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Jack Rosen

"Either you defend yourself, or let someone defend you."

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a character in “Astral Academy|The Bonds Between”, as played by Reluctant





NAME: Jack Rosen

AGE: 30


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

HEIGHT: 6 Feet 0 Inches

WEIGHT: 225 Pounds

August 21st|LEO


✔ Classical Music
✔ Pasta
✔ Teaching
✔ Reading
✔ Fitness
✔ Jokes

✘ Emo/Punk
✘ Heights
✘ Swimming
✘ Radish
✘ Angsty Students
✘ Loudness

FAVORITE POWER: The ability to use light as a shield.

SKILLS: Intellect, Smelting, Fixing Items, Fighting.




Jack is the go to guy for friendship. Loyal, trustworthy, and kind, Jack will always have your back whether it be in a conflict or when life gets tough. However, Jack can display somewhat of a temper, and he has been seen destroying things and people in the midst of his rage. Jack is a intelligent individual and loves to study philosophy. Thus he can be found in the library when he is not at the gym.

Fitness plays an important role in Jack's life. He teaches that it is not only the wellness of the body, but also of the mind that counts when in dire situations. teaching is one of Jack's passions and he loves to create relationships with his students. He, however, can be subject to being too harsh at times, which is a cause of his high expectations and belief in his students. Jack Rosen usually dresses in a neat manner, which mirrors his neat and well-mannered personality. Jack is often laid-back and usually lets things work themselves out, but when that doesn't work he will usually faces the issue head-on.


Being a professor of Self-Defense, Jack knows how to handle himself against all sorts of dangers, but has lately been training himself in what he calls "con-fense" a way to dilute or negate brain control. His methods are still in developmental stages but appear to be quite promising. Aside from his own research and practices Jack is advanced in hand-to-hand combat, weapon use, and power (ability) usage. In his class he teaches students how to defend themselves from all types of attacks, physical, supernatural, and mental.

So begins...

Jack Rosen's Story


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The metal pole flew up and down as fast as Jack could lift it. His eyes straight and focused, concentrated at the ceiling. In his mind the counting; fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine, sixty, had come to and end. Jack let the weights down easily onto the resting stand and then let out a deep sigh. Small beads of sweat flowed down from his hair line onto his nose and then dripped onto his soaked Superman t-shirt as he sat up. With his right hand he reached for his bottle of water, and with his left he pulled a phone from his pocket. The cold water seemed to evaporate the moment it hit his tongue, but this sensation was no longer an anomaly, Jack had long grew custom to the high internal body heat that was typical of Leos.

The phone read 6:13am. Jack stood up from the bench and looked into the mirror, admiring all of the equipment as well as the beautiful workmanship that was put into the room. It had been a while since Jack was a student here at the Academy, yet it still felt very familiar, very close; it was home. He had always admired the castle, it was a grand piece of art, and Jack was satisfied that he could return once again.

Despite his enthusiasm, however, Jack still had many questions about the Eclipse that seemed to enhance his powers, and had a feeling things were going to be very different this time around. Bringing his focus back to the present, Jack made his way up towards the teacher wing. He wondered if any familiar faces would be out and about, perhaps people he knew would also be teachers here as well, but despite his hopes he did not see anyone. Too early I guess.

Jack reached into his gym pack and pulled out his door key. The beautifully crafted mahogany door was decorated with a square ornate design, and a shiny brass door handle. In slid the key and unlocked the door. With a small push it opened and showed a decent sized living quarter that would be Jack's home for this school year. Within was an secluded area that would act as an office, complete with desk and seating area. This is where Jack would do much of his lesson preparation and extra help. It still excited Jack that he would be a teacher at this academy. Being a teacher was something he was used to, for before he was called to work at the academy he was a high-school philosophy teacher. Of course his job now was quite different he still felt that he would bring ample experience to his Defense position.

Past the office area was a small living area, complete with fire-place. Next to that was the kitchen, which was more like a table and a small refrigerator. Across from the kitchen was the bedroom. This is where Jack was now. He was getting out of his workout clothing and getting some new clothes out for the day. The bedroom was outfitted with a bed, two dressers, a place to hang clothes, a bed-side table, and a comfy looking chair. After getting his clothes Jack walked to the final room of his quarter; the bathroom.

He undressed and got into the shower and cleaned his body. Once finished he groomed himself by combing his hair in a fancy, yet preppy fashion. It was slightly similar to a comb over, except that since He had a full head of hair it actually looked nice. He put on a red collared shirt and light brown dress pants. Over his shirt he wore his favorite dark grey blazer. Now that he was ready he looked at the clock on the wall and saw that the hour hand had just struck seven. He made his way down through the teacher wing, still not seeing anyone. He then passed a few classrooms and then made his way to the main hall and the cafeteria.

After looking through the selections Jack decided on a bagel and fruit salad. Jack then sat down at a smaller table and opened up a book he had in his bag. The title read:"The Great Gatsby." Jack began to read and eat. I can't believe I never read this Jack thought as he began. A past student had suggested the book to him a few months ago, and since Jack enjoyed reading he took on the book. It only took a few minutes to finish eating, and when he did jack put away his trash and put the book back into his bag. This is when some of the first students came down. A boy and a girl, seemingly bickering or fighting. Jack got up and headed to the Headmaster's room. Its been a while since Jack had seen Seamus and was eager to see what was going on.

When he arrived he was about to knock on the door but then he saw a familiar face coming down the hall. This woman was quite beautiful, Jack thought. And when he realized who it was surprise overtook him. "Sammy S? Is that you?"



The ringing went of precisely at 6:00am, and with the artificial noise of birds chirping Samantha awoke. She stretched her arms out and yawned before she reached under her pillow and pulled out her phone, turning off the alarm. Today was the first day of school and she felt very different this day then ever before. Sam flipped over onto her side and remembered what it felt like all those years ago. Her first experience at the academy was life-changing. She was a young teen who just discovered she had some sort of "magical" gifts. Now as an adult she is back with even more knowledge of her gifts and the chance to help and aid youngsters in their journey.

After a couple moments of laziness Samantha got up and hurried into the bathroom and showered. The warm water felt great against her newly awake self. The hot droplets bouncing off her almost flawless skin stung with its heat. Samantha than began to move her hand in a circle motion, and in doing so she was controlling the water around her to spin into a ball shape. Being able to manipulate water and control it was one of the gifts Sammy felt was relaxing and calming. After washing her luscious brown locks, Samantha stepped out of the shower and began to get dressed. Today she wore a navy blue blouse and a knee length skirt that was charcoal black. Next she put on some make-up, brushed her teeth and then sat down to write in her journal. She wrote about how she was feeling, recalling past memories, and writing down some hopes and goals for the day. She was more than thrilled to be teaching her favorite subject: English. However since she would be teaching students with very different ages, and educations she had to make a non conventional outline for her class.

Her room was quite neat and orderly, she had a few bookcases stocked with books, a couple dressers filled with clothing and accessories, and a not so neat bed. Seeing the mess she left Samantha quickly went over and made her bed. The white fluffy blanket looked like fresh fallen snow upon the mattress and tempted Samantha to lay down again. Resisting the temptation Sam went on to get her items and materials for the day, and lastly she put on her shoes, grabbed a muffin from the counter and headed out the door. She made her way down the stairs and through the labyrinth of halls and rooms.

She was headed to the Headmaster's room when a male voice called out her name. "Sammy S? Is that you?"

Not many people called her Sammy, and very fewer people called her Sammy with a slight English accent. Samantha's face brightened up and her smile grew large. "Jack Rosen! No way! How are you?" Samantha tried not to act too excited, but Jack was "one of the older kids" from when she was a student at the academy. Samantha was even surprised he knew her name, they never really talked outside of class, or had any real connections.

"I'm doing well actually, just getting ready to see Old Seamus" said Jack. He too was smiling like a fool. It was nice to see someone he knew, but wow did she look different he thought. Samantha wasn't always the beautiful woman she is today, in fact she did not really become so great looking until her late teen years.

"Well you look great," she said, eyeing him from head to toe.

"Thanks, so do you, like wow," Jack said in a small laugh.

"Well thanks, shall we head in?" Samantha then knocked lightly on the door and opened it. "Hello Seamus" said both Jack and Samantha.

They both took a seat and started some small talk. They asked about their careers, homes, family, friends, powers, and the eclipse. But it seemed like Seamus had something to say, but was waiting for the other teachers to arrive.