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The city of Kruutzag

KumoriRyuu holds sovereignty over Kruutzag, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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A modern yet rustic city sporting a massive fortified mansion belonging to Thresia Farland, one of Egruus' mistresses and top confidants.
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The city of Kruutzag


Kruutzag is a part of Veilbrand.


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Outside the City of Kruutzag, Veilbrand

Two Days Later

As night began to fall on his second day of travel, Kyero sat on a cliff ledge overlooking the city of Kruutzag.

A city sprawling beneath a massive fortified mansion which could only belong to his target. At least seven stories tall and boasting a minimum of two hundred rooms for servants and any guests she may have. Surrounding it for 360 degrees was a wall made of steel bars around fifteen feet in height with what looked to be a form of serrated or barbed wire along the top. Guards patrolled almost every section of the exterior gardens which encircled the mansion, to say nothing of the fact that many of the windows were for decoration and clearly didn't open. Those which did open were under a secondary measure of security in the form of a pair of armed guards. And those on patrol regularly crossed paths with them.

"Impressive." He whispered.

Kyero scanned the area surrounding the mansion for any signs of gaps in the patrols. And much to his chagrin, there weren't any. Each patrol covered the blind spot of the next leaving no easy openings. And what made things worse was that there were no buildings anywhere around the mansion which were close enough to leap the fence. He'd have to find a point to leap the fence, quickly take out the guards, and get inside without being seen.

Kyero took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as he relaxed his shoulders.

And right as he was preparing to move, he spotted something which made him smile.

"Time to work." He whispered, removing one of his Orichalcum daggers from behind his back and his eyes briefly flashed.

A few minutes later, at the Southeast side of the wall, a pair of patrolling guards paused at the end of their route and looked around cautiously.

"Hoi. I need to piss."


"Sorry. I haven't gone since before our shift started this afternoon."

"Ugh. Fine. Find a bush and hurry up."

The guard who required relief handed his weapon to his partner and quickly ducked behind one of the massive bushes closest to the bars in the wall. And as he unzipped, he felt something tap his left shoulder. Turning around to take a look, he was met with a brief flash of light reflecting off what looked like a metal surface before everything went white. A soft thump sound caught his partner's attention.

"Hoi! You finished yet?" He called.


He put one of the weapons down and meandered into the bush, muttering to himself the entire way. When he found his partner's lifeless body, he was about to yell out before a flash of darkness rose up in front of him on the other side of the wall and another flash of light came his way. A sharp pain caught his throat, and he tried to yell. But it was no use. His vocal chords had just been slashed as his throat split and began spraying blood onto the grass as he fell forward and bled out silently, the only sounds being his meager attempts to halt the blood before his body went still.

Kyero carefully gripped the bars and, using the friction generated by his weight, pushed himself up higher and quickly threw his hands up above his head to grip them again. Lifting himself up, he threw his right hand over his left and quickly lifted himself up sideways, and then feet vertically until they caught the top of the wall through the wire. Using that as an anchor, he slowly, hand by hand, walked his body up to the top of the wall and carefully manipulated the wire to allow himself to slip through. On the way down, he landed softly and dragged the bloody body further into the bush and out of sight. He then stripped the clothing and armor from the other body and replaced it with his own clothing. Now dressed the part of a guard, he took up the man's weapon and returned to the end of the patrol route.

Having memorized the routes as he examined the mansion earlier, he knew where to walk and where to stop. And upon reaching the furthest point opposite, and having lowered the visor to hide his eye color, he was questioned by the others about where his partner had gone.

"He needed a piss break." He said, mimicking the man's voice almost perfectly.

"Again? That guy's got the weakest bladder I've ever seen."

"Damn straight. He's probably gonna pass out soon too from not eating all day. And if he does, I'm gonna drag his ass inside and ask for a new partner."

The others chuckled and gave him a fist bump before letting him on his way. And with that taken care of, Kyero moved along to the pair of guards blocking a window along his route. His route called for a pause a short distance away, so he casually waved to them. Upon receiving a head nod in response, he wandered over.

"Hoi. Another boring night, huh?"

"Yeah. Nothing ever happens to this place. It's kind of boring, really."

"It's reallu boring, you mean."

"Yeah. So much so letting my partner take a piss break was the highlight of my evening."

The two men laughed, and Kyero chuckled along with them for a moment. But as soon as he saw both of their eyes close while shaking their heads, Kyero dropped the weapon he'd taken from the other guard, lunged forward past the two before him, and slammed both fists, now carrying an Orichalcum dagger in each hand, backwards into their bodies. A dagger to the heart for each, splitting the organs in two and causing an explosion of blood in their torso's before pulling them free and spinning around to slash the gap between their helmets and chest armor, slicing their nervous systems and causing their bodies to crumple to the ground in heaps. Kyero then placed them in seated positions, as if they were asleep, with backs against the wall to hide the blood.

That done, Kyero opened the window and climbed inside carefully, closing it behind him as he did so.

Meanwhile, in her quarters, Thresia Forland sipped a glass of imported Gweynuran wine. And before her were three figures, all down on one knee with gazes locked on the floor with sweat slowly dripping from their temples.

"So, my shipment is going to be delayed?"

"Y-yes, ma'am. We're dreadfully-"

"Don't fret. I'm not going to kill you for this."

A breath of relief.


His breath hitched, and the color drained from his face as she rose from her chair, slowly tilting the wine glass too and fro to watch the liquid swish and sway in the glass. Stopping in front of him, she lifted his chin with her index fingertip and spoke calmly and softly.

"We need powder to fuel our weaponry. And we need our traders safe and confident in the routes we provide them so deliveries can be made on time. This war against the Revolution won't wait for us to be ready. And neither will Egruus. If he finds out about this, what do you think he'll do to us?"

Her icy gaze pierced the man's soul as each word fell from her tongue like drops of venom from the fangs of a snake.

"You, as the one responsible, at the very least will receive twenty lashings of the whip, potentially followed by incarceration on one of his torture dungeons. Do you want that?"

"N-no ma'am!"

She lifted his chin a bit higher by digging her nail into his flesh.

"Then be a dear and fix this. Send a carrier pigeon to inform them that this is now a rush the delivery. If you must, attach a few gold coins as incentive. We need that powder here in two days. No fewer. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

She released her finger and smiled sweetly.

"Thank you, dear."

The man rose from his position and turned to leave, but as he reached the door a 'BANG' erupted from behind him. Looking down to his chest, he felt a surge of pain and a small red dot began growing and growing before the liquid beneath his shirt dripped to the carpet. Turning around holding his chest, he saw her pointing a finger at him. And as his vision began to blur he dropped to his knees before falling to the ground in a heap. The other two men didn't dare look up or look back. They kept their eyes glued to the floor as a beautiful young servant, blonde save for a hint of brown around the tips of her bangs, opened the door and bowed.

"My lady. Will you require this to be cleaned?"

"Yes, Hannah. Thank you, dear."

Hannah bowed and left the room.

Thresia looked to her finger and a tiny barrel extending from a contraption hidden beneath the sleeve of her dress. Pulling the sleeve back revealed the mechanism, similar to that of a pistol trigger, tucked comfortably against her flesh. A simple button released the barrel, and the pull of the trigger released the round. One shot only, but that was all she needed in close quarters. She reset the barrel and cocked the trigger before turning to the others.

"You heard what I said about the carrier pigeon, yes?"

"Yes ma'am!" They replied in unison.

"Good. Please get to work, and mind the blood when you walk over the body. I don't want bloody footprints trailing along my carpets."

"Yes ma'am!" They said before hurrying out of the room and, as carefully as possible, going around the body.

Thresia sat in her chair and drank the rest of her wine before setting the glass down and stretching her arms out above her head with a yawn. Hannah returned a moment later with several other servants who carefully lifted the body into a tub, wiped down the edge so it didn't drip, and hauled the body away. Hannah herself and one other servant remained to clean the bloodstains out of the carpet while Thresia looked on.

"Hannah, my dear. Please face away from me while you wipe. I don't want to see the blood."

"Of course, my lady." Hannah replied.

Hannah rotated around until she was facing the door on her hands and knees wiping the blood with the others. Thresia, meanwhile, watched Hannah intently with a calm smile on her face. Hannah's slender waist, modest yet perky bust, the curvature of her hips and thighs in her servant's dress. Thresia licked her lips and crossed her legs as she kept her eyes glued to Hannah's body while she worked. And as they finished and the carpets were clean, albeit damp, she nodded in satisfaction at their work. The servants all bowed and began to leave, Hannah leaving last, while Thresia took in a deep breath and leaned back in her chair.

"Is this how he feels when he looks at me?" She asked aloud.

Standing from her chair and moving behind her change screen, Thresia dropped her garments and donned a light night gown and moved to her window to gaze outside at the now full moon and the beautiful gardens surrounding her home.

"It's a beautiful night." She whispered.

A flash of Hannah on her hands and knees wiping the floor clean popped into her mind suddenly, making her gasp and her thighs clamp together as she panted and felt her flushed face warming up.

"It is a beautiful night, isn't it?... Best not waste it." She panted, going to the door and ringing a bell hanging near the side.

A moment later, a servant arrived.

"Yes, my lady?"

"Please summon Hannah to my chambers, immediately."

"Of course, my lady."

The door closed, and she leaned against it catching her breath and doing her best to relax herself. She walked over towards the bed and smoothed the covers out a bit. And as a knock came to the door she jumped a little and sat on the edge of the bed.


Hannah walked through the door with a bow.

"Please close and lock the door, Hannah."

She did as she was told, and approached.

"What can I do for you, my lady?"

Thresia eyes the young woman up and down and gave her best sultry smile.

"Come closer." She urged with a curled finger gesture.

Hannah came closer, and continued to do so until Thresia stopped her with a hand up.

"Thank you, my dear. Now, what I need from you is something I've not asked of anyone in a long time."

"I live to serve you, my lady. What do you desire?"

Thresia stood and pressed her chest to Hannah's, wrapping one arm around her waist and pulling her in close. Hannah gasped softly, and her eyes widened with uncertainty.

"I desire you, my dear. Now, please be kind to me. It's been a long time."

"M-... My lady. This is-Ah!" She was cut off as Thresia's hands began to wander. "This is not appropriate, my lady." She pleaded, face turning pink as she shut her eyes and struggled to maintain a steady breath.

"Relax, my dear. If anywhere in your mind you're worried that I'll hurt you, banish the thought." She cooed, licking Hannah's cheek.

Hannah couldn't relax. Her body was tense, eyes shut tight, and fists clenched at her sides as she trembled under Thresia's touch.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Kyero had ditched the guard outfit in an unoccupied room's closet and stolen a black shirt and pants from the dresser. He also found a pair of black boots in another room, which he quickly donned and acclimated himself to before proceeding through the building. All the rooms and hallways were confusing to navigate. But given her ties to Egruus, he figured her room would be somewhere on the top floor.

Moving as stealthily through the halls as possible, Kyero moved from room to room over the course of several minutes until he found the main stairwell. Waiting for a group of servants to pass, he made his way upstairs to the top level, dodging wandering servants as he went. Some of them far too close for comfort. And once he was almost seen, and had to hide in the rafters of a room to avoid someone coming to check. Thankfully, they chalked it up to seeing things and moved on. But it was far, far too close.

No more screw ups, Kyero. He thought.

Finally, he reached a hallway which ended with a door that could only lead to Thresia's chambers. Kyero carefully slinked along, dodging one final wandering servant as he made his way to the room. Leaning against the door, he pressed his ear to it and heard... Sounds he wasn't expecting to hear. Not quite sure what to make of it, Kyero found his way up into the ceiling through another room and made his way to Thresia's chambers where those sounds were ongoing.

Is that another girl I hear? He thought.

Kyero settled in the ceiling above Thresia's chambers, and patiently waited until the sounds became less frequent and, finally, came to an end... Almost an hour later.

In the room, Hannah slowly and shakily dressed herself with Thresia lying beneath the covers and her nightgown sprawled across the floor. Thresia breathed heavily with a wide grin on her face as Hannah quickly approached the door.


She froze, hand on the door knob.

"Thank you, my dear. That was... Heavenly... I'll be calling on you again. Soon. Good night."

"... G-... Good night... My lady." She stammered.

Quickly, she left the room, closing the door a little harder than she'd intended and dashing through the halls with tears dripping from her cheeks. Thresia, meanwhile, rolled over onto her side pulling the covers with her so she was snuggled in nice and tight.

"By the Gods, it's been too long... If this is how good he feels when he calls upon me, I guess I can't exactly blame him for how he handles his urges." She whispered.

As she rested her eyes, she noticed the subtle hint that the light sources had gone out. Opening her eyes, the room had gone dark. All the candles were out, which was odd since none of the windows were open.


Getting out of bed, she walked over to the nearest candle and inspected it. The wick was still hot, and the very tip looked like it had been pinched. And as she turned around, Thresia saw a pair of red eyes glowering at her from the shadows. She opened her mouth to scream, but a large hand clamped around her throat preventing her from calling out.

"Not a sound." Kyero growled, pulling her in close.

She tried to thrash out at him, but all of the hidden weapons she had were removed with her clothing earlier. She had nothing but her body to use, and it wasn't working. She was lifted up and forcefully set down in her chair. As she started to pass out, the grip around her throat slackened just enough for her to take a deep breath before it clamped down again.

"Not. A. Sound." He growled again, slowly releasing her.

She felt the edge of a blade against her throat as she struggled to catch her breath. And as she looked up, the moon peeked out from behind a cloud and partially illuminated the face of the Red-Eyed Demon.

"My... You're more handsome than I expected."

The blade pressed against her throat a bit harder, resulting in a soft gulp.

"Not interested in a naked woman, huh? Perhaps you prefer men?"

The blade moved laterally, slicing through a few layers of skin resulting in a hiss from Thresia as he leaned down towards her and narrowed his eyes.

"Fine. Fine. I know the game... Ask away."

"Newly developed weaponry."

Thresia scoffed.

"Look sweetheart. You're real scary with those eyes and all, but come on. You think I'd give up the secrets of my weapons just like that?"

The blade pushed against her throat, forcing her to lean all the way back in her chair and if she wanted to avoid another slice. Meanwhile, a second blade emerged and was placed horizontally across her right wrist.


"There's more to be scared of in this world than you, dear. I can't give you that information."

"Very well."

Kyero's blade was retracted and an open hand was slammed into her throat. Kyero's blade then sliced along the flesh of her wrist before she could react to it, and as she pulled her hand back on instinct a moment later he kept the blade pressed down which forced the flesh to peel away from the muscle and bone beneath it. Effectively, she skinned a hefty portion of her own hand on his blade.

Thresia looked at her hand, trying to scream but unable to get more than a choked hoarse whisper out thanks to her paralyzed vocal cords as Kyero loomed over her. The sight of her flesh peeled away like an onion layer and seeing the bloody tendons, muscles, and bones beneath instantly brought her to nausea. She covered her mouth with her good hand and dry heaved over the side of the chair before her stomach at last let loose its contents. Kyero waited patiently for her to stop heaving, and then pushed her back up into her chair.

Sheathing his daggers, he brought a needle and thread out from a small pouch on his belt behind his back. As she sat there crying and trying to yell in pain, he held her wrist down and stitched the flesh back into its proper place. Following this, he brought out a bottle of salve and rubbed it over the wound which numbed it and gave her temporary relief as her voice slowly started coming back as her vocal cords recovered from the blow.

"That was my only salve, Thresia." He said in a low voice.

She looked up at him through her tears as she gripped her hand and nodded.

"Weapons... Now."

She cleared her throat and licked her lips a few times as she fought to catch her breath.

"We-... Hhh... We made miniature firearms... To conceal in clothing... Perfect for close combat surprises... My dress... Has one." She said, pointing to the changing curtain.

Kyero kept his eyes glued to her and walked back and sideways until he was at the changing wall. There, he grabbed the dress she was talking about and walked back to her before inspecting it, keeping her in his peripherals the whole time. And sure enough, he found the tiny contraption and ripped it free, tucking it into his pocket as he threw the dress to the side.

"What else?"

"We've developed a pistol with a rotating cylinder mechanism to fire multiple shots before the need to reload. We call it the Revolver. I have one in the drawer over there." She said, pointing to the small night stand near the bed behind her.

Kyero again kept his eyes on her as he walked over and retrieved the weapon, tucking it into his pants before returning to his position.

"I know better than to try anything. You can stop watching me like that." She panted.

"What else?"

"A one-shot mini pistol like the one you took from me that fits into a boot and fires when the trigger in the heel is pressed. You have to slam the heel down though if you want it to activate. And the failure rate on that one is around thirty percent. The device you took from me has a ten percent failure rate."


"The revolver-wait. What?"

His blade was once again at her throat.

"The infrastructure of Egruus' forces. What do you know?"

"Why do you ca-"

The blade was turned down and slammed through her good hand, pinning it to the arm of the chair as he clamped his hand around her throat to stop the shriek which was inevitably to follow. Pulling the blade free, he kept her in his grip long enough for the adrenaline to numb the pain so she could speak properly without yelling.


"All right! All right! Just no more! Please!" She cried, tears flowing like rivers as she held her hand to her chest.

"Egruus runs his military efforts like he runs almost anything else: Through fear. His five children all occupy high rankings in his army and each one is in charge of something specific. The only one whose business I know for sure though is my daughter, Felicia. She's his tactician, and the smartest of the lot. The others are in charge of his military field efforts, his population control efforts, the propaganda suppression effort, and his supply chains. I don't know which does which. I swear!"

Kyero leaned forward, getting face to face with Thresia whose eyes went wide as she leaned back and away in her chair.

"You're certain that's all you know?"

"Yes! That's all I know!"

"What about the means with which you manufacture the weapons? Where are your major facilities?"

"There's one in Valoc. One in the Gruut Mountain Range to the North. And one here beneath the city of Kruutzag. If you go to this mansion's first floor, beneath the central stairway you'll find double doors beneath the carpet at their base which lead down into the manufacturing chamber. The chimneys here are linked to them to make it seem like nothing out of the ordinary is going on."

Kyero slammed his hand down onto the spine of her chair next to her head, causing her to yelp.

"Please, let me go. I don't want to die, and I have no love for Egruus. I love only my daughter. I swear. If you let me go I'll disappear and you'll never see me again. The Revolution doesn't have to fear me. In fact, it could use my expertise! Please!" She sobbed.

Kyero's eyes searched her own, and a black aura gathered around him which then extended out and caressed her body. A few 'arms' from the aura wrapped around hers, while others wrapped around her forehead and waist. His eyes glowed more and more brightly, and finally the aura vanished as the glow receded.

"You really believe the Revolution would want you?"

"Not me. My expertise. I still have unfinished blueprints and designs the Revolution could use against him! I want Veilbrand to be free of this conflict as well, and of him. Please, spare my life and I'll join the Revolution without resistance."

Kyero slowly closed his eyes as she panted and sobbed. His mind searched for answers to questions yet unasked. But before long, his eyes snapped open and he stood up in front of her. He glared down at her silently, which eased her worries as she slowly stood up holding her impaled hand.

"So you'll let me live?"

Kyero's chin lowered, and his eyes flashed.


In an instant, she felt a pain in her chest as Kyero's blade was slammed through it, piercing her heart. Like the guard outside, it split into two halves and caused an explosion of blood inside her torso. A lot began leaking as he let her slip to the floor, covering her mouth to prevent any screams. He watched the light fade from her eyes and her chest went still, followed by her skin growing colder under his touch.

Kyero stood up slowly, glaring down at her, and closed his eyes while turning his head to the side.

"I would have spared you but..." He paused, his grip on his dagger tightening. "But... Orders." he muttered, lowering his head further.

Kyero moved to the wall and leaped into the ceiling from whence he'd come, and retraced his steps until he was outside the wall. Several minutes later, he was back on his cliff ledge looking back at the mansion. He brought out his blade and stared at it for a long time. And as a single drop of blood dripped from its tip to the dirt between his feet, he took a deep breath before sheathing it once again and lowering his head.

"I want to believe what you said, Thresia. But enough people know that I'm helping the Revolution as it is... Rest in peace." He whispered.

Kyero then disappeared into the darkness of the night.