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June Kim

"Everyone is capable of doing something great, they just have to get up to do it."

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a character in “Astrological Academy”, as played by BeonniBunny




Name: June Kim

Age: 16

Sign: Taurus

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1''

Weight: 52kg (113 pounds)

Oddities: Has an obsession with eating ice, gum, and Ricola cough drops

Main Weapon : None, though she's skilled in Taekwondo.
Minor Weapon : The flower clip she has in her hair can be altered into an extremely sharp throwing blade.

Passive Abilities: High Agility/Dexterity

Abilities: She can make plants grow easily and quickly from the ground

Years Of School: New

Nationality: Korean American

Sexuality: Straight

Romantic Interest: TBA

Job: High school Sophmore

Allies: TBA

Enemies: TBA


Personality: Ambitious, Self Confident, and Trustful.

With high expectations for herself June believes that everything she does should be done with all her effort, though she usually only does things if it's of value to her, or will benefit her in the future. No matter how long something takes, she stays patient and persistent until the end. For that reason, most of the things she does are done just about flawlessly, giving her a reason to be confident (sometimes a little too much) in herself in much of what she does. Though to some she may come across as overly competitive and uptight, she also knows when to take a break. Just about everything she does is done with a sensible and clear mind, making her a trustworthy place to turn to for advice. The friends she makes are ones that she knows she'll keep, and always look out for.

â™Ĩ Praise
â™Ĩ Getting something done successfully
â™Ĩ Being comfortable
â™Ĩ Being useful

✖ Having nothing to do
✖ Being alone
✖ Being messy
✖ Being sweaty

  • Screwing up on something big
  • Bugs
  • Slimy, wet things (Ex. swimming, slugs, and the feel of seaweed)

  • A hard worker
  • Sensible
  • Trustworthy

  • Takes a long time to do things (A slight perfectionist)
  • She usually demands a price for her services
  • Has a lack of imagination
  • Likes to keep her stressed/angry/sad feelings trapped inside (she believes in solving her own problems herself)


Bio: June's father disappeared from her life when she was 7 years old, resulting in an extremely heartbreaking period of time for her family. During that period, her mother was an emotional wreck and was barely getting by. June and her mother quickly dove down to being on the verge of poverty, barely being able to pay her rent, nevertheless feed the family. When she turned 11 years old, her family was given a lucky break when June's mother started her own clothing making business that gained much popularity among middle-aged women. From that they went from a minuscule apartment, to a well-sized one with two bedrooms, one guest room, a bathroom, a mini-living room, and a comfy kitchen.

To make up for her family's loss, June excelled in school and sports, and was especially interested in gardening clubs. It was there that she discovered her ability to grow things quickly and almost out of nowhere as long as there was open earth/soil/ground present. Rather than seeing her newly found skill as something amazing and 'hero-worthy', she and her mother put it to use for growing vegetables to eat and sell. Other than for growing food, she's never used it for any other purposes. In fact she was never really open about it, so she was very surprised when she was offered a chance to apply to Astrological Academy. If not for the financial aid, she probably wouldn't have even bothered thinking of applying, but it was there, so she did.

Mother : Age 48, and extremely strict when it comes to June's future.
Father : Died at age 39 when June was 7 years old. No one knows anything about his death, other than the fact that he left for a walk, and never came back. After 6 years of searching, he was finally filed as 'deceased'.
Siblings : None


Character Thoughts On Others:

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Theme Song:
Autumn Vacation, Cold Medicine -
Panini, She was dragged -

So begins...

June Kim's Story