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a character in “Assassins”, as played by Krisuvial


Name: Night

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Image [just different clothes. She wears black tight jeans, a black shirt, and black trench coat]

History: When her family turned her away for being a Pure at the beginning of this war, she killed them all. Not out of bitterness or spite, but out of hunger. She hadn't meant to, it had just happened. As she had run away from the murders and horrifying realization of what she had done, she ran into Kable. She had attached herself to him, learned everything she could from him. When he had taught her how to learn her power, and how to harness it, she realized she had the power to wipe peoples minds. She also could move things without touching them. As the weeks wore on, and she learned more, she realized as well that she couldn't handle the burden of knowing she had murdered her parents. When she had told Kable she didn't want to die, it was only because she was afraid to face her family after she passed on with them. On the night mentioned that they ran into the club, and she noticed the mind manipulator, Night wiped her own memories completely. She didn't know her history or who she was with.

Personality: Stubborn, normally unafraid, headstrong, leader.

Type: Pure

Power: telekenisis, mind wipe

Weakness: Cares too much sometimes, mind manipulators [up until she wiped her own mind]

Habits: Thinks too much

Other: Carries a sword, and a colt anaconda revolver

So begins...

Night's Story