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a character in “Asura Princess: Daughters of Gaia”, as played by JayZeroSnake


I'm Jack McCoy. I'm a 15 year old, athletic caucasian standing at 5,10. I have spiked black hair and dark brown eyes.

I dress pretty casually. Track pants, leather belt, and black/red sneakers. I alternate between a T-shirt and dark blue jacket with the sleeves torn off, and my sleeveless karate gi. I'm ALWAYS wearing Wristbands, and sometimes a headband!




I'm a decent guy to be honest. I try to be nice, but I often ignore people I don't like. I'm quiet to many, assholes and those I'm generally neutral to, because I don't have a good level of trust with them. I can't stand Bullies at all. I see them often, and sometimes even like to interfere in their business. They sure love to roughhouse on other people. But they're such wimps about sparring.

When I'm in a friendly match/against an opponent of honor, I'm a power hungry monster desiring 'Messatsu (Annihilation).' This is my ultimate goal, to literally annihilate all who think they can be stronger than me! Ha!


Keyring, Cellphone, Candy Cigarrettes, wristbands, spare headbands/wristbands

I've Studied various Martial Arts, Kung Fu (Wing Chun especially), Muay Thai, Judo…Now I'm finally practicing some new ones as I travel, the most prominent being Kyokushin Karate.


Jack was born into a family with a history of Violence. Oh, no, not abuse or murder. They just enjoyed fighting, for sport and self defense on the streets by learning various martial arts, fighting in wars whether it be for Government, other faction, or a resistance. They made weapons, learned them well, and made themselves not famous, but wealthy, making the majority of the Family and its mixed heritage of Europe and Asia.

Jack himself was bullied. Not much reason to it. His tormentors just enjoyed it. When they found out he was rich, they tried to be his friend. But he knew from the start who he wanted to hang out with. And these guys weren't it. So they bullied him some more, getting harsher. Eventually he would get into Street Fighting, often beating the living hell out of anyone who crossed him.

He began his martial arts training with Jeet Kune Do, taking it to the Streets. Then Came MMA, mixing stand up and the ground game, of which, Muay Thai and Judo were his best combo. Finally he began learning Wing Chun, and worked his way into the beginnings of Full Contact Karate and Sparring, getting big in the tournament circuits of a tournament called the '8 Wild Limbs' Freestyle Competition, a deadly, but fantastic series of battles between the best around.

Desiring to unlock even more secrets of fighting and the human body, he sets out to break his human limits and become more than a man, to Harness his Ki and learn powerful technique. But for now, he gets an Asura Princess...

So begins...

Jack's Story