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Annabelle Daines

"If you need anything, I'd be more than happy to help"

0 · 338 views · located in Astral Academy

a character in “Astral Academy|The Bonds Between”, as played by anything14




"I'm okay”[/center]


NAME: Annabelle “Nell or Elle” Daines

AGE: 18

GENDER: Female

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

HEIGHT: 5'5”

WEIGHT: 102 lbs

October 13th | Libra


✔ singing|| wind
✔ learning/trying new things
✔ playing the piano||romance(anything XD)
✔ dancing||storms
✔ autumn/winter||running
✔ practicing different types of fighting styles

✘ weather that is too warm
✘ heights ||liars
✘ the dark||cheaters
✘ bullies|| people who use others for their own benefit.
✘ pineapples
✘ when shoes squeak

FAVORITE POWER: Mastering any task by viewing it once is pretty cool ^^.


Cooking: Nell is an excellent cook, and will often make numerous goodies to share with the others.
Singing: Nell is actually quite a good singer, she has an incredible four octave range, as well as quite a good belting voice.
Fighting: While she is not as good as some of the other Zodiac signs at fighting, her ability to master any task by viewing it only once, allows her to at least obtain enough skill to be able to hold her own, should it ever come to that.
Dance/gymnastics/playing piano: Her mastering task allows her to have the exceptional skills in them that she has now.
Running: Nell can be surprisingly fast, when she wants to.



There is rarely a time when you will not find a dimpled smile plastered upon Nell's face. In all sense of the word, she is a very happy, kind, and caring girl. She always tries to look on the bright side of things, even when the glass may seem perpetually half empty. Nell believes that there is good in all people, you just have to be willing to look find it, this also attributes to the fact that she can be a little naïve and clueless at times, despite the fact that she is quite intelligent.

Much like the element of air, she can be a very calm person, while still almost always being on her feet. Nell is naturally inquisitive and curious, she always wants to know the how and the why that things happen, causing her to become easily distracted. Nell is a stubborn, hard working, determined little thing, with perfectionist tendencies, she will not give up on something unless she masters/completes it, or falls to the ground exhausted. Nell can also be a very laid back and easy going person, she prefers to deal with each obstacle as they come. She hates it when her friends fight, and tries to be the peace maker whenever she can. While she does not like violence, she can accept it if there was no other possible solution at the time.

Nell can be very overprotective and loyal to those that she cares about. She hates it when they are hurting, and will do anything in her power to make it stop or prevent it from happening altogether. Nell is a selfless person, she always wants to help others, even if it means ignoring her own needs, a habit that she often indulges in. She will often keep her emotions and troubles bottled up inside of her, she doesn't wish to trouble or worry her friends. While at the same time, she always hopes that her friends trust her enough to come to her whenever they have a problem. Nell has very strong morals and a sense of justice. She has a very low patience, and tolerance for injustice and will not hesitate to intervene when she sees it happening(she can be quite frightening when she gets angry, though its occurrence is rare) Nell is a hopeless romantic through and through, a fact which she often scolds herself about.

[This is optional, you do not need to have a biography unless you really want to, or it's important to your charrie :)]

She hates being called by her full name, though she is fine with either Elle or Nell
Worth it- Sam Tsui ... hHiJXNlyXw

So begins...

Annabelle Daines's Story