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Harou Iwasaki

"I'm a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least."

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a character in “Astral”, as played by insouciance



❝I don't do anything I don't have to do. What I have to do, I do quickly.❞


      Harou Iwasaki.

      Harou refuses to respond to anything other than his actual first name.

      Pluto; Originally classified as the 9th planet from the Sun, but has since been stripped of it's title as a planet, Pluto is composed primarily of rock and ice.


      Eighteen years, six months and twelve days.


      85% Japanese, 15% English.

❝I don't fit in here.❞

      Six feet, two inches.

      One hundred and thirty three pounds.

      Dark, chestnut brown.

      Strikingly emerald green.

      Fair & milky complexion.

      Harou towers over almost every person he meets. His tall yet slender build gives him a slightly lanky appearance, however, not to the extreme that it is off putting but rather, noticeable. Whilst Harou does not have much in the way of muscle, his stamina is particularly high which is helpful with his swimming because it means Harou can stay under the water for far longer than the majority of his opponents. Harou tends to dress casually, he keeps to plain colours such as grey, black and navy. He is often found wearing simple t-shirts and jeans, perhaps a jumper if it is particularly cold but never anything extravagant.

❝We read to know we're not alone.❞


      Tea without sugar | Reading | Swimming | Cats | Origami | Simplicity | The colours navy, black & burgundy | Intelligence | Calm demeanours | Fireplaces | Natural lighting | Close friends | Studying | Travelling | Having his 'alone time' | Winning | Deep conversations

      Small talk | Bright lights | Neon colours | Loud noises | Crowds | Small spaces | Confined Places | Bad attitudes | Rudeness | Wild people | Liars | Burnt toast | Orange juice | Lemons | Overpowering cologne/perfume | Cheaters | Dogs | Tea with sugar | Extravagance

      Highly intellectual || Immensely intelligent, Harou has a gift for most sciences, as well as maths and foreign languages.

      Origami || Whilst it's hardly a practical skill, Harou finds the precision and exactness needed to make origami calming.

      High Stamina || Harou is able to do physically exerting things for far longer than the majority of people.

      Swimming || Harou is an exceptional swimmer. He loves water and feels more at home in it than anywhere else.

      Lonesome || Harou enjoys spending time on his own, he'd often rather be in his room reading than at a loud, crowded party. Which is what sets him apart from others.

      Blunt || Without meaning, Harou can easily offend people with his blunt way of talking. He isn't exactly the most eloquent person and finds it hard to sugar-coat things so most of what he says comes out far harsher than intended.

      Constantly serious|| While Harou's serious demeanour is appreciated in dark situations, his constant ability to not be able to 'lighten up' or 'take a joke' has lost him many friends in the past.

      Cooking || it is not recommend that you get Harou to bake you anything, unless you have a death wish. His distaste for the majority of sweet foods and inability to follow a recipe makes every food Harou produces almost certainly toxic.

      having no escape / being closed-in || Harou suffers from claustrophobia, he despises crowds and panics in confined spaces.

      Never fitting in || There's never really been anywhere Harou belongs, much like pluto, Harou is an outcast.

      Flirting || Harou is terrified of flirting, he doesn't know how it works and has never attempted to do it himself. If you flirt with him, Harou will most likely get incredibly flustered and then make a quick exit.

❝We live as we dream--alone....❞



      { Lonesome ● Mature ● Unwavering }

      Just as Pluto is, Harou has always been an outcast. Where Pluto was stripped of it's title as a planet, many stripped Harou of his title as human. As a child, Harou was treated cruelly by his peers, often bullied for simply standing out. All the other kids would run outside at break-time, playing and laughing whilst Harou would sit indoors, a book propped up on his knees. Words such as nerd and loser were not uncommonly used. People envied Harou's intelligence and then blamed their jealously on him. This hardened him. Harou learnt to keep himself to himself - To try and ignore the bullies instead of fighting back which only seemed to make it worse. Harou spent all his time on his own. All he had to do was study and read, and soon he was breezing through his schoolwork, Harou had always had a natural knack for mathematics but he was rapidly becoming father and father ahead of his classmates.

      Months of solitude made social interactions foreign to Harou and he slowly found them becoming incredibly trivial. This is where Harou's bluntness stems from, Harou doesn't know how to sugar-coat because he has never had to when he was on his own. Small talk seemed like the most mundane thing; finally, Harou started to speak only when he deemed it were actually necessary or a meaningful contribution to the conversation. While Harou is most definitely an introverted person, he truly enjoys having deep conversations with those that he cares about, it's not that Harou dislikes speaking, he just doesn't see why he should speak when he has nothing to say that would benefit the conversation so he simply doesn't.

      Harou is naturally, a very mature person. Even as a child he didn't find the silly playground jokes amusing and the 'reckless teenager' years never occurred for him, no, he was far too sensible to be attempting stupidly dangerous stunts for a little bit of attention. Even though others would try and pressure him into trying alcohol or drugs, Harou was unwavering. He would never give into peer pressure, Harou is many things but weak is not one of them. Due to his large family, Harou would often have to be the parent with his father sickly and his mother busy looking after father. Harou was the one who picked up the twins when they got too drunk to walk home, he was the one who had to give Nori {Akinori} 'the talk' so he didn't do anything stupid. Harou is the dependable sibling, always there to help when the others mess up.

      However, due to his constant parent-like behaviour towards his siblings, Harou has becoming incredibly caring toward those that he loves. While to strangers Harou may be cold and reserved, when Harou is with people that he truly cares for, he can be incredibly thoughtful and kind. But with this kindness comes protectiveness. Because Harou wants nothing more than to look after his family and make sure they're ok, he can be overprotective at times which can scare people off. They might think that Harou's being possessive but really he just wants to make sure they don't get hurt and so can get rather defensive if others try and hurt/bully anyone Harou cares for.

      Parents ||
      - Mother - Hoshimi Iwasaki - Forty Eight - Alive & Well -
      - Father - Hiroaki Iwasaki - Fifty Three - Alive & Sickly -

      Siblings [Pluto's five moons] ||
      - Sister - Akira Iwasaki - Seventeen - Alive & Well -
      - Sister - Maiha Iwasaki - Seventeen - Alive & Well -
      - Brother - Akinori Iwaskai - Fifteen - Alive & Well -
      - Sister - Mitsuki Iwasaki - Eleven - Alive & Well -
      - Brother - Hikaru Iwasaki - Nine - Alive & Well -

❝The quiet sense of something lost.❞


      T E L E K I N E S I S || Harou harbours the ability to move certain objects with his mind, or as it is more commonly known - Telekinesis.
      While the ability comes with a variety of applications, ranging from basic levitation to telekinetic blasts in which the user would emit telekinetic energy to make a blast that destroys anything in the user's path. As Harou's telekinetic abilities have just recently been awoken, he is incapable of doing anything so advanced, in fact he's even having difficulties choosing when and where he uses his telekinesis and is just about managing it hide it from others. Although there's hardly any plausible explanation for a book flying from the bookshelf, or the cutlery levitating a few centimetres from the table.

      Born on a bitter and snowy morning in December, Harou was the first of five children to be born to Mr & Mrs Iwasaki.

      Harou was not your average child, whilst his peers were loud and rambunctious, Harou was reserved and timid. It's not that he didn't want to make friends, but rather he didn't know how. Everyone thought Harou was the weird kid; nobody wanted to be his friend. They'd prefer to taunt and jeer at him instead. Hiroaki, his father, only ever wanted Harou to run around with the others, play football and be normal.

      As he grew, Harou continued to stand out, he would lock himself in the bathroom at break to keep from the bullies who would tease him for being at the top of the class.

❝Quiet is peace. Tranquility. Quiet is turning down the volume knob on life. Silence is pushing the off button. Shutting it down. All of it.❞


      Face-Claim || Oreki Houtarou
      Dialogue Colour || #A1B3AA
      Thought Colour || #01A9DB
      Character Portrayed By || Insouciance

So begins...

Harou Iwasaki's Story


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#, as written by Aurei

It is the afternoon of the seventeenth of March, 2854. It is almost nighttime.
It is fairly warm, and it is the night of the planet alignment. All of Japan is full of activity and commotion, with celebrations nearing their start. No human knows what to expect-- especially not the awakening of new celestials. With powers beginning to awaken, and the old celestials and guardians out on the hunt, the night will be anything but simple.

The setting changes from Japan to Tokyo


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Character Portrait: Harou Iwasaki
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● P L U T O ●
〈 March 17th, 2854 | Downtown Tokyo, Library 〉

The local library was small and quaint, with rows upon rows of books crammed into the tiny building. Harou enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and the musty scent of old books. The air was thick with dust particles that flew off the pages as you turned them. Libraries were becoming fewer and fewer these days, with the amount of technology out there to read on, who wanted books anymore?

However, while others may believe books are a thing of the past, Harou adores libraries, they have a kind of atmosphere you can’t get anywhere else. Currently he was tucked deep within the heart of the labyrinth of books, sitting on a old wooden stool; silently reading.

Harou looked up when the librarian approached him, she was a petite woman, around his age (possibly a few years older) with small features and large glasses that she would often have to push back up her nose after they had slipped down. “Harou,” Michiyo addressed him by his first name, Harou came here often enough to know Michiyo quite well. Her name meant beauty and wisdom but Harou found her neither beautiful nor wise - she was, in fact, rather plain and timid. “The library is closing early today for the planet alignment.” She told the brunette boy softly, her voice was never louder than a whisper. Perhaps it was her being a librarian for so long that caused her to be so quiet, or perhaps she was just an incredibly reserved human being. Harou could respect that.

Nodding, Harou stood from his seat on the rickety wooden stool and replaced his book to its dusty shelf before brushing down his trousers to which some of the fine powder had stuck and turning towards the door.

“Oh and Harou,” Michiyo called after him, her voice louder than he had ever heard before.
“Yes Michiyo?” The boy replies, turning to face her, his emerald eyes trained on her pale blue ones. Harou always made eye contact when speaking to people; he found it rude if people did not do the same.
“Would you, um,” Michiyo broke Harou’s intense gaze, moving her eyes to the stack books she held in her hands, “Do you want to-“ She stopped again, her anxiousness was obvious by the way her hands trembled slightly. Finally, Michiyo seemed to come to a decision on what to say, “I just wanted to tell you, happy alignment day.” Michyo bit down on her lip as Harou nodded, unsure of why that had made her so nervous.

“You too Michiyo,” Harou replies before walking out of the library. The busy Tokyo Street was a shock to Harou after leaving such a peaceful place. The lights were so bright and blinking away the spots that clouded his vision, Harou realized that it was almost time -Only a few hours to go now. The stall vendors were set up with all manner of flashing gadgets to spin and sweets to eat. Harou wasn’t tempted though, he found the flashing objects tacky and sweets just aren’t his thing.

It was the craft stall that made Harou stop. He purchased some origami paper as he was starting to run out. Many found it odd when Harou told them of his love for origami making. Surely such a mature and intelligent young man wouldn’t bother himself with such a childish thing. But it wasn’t the end result that made Harou fall inlove with the art of origami but rather, the creating process. The precise folds and straight lines soothed Harou when he was stressed or worried. The precision needed to make origami came naturally to Harou and he found himself becoming very talented at it. Harou had made horses, dragonflies and even a crane before he had run out of paper. His current project was a large dragon. Harou also had plans to make a koi fish but that had to wait until Harou had gotten some more paper. And now he did.

After making his purchase, Harou feels a tingling sensation in his leg – Harou’s pocket was vibrating. Pulling his small holographic device from his trouser pocket, Harou saw that he had been left a message from his mother, which read:
Where are you Harou? You were meant to be home half an hour ago. And don’t forget to pick up Suki on your way home!

Harou sighed as he continued down the street, Mitsuki had been staying at a friends house the previous night and Harou had almost forgot her mother asking him to pick her up today. He entered down an alley behind some flats, taking the shortcut to Kaede’s [Mitsuki’s friend] home. The girl lived in a large apartment complex near to Harou’s own home, however, his mother still didn’t trust Mitsuki to walk home alone, convinced she’d get kidnapped. Harou thought she was being paranoid.

Mitsuki came charging down the stairs a minute after Harou had messaged her he was outside. “Harou!” She squealed in delight and Kaede trailing after her.
“Hello Suki” Harou chuckled before looking at her friend, “Nice to see you Kaede.”
Kaede smiled and nodded in response before hugging Mitsuki goodbye.
“See you in school!” Mitsuki beamed before taking Harou’s hand and pulling him along the road, which would lead to their home.

“Hey Harou,” Mitsuki said as they crossed a hectic road, Harou turned to look at his little sister, her eyes were almost as bright as his yet they held a warmth in them that his never could. Mitsuki had tied her hair in thick bunches today and that permanent smile at the edge of her lips grew as she looked back up at him.
“Can we get some cupcakes for the alignment?” She asked cheekily, eyeing up the bakery that resided below their flat. Harou narrowed his eyes at her, before breaking out in a small smile that only Suki could bring out as he nodded.

The bakery smelt divine. The freshly baked bread that was being left to cool on the side almost made Harou drool. He may hate all things sweet but he loved anything savory. “Ok, you can pick out five cupcakes, one for each of you.” Harou told Mitsuki, referring to their four other siblings. Mitsuki nodded, turning to look at all the cupcakes in the display.

After what seemed like centauries Mitsuki had finally picked some cupcakes that she thought all of her siblings would enjoy.
Once Harou had purchased them, as well as one of the freshly baked loaves of bread, the two siblings exited the shop and entered their apartment complex.

The lift to the twenty-second floor took a matter of seconds and it felt like they had barely moved. With the new technology of today, everything was better and faster than ever before.

Harou pressed his thumb to the door handle and it opened immediately.
“What took you so long?” Asked Akira, one of the twins, Harou and Mitsuki entered their home.
“Harou let me get us all cupcakes,” Mitsuki told her and Akira smiled.
“Oh thanks,” She says, getting up to look at the assortment of cupcakes.
Walking over to the breakfast counter, Harou nods, “No problem,” He replies, setting the loaf of bread down on the surface.

He then proceeded to head into his bedroom, leaving the two girls to chatter and eat. Well, it wasn’t exactly Harou’s bedroom. He shared it with his two brothers and while his side of the room was immaculate, Akinori and Hikaru’s were filthy. Harou sighed, leaning his head back against his pillow, closing his eyes for a second.

When he awoke, Harou was dazed. He hadn’t meant to drift off and now the evening sky was darkening, fast. It must almost be time. Harou stood and looked out of his window, That must be Pluto, Harou thinks as he sees the dwarf planet, and the name sends tingles through his body. Ignoring them, Harou continues, Pluto will pass behind Jupiter when the alignment occurs, Again, the tingles occur; the planets name was so familiar, like an old friend’s name.

Thinking nothing of the strange sensations, Harou turns away from the window swiftly, knocking a vase from the windowsill, “No!” Harou exclaims, shutting his eyes and waiting for the smashing sound of his grandmother’s priceless vase hitting the hard ground. When no such sound came, Harou opened his eyes slowly. The right eye first, and then the left.

“What the-“ Instead of hitting the ground and breaking, the antique vase was being suspended in midair? Harou was in disbelief; he was convinced he was being insane. Bending down Harou slowly takes hold of the vase, expecting it to be light, and almost drops it again when it’s full weight is restored.

Placing it back on the windowsill, Harou runs a hand through hair unkempt hair, maybe I should lie down again, he thinks, something was happening to him, Harou just didn't know what.