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Heroni Deci

a twenty-first century whore.

0 · 280 views · located in Sci-fi

a character in “Astrae Bellum”, as played by SQUIDBELLYS


Image Image Image
ImageImageImagexxxImagexxxImagexxxImagexxxImagexxxImagexxxImagexxxxxxxHeroni Deci
nicknames ; Blue. xxx occupation ; cantina owner / dancer / smuggler

birthplace ; Rylothxxxgender ; Femalexxx#86455f / #a7627e

orientation ; Bisexual / Biromanticxxxface claim ; Emily Blunt

languages ; Ryl / Lekku / Basic / Dosh / Binary / Huttese / Rodese (understood) / Shryiiwook (understood) / Various trade languages



height ; 5'4 / 162cm
weight ; Rude.
build ; Fit.
skin tone ; Rutian Blue.
hair color ; N/A
eye color ; Cerulean
A sought after teal, Heroni is as blue as the ocean. Usually adorned in black makeup and clothes, even her lekku tattoos are black. Patterned with leopard spots, she's as graceful and quick as a cat, easily in and out of almost any scrap without a scratch. She has four lekku, generally one set over her shoulders and the other set behind her back. She wears plain headwraps to keep her back lekku in place, and a leather headpiece to keep her front lekku comfortably supported over her shoulders.

Her usual wardrobe consists of a revealing skirt and a lightly sleeved shirt. She wears anything sexy to give her an edge and bring in tips for dances, being as alluring as possible for any and all customers who enter her bar. When not dancing her nights away, she wears a much more sensible outfit of work pants and jackets. When not working the cantina, she's a smuggler and runner of various goods, illicit or otherwise.


While she is blunt and a tough nut to crack on the outside, Heroni has (mostly) good intentions at heart.


Image━━━━━━━━ ABILITIES ━━━━━━━━




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So begins...

Heroni Deci's Story