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An Assassin's skill, a warrior's pride, a wise man's knowledge, and no mercy - Shadow

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a character in “Assassin's Pledge”, as played by KumoriRyuu


Age: 21
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Skills: Martial arts, weapons, tactics and a knowledge of the ancient language (known only by a handful of people on the continent)
Special Skills: Perfect judgement of other people's combat skills and prowess at a glance, weapon designing, herbology
Strengths: Above average strength, speed, and agility, equivalent of 20/10 eye sight during the day and 20/5 vision at night, remarkable flexibility both physically and mentally, able to think and adjust to a situation on the fly, surgical precision with knives and swords, knowledge of human anatomy, psychology, and neural systems, and a very strong will
Weaknesses: Lack of knowledge in normal human life and interaction
Notable Traits: Blood red irises, always in possession of the 'Twins'
Most Dangerous Trait: Roda I'l Lousta


Normal: Shadow is quiet and reserved, although usually holding a slight smile when not in stressful situations. He is highly curious, and somewhat naive when it comes to normal life which makes him seem somewhat childish. Shadow is very indifferent and unemotional when presented with matters that do not directly concern him, such as a grieving family mourning the loss of a loved one, which can cause tension between him and those he travels with.

Angry: Shadow becomes unpredictable and unimaginably dangerous, even to those he holds close.

Roda I'l Lousta: Shadow carries a very frightening condition known as Roda I'l Lousta, or 'Blood Lust'. In this state, Shadow loses control of his perception of right and wrong and the ability to distinguish friend and foe. This condition has been a part of him since he was seven years old, and has remained a powerful factor in his lethality. This condition is sparked by the presence and scent of both his own blood, and the blood of another.

History of Roda I'l Lousta: Being literally tortured into the perfect killer as a child, he was constantly surrounded by blood. His clothing was stained with his own blood as well as the blood of others, and so the mixed scent of the blood became something of a drug to him. When the scent of his blood and that of another is picked up by his brain, an immediate change occurs in which Shadow enters a dreary state for a matter of about thirty seconds, and then, all Hell breaks loose as he goes on a killing spree. Very often, this condition is heralded by a primal and animalistic cry from Shadow as he prepares himself for what is to come. Roda I'l Lousta can only be calmed by the lack of any living beings in his immediate line of sight, or by the calming presence of someone he holds dear, although the latter is extremely risky to whomever gets close enough to speak to him.


Clothing: Simple full length black jacket with flared collar and a black bandana on his forehead. Black pants and black leather boots that come to just under his kneecaps.

Weaponry: A pair of twin daggers at his lower back fourteen inches in length, serrated, and constructed with folded steel, increasing the strength, durability, and lethality of the weapons. He calls them the "Twins". Around his torso, strung over his right shoulder and around his left hip is a belt of throwing knives, each about five inches long and weighted for further distance, accuracy and power. He has created his own unique smoke bombs which create a black plume of smoke when thrown to the ground, giving him, and his black outfit, the perfect camouflage.

Medical Material: Carries something of a medkit containing specially combined herbs and chemicals. Shadow has created many useful concoctions which aide in bone repair, skin repair, overall health, and sickness and never goes anywhere without this kit.


Birth: Shadow was born into the ranks of Teisei, though the identity of his mother and father are both unknown. He grew up without love or care in his life, and thus became the most ruthless and heartless killer in the world. Neither man, woman nor child or elderly were safe from his blade once he set his sights on them.

Training: Shadow's training was gruesome to an extreme that even most other Assassins never dared dream of, and as a result, Shadow became cold and heartless. No traces of sympathy, regret or sadness whatsoever. At the age of eight years old, he became a fully fledged Assassin, and made his first noteworthy kill by taking the life of a Lord in one of Gweynura's outer cities. At the age of twelve he became the first true Master Assassin Teisei had produced since its founding, and he was officially recognized by the founding members as their greatest achievement.

History of Rebellion: Until the age of seventeen, he was a cold and heartless killer who had no sense for compassion, reason, or life in general. Then, one day while he was in temporary banishment for breaking the rules of Teisei, he met a young woman who changed his life forever, and after her death, he became quiet and reclusive. Once he realized what it was she had wanted for him, he took it upon himself to fight for a new life, turning against the organization that had created him in an effort to begin that new life.

Sadly, his life is now almost purely dedicated to that fight which he started so long ago, and now, though he has tried his best, it seems that his life as an Assassin will never truly end.

After Rebellion: When Shadow's father and brother reappeared in his life shortly before he met Kain, Shadow parted ways with someone very near and dear to him, as well as all of his other friends to pursue them alone, as they turned out to be involved indirectly with Teisei. Kain, as well as another companion, obviously soiled his plans of going it alone, but never the less he couldn't have made it without them. In exchange for their knowledge of the sea and of guns and how to defeat them, Shadow taught Kain and his other companion the ways of the Assassins.

Present Situation: Shadow still battles against Teisei's surviving members as it struggles to rebuild itself. He hopes to reunite with the one he left behind someday, but for now, his place is on the battlefield with his new companions as they prepare for the most grueling experience of their lives.

So begins...

Shadow's Story