman. The dagger dug into flesh at the base of the neck where the trapezius met the deltoid, dragged through his collar bone and became lodged in the upper-middle region of his sternum, having torn through all ribs in the way. The dagger was then ripped free spraying blood across the face of the woman and the second man as they both stumbled backwards and fell partially entangled to the ground. The dagger was then stabbed repeatedly into the man's stomach before being raked across his throat as he was shoved to the ground as he began drowning in his own blood.

The glowing red eyes snapped to the one entangled with the woman on the ground who scrambled to his feet and tried to flee. But he didn't get more than three steps before feeling a sharp pain in the lower right region of his lumbar which rapidly shifted into a searing pain spreading throughout the entirety of his lower torso. Looking down he saw the tip of the dagger starting back at him from just beside his naval with blood dripping from its tip and quickly spreading through his clothing. The weapon was pulled free while a grip like a bear trap slammed shut around the muscles of his trapezius on the left side. He could feel the assailant's fingertips nearly touching almost as if prepared to tear his trapezius completely off. But that never happened. Instead, he felt the dagger plunge into his back between his ribs which proceeded to then cleave his heart and open his left lung.

The dagger was pulled free and the man slumped to the ground gasping and gripping at his chest. The young man watched with an icy glare as the man slowly stopped moving after almost fifteen agonizing seconds, and only sheathed his weapon when he saw the final puff of steam from his breath escape into the air and fade to nothing.

He glanced back to the woman who was frozen to the ground and trembling like a leaf in a hurricane.

What are they called? "Homeless"? No, she used a different word for them. But what wa-

The woman had managed to shake her fear enough to stand and began sprinting away with tears in her eyes. The young man's mouth opened partially, but closed just as swiftly.

Huh. Why'd she run?... Women are strange.

The young man turned and strode slowly over to a nearby alley with a rain gutter on the side of the building. Gripping it, he clambered up to the rooftops and knelt down to survey the area.

A pair of guards appeared from the opposing side of the Market and jogged over to the bodies and began examining them.

Dammit... Should've just snapped their necks. Now she'll be mad at me.

The young man slipped away into the night as the one of the guards began running for backup and to fetch an investigative team to look into the incident.

Come morning, the bodies were sectioned off and a team of guards and a local detective had gathered to analyze the scene.

"Thank you, gentlemen." The detective said after receiving what little information the guards had to offer of their findings from the night before.

He approached the bodies and took note of a rather buxom young woman with a long brown ponytail sweeping the ground around her rump and feet while sitting on her knees next to the one who'd been stabbed multiple times and had his neck and part of his torso torn open.

"Is it too early to ask for your analysis, Doctor?" He asked with a half-smirk.

The young woman stood up and turned to face him with a calm and polite smile and a gentle shake of her head.

"Well, please don't keep me in suspense."

She gave a subtle nod of her head and walked up to him while extending her right index finger out and softly placing it on the juncture of his trapezius and deltoid.

"A single stroke." She slowly moved her finger down at an angle towards the center of his chest. "It severed the top of the trapezius muscles, the scalenes muscles, and the base of the sternocleidomastoids. It then cut clean through the collar bone, sliced clear the first two ribs at their juncture to the sternum before being embedded in the sternum. Not to mention it severed the brachial artery, subclavian artery, the base of the carotid artery and jugular, and it even managed to reach the abdominal aorta which is why nearly all the victim's blood is now on the ground." She said as her finger stopped right where the blade did on the victim's body.

The detective arched an eyebrow.

"Well, um..."

Her finger trailed down his chest and stomach to the point of the stabbings, and gently poked him a total of eight times before coming to rest just beside his naval.

"Eight stabs to the stomach all but turned the intestines to mush, potentially nicking or fully puncturing the kidney on this side, before being brought up to sever the victim's carotid and jugular arteries, their airways, and their esophagus in a single stroke." She said while caressing his throat along the line of the slice.

The detective cleared his throat.

"And that one?" He asked, pointing to the other body.

"Two stab wounds. One to the right lumbar which certainly split the kidney and opened up both sets of intestines, followed by a stab between the ribs to open the heart and lung, as well as any unfortunate arteries caught in the area. He bled out in seconds."

He raised both eyebrows and swallowed, followed by another quiet clearing of his throat.

"Thank you for the information, Doctor." He said while jotting it down in a notebook.

"I couldn't help but notice the sarcasm when you called me by my title earlier. Was that really necessary?" She asked as her smile faded into a darker and more stern stare.

"Ahem... Apologies. I've just never seen a Doctor so young before. I thought-"

"Age is a number, sir. And the passage of time sees different results for different people. If I may be so bold as to say, I feel you've disrespected both myself and my profession with that sarcastic tone you gave me. And I'd like to request a more formal apology."

Her stare, while calm, seemed to slice through him about as easily as whatever weapon sliced through the victims.

"O-Of course, Doctor. You have my sincerest apologies for underestimating your knowledge and analytical prowess." He said with a bow at the waist.

She took a breath and offered a smile.

"Apology accepted, detective."

"My thanks, Doctor. So, may I ask if you can imagine what brought this on?"

"I'm afraid not."

"The tipped over market stand there, and a few other hints that things have been moved and tampered with, would suggest that there was perhaps a search going on. Do you imagine they'd be hiding from whoever did this?"

"Hm... I doubt it."

"I noticed a few small drops of blood over here under where the tipped over stand was. Do you see it?" He asked, pointing to the area.

The Doctor walked over and knelt down to examine the cobblestone and found the tiny specks of blood he was talking about.

"Ah, yes. Unfortunately there's no way to know if this blood belongs to them. But given that there's so little of it I'm inclined to say it's not theirs given that there's no other visible injuries than what we've already observed."

"I'm of the same opinion. So there was probably someone else here at one point. But if there was another person they seem to have vanished without a trace. And nobody seems to have seen anything either which is unfortunate."

"I see. Is there anything else you need from me?"

"No, Doctor. Thank you. You've been most helpful with the examination of the injuries."

She smiled with a nod.

"If I may make one last observation before you're on your way?"

"Of course."

"In my experience the standard murders with bladed weapons we usually see are more often than not quite messy due to it being quite a frantic experience for both victim and perpetrator. But in this case, it feels quite one-sided and intentional."

She glanced away and looked at an empty spot on the ground out of the corner of her eye.

"Why's that?"

"Well, look at the bodies. They're not terribly far away from each other, but one's on his back and one's on his stomach. The small smears of blood over there in between them would indicate that they were in close proximity at the time the one missing half his clavicle was being attacked. Notice that there's a spraying of blood there that stops quite abruptly and then restarts just there. Something, or someone, was in the way of it. This proximity would suggest to me that it was a surprise attack since otherwise they would likely have either had a chance to flee or better position and defend themselves. That one without the clavicle was killed first, and the other probably tried to flee. But obviously he was chased down before making any significant headway. So, as I said it feels quite one-sided and intentional. Someone didn't want these two to live and made sure of it by the end of the encounter. Would you agree?"

"I would say so. The evidence supporting your speculation is quite strong."

"Indeed. Thank you, Doctor." He said while noting something down. "That will be all. I'm going to continue my investigation. Pray, have a blessed day, Doctor."

"May Peur'Tia bless your investigation, detective."

Following a few more conversations with the guards, the Doctor took her leave. As she walked through the street she received many a warm smile and greeting from passers by.

"Good morning Doctor Almna!"

"Hello, Doctor Almna! May Peur'Tia bless your day!"

She smiled, waved, and thanked everyone for their well wishes and greetings before arriving at her clinic and walking inside with a small sigh of relief. The main lobby was rather empty today save one or two people who saw and greeted her as well. And after returning the greetings she retreated to the sanctity of her office and sat down in her chair behind her desk, setting her elbows on top of it and covering her face with both hands.

". . . . . What got into you?" She muttered.

A knock came at her door, and her head popped up followed by a clearing of her throat.

"Come in!"

The door opened, and a redheaded woman in her mid-30's entered with a smile.

"Good morning Lorraine... So, how was it?"

"Not good, but not as bad as some."

"Will they ever stop asking you to be the one to examine bodies and just let their own investigation teams do the dirty work?"

Lorraine chuckled. "I doubt it."

"I swear, if your father hadn't been one of the Royal Guards they wouldn't constantly be turning to you or your mother to take care of their job for them."

"Maybe. But if he hadn't been one then I wouldn't have been able to open the clinic."

"Ah. True... Still, they need to do their own jobs."

Lorraine couldn't help but laugh.

"It's fine, Jessica. I don't mind."

"Just don't burn yourself out, okay? You put in a lot more hours than normal these days, I've noticed."

"I won't. Don't worry."

Jessica left the room, and Lorraine sighed softly.

"I'm fine, Jessica. I promise..." She whispered to herself as she looked out the window.


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Crunch... Scrape... Crunch... Scrape...


Crunch... Scrape... Scrape... Scrape...

Her elbow was suddenly gripped and jerked.

"Lorraine? Are you all right?" Jessica asked.

"What? Oh. Yes, I'm all right."

"You've been grinding those roots for almost twenty minutes. They're... Well, they're more than prepared now."


Lorraine looked down and saw the mortal and pestle smeared with the overly ground remains of the roots she'd been working on.

"Oh, wow. Well, it should be fine still."

"You sure?"

"Mhmm. The total volume of the necessary ingredient hasn't changed. I just over-ground it a bit. But that shouldn't matter."

"If you say so. But seriously, are you all right? You've been kind of out of it all day."

"I'm fine, Jessica. Really. I've just got a lot on my mind today. That's all."

"Okay. Is there anything I can help with?"

"No. It's nothing. Just some outside events kind of, you know, um..." She snapped her fingers a few times. "Uh..."

"Affecting you?"

"No. Not affecting me, specifically."

"Ahh. Say no more. I know how you are."

"Thanks, Jessica."

"But hey. If there's anything I can do to lighten the load, let me know. I can grind a few roots any time if it gives you some breathing room to sort this stuff out."

Lorraine chuckled. "Thanks. You're the best."

The two women shared a hug and Jessica departed the Apothecary Prep Room as Lorraine used a wooden scraper to move the ground up roots into a beaker which she then poured a half-cup of water into, added a few drops of honey, squeezed the fluids from a flower stem, and added a touch of Colda Mint extract before stirring it all together until it changed into a thick and creamy texture.

"That should do."

Pouring the beaker's contents into a small bottle and capping it, she used a bit of charcoal to label the top with the initials "CP" and placed it into her personal travel bag which she took with her on mobile visits to patients and/or on business trips. With the new bottle stored she took a moment to look out the window. The beautiful wash of oranges, yellows, reds, and faint hints of purple indicated that it was now in the fading twilight hours of the late afternoon.

"Goodness. Where'd the day go?"

Grabbing her travel bag and hoisting it over her shoulder, she made her way out into the lobby of the Clinic and waved goodbye to the girl at the front desk and the customers seated throughout. Making her way outside she walked down the main road North. The sun dipped below the horizon on her journey darkening the roads and shadows of the alleys along her route.

The area was eerily quiet. Even the wind seemed to have lost its voice. The shadows of the alleys seemed to darken on both sides of the street, and Lorraine's heart skipped a beat when she heard a dog bark in the distance.

Calm down, Lorraine. She thought.

A small crash from an alley to her left halted her mid-stride, nearly causing her to stumble. Turning towards the alley in question she noted that something was moving in the darkness. Stepping back a few paces, she swallowed a lump in her throat as her right hand unconsciously found its way to clutching her shirt over her left breast.

Slowly, she stepped towards the alley. And as she took her first steps into the shadows her eyes adjusted to the darkness which revealed the humanoid shape to be nothing more than an old coat left hanging on a half broken plank of wood leaning against the wall of the building.

Lorraine took in a massive breath as she let go of her shirt and backed out of the alley and into the streets.

"Just go home, Lorraine." She whispered.

Turning towards the street she again jumped as, in her peripheral vision, she caught sight of what looked like a person rushing at her. But it was simply a towel which had fallen off a laundry line hanging from a second story balcony. After catching her breath she picked up the towel, folded it, and set it on the doorstep of the door at ground level just beneath the balcony. Taking her first step back up the road her peripherals again caught sight of another shadow moving on the second story of a home up ahead. But as she looked up the only thing casting a shadow was a pair of exterior curtains over a window... A rather odd thing to have. But to each their own.

Continuing on she saw the silhouette of her home up ahead. It was a simple residence with one story, a kitchen/dining room, living room, bathroom, master bedroom, guest room, and three closets for storing clothing or any other items of need. With the familiar sight of "home" now just a short distance ahead she felt her heart rate stabilizing as her breath returned to normal.

Almost there.

Five houses down...

Four houses down...

Three houses down...

Lorraine froze. A chill rand down her spine as a small cold breeze swept through the street. The long flowing locks of hair trailing down her back gently tickled and tantalized her thighs before settling just behind her rump as the breeze breathed its last. Glancing over her shoulder she saw nothing in the street behind her. Looking ahead, nothing. Just her home and an empty street. Nothing to the left or right. Nothing in the alleyways.

She hastened her steps until she reached her front door, fumbled her keys from her pocket to the ground, picked them up, and unlocked the door to step inside. A quick turn of the lock and after hearing the "click," she released a breath she didn't even realize she'd been holding as she set her bag down on the floor and dragged her feet over to her dining room table. Taking a seat and placing her arms flat and resting her head on her forearms, she felt her eyelids getting heavy already.

"... Mmmh..." She mumbled, shifting her weight and moving her head more into the crook of her elbow.

"Hate? Or was it rage?"


Lorraine's hands slipped on the table slamming her lower jaw into its surface as her chair was pushed out from underneath her by her own flailing legs which failed to find stability or grip on her tiled dining room floor as she attempted to leap to her feet. Further slipping and falling to the floor she held onto her chin and glanced up to meet a pair of glowing red eyes belonging to a rather handsome young man who was now in the process of kneeling down and offering a hand to help her stand. She closed her eyes, rubbed her chin, opened her eyes again, and took his hand.

"Why then?"

"She was being grabbed by two guys."

Lorraine's head snapped up.


"The woman."

"Wha-Oh... So, they were attacking her?"

"No. Just grabbing and kissing a lot. But I remem-"

"That's an attack. They may not have been hitting her. But that was an attack all the same."

"How is that-"

"An unwanted physical action taken against one human being by another is called an attack. It doesn't have to physically harm them like a punch or a stab from a knife."

"Hm. Well, I remembered you saying something about that before. Something about women needing to give... What was the word?"

"Consent. And it means permission."

"Right. Consent. I didn't see or hear her give consent. So when they started doing that I went to help."

"... By killing them?"

"Is there another way?"


Lorraine covered her mouth with one hand, turned away, and began pacing.

"When you were hurt you said that any man trying to put a woman in danger deserved to be punished, right?"

""Punished and killed are two very different things!!"


"What do you mean "hm?" I told you before that killing people should only ever be a last resort to save your life or theirs if there's truly no other option! Do you not remember that?!"

"I do."

"Then why did you kill them?!"

"Wouldn't they do it again?"

"After encountering you?! Of course not! Getting beaten up by you would force anyone to rethink their life choices and make changes so as never to see you again!"

"Like Rosche?"



"I beat Rosche already. But he's still trying to revive Te'i Sai. And he hasn't given up on you either."

"And..." She swallowed a lump in her throat. "How do you know that?"

"Sneaking in is easy now."

"You sure they're not letting you in?"

"Why would they?"

"I'm not a strategist. So I don't know. But there's probably a bunch of reasons they'd let you get close again. Maybe they want to find a way to drag you back in or let you think you're better than you are so you drop your guard."

"So, should I stop?"

"Yes! Stay as far away from them as you can!"

"Even if getting close for scouting information is easy?"

"Didn't they ever teach you not to underestimate your enemies?"

"What does that mean?"

". . . . . That's means "no," they didn't teach you."

"So, what does it mean?"

"It means you should always treat your opponent as if they're your equal, and respect the fact that they always have a chance to defeat you either with intellect, brawn, skill, cheating, or any combination of those things."

"I guess that makes sense. It's weird though."

"Do you know if the Grandmaster taught you everything he knew?"

"Not sure."

"Then no, he didn't. And the chances he kept all of his knowledge to himself is basically zero. Someone in Te'i Sai, maybe even Rosche himself, knows things you don't and can use them to beat you."

"Hm. Fine. I'll stay away then. But I won't be able to keep track of their plans if I do."

"They're an organization of hundreds of people. They can send out a lot of their operatives to a lot of different places at once. You can't be everywhere at once. So what hope would you have of stopping their plans even if you knew them?"


"You wouldn't."

The young man fell silent, but continued to maintain eye contact as Lorraine sighed softly.

"Look. Why would you suddenly make things so easy? Because the Grandmaster's dead?"


"He was just one man. And yes, he led them. But he wasn't magic. He didn't just make everyone stronger or smarter by being there. And his death didn't make them any weaker or dumber either. Do you understand?"

"I think so... So, you're saying that Te'i Sai is still as strong as it was before I killed him?"

"Everyone in that organization is still as dangerous as they were before his death, yes. They might be struggling to organize themselves since they have to restore their chain of command. But that process isn't likely to take long."

"So, what should I do?"

"I-" She took a deep breath and let it out on a long sigh. "I don't know."

He blinked and tilted his head, and she came forward and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I don't know everything, big guy. I'm just a doctor. I heal people and make them feel better when they're sick or feeling bad."


"You know more about Te'i Sai than I do. So you tell me. What should you do now that Rosche is trying to get Te'i Sai back on track?"

"I should kill him."

Lorraine closed her eyes and sighed through her nose.


"Why not? He's the one who's in charge now. Killing him would fix this, right?"

"No. Someone else would take his place. And if you killed that person, someone would take their place. You'd never make any progress. What else can you do?"

"Hm... If I don't do something about Rosche then he's going to make Te'i Sai go back to killing people again. But maybe I can do something about the fortress instead."

"What do you mean?"

"It's their home. So if I find a way to destroy it then maybe they'll all go away."

"How many of them are in there?"

"Most of them. Unless they're on a mission they're always training, resting, or just wandering around."

"Then you might be killing a lot of people."

"I don't think they're going to stop if I don't."

Lorraine removed her hand and took a deep breath.

"Can you find a way to destroy it without them being inside?"

"Hm....... I can probably do something like what we did before to draw them out."

"... Do what you can."

"Mm." He grunted with a nod.

"Before you go... How'd you get in here?"

"Upstairs window."

"I locked them."


"... Please don't do that again."


"If you want to talk to me, just perch on the balcony upstairs and knock on the wooden part of the window. I'll hear you, and I can open it for you."


"Thanks. Be sure nobody sees you on your way out, okay?"

He nodded before going upstairs and leaving through the window he'd used to enter, which Lorraine promptly closed and locked behind him. Turning around, she walked over to the bed and face planted with her face buried in the pillow.

"That went well." She mumbled into the pillow.

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Character Portrait: Lorraine Xe' Almna
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The beautiful Deurtagonist of the story.

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Character Portrait: Lorraine Xe' Almna
Lorraine Xe' Almna

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