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Shadow's half sister, Former Thief and Vagabond

0 · 337 views · located in Gweynura

a character in “Assassin's Pledge”, as played by SarahGracie


Name: Ameriah (Amie)

Age: 20
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125 Lbs.
Body Type: Athletic yet Girlish

Skills & Strengths:
Ameriah is a skilled thief. If there is a way to take something that does not belong to her, she will make it a personal mission to discover how to liberate said something at any means necessary, if she is so inclined. One could also classify her as con artist. She is quick thinking as well as quick on her feet, having to escape from a situation both verbally and physically on endless occasions. Though never formally trained, she can put up a good fight. Living without rules, however, she tends to never fight fairly. Though small, she is scrappy and resourceful. Lying comes naturally and she is rarely called on a tale she had spun. Perhaps she missed her calling on the stage as she finds she can spin a story and live to that story almost too easily.

Recently she has been undergoing combat training with Drake the Mercenary. Also she has picked up a few techniques from the other members of the group. She is very from being skilled in combat as the others, but with her own twists on their teachings, she can now at least hold her own for a little while them. She hopes to continue learning what she can and had realistic goals each day to be better than the precious.

Notable Traits:
Emerald green eyes, long, sun kissed, brown locks that are rarely tamed and tanned skin.

Most Dangerous Trait:
The fact that sometimes she herself can not tell her lies from truths. She lives by no laws and can have a strange and dangerous interpretation of right and wrong. Her wild, if not rebellious, nature that had keeps her from being bound by any group or organization.

Children and innocents in general. She despises those who persecutes those who can not defend themselves. Often Ameriah will interfere in such a situation, risking her life to help strangers in need. Though she can sustain seeing blood, just not her own, large amounts of carnage tend to make her lightheaded and have made her faint in the past.

Some could consider her fondness of her new friends a weakness, but to Ameriah this is unheard of. Though, if put in a situation, she would surely risk her life to help any of them.


Ameriah’s personality tends to change with every passing town and person she speaks too. She has put up so many facades, it is hard to distinguish when her true personality is showing through. Two things can be certain, she is friendly and cheerful (as she finds you attract more bees with honey, not flies, who would want to attract those?) and she hates to stay still for too long or hear silence for long periods of time, thus she will usually be humming or signing to herself, speaking with her hands and/or pacing about.

With her new friends, she is cheerful and will likely be protective. Though it has always been easy to make friends for Amie, they were usually short, due to her moving on or them.

When angry she gets severely catty and mouthy. Snide remarks may be a trademark here. Her feral upbringing tends to showcase it’s self when she feels backed into a corner.

Other than when she is in deep though about something troubling or confusing, this is the only time she is actually quiet. Occasionally this mood is preceded by a display of anger and once that is out of her system she'll fall into a period of melancholy behavior, followed by faking happiness and keeping herself insanely distracted by whatever she can think of. Some could say she is the Queen-Of-Avoidance in these situations.


Outfit made for her by Linde; Snug black pants and long-sleeved shirt, also black in color that laces up the front, a dark, green vest is worn over it with a matching green belt with a holder for her dagger and various other things. Around her attire she has fixed a worn, black cloak. Complete with a hood, it shades her from the sun and can dually serve as a blanket and a night shield. Casual wear would be simple, brown, leather pants and a loose, white, cotton shirt with a thick, brown belt.

An intricate dagger, a small hunting and skinning knife set,

Additional Supplies:
Large shoulder bag, consisting of some dried goods, a water skin, a compass, some matches, and various other things she either doesn’t know what is or doesn’t have a need for as of yet. Her only personal item is a gold necklace with an emerald pendant she took from mother’s neck The necklace is currently in the bag as to not draw attention. She has very few coins, enough perhaps for a few nights stay at an inn and a few warm meals. Basic hygiene supplies.


Ameriah had clouded memories of her beginnings. From piecing together her own personal recollections and some information gathered, she was born into a middle class family and her father led a band of fisherman. She also had a mother an older brother.

Her most vivid childhood memory was of her returning home from collecting surf treasures to find her mother brutally murdered and her home in shambles. Young Ameriah waited for either her brother or father to return. When nightfall came, the girl lit a small candle and folded a blanket over herself and her mother‘s corpse. There she spent the night, tears mixing with the blood soaking through her mothers cotton dress.

Four suns set and still no one returned for her. She finally decided she would go into the town, further down the coast in search of her father. Eventually she made it into town. No one paid much attention to the young child making her way to the docks. She did not find her father’s boat there or any faces she recognized. After several nights of seeking shelter wherever she could, she met a boy not much older than herself. He introduced her to some other children, whose stories were much like her own in the aspect that their parents were now gone. Their ages varied, but none were anywhere close to being adults.

With this band of orphaned children, she found a new home. Living on the streets and stealing whatever was needed to survive, she stayed with them until her late teen years. Once older she became somewhat of a mother figure in the group. She cared for younger children that always seemed to find them. Though now a skilled thief, as Ameriah grew older, she realized this was not the life she wanted.

Abandoning the homeless orphans at 17, she began wandering the countryside. Through thievery or seduction, she always seemed to manage to survive on her own. Where there wasn’t a not so careful man there was always one in need of comforting. Ameriah was no proud of the young woman she has become, but it has allowed her to remain free of becoming a servant and also had led her to collecting more information about her past.

From what she knows now, it was a group of men who attacked her town and the surrounding homes. Some called the men Assassins. This confused Ameriah. Why would anyone want to assassinate her mother? Never formally educated, she had trouble understanding the way the world worked as far as politics and rulings went. She simply collected bits of information and attempted to piece it together herself.

During her personal quest, she ran into a rather charming pirate named Kain who was accompanied by a Monk and former assassin. The assassin, Shadow turned out to be the small group's leader of sorts. Their mission was to bring down the organization of Teisei, which turned out to be the group of assassins that Amie was lead to believe killed her mother. Agreeing to tag along, they met up with a friend of Shadow's, Drake and Shadow's girlfriend Linde.

The group of six overcame the fortress but not without some bloodshed of their own. Shadow later helped Amie to uncover priceless information regarding her family's history. Much to everyone's surprise, Amie's mother was murdered by Shadow's own hands. The late leader of Teisei instructed a young Shadow to do this act as a form of punishment to Ameriah's father.

The most shocking information of all, was that Amie's father was none other than the Red-Eyed pirate who had tortured the seas and lands for years along with her older brother 'Hito. One of the fearsome pirate's acts that affects Amie currently is the fact that he cheated on her mother... With Shadow's mother, having a son, Shadow and another daughter, thus making Ameriah and Shadow half-siblings. It is hard for her to fully comprehend that the loving father and brother that she knew were such evil people. Shadow also confessed to her that again, with his own hands, he was also responsible for the deaths of her male relatives. Knowing that Shadow is her blood relative and also is her only living relative due to the fact that he single-handedly killed her other family is something that Amie struggles with everyday. She truly wants to embrace Shadow as a brother, but can not shake the fact that he murdered both the deserving and undeserving people that she loved dearly.

Another bit of her Father's evil was revealed by Kain. Her father and his band of pirates raided Kain's homeland, murdered his family and took Kain prisoner. For this Amie feels extremely guilty for, though she was young at the time of his capture, she can not shake the fact that he was with her father every time he came to visit her. The fact that Kain was punished and tortured by the man who brought her gifts and loved her at the same time was something she could not easily dismiss. She finds that she now tends to fuss over Kain, perhaps subconsciously trying to make up for her Father's acts, perhaps something else entirely.

After all that heartbreaking information, good did come out of her journey. She made two very good friends, Drake and Myr, the monk. She almost considers Myr the sister she never had, but always longer for. And perhaps in ways, Drake reminds her of the brother she lost.

Currently Amie is still at the fortress, which Kain has huge plans for. The orphaned thief is unsure what he role in restoring peace the continent will be, but she hopes to have one, even if it's small.

So begins...

Ameriah's Story